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9. 2.

Question No. 23 -
2 32 || 35 A. - question followed by two statements
38 whet an - her these statements are sufficient * I have been
given in each of the question on
or not to answer the question by selecting the sight option
How much did Ajay score in the exam?
Statements: I. His score was a prime number between 40 and 50. II: He scored more than 45.
the answer although neither statement suffices by itse
A. O. statements I ana II together can provide ufficer -
swer the question but statements alone is not *
e. o statement II alone is sufficient to an
the question. ○ ○ statement I alone is sufficient to answer the question but
etatementii a.
the question.
one is not sufficient to on
cent but still more data is needed to ano” tre a...