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You’re on the Right Track

Photo 1.2 Students learning Position Two at one of the many

clinics/schools Shawn offers.

As soon as Conny and I hung up, Troy was on his way to the club.
When he arrived, I picked his brain on where he wanted to go with
his game. I shared with Troy my belief that golfers need three intan-
gibles in order to take their game to a new level:

1. Desire

2. Better understanding

3. A plan

As a teacher, one of the first things I look for in each student is

his or her source of desire. Exactly why does the student want to
improve? What dangling carrot will serve as the motivation while the
student goes through the peaks and valleys of the learning process?
The incentive could be something as simple as wanting to be the best
among your weekly Thursday morning foursome. A junior player
may just want to make his or her high school team. A wife or mother