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Mel. \.


The Tulu language, one of the Dravidian family, is spoken

only by half a million of people, inhabiting the central part of

South-Canara. Until recently there was no literature in this

language, except some legends written on palm-leaves in the

Malayalam character, in the possession of Brahman families.

It was only after the arrival of the Basel Missionaries in this

district(1834) that some books were written and printed in
the Basel Mission Press, the most important being a translation
of the New Testament, which was completed in 1847, and
of which a new typographical edition was issued in 1859.
Other publications intended for the use of the church and
schools followed in course of time, and in 1872 Rev. J. Brigel

compiled a Tulu Grammar, which we recommend to those

interested in that language. For writing, a modification of the

Malayalam alphabet was in vogue till the Basel Mission Press

employed Canarese characters in printing.

2.The compilation of a vocabulary was commenced some

30 years ago. The Rev. G. Kammerer, who died in 1858, left &
manuscript containing about 2000 words. The author took this
vocabulary in hand and continued adding to it from all avail-
able sources, without in the least contemplating the printing
of the same. In ^883, however, the question of printing a
Tulu Dictionary was first mooted, and further steps having been
taken in the matter, the Government of Madras was pleased to

defray the cost of its publication.


3. A Transliteration in Latin characters of every word will,

especially for beginners, facilitate the use of the book. The
appended show the rules according
(p. viii.) will to which the
transliteration has been made.

4. Special attention should be paid to words sounding

alike, viz:
> pa-Hi* a lizard-
an anna.
^ palli, a mosque.
e?^ ane, an elephant.

muttu, a pearl. -rfoo^ muddu, a kiss.

madipu, a fold. skasg madipu, a consultation.

5.Although it is customary in Dravidian Dictionaries to

give the crude form of the Verb, it was thought better to give
first the Infinitive form, as the conjugation of the verb is depen-
dent on the ending of the Infinitive. The Root, however, is given
after the transliteration. The three terminations of the Infinitive

are as follows:

1. CA3$ uni, as &S -j-e/v>s> = j;io$ voduui, to read;

2. s3S puni, ^>f + ^ =3otf^ malpuni, to do;
3. && pini,
5&> +&a =&s>is tupini, to see.

As the formation of the Causative form is sometimes rather

intricate and the meaning is often different from that attached
to the root, has been thought best to introduce the causative

form as a seperate word.

G. As to the Adjectives, only the simple ones have been
especially mentioned; all others
Adjective- which are either

Participles, orNouns converted into Adjectives either by different

terminations, as the Dative, Locative and Genitive, or by adding
Adjective-Participles (^^ ^oso have been
itti, A)^ uppu, ayi, e/c.~),

omitted, as the student can easily convert any Noun into an

Adjective whenever required.
7. In a similiar manner it ought to be stated that all pro-

per Adverbs have been specially pointed out; those, however,

which arc cither Datives or Locatives or Nouns with Verbal
Participles (?5 adii) have been omitted for the above reason.

8. The Tulu language does not possess many words with

abstract meanings. The Gerund of every verb may, however,
be used in this sense, for instance, Juo4 wodunavu reading, &&%>
3$ tupinavu observation. Besides this there are some other deriv-

ations, as 4e>^ vodige of 4/i?ioa voduni, ^^.^ heccige of aSt^aa

& acsSS dinjelu of aoaos>
heccuni, ~^ Jappelu of a^& Jappuni,
^~ tarte of stj^oa taruni, ^oo^ murte of ^odos> miiruni,
etc. Such abstract words, if not found in this Dictionary, can
easily be formed by means of the Infinitive.

The meanings of many words might have been consider-


ably increased, but for the sake of brevity we have, (especially

in the case of words derived from Sanskrit), given only the most
usual ones.

10. It should be taken into consideration that not only the

different castes of the Tulu speaking people have their own

peculiarities of expression and pronunciation, e.g. for "wed-

ding" Brahmans say Pariahs say aio3> badatana,
^os^re kalyana,
and other caste people say ^oS3o madume, but that there are also
three local distinctions of dialect, viz., a southern, a northern
and an eastern one, in which similar peculiarities exist; for

S. &iL3 podepini, ^asadi jp_: of tude, ^ ^s> tupini,


X. -l^ podepini, o
ssa tadi, o ?k^ sude, .5
^ls hupini, -^Q

E. :fi^^ pudepuni, 3 so^hadi, ^ ^^ hude, cs

11. As to the adoption of Sanskrit, words besides those in

common use with the people in connection with their worship,
a number of words have been received which are current among
Tulu Brahmans only, though not all and there are also some

words which owe their introduction to Christianity. The Tulu

people also use a number of words which were originally Cana-
rese, Malayalam and Hindustani; of these only the most com-
mon ones have been introduced here.

12. The names of about 600 Plants will be found in this

collection. About half are taken from "Five Hundred Indian

Plants" by C. Stolz, and the others have been obtained in other

ways, careful investigation being required in some cases.

13. A Supplement of about 200 new words is appended.
14. For List of Abbreviations see the following page.
15. In the preparation of this Dictionary the following
works have been consulted: Canarese Dictionary by W. Reeve,
Malayiilain Dictionary by Dr. H. Gundert, and Sanskrit Dictionary
by Dr. Th. Benfey.
16. In conclusion the author desires to record the great

obligations he is under, to the Munshis Messrs. Madhvaraya of

Caup, Sitarama of Mulki, Sarvottama Pei of Mangalore, and
Catechist Israel Aarons for the assistance given him, and

among some others, he is also indebted to the corrector of

the Mission Press, Mr. Sivarau, who bas been of very great
service to him in carrying the work through the press. He
nevertheless regrets certain errors which bave crept into the

work, and for which he craves the forbearance of the critic.

These have been noted in the Errata.

Mangalore, October 1886. A. 3/.


ace. = accusative. lit. = literally.

- adjective. loc. = locative.

ad\'. adverb.
masc. = masculine.
bet. = better. neg. = negative.
bram. = word peculiar to Tulu n. or neut. = neuter.
Brahman s. num. = numeral.
Chr. = Christian. opp.
= opposite.
cond. = conditional. per/.
= perfect tense.
c. d. = cum dative. part. participle.

= confer, compare. p.orpers.= person.
= conjunction. pi.
= plural.
c. i'. = causative verb, postp. = postposition.
afo/. = dative. pot. = potential.
dim. = diminutive. prep. preposition.
def. v. or d. v.
= defective verb. pron. = pronoun.
e. g. = for example. pro. = proverb.
emph. emphatic. p. t. = past tense.
= feminine. Rom. = Roman Catholic.
fg. = figurative. s. = substantive.
/. /. = future tense. Sans. = Sanskrit.

gen. = genitive. sing. = singular.

gram. = grammatical. slg.
= slang word.
lion. = honorific. v. a. = verb active.
imper. = imperative. i'. n. = verb neuter.
= interjection. v.
= verb reflexive.
intrg. interrogative. vlg. = vulgar word.
Transliteration .

a. Vowels.
es a as a in about.


a, The first letter of the al- ankita, s. A mark; ^//'.

phabet; 2. an interjection of marked. rail>s> to affix one's

surprise; 3. when prefixed to signature to any writing; 2. to

nouns derived from Sanskrit dedicate a work; 3. to put a
beginning with a consonant, mark.
it denotes negation, as rfsfo ^odUto^o ankudonku, s. Crook-
truth, before edness; adj. bent, crooked.
55^^ untruth;
a vowel & 'becomes es??', as ankusa, s. A goad, hook
end, ?f^o^ endless, used to drive an elephant with.
aiika, s. Fight, war, battle, &33)> ankipuni (o*), 7-. a. To
combat; 2. cock-fight; 3. a cipher, count, reckon (in
mark, sign. crooSo a combat- writing).
ant, wrestler. rf sro&odjsS a . A numerical figure.
field or place for cock-fighting. dod ankoleda mara,
-js^rfoS) to fight, to wrestle. s. Alangium decapetalum
ankana,The space bet-
s. (hexapetaluiri).
ween two cross beams or pil- angu, ^. Greediness, eager-
lars (supporting a roof) 2. a ness. si^ to be

quadrate, square; 3. a small greedy, covetous; cf.

room, compartment. sra^os rfrJe)^)^ angusavuni

to upset. 2.0. To reproach, despise; 2.

^oi)^ ankayana, s. A temple to disregard; 3. to arraign;

feast; see also o?N?^4^5 sooT^ris^^-
anga anga

orf anga, s. A limb, member; ,^. Fatigue.

2. the body. esoXo&atfo the s. Personal
members of the body.
protection, preservation, safe-
ort^Crs angakarana, s. The in-
struments of action, as ^o?j
rtd^ angareke, -f.
sraw 4
mind, speech, SD^^O body. jacket, vesture.
The hair s. The hair
rtdJ3^0 angaroma,
of the body. of the body.
angajari, s. A name of
rt^>^, angalappu,
i the foe of Cupid.
angalapa, s. Covetousness, in-
angaje, ^. The god of love, ordinate desire, eagerness of
2. a son; 3. desire.
gain. -~5y-- to be of inordi-
angadi, s. A shop, stall. nate desire; 2. to endeavour,
7&8 a,
shopkeeper. TOoSo a covetous
try. person.
Wortra angana, s. The space s. An upper
^ angavastra,
around a temple or demon-
garment, a towel.
shrine; 2. a courtyard, the
rt^ angasikshe, s. Penance;
space in front of a house. **A

2. mortification of the body in

esofis^ angatapa, s. Heat of the
2. fatigue. penance.
-&e angasuci s. Ceremonial
e5ortd?2angadane, s. Thirst.
purity; 2. a thrashing, beat-
2)r?> to give to drink. -zJSbrs

to drink. ing.
angasanga, s. Sexual in-
S5or1d angade, ^. The name of a
celebrated monkey, the son
Of SS3<0. ri?ji>$^ angasadhane, s. Gym-
nastics, bodily exercise.
Wort si os* angapanku, ^. The hair
about the privities, vlg. ;a angasiddhi, J. Prosperity.

S^ angaparlkshe, s. Anato- ij angasutra,

The pulse s. ;

my. 2. a kind of girdle; see 4^

s. (toco.
angapuje, Worship-
ping the different members of angase, J. A particular
an idol. kind of building, the front
cr^tj^e! angapradakshane, s. part of which is used as a
O* vx\
Rolling the body after the car shop and the back part
of an idol or round a temple, private dwelling; 2. a towel,

as a penance or in fulfilment scarf.

of a vow; see angasonne, s. A sign

anga anna

made with the finger, head, anguta, angushta,

eye, etc. s. The thumb; 2. the great

angahiifise, s. Corpo- toe; also erooXou.

ral punishment. zSotfo^
to anguni (cK), t-. To .

wound, punish. open; 2. to be seized with

angahlna, adj. Maimed. a fit of yawning; as srooso eso

o s. Bodily
Xoorfo the mouth opens; 3. to
health. cringe.
of rto^) ^. An inch; 2. a
anganga, adj. All, angula,
the thumb, great toe;
every kind; see escssoes. finger,
s. The sole of 3. the name of a saint.
orreo* angaru,
the foot. rb)3ii^$ angustani,
s. A thim-
s. ble.
rec! angara, Tuesday.
yoT^^ angela, ange]a,
angaraka, s. A black
rta, s.

stroke put on the forehead.

A native inch equal to about
IA of the English inch; see
Worrerf^ angarake, s. The planet
Mars. esoAstftfOT-d
The planetMars; yorisS angele, s. A greedy per-
2. son, glutton.
J. The palm of the
angavuni, c.v. (of >o Sorj> angei,

, To yawn, gape, open hand. Xocathe cavity of the

hand. 3?^ the lines on the
the mouth).
A palm of the hand
sd^?^. see
angi, s. long gown, or ;

_ cj^s to lick the palm

coat. ^OJCT^
and back of the hand;y^. to
ohfij^ angidpini (e>oT\S), .

To be greedy, covetous; see be greedy.

under escK. e5orU5S33ort angopanga (oX-
To s. The members of
of^> angipuni (o^), P. a. W3i-59cX),
the body.
wish, be greedy of.

angisavuni WorU:^ angostra (escX-^^), j.

'. a. To reproach; An upper garment, a towel.
S3o2Go2S, esoSSosA^o annanna,

annannolu, J. All the limbs;


admission; 2. acceptation. ^o
tfo^a, esoTsetf&^s to accept, re- s annana,
ceive. irsor annanyuni (

anglrasa, J. The name To be greedy of, to covet ; cf.

of a Hindoo saint. x.

Ai3,annele, see the famous monkey general;

ad?. 2. the black goddess.
arica, So, thus, like,
after that way or manner; *5ofc553*Sje>Ff anjalummu, s. A
eso^oel kind of fish.
2. int. yea, even so.
3 o^o^ anjike, s.
there, that side, a little fur- yorffl, anjige,
ther on. esctu-DctS if it be Fear, alarm, fright; 2. shy-
however. ness. sktfo^to fear, be afraid
of, be alarmed, be frightened;
5-en> A ?JS
oJ G:
. esc 2. to be shy. zrooSo a
timid person.
zfo) for that rea-

son, on that account, there- S3ojo3jo>, e5o^o?i anjiyuni, an-

Juni (5c^, v. n. To
fore. esoell^ such. e?o3io).
fear. &5c&o?rooSj a coward,
ancade, adv. So, just so.
timid person.
yoe^ ancane, ancene, ^.
Just even so. to
esofc:J5rf arijura, s. A fig.
so, ^otfo^a
a ripe fig. -rfo-d the glome-
do so, to do in like manner.
rous fig tree.
arical, s. The post, tapal.
e3o?d anjele, s. A timid fel-
a post-horse. zrooSo
a postman.
A collyrium or
S2o'3??i arinana J.
arici, a?r.'. Thither, that
ointment applied to the eyes
side; 2. beyond, esoel
(see tJa^)2. particular ap-

the other part. >c&?K

plications, as lampblack, anti-
to die, expire, decease. o
mony etc. 3. a kind of medi-
eJcel here and there, hither
cine for the eyes; also &o
and thither, to and fro.
K. ^^^ antimony. 7\s^37
aricige ancike, sec nucxb necromancer, conjurer,

soothsayer, also s3oocroo3o.

ancidaye, s. A post- put a sharp medi-
c^tios) to
man. cine or collyrium into the
ancuni (^c'cS f. a. To
). eyes; 2. to conjure.
lurk, fls
^^^^epc^oorfothe esofo* antu, s. Gum, paste, resin ;

cat lies in wait for the bird;

2. adhesion. i^a to come
T. 11. to be importunate. in contact with, to touch;
arijana, sec ofsp^. 2. to follow, pursue ;
3. to
j anjanadevi, s. The stick, adhere to. s^>tl>s> to
wife of TOorfoj
(the god of gum, paste. wotoSbS) to be-

wind) and mother of come adhesive.

antu anta

antupattu, adj. Adhe- internal sense; 2. the heart,

sive, attractive. the mind; 3. fg. mercy; also

oib> antuni, v. n. To adhere,
stick; i'. a. to paste; 2. to 50^8^3 antahpura, s. A seraglio,
attract. the queen's apartment.
andu, s. The buttocks; eso
e5o^antake,^.Yama,the Indian
SK 3jc32 3os3 a stool to sit Pluto.
upon. esoSd^r a small under *
antaduru, s. A clue,
garment. hint, inkling (as of a secret).
o<^anda, s. An egg, that which os3oo^ antapanta, ^. Competi-
is oval shaped. a^B the tion, vying; 2. prowess.
oviparous class, as bird, fish antara, s. Intermediate
space, interval; 2. difference,

andasu, s. A kind of fish; disparity 3. rank.

; ^o^f ,

bet. eooT$oJ.
-^o^f, -t^o^^o the inter-
o& andi, s. A germ of mangoes mediate posts of a roof.
etc. ~ eojatfos fruits to put o^dort antaranga, s. The mind,
forth; also ssoso 3^$. heart 2. a secret 3. secrecy;
; ;

oQro5)O s ssoS^rsDO* andinaru,

in loc. secretly.

andipunaru, ^. The name of a o^driofi antaragan^e, s. Pistia

tree, Car aliia integer rima. Se^w.
stratiosa; cf.
ande, s. The vessel of a o^ODosd s. Dis-
toddy-drawer for putting tod- tinction of rank.
dy in; 2. a vessel made of
hollow bamboo or nut-shell. osD^eJ,yo^eJ,s3o5Di>^
antrata, antarashtra, s.
*3oree>;3) annavuni (tsosro), T. ^.
Mid-space, mid-air, included
To raise or lift up the head
or face; 2. to peep.
space, interval; o*oada^
lit. 'he is in the atmosphere',
SSorao^DoSj annukayi, s. Cocoa-
used for one who has died
nut and plantains offered to
and has no rest; 2./g. he is
an idol; see Sooreo^oso. $&
in a dilemma, he is not
&FS>, Tio^?) to offer cocoa- settled.
nuts and plantains.
S3oc! anne, s. An elder brother;
antaripuni, antarisuni,
2. a maternal uncle; 3. an v. n. To end;
yuni (esc^5),
elderly man. to die; 3. to differ.
anta, s. End, finale.
o^dF?o antardese, s. The un-
antahkarana, s. The known fate.
anta G anna

antarmadu, s. An esodri, S5od=a andage, andake, i


under roof. A blind man, a man of defec-

JOF antarya s. The inner tive vision; 2. a cripple.

part ;
2. the heart, mind. r3
andana, s. A kind of pa-
eso3?oOFcr3 antarsuima, s. The lankin.
beam 011 the walls. andaye, see
antuga, s. Total.
, andasya, see
^antastu, ^. An upper andassa, ^. Darkness,
store or room 2. a secret. ~^ a
blackness. very dark
antya, ^. End, completion; place. 333 hell of dark-
;//'. last, final, ultimate. sse>
the time of death. ^^ under es-S

cuJ* Yes, yea.

andu, </. Teyrfo .

