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Increasing Demand Insight and Forecast

Accuracy with Demand Sensing and Shaping

Ganesh Wadawadigi, Ph.D.

VP, Supply Chain Solutions,
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Industry Trends and Business Drivers

SAP Addressing the Needs
Getting Started

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Demand Network has Inherent Data Latency

Demand Demand
Signal Granularity
Multiple aggregations across the
Multiple layers in the demand
demand network leads to loss of
network leads to data latency

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Empowered Customers are Changing the Rules

Digitally Socially Better

Connected Networked Informed

79% of customers spend at 53% of customers abandoned 59% of customers are willing
an in-store purchase due to to try a new brand to get better
least 50% of total shopping time
negative online sentiment customer service (American
researching products online
(Interactive Advertising Bureau Express Global Customer
Report) Barometer)

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Business Drivers to Address Consumer Demand and
Lost Product Promotional
Sales Launch Effectiveness
20% lost sales due to Failures
product out of stock (GS1)

27% loss of sale due to 75% product launches fail… -19% average ROI on trade
product wanted not available
(AMR) promotions (Capgemini)
in assortment (Q&A Research
& Consultancy)

Decline in Brand Price

Market Substitution Sensitivity
10% decline in market 82% of consumers will 52% of consumers agree
share on average due to
substitute and switch brands that the price of a product is
recurring out of stock
due to an out of stock product more important than brand
(Journal of Business
(Marketing Science Journal) names (dunnhumby)

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Need for Demand Sensing & Shaping Capabilities

Connected Deep Insights into Customer

Comprehensive Market Share

Predict Demand and Optimally
Position Supply

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Industry Trends and Business Drivers

SAP Addressing the Needs
Getting Started

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Aggregated Demand Planning Needs to be Augmented

Demand Signal Management

Enterprise Demand Sensing
Capture Demand Signals Analyze Demand Predict Demand
Collect, harmonize, enrich
all external and internal Develop comprehensive Granular forecasting based
demand signals into a market and demand insights on demand pattern recognition
single source of truth

Collaborative Demand Supply Network

Planning Planning
Optimize forecasts and Optimally plan supply and
generate a consensus deploy inventory to meet
demand plan demand plan

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Cross-functional Process View

Marketing Sales Supply Chain

Sales Planning Sales and Demand
Marketing Planning and Resource
and Performance Operations Sensing and
Management Planning Shaping

Marketing Planning Marketing Analytics

Marketing and Program and Performance
Management Management
Sales Demand
Sales Planning and Signal
Monitoring Capture
Management Review Demand Demand
Supply Chain Demand
and Analysis Review Sensing


Output to Supply Processes

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Industry Trends and Business Drivers

SAP Addressing the Needs
SAP Demand Signal Management
SAP Enterprise Demand Sensing
Getting Started

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SAP Demand Signal Management on HANA

SAP Demand Signal Management is the enterprise application for integrating all relevant
demand signals (internal and external) to a single source of truth


Leverage data in enterprise
Increased insights with business applications
enhanced analytics

SAP Demand Signal Management

Retailer Social Distributor/ Market Research SAP Linking additional external

POS Media Wholesaler data (e.g. Nielsen) Business Suite information (e.g., weather)

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Scalable and Holistic Approach to Leveraging Value of
Demand Signals with DSiM

External & Internal

Integrate to
Demand Signal Upload
6 1

Data Cleansing
5 & Validation
Demand 2

4 3
Demand Data
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Benefits of a Single Source of Demand Signals

U.S. Canada U.K.

1 2 2
Brand 1 Brand Market
Performance in Nielsen Share in N.A.
Category 1
U.S. Market Research
Tracking Data /
Market Research Tracking
Category 2
Retail Panel Data from different
Brand items spread
across two categories 3
IRI Category 1 “Regional“ Market Share
“Local“ Market Share Market Research
Category 2
Tracking Data / Category 2 3
Retail Panel
Walgreens Category 2 Category 2
Category 2
(Incl. competitor’s Category Management
4 POS Data POS data)
for Walgreens in U.K.
Performance of
Walmart Wal-Mart Category 1 Category 1 5
POS Data
Category 2 Sales
Cross country view Performance in
Category 2 Category 2

“Customer language”
4 Canada
ERP Category 1 Category 1
“Sell-In vs. Sell-Out“
Category 2
Internal Data comparison
Category 2 Category 2

Out-of-Stock Analysis
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Select DSiM Use Cases

Track promotion participation per store Monitor market trends, market size
and competitor dynamics
Identify Top/Bottom 10 selling stores
Identify root causes for market share
Promotion Measure variations in Promoted Price Market Share
Effectiveness Analysis declines (e.g., new competitor

Increase forecast accuracy by Analyze demand data from different

including POS data in the Demand sources to spot trends
Planning process Analyze historical sales, and product
Analyze historic sales and promotions listing to adapt sales strategy
Forecast Sales
Accuracy for planning insights Analysis Switch between internal and external
(e.g., Retailer) views

