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What are some dark truths about Bollywood?

Vivek Jung Rana, Film Maker. (2017-present)

Answered Jun 12

1. Karan Johar screwd every male lead he launched till date. He is known to be SRKs second wife. They are into a gay relationship
since Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and everybody in the industry knows it.

2. SRK bought Priyanka Chopra a 100 Cr flat because of his extra marital affair with her. Priyanka Chopra was secretly married
to SRK.

3. Salman Khan sleeps with every woman he launched till date. For now he sleeps with Jacqueline Fernandes and Daisy Shah in
his Farmhouse. Salman Khan is not a virgin.

4. Sanjay Dutts present wife Manyata was a pimp who escorted him Prostitutes.

5. Sridevi was killed by her own husband Boney. Y es. Everybody in the industry knows it. Because Boney was bankrupt and after
Sridevis death all the money would go to him. Their marriage was on the rocks. How can one simply drown in a bath tub?

6. Akshay Kumar married Twinkle only to inhert Rajesh Khannas property. He had multiple relationship with women before
marrying twinkle.

7. Casting Couch is very much real and still active. No matter where you're from, male /female/trans, you have to sleep with the
director/producer to grab the role.

8. Dawood Ibrahim still invests in Bollywood movies. Almost 50% of the budget of a big movie is black money, aka Dawoods
money. That's how he's making a living in Karachi .

9. 80% of the struggling actresses in Bollywood turn into high class escorts to make a living in Mumbai.

10. Raveena Tendon sleeps with Gautam Singhania the owner of Raymond.

11. Karan Johan paid Raj Thakrey 4 Cr to let him release ADHM since it had a Pakistani actor and Shiv Sena was against it because
of the attacks in 2016.

12. Vidya Balan sleeps with potential investors who invest in UTV which is owned by her husband Siddharth. She married him only
for money.

13. Every A list heroine in the Industry hate each other. They're all jealous of each other. There's always a Cat War going on
between them.

14. The donination of Salman Khan in the industry is backed by Abu Saleem and Dawood. That's why they're afraid of him.

15. Ranbeer Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma are fuck buddies. The keep exchanging partners.

16. Salman Khan bribed Raj Thakrey 100 Cr to get his ass saved in the drink and driving case. That's why he was seen with him
one day before the final hearing in 2015. And hasn't been seen with him after that.

17. The huge price you pay for a popcorn in the Multiplex is backed by the producers of Bollywood since they get a share in that too.
So stop wondering why you pay so high for a popcorn.

18. Y our acting talent is the least thing that matters to a big production house in Bollywood. Only small and independent
filmmakers care about your acting skills.

19. Aamir Khan is not Mr Perfectionist. His DOP and Creative Director are. They do his job and he takes the credit. Of course he
pays them a good sum .

20. Lastly, the glamorous lifestyle you see of the actors on TV is quite opposite. Their lives are filled with ego, jealousy, depression
and fear. Ego to be casted opposite a big star. Jealos of other actors grabbing big roles. Depression if they don't get work and fear
to lose work if not compromise with big producers.

Thank Y ou.
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