?5oC35to andaju, andaji,

;&^ to be true. efLs to be
Estimate. make
-rfo^^ to
brought up; 2. to be verified,
an estimate.
proved. eyoao true.
j andayi, ^^ under e>o5.
a true word:
O ?iccsodo 0335 ///_ there andaye (5c5-ef ;&>), j. A
is no gainsaying the truth. consenter, one who consents;
2. p. t. of wcnB^fj. cf.
to prove, improve.
ccsis it so? is it true? also
andipunar, see
calling attention.
anduada (condl.form of
?3od, S5od! ande, ande, /V//. of
adv. Namely, that is

to say. entreaty, addressing, calling

55 our Co' andudqi (past part, of c ^.
used as) conj. Hav- aoc2?2i, Jode?o andesa, andesa,
esc^s> (lit.

that, soir 9o55 Doubt, hesitation; 2. shy-

ing said,)
-c^ ness.
he said that he would
come. sfo^^S andhakara, s. Darkness.

?5o<3 anda, Form, shape; 2.

s. y odri andhage (^). j. A blind
beauty, elegance, handsome- man; see esorftf.

ness, symmetry; 3. purport. yoqrad^raro^ andhadarbaru, ^. A

adj. beautiful, pretty; -AST?, blind government; 2. tyran-
a handsome man. &&& to ny. crooib a tyrant, mis-
decay, wane. manager.
.rod andacanda, adj. V.-ry anna, s. Food, csp. cooked
handsome, very pleasant. rice. tro^ a gift of food.
anna amma

F^ annadi, s. A homeless per- o^o ambila, J. The place a-

son, pauper; 2.a simpleton; round or in front of a tem-

ple; 2. a verandah around a

ampun, J temple.
ambu, j. Water.
?5oz3j3 amba, amba,
ambo, s. Bellowing, lowing S3 0200ambu, ^. An arrow. f\s3

2. a cry, noise. sj3tl>s> to bel- a hunter.

low, low (like a calf). 55o2Jori ambuge, s. The flower of

wd ambate, ambade, s. Arum colocosia\ cf. ^e4i

The wild mango, hogplum. esozoo^j ambuni (o) B., z>. . To

_ rforf. a hogplurn-tree, Spon- do, make; cf.

dias mangifera. XJd.

ambara, -r. The sky; 2. ambuli, s. A kind of pap

a or gruel of ragi or rice.
cloth, apparel; tftj^ceo-rf
cloth, esoeo^oaoii a e, s. A goddess, s^rg;
name of Srf.
a dumb goddess; cf.
2o3a) ambarappu, J-.
zS^DD* ambekaru, s. Walking
confusion, perplexity. cs^So
or crawling on hands andfeet.
a perplexed man. e>o&& ^
_s3zl3S>, _^^s> to crawl.
bs>, 9c55g_ to become per-
zSs^ ambepu, ^. Mango blos-
plexed. soms.
WD3 ambari, ambari, J^ escBtio.
t3^> ambela,
s. An elephant's saddle, how-
ambe, see ssoso.
ambodi, s. A kind of
ambalu, s. Tipsiness,
dance or mock-fight among
drunkenness; 2. drowsiness:
the Pariahs.
$3)rf esoao^SsjozS (I <?/-
he) told
&Qz! ambode, s. A kind of
in drowsiness of sleep.
fried cake.
ambala, see woeSe;.
ambottu, s. Arrogance,
ambakilu, s. A kind of also soc^Sjs&j .
verandah; 2. an outer gate ^j to be arrogant.
or door.
amma, ^. A lady; zireBoiio
ambi, J.
Cow-dung. ^ Kali.
ambigare, J. A boat- odjsjc5 o2yj ammapaddeyi, s. eu-
man; Cf.' phem.for Small-pox.
^j^ ambige, j
. A hunter; j^ anamayya, int. of sor-
row or pan
amme S aga

amme, s. A father; ^e^o- akkakka, akkolu,

3o, 335orfoco an elder uncle; adv. asunder. Qe
elrf oo3o a younger uncle &a to put asunder, divide.
(father's, not mother's bro- s. An affection-
^cdjo akkayya,
ther) ssc^odd^ lit. nou-
ate mode of addressing an
rishing father, foster father, woman.
adoptive father; pi. s. An atom also
hon. pi. eso3o5.
akkaru, ;

s^ amottu,
ainsa, s. Part, share, por-
bit of you.
tion. to divide, ap-
Sjtfo^s The
er,F akkarva, s. last words
of a dying person.
,^. A goose, swan; also
vj$s akkalu, ^.
Sense, intellect,
understanding; reflection. *
amsapada, s. A caret,
to be out of wits.
asterisk; 2. a prop; /".
\ akki, s. Rice, corn, used

ah, aha, Vz/. Ah! eh! only in compos., e.g. era era^,
a coarse kind of rice; co?e>^
, akara, akara, adv.
cardamom ;
see es&.
There, yonder, far ;
also tstt.
Sr,^ akklka, s. A kind of pre-
akalu, see es^S.
cious stone, sardius.

akasmika, ^//'.
,idj> akkuduni (55^5), r. a.
al, sudden, unexpected.
To hang, suspend.
akara, s. The letter w; cf.
akrama, s. Irregularity,
abnormity, confusion, estfj^js
akala, ^/'. Untimely, un- S irregularly, disorderly.
seasonable. ^O^PS premature
aganita, adj. Countless,
aklrti, s. Infamy, dis-
grace. & agatya, s. Need, necessity,
4" akrutya, Iniquity; adj.
want; adj. urgent, important.
wicked, bad. c. v. esX
isT3^> agapauni, (of
akeri, s. End: in dat. or
^), To send away, cause to

loc. at or about the end, final-

ly; also Ws3e.
mni (
v- n. To
=0,, y^ akka, akke, s. An elder
remove, depart, v.a.i" sepa-
o tr

sister; 2. an elderly woman. rate; 2. extend.

aga 9 ara

i?5c: agapelu, s. Separation; agelu-,
2. despatch. agela-, agalu-gandha, s. Aloes;

agama, #^'. Fixed, immov- sec 59X^0X0^.

able. agela, ^. Breadth; adj.

agaru, agalu, s. A broad.
fort ditch, trench, moat; 2. rtaocS ageludda, ^. Length and
wall; cro^rf esXS a saltpan. ^ breadth.

?&}$ to dig a trench. 3^ agoli, agoli, s. A

dorto^ agarugandha, s. Red large vessel.
sandal \}QQ(\.,Aquilaria agal- U>^*rf agocara,^//'. Invisible;
lochum. 2. incomprehensible.
^'so4 agasenaru, s. The lin- agga ^. Cheapness. 57\s S
plant; 2. flax. cheaply. WAD oso mean.
^dorfagasemara,^. The name rtejs;^, yns 73s aggalasu, aggu-
of a tree, Agati grandifiora. Cheap.
su, a^/'.
ir^o agastya, s. The name of i,^. Hunger; 2. fire; bet.

a Hindu saint; 2. necessity,

aggiyuni, ag-
bet. WA^O. To chew,
TJ yuni (fy v-a. bite.

agata, adj. Not danger- J. The shoot of a

tf agge,
agadha, ^. An abyss, adj.
bottomless, deep; 2. very dif-
^. Ignorance;
agyana, agyena,

agini, j^ w^.
J. Fire.
agilu, 5. A kind of tree;
agra, J. Front, top; 2. a sore-
mouth, aphthae, the thrush;
agude, 5. A furnace, fire

for warming. ^s K>Xj, ?j3ir esXj, varieties of

aguru, ^^ X5.
soremouth. s2?5 a kind of
aguruni (55Xo5), 77. n. root for soremouth.
To totter, stagger. s. The chief;
esr^rirto agraganye,
^^ agelu, s. A kind of demon 2. one who is regardless of
worship with food etc. 3ce3e)
worship of demons and ser- ssri 773-23 agrasale,.y. A dining hall;
pents with food-offering. ^o a cooking place in temples.

&S?JF$> to give such offer-

yrt^.agraste, s. A headman, pre-

ings to demons, etc. sident, manager.
agra 10 aja

rj3:-3C agrara,agrahara, a.Janta, adj. Many, all: &

s. A Brahmin village, &fi ^jstSoctlj plenty
agha, ^. Sin; 2. passion. come together.

aghora, adj. Terrible, ajante, s. An attendant.

fierce, dreadful. o* ajakulu, s.

Yawning, gap-
.- z> acancala, adj. Firm fixed, , ing. rzEls to yawn, gape.
decided. ^ firmness, deci- i^oSo ajakayi, ^. Cocoanut.
dedness. rf^r^ to break
acara, adj. Immovable ; (in a kind of play).
2. inanimate. ajake, j. Idleness. & cs^
acala, s. A mountain; adj. talk. GT^O a babbler.
immovable. ajakelu, .v.
-& acodya, adj. Curious, ^. The
o, ajakolu,rope
wonderful. i?r cane for putting clothes
acca, adj. Pure, unmixed, on.
genuine; cf.
s^. ajane, s. The noise of a thief,
:T ^ accade, s. A peculiar kind goblin, etc.
of clotb to put on; 2. a wrap- S3^e^ ajapu, ajabu, adj.

per ; cf.
**&. Strange, wonderful.
i, accada, s. A red mark ajapuni (-), r-. /?. To
put on the forehead; 2. a select, choose.
mixture of raw rice and red

ajappu, s. Selection, ^y.

powder; also ^ri- selected.

acci, s. A form, model; ij?r^ ajamasu, ^. Estimate;

2. a weaver's reed. s^^o^ 2. deliberation; 3. trace,
to print, to coin. 3 3od a search.
model made of wood; an C;osj ajamila, ^.v;

axle-tree. ajameisuni, :. a. To
S52o ^fo* accikattu, J. Conveni- deliberate, trace; 2. to esti
Cc" so
ence, fitness. <z^/'. neat, com-
oSoF ajaru, ajarya, adj.
pact commodious.
jaccibella,^. Country sugar, Imperishable, not decaying.
Ur ^J
J. A kind of moss;
jaggory made of sugarcane, ajara

ajam, s. The process of di-

ajalu, s. \ portion, part.
ion or consumption; also
&&c. -o-Lr^ to be digested; a customer.

to be exhausted. .
ajalipi, s.
11 atti

ajagrate, .s. Carelessness. ajnana, ^. Ignorance.
ajamila, The name s.
ajriani, s. An ignorant
of a fabulous. Brahmin. man.
ajame, s. A barber ;
&?/. 5&3 ata, j

Obstinacy; <5^. sou.

gscSo, ^5reD an obstinate

ajike, person.
e93;^. eJ^kJeS atakotale, s. Constant
ajikelu, .sw
^od!^ ajikurve, ^. A sower's
es^otfo^. ataka, atakavu, s.
basket; <?/.?<?

A Obstacle, hindrance. sSoso^,

ajiguji, J. crushing.
to hinder, stop.
j5j, S5z3s.
ajipa, ajippa, num.
atamata, s. Deception,
Sixty; 0/.T0 e?32z}.
2^ do, e3^, ajime, ajme, s. A
atara, adj. Wide spread,
crook. a grinding-
^^ as the branches of a tree.
stone (for medicine etc.).
A blue oyster. atura, s. Polycarpaea
ajiru, ^.
corymbosa, also sre^oos^.
^ an unfortunate hand. e>3
^. atta, s. An upper loft, gar-
very hard iron. u
^ZO^D* ajildaru, aji-
ret, upper room; 2. ceiling.

leru, s. A
honorific ap-
title, Uc! attane, s. A household;
2. household things; 3. admi-
pellation of a master or mana-
nistration. estfX?? articles to
ger (particularly applied to
a headman of the Bants). be cooked. &&<>3$ household
es^rar, ye^elr ajlrna, ajlrte, s.
Indigestion. attalu, s. An upstair-
S52aje,.y. The foot-print; 2. foot- room.
step, track, trace; 3. a row; j attahasa, attasa,
4. the cloth tied over a cradle s. 2.
Shouting, laughter;
also sos!, 5L _^uo60 s to make pomp, ostentation; 3. delay.
a row. ^?e;o, see esa^jse
to shout, laugh aloud ;

80^ a rope for putting to parade, ostentate.
clothes on. A good labourer;
sc3 ajji, J. A grandmother. 3$ 2. a messenger sent after an-
a tale, idle story. other.
b* ajjittu, ^. A kind of dough A
o &J
5 13
atti, s. pile, heap of rice.
made of rice.
3.0 s
s. 2.
attilu, Cooking;
ajje, s. A grandfather. meal. csoSo a cook.
attu 12 ess adi

attuni (>%), r a. To put

; adagu, s. A ship :

to discharge urine,

adajati, s. An out-caste;
& atte, .?. The sole of a shoe; 2. a mongrel ; adj. mixed.
2. ^fo
support, stand; 3. knot; rs adana, addana, s. A
i^ir ^0^3 an upper loft for shield^
storing rice; ^^^ a knot or Fin^OvJ adanagayi,
ring of a rattan. ss5 bent 7^7) OSO.

legs, bandy legs. <Qso5 tfo

c5)3 adanadi,
tfo^, _^oS 3ros?o s> to sit down
v sJ adapa, J. A barber's dres-
on cross legs.
sing case; 2. a bundle;
fe3.Co, attemi s. The eighth lu-
nar day /^e^oe^so
the birth-
adapuni (^), :-. (7. To
day of ^y^; fo/. w^ao.
plough; <:/". rf^a.
k3,doo&3, attemutte, s. Arms and
, adabe, s. An adulteress:
legs; 4^05 hands and legs
a^//'. bastard,
are broken.
born; bet. so^d. _ K ^fcS^iSo
&^ri attolige, s. A loft sup-
S-J a bastard, an illegitimate
ported on posts, temporary
person, vlg.
To cook. Dj*)^ adammu, s. A kind of
Q^> to marry a man.
^. A thin branch,
adangayi, ^. A kind of
twig; 2. copse.
adaka, s. Hin- adaruni (^^), r. ;/. To

derance; also esw^. crack.

l 5
S: !

?3Ca 5 23'3n* adaka, adavi, ^. A forest, jungle.

adka, adukajagy, s. An unclean e5^e>^) adavu, adavu,

s. A
place; 2. a burying place. mortgage, pledge; 2. the
ffsS a wild unclean
place. thing mortgaged. Aabra,
^2Jsd adakabare, s. A kind of -rotSoatopawn, pledge, mort-
fruit, Cucumis pubcsccns. gage.
tooSo;&> adakayisuni, v. a. ?iJ^ adayisuni, sec
To hinder.
^J^), adakuni(5^^), i\ a. To adi, s. Bottom, base; 2. foot;

throw, cast out; 2. to dis- the foot-sole, foot-step.

charge, fire, as t2& 5rf5os> to jj'rfo^to fall one upon
fire a gun; also the other.
adi 13 ade

> adi, adj. Cooked, dressed, adipaduni, r. a. To

stack corn in a straw- (or
prepared. ^ prepared
food; a meal ready to be served. bamboo-mat-) granary in a
adinkara, s. A large ves- yard. 2. proceed.
sel; also ^^ 53^^) adipu, Sweeping. s. crooSj,

^JSdo adikeburu, s. A kind a male sweeper.

jraoSo jrof

of creeper, Pothas scandtns; a female sweeper.

also es^reojs'do. S5^o3)> adipuni (
a ), "'. . To
J. The palm of the sweep.
hand. adj. Defeated, van- 3iSzoJ3do> adiburuni, 7'. n. To
quished. ?ibs>,
_ ^jstfos to lie submit.

underneath; to be overturn- adimudelu, s. Capital

ed, defeated. for trading. 2. resources.

arfok^ adigantu, 5-. The bind- s
^s5o^o adimslu, ^. Overturn-
ing in the middle of a sack ing. cribs, 30^rfos to be
converting it into a "bissac"; overturned. s^TliS to upset,

the lower part of a "bissac" turn over.

or sack tied in the middle. &^o&^Ddj3N adisudisamana, ^.

2. the lower joints of a reed Dressed food.

or cane. adumbu, 5-. The creeper

rWo adigulu, s. A cook. 2. a Ipomoea maritima.

priest. ade, adegu, adi'. There.

adige, s. Cooking, distil- (emph.') just there, to

ling. 2. emulsion or confec- that very place. Xos.

tion prepared from medicinal adenguni, ^
herbs. a cook.$^ close.
adeka, ^^/'. Narrow,
adicaraku, .s. Ballast. 2. small, short, brief.
adinlru, s. Water at the ^j^j adekuni, see ests^os.
bottom of something, stand- s. The act of shut-
ing water. 2. stored-up-water ting, closing, finishing. zx>

for irrigation of lower lying to shut, close.

fields, to store up
-^t^s cl^? 1
adepuni, adevuni
water in a field after the 2nd z-. n. To shut, close.
or 3rd crop until rainfall. 2. to roost, perch:

adipattuni, v. a. To odooocli the fowl perches.

singe, burn. ~&3) to cost: na^z4? what's
adiparelu, s. A spurious the price? also ^5 ^e^bs to
jewel. be shut up, closed.
ade adda

r? adesu, aJj. Faded, waned, tiganda, J. A female's head-

drooping or hanging down (as ornament. the head-gear of


one's head). a devil-dancer.

adeke, s. Obstacle, hin- gD addakatteri, ^. A betel-
derance. 2. shelter. nut-cutter or cracker; also

adege, </:'. For nothing,

to no purpose. 2. without any- addakasabu, J. An im-
thing more, barely, merely; proper or unnatural profes-
also o* sion. adj. Unusual, contrary.
ezle4$ ecS=ol:j^ adevuni, ade- ^=05)0^ addakaru, s. The bent
r. 72. To hide.
knee, a^
yuni (K:?). s^^s'o^ft to squat.
be concealed. 2. a crooked leg. 3^30$ to*
53:1 adka, see es33. interfere with.
adkala, J. A cooking shed. dCi ^^* addakllu, s. A bolt, lock,

2. an oven. tenon, linch-pin.

