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hard (hard HRM) and soft human resource management (HRM soft) are terms from the business and human resource management. They relate to the method of measuring and evaluating employee performance. They do not, contrary to what some believe, the business or the manner in which they deal with employees. [Edit] Hard human resource management Hard HRM means that the employee is evaluated on measurable performance. This can be measured in many ways, both tangible and intangible ijklatten. One can think of billable hours (lawyer), the number of treated debtors (accounts receivable manager), the number of treated clients, the number dragged boxes or crates, or the time it takes to get from A to B (truck). Typically, With targets that we will have to achieve. For example, the lawyer paid hours per year 1600 letter, the debt managers should be at least 25 credit per day call or appeal to the truck driver should load up in 2 days in Warsaw deliver. The term hard HRM see here on the criteria which are quite clear and defined so hard. Hard HRM is often used for clearly measurable performance, where the company itself can be judged. Usually hard HRM used in industrial companies, but also in services. [Edit] Soft human resource management In some cases, especially where the products are intangible, hard HRM is perceived as unsatisfactory. A lawyer, according to this logic, should not be judged on the number of billable hours, but the quality of his work. A customer is not satisfied as a lawyer declares hours but not solve the problem. Aspects such as appearance, posture, clothing, etc. will play a role in the assessment. Soft HRM let (partly) on the quality, and is described as soft because quality is not clearly defined concept. Soft HRM is seen frequently in the service and where service and support staff action (corporate lawyer). [Edit] No isolated concepts It seems tempting to both concepts to link a value-judgment. However, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Hard HRM provides such assurance, but employees can also be experienced as oppressive ("I need my hours, otherwise it ..."). Soft HRM will be less security but less control and pressure to generate goals. It is therefore logical that pure soft and pure hard HRM HRM hardly exist. For example, although a lawyer is strongly on the quality of his work and his character assessment, but in many cases while one hour quota here. It will be on the job are what balance the company as HRM is, and how the employee is assessed. Retrieved from "http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_en_soft_humanresourcemanagement" Category: Human Resource Management

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