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Dr. Manish Singh,


Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow.

Respected Sir,

In response to the Show Cause Notice which was issued in relation to the alleged acts of
indiscipline and indecency in the U.G. Boys’ Hostel on the intervening nights of 11th-
12th July, 2017. I hereby submit my point wise reply to the notice.

1. The contents averred in Point 1 of the Show Cause Notice are misconceived and hence
are vehemently denied. No, I did not coerce, threaten or compel the B.A. LLB (Hons.) 1st
Semester students to assemble in the courtyard of the UG Boys’ Hostel. I am completely
unaware of the fact that any such meeting was taking place and was definitely not a part
of said meeting.

2. I had no interaction of any sort with the security guards or the hostel assistants as I was
not present at the scene of the incident. I was taking a walk in the university campus at
the time of the said incident

3. No, I never even encountered the hostel warden, let alone being caught red handed with
the BA LLB (Hons.) 1st Semester students since I was nowhere near the area in which the
said incident took place.

4. Here again, with all due respect towards the members of the Proctorial Board, I would
again submit that the act of hurling abuses at the members was not something I support
nor was a party to.
Although I deeply condemn the fact that it actually took place, but Sir, the perpetrators of
the act are unidentified hence, any such act must not be attributed to the batch
As I have stated before that at the time of the incident I was taking a walk in the
university campus where I did not hear the commotion.

5. Regarding the contents in point 5, I would like to restate the fact that I was not in the
hostel at the time of the said incident and as soon as I came back, I saw some of my batch
mates standing and therefore, out of curiosity, I went and joined them. Upon which, one
of the present faculty members enquired about whether or not I had any role to play in the
incident to which I gave a negative response as I was out in the campus and nowhere near
the boys’ hostel.
6. An unfortunate chain of events occurred in which few of my batch mates were accused of
hurling abuses at the Hon’ble Proctorial board and ragging first year boys. I was merely
curious as I had just come back from my walk and therefore I stood with my batch mates
However, I am deeply apologetic for any sort of disturbance that may have been caused
due to my or my batchmates’ behavior.

Yours sincerely,
Harsh Gupta
IIIrd Semester,
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University.