3 adda, J. A rafter. C^^, addakei, ^. The arm in a

adda, s. Obstacle, hinderance. posture of defence.

addakolu, s. A cross-
adj. Horizontal, intervening.
adi'. Across, athwart. ?^$, bar.
bsto come across, hinder. addagandha, s. A hori-
to dam up, shut in ;
zontal mark on the forehead
to hinder, interrupt, prevent; made with sandal paste by
to block up a path or entrance; certain caste people.
to screen. ^ee^os to cross
y^^ f\3 addagitu, adda-
with lines, underline gere, J. An intersected line,
to oppose, stop, hinder, a line across another.
S)S to place across. eo
addagela, s. Breadth,
to oppose, confront, interrupt.
width, diameter.
aaj&Tks to prostrate, bow s. A lateral
down (a kind of salutation). branch.
to hinder, oppose.
rfos^a addagode, j. A parti-
s. The torments
yrfc^addantra, tion wall.
Supposed to be caused by a addaghaya, J. An un-
timely or accidental death.
adka, see tt.
~ addaka, esrf ^jssSjatij
S^ri to be caught
j. A dam.
-a W addakatte, suddenly, to be in danger
f^jriocS addakattimut- of life; to be very afraid.
adda 15 adda

addacauka. s. A box addapudaru, s. A nick-


in which the linga is kept, name.

addacci (e>ri-fJ),
X ^ ccr/ j. An addapude. s. A load
13 fcr

axle. carried on a pole by two or

addajati, see
es^a^S. more persons. 2. a load car-
addana, s. A shield. ried on the shoulder.

e5drari addani, addanige, addabare, see e9rf7^>?<5.

.y. A bench. addabeli, 5. A hedge or
dcl addane,
^ esrfr. fence across a path.
^sd addatare. s. An ill-formed sjod addamara, s. A cross-bar.
Cd C3
head. sirariF addamarga, s. A cross-
^ |j?;e3, S5c^
|J3^ addatole, ad- way, by-path. 2. a false way.

datol^i, J. A transverse beam, a dooQ addamudi, J. A female's

cross-bar. tuft of hair fixed on the side
dCd rfo&fi addadandige, ^. A kind of the head.
of an open palankin carried 6 addara, addare. s.
C$ C3
sideways. SjseX.
Tetanus; <2/^<?
s. A hand-
addali, addali, ^. A
cuff. 2. partition wall,
pole placed across.
parapet, dam. s. A new
addadabbe, s. The bam-
a> or temporary tenant or
boo pole with which anything
is carried across the shoulder.
d^do/Y addaserangu, s. The
c3D^>o3j addanalayi, ^. A stam- Cd

upper end of a woman's cloth

mering tongue. 2. lying, drawn over the right shoulder.
rjsa addasadi, s. A by-path,
danita,<zdfo. Broadwise. C9

3ioJ, s3^3Jo-S-D addapante,
G> ca ?3e)23
addasalu, J. A trans-
dapankti, J. A line crossing verse row or line. 2. repeated
another. ^otfo^ to sit at
interruptions, interference.
meals apart from others (in
addalige, see
esrf rf^.
a siderow).
addaduni (?ZRS),
dS3e)id addapatera, s. Inter- >

To walk to and fro, to parade.

rupting one in speaking. 2.
s^aaa, addadiddi, ^'.
J Awk-
contradicting, gainsaying. a>-

3TO<itfo to interrupt, gain- ward, clumsy. 2. topsy-turvy.

say. addapini, j^ s^-
addi 16 anya

.ildi, s. Obstacle, stoppage. when spread. 3. a small fly.

2. to hin- ^w^a. sstSos, BO;$ to put

opposition. 3oo^$
der, prevent, oppose, stop. on a mask etc.

addelipuni anita, ^^/'. Elastic; aha

To put out, drive out.
An earthen 3 anile,
z addyara, s. jar
or vessel. $?33 o3 a water ers'i^o^o anilekayi, ^. The
pot. gall-nut, ink-nut.
e:l r addye, J. A cake, pudding. e5r$s3djd anilemara, s. The ink-
C3 *0

adnadi nut-tree, Terniinalia chelnda.

(vrt.^S), adj.
anu,.y. An atom, any thing

Indifferent, middling. 2. vul-

wcjrS. extremely small, dust.
gar, low. 3. wild; cf.
see esre^.
y>, >, wci\ adpini, adpuni (S),
Cv anube, adj. Soft.

eS s* adpillu. ^. A kitchen. erl ane, int. Oh! hey.


o d~ a" $5 f! ane, J. The forehead, see "&>&-


r^, c
ra 1 4^ v--c^
2. steepness. a very steep 3.
dyonuni, adyondupopini, "'.
To leave a place at once. foot-path. 03^4$ to ascend
a steep path.
anaka, s. Narrowness,
closeness, adj. S5cl ane, see esrf.
Narrow, small.
anakasanaka,^//. Quar- anekallu, s. A certain

relling. stone in a temple-yard dedi-

anapu, s. Need, want. cated to the tutelar demons
2. urgency, necessity. S.hin- of a temple.

derance, obstacle. 4. harm. anepuni (3), v. a. To

anaru, Moss, lichen, s.
press, push, strike against,
mouldiness, the green stuff on come in contact.

stagnant water; cf.

sn>^os3. X ^ri^d^j anebaravu, s. Fate,
to become mossy, slimy. destiny. 2. appointed lot;
rv* anasu, ^. A handle, hilt. see 5os?20^4-

anavuta, see &tt&. ^ an'avu, anjavu,.

erasr anavuni, anna- S. \ man, male; also ef^Ae^-

To look up, t-. 7z. ,e:
ankilu, A very narrow
vuni(55^), 7
lift up the face, gaze. door, a wicket. 2. a In

ani, s. A kind of mask or os^zS

a strait passage.

appendage worn by a devil- r^ anya, -?. The prow of a

dancer. 2. a peacock's tail vessel.
^ ata 17 atri

S3^o^ atantra, adj. Unstable, o^ attande, conj. (fiart. of

infirm, weak, helpless. esSJ But, besides, except,
atantre, s. A dependent, without, unless.
helpless person. ^D*, y^d attaru, attara, s.
3> ati, pref. Over, beyond, ex-
A kind of mat made of split
ceeding, much etc. bamboos.
atikrama, s. dj attaru, s. Otto <?r essence
sion, infringement. a^oSo a of roses etc. 2. perfume.
transgressor. ~&>$\$, e?#) v, v^
attala, attala, s. A
so^s to transgress, encroach, kind of cake for the Sama-
violate. radhane feast.

^ atithi, s. A guest. ^sjjd attasamara, s. The

}$<- atithya,.s#?
^ i

fig tree, Ficus religiosa. v^

atipriya, <//. Much rid

*^a platform built round
beloved. the foot of a sacred fig tree;
also C9Qs*.
i^O^ atirikta, ^/'. Excessive, (p

exceeding. atta, inter rog. of es^.

^^odj atisaya, J. Pre-eminence. ^
attaru, see <^>-
2. abundance. 3. wonder, s. An elder bro-
J( attige,
marvel. ther's wife.
^^so' atisarij, s. Diarrhoea, atte, s. A mother-in-law. 2.

dysentery. an aunt.
atisvadu, s. A good ro^ atyanta, Excessive,
extreme, exceeding.
atula, atula, ^. Excessive.
qSr atyartha, ^/'.
Sesamum orientate, adj. un-
o^ atyalpa, adj. Very small,
equalled, incomparable.
attu, afe/". "'. Not, not so;
odsjs atyavasya, adj. Very
negation of quality; cf. <^& .

_ ^dbs
to deny, contradict.
atyase, ^. Greediness,
to abnegate.
es^tS if covetousness. 2. lust.
not, else, or.
sJo atyuttama, ^'. Most
^ s^ attantra, J. Absence of
excellent, best.
mind, carelessness; ^ es^o^j.
P atye, see es^.
cS) attandi, part, (of es^)
^)3 atrhnuni, s.
Not right, unseemly. ,
S3^djo^ atri,

an improper act, a wicked One of the seven sages, father

deed. of Candra.
atru IS adpu

^srs atruvana, aduruni, ^

atruvana, s.
Insincerity. 2.
\d adruda ^. Uncertainty, adj.
Unstable, uncertain; bd.&^t>.
i?u atresa,
s. A kind of sweeten- !

\4" adrijsya, ^//'.

ed rice-cake.
l3Si, adrushta, s. Fortune, fate.
QJ &j
i,?o atresa, s. The 9th lunar
ade, .9. An inner room. 2. a
mansion,* vfr. e?3po e^).
( /
2. a kind
small room.
of rain in August.
adeki, ^. Right of manage-
atharva, athar- ment of family-property alsj

vana, s. The fourth Veda.

e?3?d. -cro^So an heir, the
3*c? aduru, .?. A crack,
split, head of a family etc.
the management or adminis-
adurupaduru, ^. The tration of the family-property
line of cleavage of a rock or
to extend.
other formation, which can be
adeli, adoli, s. A
separated into slabs or scales kind of chisel.
or flakes. 2. shaking and
adeli, adoli, s.
quaking. to go to e?La
Half an anna; t?.t^rj_ half
pieces, be shattered, bruised, a rupee, an eight anna piece.
split, etc. a to crack.
adeku, adeka, se^
^'D^U adurata, s. Shaking,
adeca, see
aduravuni, c. v.
To shake, agitate. 1

gati, J . Perdition.
aduruni (^55). v.n. To
lifi^doo^ adomukhi, ^. Down-
tremble, quake. ward tendency. 2. the name
adaga, aifc. Then, at that of a female Bhuta.
time; cf. essiX, efiX. Weakness. 2.
a N addana,

adaruni, see esSdoa. sickness. 3. affliction; cf. 9=

, 7-.rt.To -. sr^- occ^o a weak or

cause to tremble. 2 to admon- . distressed man.
ish, rebuke, reprove.
i^kCjo'" adalubadalu, s. Y.\-
03S, ed^ addalipuni,
addolipuni (e^e,
change. sfceoy-j
to exchange. To rebuke. 2. to frighten.

adiru, aduru, s. 3. to command.

A limit. 2. a boundary wall, adpuni (s?5),
:. ;/. To go
parapet. to stool, 7'//.
. adbhu 19 ana
3 adbhuta, s. A phenomenon, methodical effort,
adj. Tired.
wrong, spoilt. -TO

Wonder- 2. weak. 3.
miracle, wonder, adj.
oSo a hard-working man.
ful, surprising.

adri .s-. A hill. 2. a tree. ananta, adj. Endless, infi-
nite. s
infinity. ^odo^
adruni, ^^
Vishnu, as reclining on the
coils of the king of serpents
advana, w (asin Trivandrum).

c3 x a adveita, . The Vedanta sa- Infinite, God.

stra <?r the doctrinal system of

Sankaracarya which regards anapu, see

the Supreme Spirit and the j^
human spirit as one.
Fanargya,^'. Very costly,
$s> adhaina, adj. Low, mean,
a low or vile person, priceless; fr. w^^oor.
vile. e?v3o
anartha, ^. Bad fortune,
adhika, <^/'. Much, great,
more. calamity, disaster.
, S5^J^)^ anavata, anavuta, s.
ep^rf adhikara, Authority,
a head official; Iniquity, transgression,
power. ^ o3o a transgressor.
a governor; a man of power.
^Drf anicara, J". Violation of
S3^3 adhipati,

-s . A ruler, lord,
commander. religious rules or practices.
2. misconduct, transgression.
&Q& adhma, s.Possession, con-
3. irreligion.
trol, Dependent on. 3
anatha, adj. Forlorn, help-
dependence, subjection.
less, destitute. essraz? one
e5a?i3 adhme, s. An adherent,
who is unprotected, helpless,
a dependent.
an orphan, es^ipa a widow,
e^iOJjr adheirya, s. Discour-
poor woman.
agement, timidity, cowardice. 3:a Without begin-
anadi, d^'.
^. Study.
ec^o ojj^ adhyayana,
ning, everlasting, eternal.
2. the reading of sacred
3>qrad anadhara, s. Without
basis or support, want of
&$= adhyakshe, s. A superin-
protection, adj. Helpless, un-
tendent, overseer. 2. a bishop, protected.
Chr. S"5d-)l anamati, s. Deposit,
eqrao odo adhyaya, s. Chapter, sec- thing entrusted. 2. all, the
tion; cf. ricp. whole. 3. keeping in sus-

adhvana,^. Labour. 2.ini-

pense; cf.
53 i ani 20 anya

is3 anile, s. Bud, sprout, germ. anumati, s. Consent,

2. soft timber. 35orfoos> to agreement.
bud, germinate. sSS^sd a JD^ anumana, J. Doubt, sus-
sprout from a seed. picion, conjecture, surmise.

^i^Dwanivara,5. Trouble, bard- 2. fear.

^>s?^a to doubt, sus-
ship. 2. starvation. pect.
anishta, s. Something un- jOj>ri anuraga, s. Love, regard,
pleasant. 2. adversity. 3. passion.
displeasure. j anurupa, ^. Likeness,
anlti, s. Injustice, wrong. resemblance.
under, anulepa, s. Anointing,
a.wi,pre/. After, like,
along etc. besmearing.
, anukala, see es^>. anuvandig-e, ^.Consent.

anukula, s. Agreement. anuvara, see oana^.

2. convenience. 3. help, aid. anusara, s. Imitation,
adj. Convenient, helpful. following. t?S according to.
&s> to be convenient.
rfos^s* anepn, anepun
to make convenient, arrange. v. a. To touch. 2. to
anukramanike, s.
hug, embrace.
Arrangement, order. 2. an
anevuni, see <$33)d.
index, table of contents.
anska, a^'. Much, many,
3o anugraha, .$.
regard, mercy, grace. ^. To
S5^ anpini (^j, r-.
&33 anutana, s. Opportunity,
speak; 5o55, rsj^ ^.
fitness. 3.8 ?> to watch for
55 see f*.
an opportunity. c^ anya,
e5(i anya, Foreign, diffe-
^j&N anudina, adv. Daily.
rent, strange.
anupakara- s. Unkind-
e5fiot5e)3 anyajati, s. A different
ness, disfavour.
class or caste. croc&> a per-
s anupatya, ^. Indigence,
son of a different caste or
necessity, need, want of ni3ans.
creed, a stranger.
2. inconvenience.
55 j4 d^ anyadesa, s. A foreign
:T< anubhava, Enjoyment,
suffering experience.
s. A foreign
:., anubhavipuni, ". a. S5^2pD3 anyabhashe,
To 2. to language.
enjoy. experience.
s. .nyamanya, see ^?^-
u <J
anubhoga, Enjoy- fj rj

ment. ij s. Injustice,
anyo 21 apl

wrong, iniquity, adj. Unjust, aparupa, apru-

unreasonable. rocSo an un-
pa, adj. Rare, uncommon. 2.
just person. scarce, adv. Seldom, rarely.
3.v e c& anyonya, . Communion ,
3JS3"sd s.
apavada, Censure,
fellowship, friendship. blame. 2. a false accusation.
apa, pref. denoting inferio- 3. exception (to a rule).
rity, privation, separation,
sJS^ apavitra, adj. Uriclean ?
contrariety etc.', also 5^.
Jssd apakara, s. An unkind- .sv A bad
rf^.)^ apasakuna,
ness, ill-turn, injury. 2. ma- omen.
lice, hatred.
tidij apasabda, s. Ungram-
j&^r apakirti, s. Reproach, rnatical language, a vulgar
disgrace, infamy. expression. 2. bad pronuncia-
Jr> apaga, adv. Then; also tion.

rTO& apasaksi, s. False wit-

apacara,^. Impoliteness, ness, perjury. 2. a false wit-
insult. 2. fault.
teoi> apajaya, s. Defeat, over- 3j?d d apasvara, ^.. A discordant
loss. 3
sound, hoarse voice.
apaddha, s. A lie ;
see essorf .

