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Tax Invoice/Bill of Supply/Cash Memo

(Original for Recipient)

Sold By: Billing Address:

Lalani Info Tech Limited Vishnu Kumar S
Lalani Infotech Ltd6 , Ganesh Chandra Avenue maheswari mansions, kodumon, attingal, Near
Kolkata, West Bengal, 700013 vilayilmoola market
IN trivandrum, kerala, 695101

PAN No: AAACL5662Q Shipping Address:

GST Registration No: 19AAACL5662Q1ZT Vishnu Kumar S
Vishnu Kumar S
maheswari mansions, kodumon, attingal, Near
vilayilmoola market
trivandrum, kerala, 695101
Order Number: 171-9054163-6711503 Invoice Number: QEAC-7547
Order Date: 30.03.2018 Invoice Details: WB-QEAC-143189331-1718
Invoice Date: 30.03.2018

Sl. Unit Net Tax Tax Tax Total

Description Discount Qty
No Price Amount Rate Type Amount Amount
1 Nokia 2 (Pewter/Black) | B07846F3SX ( Nokia 2
(Pewter/Black ) ₹5,517.86 ₹0.00 1 ₹5,517.86 12% IGST ₹662.14 ₹6,180.00
Shipping Charges ₹44.64 -₹44.64 ₹0.00 12% IGST ₹0.00 ₹0.00
TOTAL: ₹662.14 ₹6,180.00
Amount in Words:
Six Thousand One Hundred And Eighty only
For Lalani Info Tech Limited:

Authorized Signatory

Please note that this invoice is not a demand for payment

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