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M9406226006N Micro ohm meter

S.No. Parameter Specifications Complied


1 Display LCD / LED digital Display

2 Current Up to 10Amps
4 Test Range 0 to 250 milli ohm on lower side.
5 Supply Voltage 230V +/- 10% 50Hz
6 Basic Accuracy +/- 2% or better
7 Display Main 5 digit minimum
8 Application Measurement of Winding resistance of
Generators and Transformers
9 Other Features a. Backlit display
b. IP54 weather proof.
c. Rechargeable batteries
10 Documents a. Instruction Manual :
b. Calibration Certificate from OEM :
11 Safety Regulations CAT IV 600V
12 Accessories a. Carrying Case:
b. Set of Test Leads:
13 Product Service Service support 05 years minimum.
Documentary evidences of the same.
14 Warranty a. One year minimum from the date of
acceptance at our store

Note: Party had to furnish their product technical specification along with compilation sheet.