V sJs?,rf apasmara, s. Convul-

3j?ta;fl apanambige, ^. Unbe-
sions, epilepsy.
lief, distrust. 2. disbelief.
sjsdos^ apaharipuni (es^^S),
ri^js^ apamana, J. Disrespect. v. a. To take by violence, to
2. disgrace. 3otf^$ to dis- usurp, plunder, rob, extort.
^oosrf apahara, s. Usurpation,
d apara,^/". Other, opposite,
latter. -SjoSo funeral rites.
3GD?jo apahasya, s. Derision,
sJo^oN, ysJDDSo^ aparanna,
aparahana, ^. Afternoon.
3~ss apatra, adj. Unworthy,
aparadha, s. Offence,
undeserving, unfit. e5sD^ an
guilt. 2. a punishment, fine.
T?jabrs to ^oo
unworthy person.
pay a fine.
_ s^s-rfo?) 3DQ3j apaya, s. Danger, peril.
STO^S, to accuse of a
2. misfortune, calamity.
crime, to condemn. rfo^si
to commit an to apara, adj. Boundless,
transgress; to fine.
8oa Un- aplmu, see ^sl?fA^>.
aparimita, adj.
measured, boundless, infinite. apilu, s. An appeal.
apu 22 aba

aputu, adj. Quite, entire, appukei, appei,
whole. the arms on the
apurva, adj. Unprece- breast. X&>$,
_^uo tO
dented, uncommon. cross or fold the arms on
r apekshe, s. Wish, desire. the breast.
2. expectation, hope. 3otfo^?>, f s. Mother. 2. an affix
oJ appe,
to desire, wish, re-
e?33^;5:S> of respect added to proper
quest. names of men (as c^XA
apoli, s. Ruin, waste. etc.)-, c/.&fr
S5?j appa, zVz/. of surprise: c^>c3
appo, appode, ^.

es^ what may it be ! 2. a mode A cake made for the per-

of calling a mother. formance of funeral rites.

5SJ appa, an aflix of respect sl^^ aprakasa, Absence of

added to proper names of light, darkness. 2. obscurity,
men, as Ssi^, froX^, a^~y 3. secrecy.
^ooo^^, etc. 3ls3o?c3j
^j aprameye, s. God, the
*53J appa, s. A kind of cake Incomprehensible.
fried or baked. s. Use-
gcSjsefcjtf aprayojana,
es^oJ appantaye, lessness, unserviceableness.
appante, s. An honest, respect- jige, s. A bad man,
able man, a good man.
?i aphimu, aphlni,
s. Honesty,
eSc^o^fl appantige, s. Opium.
fidelity, chastity, aba, int. of astonishment.
e.Ce appada, see ^- ^.Hoof; also*$y3v&>.
w rf appane, s. Command, or- a person with a cleft
der. 2. permission, leave. ^^

foot (a kind of deformity).

^r^ to command, give order, rl abade, s. A
kind of bean,
permit. Bg^wos to take
abaddha, <//'. False, incor-
rect, wrong. 33Did a false
//. of sur-
55^,33^ appappa, word. rf^r^re:j false news
prise, sorrow. [cake. or rumours.
S53J y appala, J. A very thin round
The stern of a ship,

^ appalipuni C 55 ^), ?. a-
strike anything with the

s. \ common coun-
try bean, Lablab vulgaris.
open hand, to squash.
To W^e; abala, adj. Weak, impotent,

also abale, -y. A weak 0r impo-
embrace, clasp; ^>
tent man.
abi 23 abhi

:oari abindige, .s-.

Perplexity. d abbe, s. An elderly woman,
2. obstinacy. matron.
abilase, see esEpeft^. 25.?j s.
abbesa, Study, prac-
tice, exercise. 2. familiarity
aburu, s. Character, res- ;

keen feeling of fr. eepsgrf.

^3J^ ^c cl d> abroni dei, s.
A kind
honour; cf. esgfodo, e?aootto.

_ trooSo of shrub, Grewia microcos ;

a respectable man.
also KKoiSflef5.
to dishonour, rebuke.
2:JoJoabhaya,^. Security. 2. pro-
S> essi-ydo crocSoK
why are you
mise of protection or pardon.
so overbearing? 3?s9aoo-do dis-
3. confidence.
respect, dishonour.
zp-sd abhava, .?. Non-existence.
dft$eS aburoni, s. A kind of
2. annihilation. 3. a negative
fish. 2. ^^ wdj^erS.
23o3oji abepuni, abeyu-
abhasa, adj. Worthless,
ni (C93), -. a. To beat or
vulgar. 2. corrupt fr. ; ?eps?i.
pound rice also esd^o a. 5
&$ abhijana,^. A family, race.

doao esD, e?dS 9& rice well

)^ abhina, s. Mimicry. 2. ges-
cleared of its husk.
ture; also 5p^odo.
abesu, int. Lift up pull! !

p^ abhine, J. A mimic.
an intimation that anything
abhipraya, ^. Design,
isready to be lifted up, e. g.
intention. 2. wish. 3. opinion.
a basket or a bucket from a
well etc. abhimaiia, J. A keen
feeling of honour, pride. 2.

regard, affection.
abbo, int. expressing wonder
bhilashe,.s-. Desire, wish,.
or grief.
2o ^urarfr^abbagedarage, s. The s.
LJ abm'vruddhi, Increase,
proper names of female
prosperity. 2. progress, thriv-
demon twins.
ing, improvement.
wudclabbara, abbarane, s.
j)^^ abhisheka, Sprinkling
Boast, ostentation. 2. sound, with water. 2. consecration
noise, cry. 3otfo^, ^ow^ by pouring oil, ghee etc. 3.
S>, to cry aloud, unction, ifc^^?
make noise ;
to frighten ;
to the coronation of a king ;

the ordination of a
(0^3) abbalige (pu),
j. A priest. to anoint,
kind of flower. ordain, install.
abhu 24

; abhuru, sec amartaj

ee^oo^d abhyantara, s. An inter- amarsivuni

val. 2. delay, vexation. 3. ?", i'. a. To frighten.
obstacle. 4. offence, scandal. 5F^ amarsila,
SfLstobe an impediment, to amarsala, ^. Brimstone.
be delayed. =&&Lr&, _ -rfo^S) 3JjS3
amalu, ^. Intoxication,
.to binder, object, offend, vex. drunkenness, giddiness. ^js?

xj abhyasa, sec erd^ri. XO a drunkard.

amake, s. A tendril; 2. a to be intoxicated.
fork. to intoxicate.
5Jor3, *3;i>, amani, amani, amasani, see es^oo^rJ.
A nipple also &$&>$.
amasara, s. Necessity.
dj^)^ amapuni, v. a. To quiet, 2. urgency. 3. hurry cf.
press down; see es~ tt. to hasten, be in
djo* amaru, #//. Twin. 2.
a hurry.
double. 2croe3#otwin children.
amanatu, Deposit.
5i>3 amara, #<//. Immortal, j.
2. to sus-
suspension. -rfo^-"
A deity. 2. an immortal. ^ pend.
immortality. cUe^ beaven. s. A trunk.
5Jod&^ amarakosa, ^. The
amaruni (5s^-?o), -r

. a.
name of a Sanskrit dictionary
To suit, fit. 2. to
of synonyms.
hold. 3. a plant to twine.
d^Di)^;^ amaravuni (sfrfous),
5 amise, ama-
7'. a. To push forward. 2. to

bold vase, s. The day of the new


A moon.
amarige, s. heap; also
^<3os> to amita, adj. Immeasurable,
heap up.
boundless, infinite.
s. Disres-
dishonour. )J5)N amlne, s. A sheriff's
pect, incivility,
officer; see &2x<f*.
adj. Disrespectful.
5si>d>> amariyuni, amusani, s. Pride, arro-
amaryuni (^5)^
L >. n. To ag- gance, insolence, haughtiness.

gress. 2. to cleave to.

_ &ee3ra3i$ to show pride. ^
to be proud.
doC-oXj amaruni (^>o), r.n. To ^ft
become quiet, calm. r a. To -^ amulya, Costly,

. //'.

settle, seize, touch, hold. invaluable.

sl)6 amare, s. A ditch, canal. y^x a amruta, <?.-//'.
Immortal, s.

3e;$ to make a ditch, dike. Nectar, ambrosia. 2. different

ame 25

fluids as water, milk, palm- ayigulu, see

wine etc. 5sQ3o a custard-
ayita, s. Readiness. 2.
~3rf Anoii'i
apple. sqii'Diio- decoration also so^.
sa, the custard apple tree, to dress. e?L& to be dressed,
_ s^do Cocculus cordifolius, adorned.
the heart-leaved moon-creeper s
ayinu, see
_ -&>^3 the mythical churning
ayibu, see
of the sea for nectar. sra^o

sweet words or speech. ayivaji, see

ts^S immortality; cf. rfo^s^. ayukta, c?^'. Improper,
13 do s. Ceremonial impurity unfit.
or defilement in case of &O3 ayuta, www. Ten thou-
birth. sand, a myriad.
amepun, ^'. Unfit, un-
SJS^r^ ayog-ya,
amatupattuni (3o), v. a. To worthy disreputable. & un-

press, hold in the arms, hug. fitness, unworthiness, disre-

3o?$o amedhya, .?.
Faeces, pute.
ordure. 3j3?^ ayodhya, ^. The capital
lo?7i amoga, adj. Precious, of Rama, the modern Oude.
excellent. 2. fruitful.
ayya, see ^.
amcikayi, see
ayyappa, //. of pain.
s. Five seers.
s. A lady. 2. mother. ayyala,

3. gen. of es^. n
ayye, ^. A priest, minister,

5^oj,> ammuni (S^), ^. a. To teacher, master. Voc. esorfoosir.

swallow, devour. Plur. esoSooS gods, Brahmins;

tssS^ amme,
^<? an affix of respect added to

3 si) a amsani, j proper names; see es-jy

s >35.
esc&o. 2. ayyeru, sej
aya, Jt'6'
good luck.
3. a tax. ayyelu, -$" Five pairs of
oxen or buffaloes.
ayana,Going. 2. a path.

3. a half
year, that is the ayyo, int. of grief. Oh,
course of the sun northward ah, alas, woe. When feeling
and southward from solstice annoyed, dear me. esodJoocW
to solstice each of six int. of grief, pain.

months. ara, s. A file. 3 3i-rfo the

3ooC3t> ayinda, adv. Hereafter, teeth of a file. ^>t$oa to file,
in future. Xoorftf a round file.
ara 26 wd ara

arankavuni, see araglsu, ^^:

at any rate; in connection
..jarantuni (ss^cS), v. a. To with 11
eg. verbs by no means,
grope for, grasp. 2. to seek, never; e?^3o es3?\ ? ^>
look for. will never do it.

:s3 arantele, s. A greedy aragu, see <rf&.

person, a miser. aragundara, s. Ruin;
JCc2':t arantade, s. A royal re-
sidence; cf.
e9zteo& aratuni (s^S), r. ?/. To
ucc ij arantuni (srts),r.. To scramble, fumble. 2. to make
feel, grope. 2. to grasp at. a grating noise. 3. to inter-

33oWo arambuni (estfo?5), #. #. rupt, blab; also ?9$&>rs>.

To touch. 2. to
climb, creep arate, s. Prate, blabbing,
up (plants); also esdooeoos. tattle; also so^a.

55 3=0* araku, ^. Arrack, country araduni (sstfS),

i\ a. To
spirit; cf. XoX?jd, TOT?.
gather up, to grasp. 2. to rub.

araku, 5. Gum-lac, sealing- 53dd=gs)05jaradekayi, sec ss^^aoso.

wax; ^^ stick-lac;
, ydcl arane, s. The green lizard,
tf&_ black sealing-wax T?C^_ ; Lacerta interpunctuala, said
red sealing-wax; &:u. seed- to be poisonous; 9tfs3 ^osS" orf
83 shell-lac.
lac; 5?b^, T5or}oe if a lizard bites death
_3TOTi)?> to seal, fasten with
(is certain).
^0 a kind of
sealing-wax. creeper used in medicine.
araku, ^. A. fine, white 3jso> a kind of fish.

cloth also &3^. A

t^ aranya, s. wilderness,
ifr^fC"^' arakutelu, s. A large forest, adj. Wild.
black scorpion, scolopendra.
wdo arati, s. Anger, passion;
J arakalu, see es^r^. displeasure.
ec? arake, adj. Half filled (<?//. S5d J, S5dcS arate, arade, ^. Heat,
of 5>e3 full). burning. 2.
impetuosity. 3s>

atis^, wdsjo arakhu, arakhu, ^. 3

burning heat; s^^ctS 3iDe3

Essence <?r spirit distilled e?aors> to burn very much or

from any thing; cf.
&d&. exceedingly.
esrfrfrls aragani, s. Kitchen fur- ydci^, ?5dc3De3 aradala, aradale,
s. Yellow arsenic or
niture. yellow or-
SSdArs aragini, s. A talking par- piment. ^^ yellow o.chre.

rot. 2. a neat or tidy woman. 2dc3c*araderu, A class of

ara 27 ara

Mohammedan merchants. 2. arava, ^. Tamil. eps^ the

policemen, peons; also Sodd5. Tamil language, c5?^ the
aranari, see es^^o. Tamil country.
3032s* arapu, arapelu, s. ddo!3^, 55dde3^ aravantige,
Cooling. aravatige, s. A shed where
s. The shoe- water is served gratuitously
ds^sl arapucce,
to travellers.
flower; sec OBSJ^.
To ds^ors aravamani, s. A kind of
d5j))arapuni(593),r.72. cool,
become calm; gem.
tS^esd^s to
become cool. aravasi, see <Q-zx>&.

arape, s. A crack, split ;

aravu, J. Width, breadth.
adj. Wide, open.
esdtod 3X> arabara tinpini, v.a. ,z'.<2. To heap
To eat greedily, devour. up.
53d2Js)oSo, s3Quj) arabayi. arabci,
kutta, arasinamunda, s. The
.y. clamour, crying
lamentation. ^JS&FS, jaundice.
_^?L^to cry out vehemently, arasu, s. A king, monarch.
^oo a royal family. &3
to bawl out, lament. ri
royalty, kingship. ^-R a
a braying brawler, t /^. 1

An Arab. king's son, royal prince.

arabi, j.
^o^j^ arasulcutta, 5. A kind
arabu, s. Covetousness, of dropsy.
desire, eagerness for gain. A car-
?jo^oO arasukuri, s.

dz^x arabei, see also

arase, ^

aramane, s. A palace, araluni, J

royal residence.
arajaka, ^/'. Kingless.
aralu, s. Drizzling rain. .
Anarchy, confusion.
to drizzle.
arabi, ^'. Broad, large,
araluni, ^. The black extensive. i^ a very large
bee. house.
j> araluni (^^), v. n. To oar ami, adj. Unlawful. 2.
open, expand. 2. to bloom, vicious, restive, f. i. a horse;

blossom. also 5cC3<30.

JsiU:^ aralole, s. A tender aravu, see estf^.

palm-leaf. 2. a kind of ear- aravuni v.a. To
ornament. gather. 2. to embrace, clasp
ara 28 aru

in the arras. s^>5

is^ys to ^ arivlna, ^. A metal dish;
embrace or receive with open
arms. arve, set: esr.
araly. (*-tf), .?. A person ,
arishta, s. Misfortune,
doing half a day's work. 2.
misery. a^//'. Unfortunate ;

half a day's wages.

ari, .$. An enemy.
arishte, ^. An unfortunate
ari, s. Rice freed from husk.
man, a poor man, a person
Some of the principal kinds in distress.
of rice are :
cec: 55, e933
aru, s. Brim, edge, margin,
border. ^3
to reach the

shore, to land; to get out of a

difficulty, to be successful;
t;, ^06.
& -6 es-rfoTCo.
3. 2.
e3djczjo> arumbuni, see f>tfoax>$.
any small grain, f. i.
wdorlj arugu, ^. Verge, brink,
3. the testicles.
border, margin;
S^ arikala, s. A place for
Want of

aruci, s. appetite,
husking rice; also eotf^o.
arike, s. Consent. 2. con- yclrs aruna, adj. Purple-colour-
fession. 3. request.
ed. s. The name of the rising.
to reveal, confess; to inform, sun.

represent; to request. arupu, sec

5$r\~/ ariglsu, sec s93?\?oJ. jrf arubuda, see

arijola, s. Indian corn, arumutte, s. The gills-


Sorghum saccharatum. of a fish.

i ariti, see 3~.
et^Cov aridala, see tsttti. . :-. n. To weep
-, aripuni (- i), t-. . To sift. with loud lamentation and
2. to strain, rilter. shrieks.

e2So5 aripe, s. A sieve, colander, d! aruve, s. The mouth of

strainer; *ooo ei a leak (in

an a river, a seaport; also f>tfo3.

earthen vessel). 3 OTJ$" a bar, the entrance

tsa^r. to a harbour.
ariya, sa-

ariyantra, ^v aruve, sec &3r.

aruhu, s.
Knowledge. 2..

ariyuni, understanding, perception.

aru 29 are

arulumarulu, adj. arosappe, #^'. Tasteless,

Foolish, simple, childish. unsavoury.
arupa, arupu, adj. 8233^ are^ati, ^/'. Half-caste,
Formless, invisible. 2. de- mongrel, mixed.
formed, ugly. d^^sj arejiva, s. lit. Half the
6 are, s. Half, a moiety; cf. life; the state of being half
3r. -e?f half a man's height. dead.
3o2rfj> arericuni (es^osS"), #. #. 6^0^ areduni (35), v.a. To
To rub corrupt, mar, taint.
off, peel, skin. spoil,

c.v. 2. to destroy, ruin,

6ot3D^)^ arerijavuni, (of
To cause to deny. aredala, see.