Quickly identify stores with out of Track store sales, distribution, price
stock and take mitigating action and promotions for new products
Monitor Inventory levels across your Ensure stock availability at stores and
Out of Stock network and reduce carrying costs Product Launch distribution centers
Reduction Success

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Embedded Analytics Delivered with DSiM

Pre-defined analytics
(with the option to define and adopt new additional analytics)
Function Roles Analysis
Sales Analysis
Sales Key Account Manager / Sales Director Promotion Analysis
On shelf Availability Integrate
Market Share Analysis Media
Marketing Marketing Director / Product Manager Data
Product Launch

Supply Chain Head of Logistics / Supply Planner / Out of stock Analysis

Management Demand planner Inventory Analysis

Data analysts can leverage DSiM data with predictive and data mining
algorithms from SAP Predictive Analytics

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SAP Demand Signal Management Demo

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Build Your Own Analytics – SAP Business Objects
Example: Linking Sell-Out Data with Weather Data

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Build Your Analytics – SAP Predictive Analytics
Example: Store Cluster Analysis

Cluster 3
Sales revenue: Low
Average number of Out of Shelf
occurrences: Medium
Average number of Out of Stock
occurrences: Medium
Inventory: Low
Number of promotions: High

Possible reasons/actions
Promotion not efficient enough
Strong competitors
in the neighborhood:
start a market
Increase the inventory level?
Un-list the product?
Store visit to find the root-causes

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Industry Trends and Business Drivers

SAP Addressing the Needs
SAP Demand Signal Management
SAP Enterprise Demand Sensing
Getting Started

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SAP Enterprise Demand Sensing
Sense Short-Term Demand Patterns

Short-term Forecast Issues Increases Enterprise Demand Sensing

Inventory and Reduces Service Metrics

Predict daily demand requirements

Apply pattern based forecasting logic for

shipment and fulfillment

Sense downstream demand using external data

patterns (Planned Innovation)

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EDS Identifies Optimal Blend of Inputs to Compute Short-
Term Forecasts

Open order
correction Output
Optimal blend

Predicted future
bias correction

Optimal weighting
Pattern recognition • Daily outputs for execution
Forecast patterns systems
• Aggregated weekly or
monthly values for planning
Shipment patterns and reporting
• Pattern Prediction
Open order patterns • Forecast feed to SNP for
improved deployment

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Benefits Enabled by EDS

Improve short-term forecasts by 15-50%

Reduce inventory 5-8%

Increase demand agility

Access actionable insights

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Industry Trends and Business Drivers

SAP Addressing the Needs
Getting Started

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Putting it all Together – Demand Sensing


Forecast Forecast

APO (Demand Planning)

demand signals
Forecast APO
Downstream SNP
demand signals Short-Term
Demand Enterprise Forecast
Social Media Signal demand signals
Mgmt (Planned Innovation)

Master Data, Forecast Master Data,

Delivered orders adjustments Delivered orders
Open orders


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Roadmap to Business Value

Demand Insights


Demand Insights with

enhanced Short-term Forecasts
combining internal & external
Short-term Forecasts demand signals
for Optimal Inventory Deployment
Demand EDS

Solution Today Planned Innovation

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Putting it all Together – Demand Shaping

SAP Trade Promotion

SAP Cleansed and

Demand harmonized downstream

demand signals Forecast
Management SAP Trade Promotion
Promotion Data Management

More precise TPO forecasts using demand data (POS, syndicated, internal)

Enables SAP TPO to optimize promotion tactics

Timely insights in promotion performance during Retail Execution and Post-Evaluation

Insights in promotion performance with sell-in and sell-out data

Ensure performance of the participating stores and products while the promotion is still running

Ensure On-Shelf-Availability during promotion execution

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Partner Ecosystem and Simplifying Consumption

POS Data Acquisition Partners

DSiM Implementation Partners
(SAP ICC Certified)

Out of the box adaptors

for 300+ global Retailers

Cloud offering from SAP Services

Pilots on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC)

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Industry Trends and Business Drivers

SAP Addressing the Needs
Getting Started

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Where to Find More Information

• Blog and video on customer success story for DSiM

• Solution Brief for DSiM

• Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for DSiM

• Overview and introductory video for EDS

• Solution Brief for EDS

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Key Takeaways

• Increase demand visibility downstream in the demand network by

capturing and analyzing demand signals

• Improve success of new product launches with increased customer


• Increase market share with holistic and integrated view of market trends
at a local, regional, and global level

• Improve trade spend by analyzing store-level merchandising compliance

and performance

• Improve forecast accuracy by predicting short-term demand patterns

• Boost sales by predicting and reducing out-of-stocks with demand

pattern and trend recognition

• Lower expediting and inventory re-positioning costs with improved

short-term forecasts

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Thank You

Contact information:

Ganesh Wadawadigi, Ph.D.

VP, Supply Chain Solutions
SAP Labs
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