2. to hide away. j
areduni(5^S),r'.. To low.
0otdo^ arerijuni (es3cs), v. a.
arenari, s. A person
To deny, gainsay. 2. to dressed partly as a male and
conceal; cf. partly as a female.
6o3 arenjele, s. A denier, S36?i"5)s;D05j arendlayi, s. A stam-
disown er. mering tongue.
s3 arentele, see es-dofcSeS.
36^627 arenirelu, s. A slight
ro* arekannu, s. A half sight, shadow. 2. an imperfect
an imperfect glance. 2.
3. eyes partly closed. 2 arepalu, .s. Half a share,
S2 6 373
half part; AST? a
s. The hundred
ds'sdi arekani, partner
0r shareholder entitled to half
and twenty-eighth part of any
a share.
Half e3853"s)^ arepavu, ^. One half of
^'doa.) arekayi, adj. ripe;
also 3riA7>Q3o.
a quarter, one-eighth of a
arekalu, s. The eighth
arepavuni, t. v.
areke, see ^^.
To cause to grind.
?56^J3c3oa* arekodyelu, s. Half 2. to cause to submit; to sub-
salted <?r insufficiently season- due.
ed dish.
53o3)) arepini, arepuni
^drfofcj* aregantu, s. A loose knot ; ,
v. a. To pulverize by
2. half a load, a small bundle.
pounding or grinding. 2*fg-
ssdrra^aregala, s. The hot season, to oppress. 253^
5^, ^53, 5^
summer. a grinding stone.
arecatte, adj. Half dead. ^
arepu, arepelu, s.
2. reduced, thin, lean. The act of grinding. 2. that
are 30 arga

which is ground for condi- arka, J. The sun. 2. a crys-

ment. tal. 3. a shrub, called also
SfdzoocS arebariji, lit. Half the the yakkamale (orfo^jed).
stomach, adj. Half not Swill, dish-
fed, arkariji, s.

satisfied, deficiently fed. water, the washings of rice

z3 arebanda, Half cook- etc. ~ different kinds of
adj. ^^
ed. leaves chopped and mixed
y5:^)DiJ arebayi, see estfsrooso. with straw and boiled in a

io 8
lit. Half a swill for feeding cattle with.

finger (measure), s. About arkati, see oo^-S.

half an inch. arkade, s. Sunset.

e6z3i arebei, s. Twice thrashed FsS.) arkame, s. A strong de-
straw. 2.
sire, eagerness. indigestion,
S3 6 slid sf aremadalu, s. A leaf flatulency.
of a palmyra. 2. one half of
F^Farkarka, adv. By degrees.
a cocoa-palm-leaf. _ &^& to eat repeatedly. 2.

wds^Orirv* aremanasu, lit. Half to gulp down.

mindedness. s. Indecision. F^ arkalu, arkalu,
2. reluctance. ^. A knot, tie. EDcSoa to tie,
esddoo*F aremarlu, s. Craziness, make a knot. Tx^rs to loosen
weakness of intellect, adj. a knot, to untie.
Half mad. FO S
arkilu, arkelu, ^.
A small A
es^djssis; aremapala- s. handful. fcosS *F-^
wild fruit, Randia longi- ^or give (uiey a handful of
spina. straw.
$36six)oci aremunde, s. A widow, jF> arkuni (25^")- f. ;/. To
whose head has not been become less. 2. to be humbl-
shaved. ed, depressed.
56s3oc&> aremeyi, adj. Reduced arke, see d^.
in body, lean, thin. 2. half
arkeburu, see es^
inclined, half minded.
e56sD^ arevasi, s. A half part, J* argantu, ^. Determina-
a moiety. tion, resolution. 2. obstinacy;
^wOic-j's* areyal, s. An honorary 3. malice. csol) an obsti-
name given to a section of the nate man. per- rfotfo^s
Bant caste. severe in obstin.-iry.

:-j$, ?5d4?i areyuni, arevuni, iFo^argante, s. A resolute or

see obstinate person.
argi 31 arbi

a argiliyuni, F artha, ^. Gain, wealth,

argilyuni (59T\re5, ef>?\r6), v. n. riches, esp. money. 2. mean-
To loathe, be disgusted, v'hr ing. ^^s> to explain, inter-
5 3c$ to eat with aversion. pret.

argisu, see ardala, ^^ estfrftf.

argule, s. Loathsome- ,

. Half the gain.

ness. 2. disgust, aversion. arduni (Sr), z'.a. To
arge, see. ?&*. wash <?; bleach clothes.

arcake, s. A worshipper. F ardha, s. Half, a moiety;

2. a &*-
priest. rf- [tion.
es^F?3 arcane, s. Worship, ado- ardha'sa, ^. A half por-
ration. 5^F^ arnana, arnana, s.

e52&F3^)> arcipuni, v. a. To wor- A male Pariah (a/^esorfrc).

ship. T. n. To officiate as a JFEa arpada, ^. Small-pox;
priest. /^<9 iSjaeX. s ^d a pock-
S5Z2F arji, s. Petition, representa- mark. ^e^ sirrf
a kind of

tion; complaint. cs^a peti- small-pox which leaves scars

tioner. ^jsbFcS to present a or marks.
petition ;
essSr ^j&Bcii TksSr JFcl arpane, ^. An offering.
when the petition is to offer.

presented it will be favour- e3 arpata, s. Lamentation.

ably considered. arpita, ^^'. Presented,
arjita, see ef^r^. offered.
arjune, s. The third son ini (895), z-. . To weep,
of Pandu (sroozl)). arpipuni, arpi-
ei>F> artuni, J^ suni (SS^F, esbroJ), -u. a. To
arduni, see dedicate, offer.
arpuni 5
(s ^),
^'. To
arta, see $r.
efface, waste, obliterate; cf.
arti, J. An amusement,
sport, fun. 2. novelty, curios-
e333re3arpele, s. A fretful person.
3. fondness. craoSo a
2. one easily moved to tears.
merry man, a person given
essr^F^ arpesi, see <3^<>z>.
to pleasure. iJ&so^s to
arbata, see e?^r.
please, amuse; to fondle.
arbayi, see
arti, ^. The wild fig tree,
Ficus racemosa. SDQSO an ^!F arbi, ^. Water collected in

unripe wild fig. an elevated place. 2. drizzl-

arbu 32 alu

ing rain. -S^os water to arve, s. A cloth; an old

fall in broken streams over rag. ^ooy^^sr a piece of
a small height. ?c^o$ water garment.
to run out, to fall in broken arve, see es3o3, ef>#o3.
streams. zjFotl s.
arsande, Rejection;
arbu, s. Stinginess, ava- disrespect; making light of.
rice. to covet, desire,
^oUJjS* ?oFo3o, W^FOJO arsaya, arsaya,
long. ns^So a greedy man. s. A
certain festivity <?r cere-
arbuta, arbuda, mony. ^c3^ro3o the ceremony
of leaping over burning coals,
arbuda, num. Ten crores, performed by devil-dancers
100 millions. or dasaiyas (cs^odon).
JOFCSdfl^rt arbudaroga, s. Dif-
arsavuni, see
ferent swellings, especially
arseve, see e
armbude, s. A skull-cap
alumbude, ^. The castor-oil
made of the spathe or cap-
plant. a smaller
sular bark of the areca palm fts^$bax)Z$
kind, called Ricinus commit-
and worn by a class of Pariahs
(called **M*rt>>
s^oaS alumbe, s. Suffering. 2.
arya, s. A small earthen
vessel GSjo33ajoF an experience.
; oil-pot.
^Sssre. alumbevuni, -r

aryana, see

aryuni (5), "'. . To

alumbhava, J. Satisfac-
ooze, drip. 2. to flow, run, as
tion, contentment. 2. experi-
water; also 3o5orfjo$.
ence, knowledge; sec S5Eio?rf.
arlumarlu, see
e^o^D^ alumbhavipuni (

s. Half a seer. >c#3), t-. . To feel satisfied,

content. 2. to experience, en-
.^JF^ arluni (W^F).
r. . w. To
joy, suffer, to be vexed.
burn, blaze. 2. to smart;
e?orfo jj?? t9;j?c-rf:> //"/. his face aluku, see es^-

is burning, z*. e. he is very alugU, SCC 55S)K.

angry. aluge, s. A kind of drum.

arlole, s. A kind of fish. sl alupucce, s. A pole-
, U7
i5^Fd> arvatte, arvade, cat.
^dF^, s.

\ mini's sister's son. alube, a. Frail, fragile.

son-in-law. 2. weak, pujiy, thin.
ala 33 ala

S5oo^ alaiiku, s. An armadillo. alacuni (5?sF), r. /?. To

2. a kind of fish. move, shake; cf. e5>e>;3os>.

S5oo5 s alanku, The dried

s. alajavuni, c. v.
oil-plant QtSesamum Indicum ,
To shake; see

or jinjili seed.
es wo 30^ alankaripuni (esao^a), alajuni, ^
r'.tf. To adorn, decorate. 55^io5o alapayi, s. Hiring cattle
S3s;oc)d alankara, .?. Ornament, for milking.
T^S to take
decoration. 2. beauty. 3s~r milch cattle on hire. &a&r?>
rhetoric. to hire out milch cattle.

alankavuni, . v. (of e5^ alapuni see es^s, a ^?). 1

To cause to shake,
550 do alama, see e^.
to shake. 2. to perturb, con-
S3osi)J^ alamuni (e5<ySo), v. a.
To mix with the hand.
oo^o^i, w^orio^ alankuni, alan-
alaruni, see 5doo$.
guni (wao'F, eseJoK),
z/. . To
alavu, Steel. rf
X^ a
shake, agitate, wave, move.
2. to strike or knock against, bar of steel.

v.n. Be agitated. e;^)^ alavuni (e>), w. To.

trip up.
esaci? $ ? 5 agitated water, mix. 2. to temper. 3. to make
J. A even, to level.
alan^a, rampart,
^s s
alasu, adj. Old, worn out.
alantuni, see
2. bad. 3. mixed; also ^^>.
alambuda, see ^^/^'^ s. A thick
alambuni (eseo^S), ^. a.
rope, cable; see <^.
To wash. 2. to shake, be agi- alasa, j^ o'a'^.
tated as water; see 000200$.
5^jro^ alasalu, alasig^e,
d alambhava, .sw es^o^d. ^. Fatigue, weariness. 2. vexa-
alaka, J. The town of Ku- tion.

bera, the god of wealth. e?

o?oj^ alasuni (c3), w. a. To
^?j to become wealthy. agitate, shake, v. n. To be
^rio alagu, alagu, s. fatigued, vexed. 2. to suffer
Tremulousness or quivering griping pain; cSoc!? eoosS esc;
of the voice in singing. rtgd
TiOG-rfo I have a stomach-ache.

a tremulous voice. alakshana, ^^ es^e^pa.

p>rto5> alaguni (5K), v. n. To c, S3t;^ alakshya, alakshe,
shake; cf. s. Disregard, negligence, in-
alage, ^ difference.
ala 34 ale

ala, int. Behold, lo, there , r.. To

it is; see ~m>- move; see eswc^os.
j alaku, s. Destruction, JUor1 alubanga, s. Vexation,
ruin; see Scefc>. -rfo*?o.s> to trouble.
ruin, spoil, destroy. e?5
ale, s. Butter-milk; sc-'

&?ls to go to ruin. to churn butter-milk.

y?3;, essein' alata, aladu, s. A ale, ale, int. Behold, lo!
thick coir-rope, cable; also
s3oj aleriji, J. Grease <?r oil etc.

swimming on the surface of
alabi, alayi,
water. s^s greasy sub-
The annual Moharam festival
stances to stick to something.
of the Mohammedans. s
bs to close the festival with alenjuni (S53c^), i'.n.
To turn, aroosc- to hesitate
in speaking. 2. to deny; see
:jjo alayuni(^e^) i\ a. To
take away.
^ alavuni, ^ ese>4s>. alejavuni c. r .

aios), To cause to shake, to

aliki, <z<//. Inferior, low,
shake. 2. to cause to mingle.
mean; bet. s63j-
oi>#o^ to
eS^o ^ alejuni, alejjuni
depreciate, disparage, de-
r. n. To be agitated,
grade. 3^>33 a word of con- ,

disturbed. 2. to be turbid.
tempt. low people.
3. to mix, mingle. 4. to be
alige, see ep^^.
alige, see &Q- K^OSO.
alepayi, see
alipuni, see W3>s.
alepavuni, c. r. ( of
-0s ,yQ^J3D^ alimaru, ali- To cause to tire, to fa-
miru, s. The tree called Mc-
mecylon. alepuni (5?*?).

. . To
^ aliyuni (2?e). r.?z. To
oppress, t 1
. w. To be fatigued ;

dissolve, decay. 2. to perish, see e53:-:^ -, 3o3^s>.

die, become extinct; also es5 J. A European.
j alemani,
*L. 2. a German.
alivu, s. Extinction, ruin.
3ol>o, y?34^ aleyuni, alevuni
yooorto^alunguni (ss^ooK), i<. n. T'. To wander, roam.
To be soft, as a ripe fruit. 2. to be weary. 3. to bethink
alumbuda, see oneself. 35 &&& to stare;
alumbuni, se
35 ava

aleki, alekha, .?. An salutation given to Brahmins

unwritten tfr blank leaf. 2. a or Jains by inferiors.
blank book of palm leaves. almeru, s. An almeira,
=3prf) alevuni (3e), fl. . To a wardrobe.
bethink oneself; see ef><34$- allukaddi, ^. A tooth-

alku, s. Timidity, adj. allambra, J. Agitation,


Timid, frightened; also aM^. alarm.

_80jstfo$ to shudder. alia. s. The Mohammedan
>, alki, j^ >#, 5o5d .
appellation of the Supreme
a alkuni . . To be Being. 2. int. of surprise.

afraid. 2. to start, shudder, allavuni (,), ^'. a. To

tremble. ,
mix; c/". ese^-s.

k& to be startled. ?5)ri s. The

n alii, allig-e,

SJ?4> algavuni c. v. water-lily; /J6>

^^^ ^8-

To cause to shake; 2. the flower of Nelumbium

alguni, se speciosum; also ss^-5.

s. The cio alludu, adj. Perishable,

aldekayi, gall-
nut, ink-nut, Terminalia che-
bula. eseUSoS a good black 3 alle, s. The side, groin, hip.

ink. 7?^
a lateral branch.
alpa, adj. Little, small, ava, pref. implying dimi-
2. mean, low. a^>> nution, privation,
of limited understanding Behold, lo; see
ava, int.
; cf.

4- JFS^avakasa, J. Opportunity,
Sk^ni* alpisu, see ^^?^- -d^wti.
leisure; cf.
alpucce, see 55^4^
ricsavagada, s. Calamity, evil,
alpe, s. An unimportant mischief. 2. disorder, con-

man. fusion. 3. difficulty, danger.

e3^?o alpesi,
^. A covetous man, rbrs avaguna, s. An evil dis-
miser. Low, mean, stingy,
position, a vice. 2. the state
o.on* albangu, ^^ eseweooX.
of growing worse.

d <2^/'. Thin, weak,

albe, lean.
avaje, s. Sound, noise,
2. good for nothing. s. A kind of country
>, alma, ^. Breed, offspring;
beans; also e?^<5.
a good breed,
^ 5<^ 3a>d avatara, s. Descent, in-
almana, see 89^o^n>=i. carnation. the ten
alme, almo, ^. A incarnations of Vishnu (\ -s^Pfa/).
ava 36 avu

^iicj avasana, ava-

to become in- saya, 5. End, conclusion, ter-
carnate. mination. 2. death.
^jjj, avatte, set;
ssc; avasara, ^^ ssrfo^.

avatsara, see d^, s.

S3sj^ avaste, avasthe,
avadhi, s. A limit, term, State, condition. 2. circum-
period, fixed time. stances, situation. 3. diffi-

!q$JsJ avadhute, .?. One who culty.

has abandoned his family ,
-inf. Lo! behold ;
see 85^-
and all
earthly desires. rf

- avantara, adj. Interme-

:^g sire A the manner of lead-
diate, included. 2. calamitous.
ing a life of austerity. r^. s. Straits. 2. alarm, confu-
see ss^>ce3
sion. 3.
public calamity. 4.

!:^. avapatya, Violation of foreign invasion.

a prescribed diet. adj. Con- Not fit to be
?5ss0o avacya, adj.
trary to diet. spoken. 2. obscene.
avamata, s.
$5533^,, <*3S3*>^ avalte, avaltige,
avamana, see ozirfjs^. s. Charge, care; commission,

avayoga, .s. A bad conferred trust; safe keeping.

omen, a portent. -rfj^a to give in charge, to
avare, ^f e?^:5. entrust another; also SCSB?^.

e3d3* aval^, ^/'. Best, first rate. S5^:3DC avicara, s. Want of en-
3d the best kind. quiry. 2. indiscretion, rash-

S53&>c2Jf3 avalambane, De- ness. 3. negligence.


pending on. .y. Protection. 3Jj avidhsya, adj. Disobe-

an asylum. dient. a disobedience.
S5^^rs avalakshana, ^. An in- ^ aviva>:a, ^. Indiscretion.
auspicious sign. 2. ugliness. 2. imprudence, folly.

avale, ^. A rift, cleft, adj. ss^ST^avisvasa, s. Distrust, un-

Hollow, not solid. belief, unfaithfulness.
avasakuna, sec avisvasi, s. An unbe-
avasya, s. Need, neces- liever.
sity. a.ij. Necessary, urgent, avu, //"<?. dtvy/. It, that,
requisite. -^: 2 unnecessary. that thing. -Sf^cf besides
in avasatya, s. A lie, false- that. tr4I? is it that? e>3,
5^e (cmph.*) just that, even
rfroC! avasara, that, the very thing.
avu 37 ashta

o^ avunkuni (as^oF), r. a.

To crop. 2. to snatch, 3. to Incorporeal. ss^o a voice

press down:
iSo^orfo 3&V press
^ SedojcsS
it down

from heaven, an oracle.
^2, sssbrf asuci, asuddha, adj.
much as you can. Impure, 'unclean, polluted.
^okbavuntu, s. Pride, haughti- w&$ to become unclean.
ness, arrogance. 3^ uncleanness, pollution.
avuntuni r. u.
(4c^), sioZ^ asubha, ^'. Inauspici-
To be proud. ous, evil. ^. Unluckiness,
*3^)o^>^i avumpuni (^), v> a. To misfortune.

press. 2. to mumble. )s3or! asemane, ^. A seat for

see as3^>3. the bride.

5^=oD?j avukasa,
A JS^ asoka, s. Freedom from
S3^^^ avutana, s. feast, enter-
grief. 2. the name of a king.
tainment, dinner; also gJ^r.
_ to give an entertain-
U^T? (sl)d)
asoke (mara), J.

ment. nsoSo a guest, The tree Uvaria longifolia.

33 a grove of such trees.
avushadha, see ?ZA$.

adv. There. 2. *, 553^53*'

asrabu, asrap^, j^
beyond ;
also S^o. es^^i'&i
here and there. es4$? (emph.) Pro, aslesha, aslesi,
see e? ?si.
just there, even there, in that

^ asva,
s. A horse.
very place. sJ

^oOdo avyaya, s. An indecli- jd asvattha-, asva-

nable word, gram. ta mara, see &^ ^>^.

do 4
avval, w* s^- ^3 asvapati, s. The king of
horses. 2. a dynasty at Delhi.
si^ asakta, Weak, feeble.

2. sick.

^ asvamedha,
of sacrificing a horse.
s. The cere-

gJ-S- asakti, ^. Weakness, in- mony

capacity. 3SL, sssL^ ashta, ashtaka, adj.
^ asakte, s. A weak <?r sick
person. ashtakashta, s. Eight
asakya, adj. Impracti- sources of troubles to which
cable, impossible. man is liable.

asana, s. Eating. 2. food. sL^Dorl ashtakanga, s. A board

maintenance, subsi-
efxSfTO^r or cloth having eight rows
stence; ^aLrdto give main- of squares eight in each row :

tenance, to feed. a chess-board.

ashta 38 asa

num. The
ashtaga.ja, ^,do ashtama, adj.
ashtadigga.ja, s. The eight ele- eighth.
phants which, according to 3^.dJ3riS ashtamasiddhi, see w
eJ 9
the Hindu Sfistras, are sup- s^ ^JD.
e3 <?

posed to support the earth. ^ >j ashtami, ^^ es>


ashtage, s. An offering for 3^[ ?o3 asbtasiddhi, eight J. The

w -jO
the dead. miraculous attainments.
Si.S'S^ ashtatala, s. A mode or ashtavidhana, J. The
measure in music. eight kinds of devotion.

asbtadikku, ^. The eight ^oo^ ashtaksharimantra,

" i

points of the compass; also ^. The eight mystical letters

the guar- used in incantations :

e9z^3o.e3. eszijEttf^ia^S
dians of the eight points of
the compass. ashteisvarya,

^,d,^o ashtadravya,
^. An offer-
j>J ^> . .

ing of eight ingredients. asuru, J

3l3S|j, asbtapatti. s. An octa- aJo asankhya, ^'. Innume-

eJ w
gon. rable.

^.3J& ashtapadi, s. A verse with rforfv3 asangati, s. An adverse

eight feet. circumstance, an accident.

&j&oqS ashtabandha, s. A kind orfzjjf asandarbha,

s. Unsea-

of mortar composed of eight sonableuess, inconvenience.

ingredients. adj. Unconnected, irrelevant ;

?t?p?rJA ashtabhagya, s. The impracticable.

eight requisites to the regal ^o^oqj asambandha, s. Discon-
state, viz.
m&fi territory, $o nection, incoherence, adj. Dis-
zss^ treasure, rfoS forces, &3 connected, incoherent. 2. ab-
elephant, ^osb-tS
^ surd.

ketasol, t?arbd fly-brush, )

c asanhya, ^- Disgusting,
palankeen. loathsome, s. Molestation,
j. The intolerable vexations. 2. dis-
sources of enjoyment, gust, aversion. e?La to be
habitation, 553^ bed, disgusted with.
^ocuo raiment, asakta, ^^ -^^
s^oso jewels,
eSazfc wife, vP con-
flower, Xcqi per- asadde, s. Disdain,
fumes, a:&7 -541^0 betel-leaf t(
scorn. 2.
OT mpt, negligence,
and arecanut. carelessness. 33 the state
asa 39 asti

of being scornful or careless. asamya, see

_T5o^$ to despise, neglect.
?js)rf asara, ^'. Sapless, taste-
asatya, adj. Untrue, false.
^c. less. 2. worthless; also ZTfoip.
s. Falsehood.
Jorf asiddha, adj. Not achieved
3?ic3 asaddha, adj. False. 2. un- 9
9 0r effected. 2.unprepared,
inspired. not ready. 3. undecided. 4.
S3 3 ck asadya, see steqJg. improbable.
3?jo, s3?o3j?Fi asama, asamana, asura, fl^'. Giant-like,
s. Inequality, adj. Unequal, gigantic. 2. cruel.
t^o a
dissimilar, unlike. 2. odd, cruel deed ,
diabolical action
diverse. 3. incomparable. or work.
S5^jj>zpe>cd asamadhana, s.
Un- asuri, ^. A giantess, the
settled state, restlessness, un- wife of a giant.
easiness, disquietude. 2. dis- oodo?oodj asurusuru, ^. A deep
satisfaction, peacelessness. sigh.
3. dissension, quarrel. asure, s. A giant.
?5?oo3o asaye, see &>*&>. s.
asuya, Envy, jealousy,
asayya, see wrfc^g. malignity.
asaru, j^ e?rf5. asura, adj. Yellow. 2. un-

alloyed, as gold.
asarme, s. Management
of a household. asuri, adj. Extra, mis-
ti& s j. 2.
cellaneous. -5^r extra ex-
asalu, Root, origin.
capital, stock (in trade). 3. penses.

prime cost. 4. an original, a J3C> asure, s. Daily expendi-

fair copy. ture; sundry expenses; also
?3 asale, 0^'. First-class, su-

perior. 2. fine, thin, neat. asemane, ^^

?o$3 asale, j. A split. 200^$ asaukhya, s. Uneasiness,
to split, crack. unhappiness, ill-health.
j. Twi- asta, astamana, ^.
asalemasale, ^,, w^djs^
e3?J3oo^o?i Sunset.
asahyisuni (??ioo. .co).^. . To ^,0*, 55^ astaru, astri, s. The
loathe, feel disgust at; c/". e>
lining of a garment.
o ^ asti, J. A bone, asti hectic

?ra^P asadhya, ^/'. Impracti- fever.

cable, unattainable. J. Im-

?^Se>d astivara,
s. A founda-
practibility. tion.
astu 40 a

_ _ ?dj astu, astunama,


A day
ahoratre, s.

s. Consent, agreement. and a night lasting from sun-

^ aste, adi'. Slowly. aio&.s> rise to sunrise.
to breathe heavily; bet.
W^. 55<B* ala, s. Measure, capacity,
asthira, adj. Unsteady, An
9 alanku, s. ant-eater,
transient, fleeting.
alankavuni, sec
asraDU > asrapu,
j. Xoble.
alankuni, see
5,&d asrabide (^3^3 !>?), (lit.
a monstrous seed.) s. Any
alantuni (es?cS). v. n.
the cultivation of To shake. 2. to move.
grain etc.,

which exhausts the soil. 2. ^ alaka, JT. A large basket

a wicked person. for measuring rice


^, asrabe, s. A nobleman, alake, alate, s. Mea-

good man. surement. rfotfo^s
to mea-
5^ asre, s. A destroyer; cf. sure, mete; cf. ef^^, 5539^.

alapuni (^), t'. a. To

asvastha, s. Sickness, ill- measure.
ness. /. Unwell, sick, alya, see
aha, ahaha, int.
^alavuni (). r.. To mix,
surprise. Ah! aha!
ala, ^
u cc G u & 3j) j ahankaripuni (55sc-5
&),r.-.. To be proud, arrogant,
alikattu, ^. Ruin.
conceited. U

55530=5^3 ahankara, s. Self-con- , alipuni (v), ?. . To

sciousness. 2. egotism, pride, perish, die. 2. to be destroyed,

self-conceit, haughtiness. cs be ruined; also 6595 ;&9?b3.

a proud, self-conceited s. A
aliya, son-in-law,
or insolent man. as a rule a man's
ahannlka, see ^g^- sister's son marries the daugh-
ahambhava, s. Self- ter of his mother's brother.

consciousness, self-confidence, bet. w^s^. 7$ci333 the law

insolent of inheritance in the female
ahammati, s. .Sclf-con- line. According to this law
ceitedness, a vain mind. the family property descends
jl, ahi, s. A snake. not from a man to his son,
ahita, adj. Disagreeable, but from a woman to her
unsalutary. s. Harm, wrong. daughter.
all 41 aksi

aliyantara, s. Kuin, 55 aksha, ^. The eye. 2. a

extinction. mark on dice. 3. a die. 4.

aliyuni, see ws?^ a wheel. 5ee3, ^jetS, ^oix

T?O aluku, 5.
Modesty, bash- _srf^ gambling, playing
fulness. dice.

aluvali, s. A daughter's
3 o^O akshantari, j. A gift of
yellow rice.
aluve, .y. An instalment.
^,' ^ >M
a akshata, akshate, j.

2. a term of payment; ^. Raw rice mixed with kunku-

ma (^'.
e. turmeric powder)
aluve, s. The mouth of and used for religious pur-
a river, a harbour. poses. rfocgsj^if
rice over

^^ a custom-house; which incantations have been

.? 5?3- pronounced.

A kind of weed akshada. s. A red mark

aleriji, s. -M

growing on the surface of put on the forehead after

dinner, chiefly by Brahmins.
stagnant water.
y^sjji)^ akshadama,
alej.juni, see 9e3&o$. C3s)5Jj,
J^ efoziasj. akshamale, ^. A rosary ^ string
of beads, especially of the
alevuni (^), ^. . To
seeds of Elaeocarpus, used in
muse, to be absent-minded or
abstracted. es$5 &>>$ to
akshaya, adj. Imperish-
look bewildered, perplexed;
able, immortal. ss^ a brass
vessel for receiving alms. s.
, alkuni, see ese^s.
The last year of the Hindu
altu, */. Thence;
S. cycle.
-o C rf akshara, (lit. undecaying).
^ alta (^. of the adv. s. A letter. -rfrae?
a gar-
^'. Of that place. land of letters) the alphabet.
<$ alpa, ^. There, in that s. A scholar.
place. ^^ here and there.
akshi, J. The eye. 2. suc-
tfe alya,
cess, prosperity. ^<^ mov-
alii, allige,
ing of the eyes. ^e ? a scor-

alle, ^. pion.
42 sr^? aka

a, The second letter of the osd, trc^ antara, antra, ^. The
alphabet. bowels, entrails. sro^ swell-

a, dein. p-ron. That; e?^that ing of the scrotum or testicles.

side or party; ? 3tfrfj?>$ that flatulence: hernia.

man. ? e?. efcdjs each, every, antarya, s. The mind:

respective. ^sorfor each work. see 59o^o3or. 2. sentiment,
2. when added to two or more opinion; ^/". >o3dcX.

consecutive words, the mean- tJo) Sndi, J. Caution. 2. bail,

ing is disjunctive: either or, a security. &os>^&> one

whether or; as ^siosSjro ?^3o who stands security, becomes
~3 whether this or that man?
3. it is an affix of interroga- andravayu, see
tion, which changes accord-
ing to phonetic rules into "
ambalu, J. A water-lily
fro. od^>: as -S yes: which opens after sunset.
it? 2^3
vou came: soa
did ambala, sec
you come? ^sthou,you:
ambige, sec
is it you?

wo^ ambura, ambra,

see s? ^,-

oiS ambe, aJv. There, on that

ankara, see side. 2. after, prep. Beyond.
inkita, ^6' eso-S-^.
ozSa^ amberipuni (S'sda),

anke, s. Force, pressure, 7'. . To be drowsy or sleepy.

2. 2. to dream. 3. to be con-
compulsion. authority,
power, control. 3. support. fused.

to force, compel, to jcl amavade, sec
obtain by coaxing. -croo3o a amhika, sec
strong, powerful man. akara, see
h?c53 anglrasa, s. The sixth =5^F akarsa, akarsha, ^.
year in the Hindu cycle of Attraction, drawing towards
each other. -^ the power
andu, see of attraction.
: akara, s. Form, shape.
2. tin'
43 fci

akasa, akasa, s. The fr^^cdo agneya, adj.


atmosphere, sky. ^Xotf.

rn agra, see
tf^-3 akire, ^. A nettle-plant, s. The cere-
heterophyUa .

mony of sipping a few drops

akulu, flfcwz. />nw. (pi. of of water and repeating the
or They. 2. *V zV
twenty-four names of Vishnu
affixed to adjectives, partici- before performing any
ples and nouns to con-cert
religious ceremony.
them into personal nouns, as
acarane, s. Usage, esta-
^D^o^o good people
blished custom. 2. obser-
those that see,
vance. 3. performance of re-
working people etc. 4. a cere-
ligious ceremonies.
3\3 akruti, ^. Form, shape. rite.
akeri, akri, ^^ c^ 8 -

P. To
04 acaripuni (*&), .

-akhata, ^. An artificial
observe, practise, perform.
acara, s. Usage, custom.
s&cr, ys3>p akheirij, akheiri, .

2. conduct, tradi-
The end, termination, adj. tional observance.
Final, last. adv. Finally, at
! acarane, see wt&te.
last ;
see V3&.
s. A acari, ^. A smith or car-
akhya, akhye,
penter. sojs-do a kind of
name. 2. the subject of a
sentence, gram.
>c&>F acare, a<5arye, s.
akhyata, s. The predi- !

A spiritual guide, a priest.

cate, gram.
a 71s .y. Steam. d aja, An oath, a curse. 2.
ag^, (lit. fire),
o'Lsto be consumed, to come swearing. ^JS^FS to swear.

to an end. - AS&, see ^AsS. _ 3j3?l>$ to imprecate, curse.

?S a steamer. LQoboos to deliver from an

agama, ^. Arrival. 2. a oath, to revoke a curse-

work on Hindu ritual ^. 3. ajane, num. adj. Sixth.

augment, gram. ajar, s. Presence; bet. 553

rtdo^ ag-amana, s. Advent, ar- _e?lb^ to be present.
rival. to produce (a wit-
wrrad agara, agara, ^. A ness 3iD3re^ bail, secu-
habitation, house. for the appearance of
agara, ^ another before a court of

justice. ^^3 a
zit aja { anu

t?wr ajala, s. Six seers. 4\J } se

wts^rf;^ ajavuni, c.v. (t/'e?os>), y^c^d adambara, ^. Pride. 2.

To dry or drain. pomp, show.

9 ~"' Q '

sit^j mi /a. oix.

ajij ademode, see ts&.

^,-^ ajiduni (e?35>), e. To .

adalodij, s. The Mala-
expose clothes etc. for drying. bar-nut-tree, Justicia adha-
^S-r^ ft TiTlQ
C/7 *?
set, *y<G.
P^)?^."*i dota.

adalite, adalte, J.

To dry up, drain off; Administration, management.

?^), '..
Xo3>d $ e 5 eyaScS the well is
2. governing. ^jab$ to man-
?3s5 ;Pe^$ to be dried age. ^?j?rooSo an admini-
up. ?32> dried, freed from strator, manager.
moisture or sap. e?aioa un- J3u4i adavuni, c. ^.
ey&oa ^ooyj a To agitate. 2. to shake,
dried, wet;
wet cloth. adige, J. A belch ;

2 aje, J^ ^3i- adig*e, adv. In vain, for

ajolu, num. adv. Six nothing; see zfe^.

times. aduni (^5), v. n. To move,

wave, swing, vibrate. 2. to
alrie, ^. Command, order.
shake, totter, v. ii. To move,
2. permission. 3. a judicial
rock. 2. to shake. Different
sentence, doom.
?/w. Sixty; j^ ?^3i. playful and regular move-
ments are expressed by add-
ata, s. Amusement, sport,
ing it to verbs; as, ^?s^3oa
game. 2. a play; craoSo an
to be swinging, ese^rks to be
actor; a gambler. s^u,
'moving to and fro, etc.
dancing and playing
e! ade, s. coward,
with music. 3. when forming ,

the latter part of cotnpounds adegu, sec

it signifies continuity; as, es adege, see

53s"U crying or weeping long. adele, s. An unsteady man.
lamentation. 2. a vagabond.
riJc^ atanku, atanka, d^a adevuni (^e), v.n. To
s. Hinderarice, obstacle. be moving, undulating, vibrat-
i ati, s. The fourth solar ing, wt3)33) constant mo-
mouth. -
5^*3 profound tion, oscillation or vibration,
d.-irkn- 3 ;i kind of anu, Male. cj35 a
ps*' "'//

grass. male child, a,

boy. ^3 a male
anu 45 adi

tree. s. A boy, youngster. atura, s. Eagerness, haste,

e?ro the bridegroom's
rs)^ ateku, see e?.
atenenge, adv. Till, as
anugadi, J. The lower as.
half of a cocoanut-shell.
& w^ Breath,
atma, atme, J.

5*zJ3S3) iinujovu, s - ^ male, i


2.the soul, spirit, ^a^o

man ;
also ssre ^.
<^j the Holy Ghost, Chr.
anupeja, s. A male varie- a sinner. a
3^)53D^ ^)^^^
ty of the wild jack-tree. virtuous or fortunate man.
ana, s. The entrance to a
e?^2fro^ spiritual-mindedness,
harbour. T? wo^oa, ef&sXo Chr. 3. self, chiefly in comp'.
8e&s> to stand <?r wade in
6T suicide. tf^.rfj
d o
shoal-water for fishing.
ani, s. A peg, nail. 2. a
a 6
ad^, J
wedge. 3. a screw.
^s* aaikallu, ^. The key-
stone of an arch.
l adarane, ^. Respect, re-
gard for. 2. protection, sup-
ane, ^. An anna.
port. 3. comfort, consola-
ane, s. An oath.
anekallu, .?. A hail-stone. r. a.

rfOS^)^ adaripuni (?&)

at^, indef. num, adj. So To honor. 2. to
much. so many people.
3rfrf assist. 3. to console, comfort.
;&>aor so much time, so long. cyrf&^c^oSo a supporter, one
2. as much as: <^ who comforts.

give all you have. uraoi) adaya, ^. Gain, profit, in-

so much onlv "
come, behoof. ^M, profit
I say
ey^-? is
only so

and loss. ^ receipts and
only disbursements; management.
_^E^ ^LfrooSj a book-keeper.

is it only so much crad adara, J^ e?qia-d.

that you give? &*& for so

a adi, s. Beginning, origin.
adj. First, primary pre-emi- ;

^ori atunenge, ata-

nent; e.g. syasstfr the origi-
nenge, see nal cause. 2. when the latter
^^ e?t. means:
part of a compound
>3 ati, it

o atithya,
to entertain a
^. Hospitality.
and others,
7:3^0 beasts
et cetera,

as ^
adi 46 apa

adika, see set: 2?

^- aditya, s. The sun. -s
anekallu, see
anekar^, 5. The Cochin-
^^ aduppuni
leg, elephantiasis.

. . To have become, to be
that. when
^^O, sr^6 anekedu, anekere,
?$ct5o;>;5^A as <?r
s. large tank.
it is so.

d s. The sixth lunar ^rio^C^ anegajji, ane-

mansion: bi. &3f. guddu, J. A troublesome kind
of scab, mange.
r,_a^)^ idharipuni, ^r e?^8^^.

sr 8 J8^sd anenolisara, s. A
co^d adhara, .y.
Support, prop. kind of aloes.

a basis, foundation.

a security-bond.
^ jS^os* anetajanku, ^. Cassia
^a rich man.
NdJ3z3 aneduji, J. A large
^?ri adhlna, ^.
Authority, con- needle.
trol. 2. dependence ss??^
; cf.
c^As3s Pedalium
anenegilu, ^.
fi=El ananda, J. Joy, happiness, murex, a larger variety of
c3rf anaga, J^ ^^^.
fSoDD^o^j anepaduni (o'^sroS),
anarta, j^ 3$r. r.a. To lull (a baby).

ani, .
Then, at that time. fSsra^-o* anebakilu, ^. The en-
^rom tnat t^ 1116 ! trance gate of a palace. 2.
~^>' -^Q**
since then. till then. a city-gate. 3. any large
2. affixed to verbs it signifies: gate.
at the time, as 3&&*s>-& at the anemanjalu, s. Cur-
time of going. cuma zedoaria.
-idoej* anikorantu, ^. A js^* anemlnu, s. A whale;
large kernel.
ij anipuni (^c"), 7-. . To anemungu, ^.

make lean. 2. to lull. santlics in

N ane, s. An elephant. ffs5 a anhika, -s.

Daily ceremo-

thick forest inhabited by ele- Dies.

rfr?i" ;U1 j apa, s. \ kind of rice-cake.
phants. elephant-
shed. 33/3 an elephant apaga,
C!rt Then, at that

per. -^o53 a chain for time. j5? that

very moment,
f';istci,in^ an elephant. ^o instantly. ey^T^^X now and
& the trunk of an elephant. then, occasionally; gradually.
apa 47 api

!J3^ apattu ;
s. Mishap. 2. not be denoting moral and
trouble, calamity, distress. physical impossibility. tfdoS
3. danger, evil. *&>& a time added to
inf. marks empli.
of trouble. prohibition, as ^9o3j3 e?dcS
kr&3) &pi navu >
see ^"'^ thou shalt not kill, inter. ?
The copu- can or may it not be?
apini (?), v. n.
la to be that, to become that.
: imp. 3rd. p. Let it

tSo it becomes white. be, Ind p. e?33 be

tSjss^ e?^ic
have origin, grow,0.y^}tfS
2. to not);
?^S when repealed after
nouns etc. means either or,
3\i^ ej^cTli mangoes grow on
as ^cd ey^S e?c&> e?dS either
the tree. 3. to happen, occur:
3s XoTtB j^o e?c5 where did this or that man.
this happen? 4. to fit, suit: &&>,cond. It should or would
3s e5o7\ oSocT? a^oiSo this coat be. It is much used as a
fits me. 5. to be possible: polite form of request. ^?
ZZr-Q e?33ctl) it can be lifted. ot$ e?^o ?
please go away.
6. to be related to: e?o3o oSoc^ o3o o-^o I should like
^o^o ey^/arls he is my younger him to come.
brother. It is used as an e?L, adj. part. pres. t., e?oso,

auxiliary verb, e.
g. ~&$ S /. /. ws, /^r/. /. &b rfoXa a
e?c it is done, and serves practicable thing; ?cx2o ^r

also toform compound verbs : c?3 ^e;ri a finished work. ^

Cft>o<3i>2;$ to come into exis- e?O3o married, sroarooao

tence, eso5 e?fb$ to be true, to a divided land. e?oso,

be proved, etc. e?b a/^
affixed to nouns
?o5, p. t. yd p. sing. neut. and certain verbal forms,
It is done, finished. they convert them into adjec-
e?4,y . /.
ydp. sing. neut. It tives, as TjTfotf ?oso dee? an
may be or may happen : eoos?
easy work; d^szsBOSo ?fe^js?i

e?4 the crop is likely to the requisite things. The per-
turn out good. 2. when used sonal nouns formed of the
absolutely as a reply, it is above, are: e??:^o3o, efScraoSo

equivalent "yes"; &?f^ to which are similarly joined

e?4s? will you go ? ?4 yes. to s., adj. etc.
The negative forms of these e?3c3, neg. adj. part. That
tenses are :
pres. t. a^eS, p. t: which should not be, un-
per/, t.e?S^, fut. t.
becoming. 2. impracticable.
, can, shall or will 3. improper, wicked.
api 48 aya

t?5. gcr. (or adv. part. Hav- > ape, adv. Yonder, opposite.
ing become, being. 2. when ey^i'-sj^ yonder house.

affixed to s. or adj. it con- uie from the other side. O^


verts them into adv., as 3s3t\5 a^j yonder t?r the other side.

wrongly. ^ ^-?5 certainly.

apekshe, see sSe^v.
3. affixed to datives and infi- b^p^^ apole, adv. Just then
nitives it means for, in behalf e?iX. &>$\f&&<5t when
of, on account of, as sotraS on
that account, r^tfo^ssS in t5j apta, ^//. Dear, attached.
order to make. 4. affixed to 2.trustworthy, confidential.
it of one's own
pron. t:^ apte, s. An intimate friend.
accord, as ot^S &s5o3o5 he 5 friends and acquaint-
gave of his own accord (with- ances.
out being requested). 3^o:3
;:":oo aphimu, see ?fb?doo.
>g. having
not become, be-
abadu, t?y. Populous,
ing not. inhabited. 2. cultivated. 3.
a^A When it happens, hap- to
thriving. 3o^a popu-
pened or will happen. >?
late: to cultivate; to improve,
just when it happens etc.
abala, adj. Young,
i?^c7* Till it happens.
i?ctl co nd., i?ccjQ, aburu, see
emph. If
if it be, abharana, s. Ornament,
it becomes, although
it be, c^)ctS if it be so. ;
wdocio amadu, amadu, s.
2. asaconj. but, yet, though; tJ^JC3 ,

at least, even. -
Import, (ppp. export). 2. in-

can or be. come.

pot. It may
It must be or become. t;^oX^r^ amarsuni,
2. to be related to. crt>
-;| amavade, sec s?

e? 403o how is he related to you? WSJo amla, s. Acidity. 2. tama-

sSoc^ ^5o.
3 ?4s>^J he is my* rind. 3. vinegar, adj. Sour,
eJ^^S,, what
uncle. ought ?c^o^.
acid; vlg.
to happen, what is necessary. aya, s. A nurse,

sec 5odJ-
aya, s. Gain;
nouns. That which happens,
aya, ^. A foundation, base.
etc. 2. that which i- lit. _ s^^oa to lay a foundation.
possible, practicable.
r. Measure, proportion.
apungene, see to regulate or lix the

apule, sec e?i'3e. limits. &$'$ to measure.

iya 49 a,ra

ayakattu, ayi- ayurdSya, ^. Term

kattu, s. Fixing the limits of period of life.
a field etc. 2. regulation, ^ro ayurbala, s. Strength
arrangement. adj. Choice, according to age. 2. a good
excellent. 3 ^e/3 a well constitution.
executed work. 3 &3 select JojS? ayushya, s. Age, dura-
people. rf sra^tf a choice ex- tion of term of life.
pression, excellent speech. aye, pron. He. sj'cdjscij

a, s. Docility, tract

every one, each (man). 2.

it is joined to participles
ayatta, .r.
Preparation, etc. to
form personal nouns,
readiness; also oso^.
as 3os?o^o3o one who does,
ayana, s. A festival in con- -&>*$ 37>c3o one who did, ^o^o
nexion with a temple, a^soSo one who did not do ;

aya, str
ayavun 7'.
ayere, a^'. On that side,
To di a foundation. ^?o3oTS on this
beyond (opp.
sod^ s-cSoT? on that side
To winnow. of the river. iPoSoTSK ^rf^S) to
yti^X ayasa, s. Fatigue, weari- cross a river.
ness. 2. indisposition. 3.
ayya, ^6^
trouble, vexation,
see wbd. oDs ayyeru,
aru, dfcw. ^/"/9. (
i ayita, see

^^ yd p. of e?o3o ^ e?), They,

?'. ^. that person. ?T3? cinph.
|) ayinavu,
himself, none but he. 2. zV w
ay is a, see to participles to form-
ayu, see .efcdoo^. personal nouns., as
ayudha, ^. A weapon, in- one who goes, ^Peoao^S one
strument. who went, ^e^oo?ra5 one who

a. To did not go.

ayuni (sfod^, .

select, choose. 2. to gather, fu ara, A termination occur-

pick up; cf. 93ti^?). ring some nouns and
ayuni (?odo'j, 7 -. . To meaning home, place or loca-
ford, cross, go over. r. . To lity, as soo^BTi
lodging; 59

blow ; 4^*3 ^ajoocrfo the wind 3 ,

blows; cf. <?/^. names of villages.

aram 50 aro

; arambha, ^. Commence-
ment, bog inning. 3j^a to To worship, adore.
make a beginning, to begin.
3^ aravuni, sec &^
do^^ arambhipuni (^ ^ arige, s. A belch.
?'. a. To begin. e?a^.
to belch; r/~.

ra^e, sec ^*: cf. SDtfosj.

aride, ^~f.
. cC3s arata, arada, s. The
ariya, '/. Stop! hold!
concluding part of a temple
feast, including bathing the- ariye, J^r
arune, ^. Contentment,
irtn aranya, see 3^ ,

arati, s. Wave-offering, con- c~^ aruni ('-?-),
7'. //. To grow
sisting in waving lamps etc, cool, cold (>f
dry. 2. to be cool,
2. the lamp for wave-offering.
dry. 3. to distend, grow stout :

ccc^j^ to offer, wave W032 !>& the belly to distend
frankincense etc. v-^ s s~ a etc.
censer. cfb?ssr a lamp with
r.~qi arudha, adj. Ascended,
one wick, y-JB^z, u metal mounted, s. Ascending, climb-
plate for wave-offering. ing.
- ' * Q vft 4"! C/'^ 9 ^~
;3 alabl, J6fc *r&r.
6 are, sec &j<3.
trC^Td arabhara, J. Responsibi- ?o.
arede, sec
lity, care.
y^C'^, a 6^ arekti, areike, ^. Pro-
.trabhya, .s.
Beginning, com-
tection, care of, nursing, nou-

mencement. ?-?s5^^ from

the beginning of the world.
rishing. ^o#^s> to protect,
nurse, nourish.
fj^o^o since you
^o^^^ ^^^ <z6{Z^ areisuni r

#. To
began doing; cf. e?3c2p. (^c3), .

w053c)Ci aravara, s. An usufructu- expect, wait for, look for. 2.

to desire, wish A<Y.

ary mortgage. ~t>3) a deed of
such mortgage. arolummu, s. A
kind of fish.
teDDii arata, s. Tottering, shak-
ing; ^u. -z~- -'.-:. d arolumara, ^. A kind
of tree.
WD'Scy^seL^ aradupopini, : . //-.

To walk arm in arm or hand 'rd-'^fl arogane, ^. A meal, re-

in hand. past. ^Jtfv- to take a meal,

.Idhane, s. Worship, arogya, s. Health,

adoration, prayer. strength. 2. comfort, happi-
aro all

?, a J3?sJfl aropa, aropane, aryayeru, s. A cas-

Imputation, accusation. trated buffalo.
2. a false charge. arye, s. An Aryan. 2. a
&>&?&> aropisuni (ej-tfjs^cj),
man of the Arya caste.
z'. a. To impute, accuse arvade, see
unjustly, charge with. arvara, see
djs^core arohana, -y.
climbing, mounting. To despise, defy, set at naught.
r 320- Ascension day,
2. to disparage, efster-5 csgrks
6J3^ aroli, s. The last leaf of
to talk disparagingly or defi-
a cocoa-palm-branch.
^rF arka, s. A bow. 2. an arch.
ala, ^. The silk-cotton tree,
^jr^ arkuni C^ ^),

v.. To Salmalia Malabarica also


cry out, shout. _rf 33r silk cotton.

^FS Acquired, ac-
arjita, adj. s. The act of
cumulated, inherited, as tgsj
22r3 patrimonial. ;ro3Fg self-
alamba,^. Seizing. 2. kill-
acquired. eo5^ inherited
ing. 3. a violent death.
wealth or property.
ejct alade, s. A kind of de-
arti, s. Pain, distress. ^'. mon's shrine.
Afflicted, distressed, sorrow-
oo ff
alada ballu, see 55<K)5.

IF One who is alaya, s. An abode, house.

e? arte, s. afflicted.
2. any superior edifice, ^o&roo
$ ardupopini, see e?
orfothe body. ^?ssaodo a

temple; a church, Chr.

J. The sixth lunar
ts^rardre, alasu, see efe^S.
mansion, a arionis, when it
rains heavily. t>?io alasya, s. Weariness. 2.

idleness, laziness, sloth.

^reJ, s^^reJ, t?^rfe3 arbata,
arbhata, arbhate, s. Fearful
noise, uproar. 2. a joyful cry, alapane, s.
a tune.
triumph. 3os?o^ to roar,
shout, triumph. alapisuni (eye^Lco)^
o3oF arya, \n. To hum a tune, to sing.
ay. Noble, respecta-
ble, belonging to the Aryans. alasu, see &)s5.

e?prfje>r^F the country bet- )

ali, J. Breath, life, strength.
ween the Himalaya and _
80^s> to pant, be fatigued,
Vindhva mountains. tired. zoel 5 ^ecrfo the breath
ali 52 asca

isgone. or exhausted. la avedi, -s'. A burnt offering;
visual strength. cf.
eys^S. -^Lrft to offer
:& ,
tr>cC3*r alikallu, ali- a sacrifice.

parndu, ^. Hailstone. s! s. Possession by

t5s3 ale, s. A press, mill, as ^o spirits, demoniacal posses-
ecord a sugarcane mill. zz> sion. -s^ft to be possessed
tkft a mill to work. with a devil, be in a frenzy.

e^listen to, to
J ?> aleisuni (3c3),r.
hear attentively.
. To avodu, see fcs.

^, isada, sec e?^?.

Ss25jJ?tf aloka, J. Seeing, a view. asakruta, ^/. Avari-
2. light. 3. panegyric, efds? cious, covetous, greedy.
tfp an object of sight. j>^35>S asamari, s. A covetous
^'^-l^EcN alocane, s. Reflection, person.
investigation, thought. -rfj^ asige, 5^ ^?~^, 533^'^.
ft to consider, reflect on. X To
asipuni (S), 7-. .

to advise, to give one's

rf^ft wish, desire.
opinion. ^f^rC, w^^STDrd aslrvacana,
aslrvada, s. Benediction, bles-
avande, avad^, tt tfjsL-^. s:e
w avade, J. A kind of bean,
cl avade, see c?2bft.
o), t'. a. To bless, confer a
avara, postp. On account blessing.
of. ssoadd on that account.
2* ase, ^. Desire, longing, wish.
cocfcr^'d on this account. 2. expectation, prospect, hope.
^^ir a covetous man.
avartane, ^. Revolution. vo^
2. repetition. to re- ft have a wish. .-=5^ft to be
peat. disappointed, to have lost hope,
>36. to despair of. ?3lft.
f avalu, see eoo:^^

avalu, ^.
Yawning. ^ to give
up hope, to
to hold out
abandon a
L to yawn, gape. -iCi&a^ft
hope. to wish, covet.
t?sjSo avasya, 3oVoy'.
avu, ^v ?:<
ascarya, -y. Wonder, sur-
tt-^?o avusa, ^ ^l:^ to wonder, be
t>d ave, s. A potter's kiln, an surprised. -Zi3zz>3)Z> to .

^^ft to open rfj^ft to

~^^T r
, nisli, surprise.
a kiln. ^ ^ ''lay. make wonders, perform a mi-
aira 53 aspa

racle. ^zngiJ, rioX3 a won- ^J^ asana, ^. stool, seat. A $

derful or remarkable thing or djrrf:i the judgment seat, ao
affair. 5o3rf?i a throne. 2. the anus.
2! asrama, s. A hermitage. 2.
sjo 5b&. _ AGTj3^3 an anal fis-

one of the four stages of tula.

Brahminical ?.
life, c. o Wj^
^s Q
tJ3 ^o* asaru, ^. Thirst. 2. that
a a bachelor, student; which slakes thirst. ^jsbrs
a householder sra: ;
an to give to drink.

anchorite; 3?rooa an ascetic. ^Jd asara, ^. Refuge, support.

id) asraya, s. Support, re- 2. protection, patronage; cf.

fuge. 2. protection, reliance.

3. dependence. 3jdl*r& to asarme, ^. Management
give protection, patronise, of a family, care of a house-
seek shelter. ^ hold.
to depend upon. asida, see er^tl

asrayipuni (^^j^so), asimi, J. A

person, an
v. a. To seek shelter, individual. 2. a customer. 3.

^i asrite, s. A dependant, a debtor.

asige, ^. A mattress, bed;
2p35t allesha, ^. The ninth also sos&^.
lunar mansion; also ?^
?rf. ij asu, see &&
,,5. The seventh lunar
ase, see s?^.
month (September-October). ^ Protection,
ssU3. t?Se)^ ashada, ashadha, shelter, countenance.
^. The fourth lunar month ^.
n^ asti, Property, wealth,
(June-July). estate. croo3o, _^o^ a man
i^ asu, J. A weaver's warp of property.
before starching. 2. a web,
?3 aste, <z^ ;
Gently, slowly.
texture; cf. E^^S^CJ- ^020,
_ -&ri rUD^ asthana, ^. An assembly.
the rake of a weaver's 9
2.' a hall of audience.
?o 3 aspatri, s. An hospital.
^S 3D^ asupasu, ^. Proximity, <x) ^
ri ci aspada, J. Place to stand
vicinity, environs, neighbour- 00 .

hood, adv. Round about. on, basis, support. 2. pro-

asakta, adj. Attached, de- tection, refuge, shelter. 3.

means; oSooT? cro<y

f^^ ey^vrf
voted. 2. zealous, active. OJ vW

s. de- 1 have no means of livelihood.

3-3^ asakti, Diligence,
-votion, attachment. drtf aspasu, see
asra, 54 ing-i

asranne, s. A kind of alu, w 3>)f

priest. ^ ala, ^. Depth, adj. Deep, pro-

asvada, s. Ability, power; found.

faculty. 2. estate, property; ala, <//'. Ruined, waste;

wealth, riches; see ?~^-
e^c^stf. sue e*3.
300=03^ ahankara, sec all,

go's aha, intj. of joy or sorrow, like, i\ Reign, government.

ahara, s. Food, provision, alita, j^ si^a.

sustenance. aluni (^), 7'.rt. To rule,

ahaha, intj. Alas, ha! govern, reign. e?o?3^> a gov-

an ernor. t?\rj?raf a governess.
ahuta, adj. Offered as
aluvike, alvike, s.
oblation in fire. sr^^
ahuti, s. A sacrifice. Reign.
tr^jdi aluve, ^. A family-name of
alu, s.
person. A2. a la-
some Bants.
bourer, hired person. 3. a
,r{ almage, ^. A servant.
messenger. e^e^f a strong
tj^^sj s. Objection.
man; a chieftain. akshepa,
?'' alu, pers. pron. fern. sing.
2. blame, censure.

The third letter of the to divide,

alphabet. In MSS. it is very separate. tf>& to be divided,

often written os:>. Words not separated, as brothers .

found under this letter should in^allka, see ^o-hdrf.

be sought for under oso. ^o
in^avuni, c.v. (of
inka, adj. Base, inferior, Xor'i)
To cause to dry.
mean. ^ oh ingi, <?<//. Crooked. 2. false,

inki, see spurious, as a i-nin.

ingu, j jtf ingillka, S. Vermilion.

ingada, s. Separation, dis- Tichd ingita, ^. A hint, shrug,

tinction, ndj. DistiiR-i. gesture. _'. 1, secret

l)arat': also thought. 3. intent, purpose.

ingu imbe

inguduni tion, conjuring. 2. enchant-

To stoop. ment. 3- artifice, stratagem;
inguni (3^). r. n. To cf. SDorfj3;7)(;.

absorb, as water, to dry. 2. to indrajitu, s. A son of

sink in, as eyes from disease ; Havana.
also sicKS ^p?L^.
indraprasta, ^?. Delhi.
En S lish 2 a
or^ %")* s - - -

indrabale, J. A kind of
church. zxlg) the English fish.

writing or language. indriya, s. An organ of

inca, adv. Thus, so, in this sense. 2. male power, semen
manner; ss^ 9o^ not this
virile. 3. sensual desires or
but that way. trooSo such
appetites. 3ci5?oajoi3 the five
and such a man. ^c^, cmf>h. senses.
just so. f^oel^ such, of this indre, ^. The chief of the
kind or sort.
secondary divinities, supposed
irici, tfflfr. Here, in this to preside over the elements,
treoSo a man of this
to be the giver of rain, and
place, or of this age. the guardian of the east (in
zS^rij iricogu, #afr'. Lately, Sanskrit Indra).
recently. s.
od,, 'Sodjo indre, indrye,
J305j injayi, Small, little.
A Jain priest,
injinu, j

. An engine, inne, see *3.

impu, s. Agreeablcness,
injilu, -J. The New Testa-
delightfulness, pleasantness.
ment, as styled by Mussul-
SJdS?* imbalu, imbllu,
see f^od.
indu, see eroorfo.
oso^ imbale, ^. A stout silver
'Siod indu, inda, see ^?o5.
or gold bracelet.
indi, intj. used to call
imbu, s. Place, room, space.
attention. Behold, look, take
2. refuge, shelter. 3. opportu-
notice, observe. 2. there,
nity, adj. Broad, wide.
take this. ^08 please see,
imbe, dem. pron. m. This
come, or take.
man. ^owf. ^0833^, ^odjstfo
indi, s. Oil-cake; bet. ^oci.
this woman ; plur. ^odS> this
cm.pron. This. person, used honor ifically,
this alone; see
as a polite form of the sing,
s. Decep-
indrajala, m. or f.; cf.
imbo 56

imbolu, sje ^=2. and seven inches long.

a gold pagoda worth thirteen
immada, The heel.
~,o^o3r> immadi, imma- gold fanams or four rupees.
,^, ikkei, s. Both hands. 2.
dige, adj. Double, two-fold; ^
an ambidexter.
also f^ra.
'S- ikdi, see
Lojj, 'So^JSCrf immukha,
immone, adj. Double faced. iguti,

?^ ikara, adi\ Hither, this rid igada, s. Difference, mis-

side. understanding; also Xtl

~ ikku,
see <^'. ,

Fiction, inven-
< <f
c ,& ikkudi, s.
igidi, ^<?
iguru, ^. A bud, germ
'a ^fo* ikkattu, lit. two bands, s. or tender shoot.

Narrowness, difficulty, strait- iguruni (^XoS), ?. .

ness, poverty. ty-l-s to be To bud, germinate or shoot

confined, pent up. 2. to be up.
in troubles. ^^BS B^reoja, arb Siiggnni(^), t'.. To draw^
gojstfja to encounter diffi-
culties, to be in straits, adj. . iccadi, ^//'. Double, two-
Narrow, strait. fold.

a^,Q ikkadi, see co5,a. -ssSo^ iccirna, s. Wonder.

's^d ikkade, ^. Both sides. ^2^, "a^ icce, icche, s. Wish,
tr to- '. u '
desire. 2. appetite. 3. relish,
^s ^oJ 1

ikkalpa, ^
delight, ^.j^to^s^ according
'S^.V ikkale, see

w to one's desire or wish, as one


tinguish, put out, as

ikkavuni, t

. <7. To
wish, long
^^ to

5 ^s?L^ to be extinguished.
J. Trouble. 2. importu-
^^ikkunif^^), v.a. To put, ^jsLra to trouble, im-
serve up, as food.
portune; c/. oo2i-
fc,$, 5.^j,s? ikkuli, ikkule, j. jso5 ijaru, s. Trousers.
A pair of pincers or tongs, aru-
ikkeri, s. The residence ddye, ijarudire, ^. An abkari
of the late Lingait kings of (liquor) contractor. 2. a man
Bednore. ssd^i ^,
~ _^o^3 ?i
wearing trousers.
kingdom of these rulers. 2DOri ijirige, ^. An abkari
^JB?S;J a measure of two feet contract.
57 3 ita

llft HJe, An impotent man.

idupulu, J

d!^*" ijinu, Cinnamon. a

.v. 'Sd ida, ^^ !^-

^3jrf the cinnamon tree. 3

^TS^a idakatteri,
cinnamon oil
aa idi, adj. Entire, whole. o
z3 ijji, the whole day.

Negation of existence; not A

'S^^oo^ idimudi, s. stout
to exist, not to be- It is re- 3
person, adj. Pinioned.
gularly conjugated only in to bind fast, pinion.
the present and perfect tenses,
^doozj.; sx> idumbulu, ^. (w wrest-
through persons. Zjc^ero
ling} The act of seizing each
not even one. sroe^ there
other tightly with both hands.
is nothing. r
03 <3ci ide, s. Place, room, space.
I have no money,
2. an abode. 3. interval, space
.CA3CZ33 ^3 have you any chil-
<JU between. 4. interval of time,
dren? no. Interr. ^" is
occasion. 5. a split, chasm,
there not? Einph. ? ^
not in the least, not at all.
ide, idegu, adv. Here,
Used as a disjunctive con-
hither, so far. ^oou^
junction: ^.353 if not, or;
to, so long; so far, thus far;
either or. <%* CD not exist-

ing, absent.
^ <"
cd without;
also <^.
'sz3 idekaji, s. A bracelet
J ^Q CA)

with an indented brass rim.

ittu, s. Flour.
M 2. half
idekei, s. Aid, help.
lj itta, J^ f^si,.
grown corn (^zf^oso).
eJ.d, ^13,8 ittare, ittire, ^. A
GO dasd idetara, adj. Middling,
mortice, cavity cut into a
2. inferior. ~& 3l a middle
piece of timber to receive the sized tree.
end of a beam or plank. 2. a
rl^D^idenali, s. The inner part
stone placed under a beam.
of a temple. 2. the three cir-
itti, s. The jaw; cf.
* cuits of a temple.
lrt ittig'e, ^. A brick.
U dg^t^ idtapidta, s. Experience.
ittide, ^. Narrowness. r
jf.a. To
vJ 2i idpini( 'iS), place,
83.0 ittiri, j". A nightingale. put down.
feooSo, 'S^S.edj itteyi. ittevu. JT. cl ine, see <%.
A kind of medicinal plant. ^Me>o ff, ^. Confidence,
^ idi^kidka, ^'^/".
Half trust. a??;^,
_^;.^a to be-
ground, coarse, rough. lieve, trust.
ita 58 ibbi

itabari, s. A confident, j
aa iddi, see

trustworthy person, s^ ina, see ^

r itariji,
see ^S. Qtft inate, ^
;?^ itihasa, s. History, tra- Evil disposition.
ditional accounts of former
2. defeat, discomfiture.
inimu, ^. A gift, present.
:. ittanda, s. Both parties
^Lrs> to give a present or
or sides.
f ittattu, s. Both sides or
QJ $ ini, aiir. To-day. ^ up to or
places. 2. both banks of a for this day. 5 from this day.
river, etc. A a
cS ine, j-.
couple, pair. 2.

T^D*, ^^3, "3^,3- ittaru, itta- companion, mate. !??.-% to

ra, ittaru, .;/'.

Enough. be a match. 2. to pair (obsc^)
D inkaru, ^. Abnegation.
-'J^ : a to abnegate. 2. to re-

s ro
ittille. 5. A written report. fuse.
to report in writing, ''.a. To
^ ^ inpini (^), say,
ittlrna, J. Sickness. tell. 2. to speak; a/sj&^.
#</:'. Now, at present.
'alp itte, iparlta- ^ff ~^D?S.
just now, thi's mo-
ipuni, Jt^
;^/>/;. t^'

ment, immediately. 554 of

T'-^&t ippadita,
s. lit. Double
the present time. 2o^ now
stripes; a wale, the mark of
for once, for the present. a rod or whip on animal flesh.
f^^ 2oc:35
t> 3 ippaisha, s. Both parties
one and afterwards another,
or sides.
a proverbial expression for
s. Long pepper.
ik-kleness or duplicity, "to ippilij

l)lo\v hot and cold''. Piper luugnui ;
ippuni (^),
i\ n. To be,
exist also
;- ityartha, s. Decision, de-
ippuli. sir ^'^e?-
.nination, settlement.

^ to decide, determine, 2,3^

_ rSotf
ippe, s.

the olive tree.

The olive fruit.

; ityidi, These and others, ^ ibiiti, s. S.-irred

ra. with which .

ad-c. Till his forehead.
now. ibbirel^, s. Two fingers
ibbu 59 irkei

united by a membrane (web- iriyuni (^ 5 ), r 1 . //. To

fingers). fall, drop, as fruits, leaves
ibbudlu. s. A kind of etc. ^&S ^eL^ to miscarry.
O v
cucumber. To rub or squeeze bet-
v. a.

~~;o ima, s. Snow; bet. ween the hands, to knead see ;

^0^) imini, sec 3o<3J>.

irisalu., see
-3,^0 ime, s. An eye-lash; rt/.y<9

u cr rj ^o
* cfm r^o-j^i irubu, see eroiior.
J <3

's.ojjdo^, 'SOjos^ iyai'uni, iya- ri iruvanti^e, s. An

vuni (i-3So5, f^ojoS), rtf. 7>. To Arabian jessamine.
be sufficient; ^>r^j. or fut. $rd jSjG* iruveru, j^ <^^F'5.

pcrs. n. ^odotio, f^odo^,, it will be A

ire, ^. leaf (of a plant).
enough or sufficient; also 3s a plantain-leaf.
cdoo^. 'if iio a^b^SoTS (odj^) he is a betel leaf.
tobacco. $3
likely to come; past. irekalli, J. A kind of milk-
> it is enough;
hedge-plant, Euphorbia ni-
f^oiorfcS it is not
enough or sufficient.
A kind of parrot.
iregili, s.
o3o3 iyere, s. This side (of a
6 '-3D 4*3 S irebavoli, s. A bat.
iyye, d.v. Yes; cf.
o5. 6^ irelu, J.-6' 5^^. 2. shadow.

Pci} iyyodu, ^ f
. This year,
also S'3'5.

irolu, J-6'6' ^?^jaf.

iru,prefix signify ingT\\o,
double, both, e. ^. ^30-5 two- irku, J. The night. ~*7l$

fold, f^sroro3j double edged, day and night.

>3J both sides in some ; I
AFE'S* irkannu, s. Inability to
the & assimilates to the :
see by night, night-blindness.
consonant following-, e.g. ^eS
SDF^ irkivuni, c. r.
$),To make less. 2. to extin-
iruveru, sec guish. 3- to stop, disturb. 3.s>

irijtsilu, ^. A remittance to extinguish or put out
to the treasury. fire.

'S do u v irambala, s. Twenty seers. :

s ->F5> irkuni

(^^~), ^. w. To
ad^s)3; s
irakasu, s.
Sulphate of abate, lessen, be reduced. 2.

iron. to be disturbed. 3. to be

'SS Abatement of intoxi- quenched; also pQ^VS sgpeLs.

iri, J.

cation. ,^ irkei, J. Both hands. 3&

irda 60 irme

to give a blow transverse laths or slij

with both hands spread out. bamboos, palms

irda, set' z-3&3. -'^, ^ irbalyuni (^ar ^


irnalayi, s. Double To be benumbed.

tongue. WDrojj irbiyi, 5. A double
'S^FS irnali, s. A double pulse. &
~d 5 a double edged sword.
2. a carpenter's boring tool. 3 o5,3 a snake,
^ a swelling of the throat. irbu, sec t-v

" "
-":." ri. irnudu, num. Two hun-
dred, 7-. w. To curdle, be decom-
'S^JSF^ irnulu, ^. A double posed, as milk etc.

^F^ irpakki, s. A bat. isiiForl irmande, s. Two v

i-^^ irpadake, adj. Ripe and


placed on the same hearth.

2. a large forehead 3. a very
'3~S Double ration. large vessel.
irpadi, s.
SJora^ irmadike, adj. Double,
'ssJFd, raF irpale, irpale, ^.
two fold; sec ^^5>. <^c~r;->.
A kind of net. 2. a double leaf.
^. Horripilation.
_d s^ a mat.
2. rising up, as of corn shoots.
Sfl^d irpude, 5. Both sides.
sliF^F irmarlu, j>\ FickK--
~z irpude, s. A double load.
mindedness, unsteadiuess. -.

irpe, A kind of fish.
s. idiocy.

'S^r i^r irportu, J. A whole day 3F irmarle, ^. A h'ckle-

and minded man. 2. an idiot.

(forenoon afternoon),
twice a day. sS a whole
5e'J -_--;jrrd)F irmirpu, s. Two
2or3or. fathoms.
day's labour; 6/.

'j.^ri irbadi, Double, two- -f* irmmu, s. A kind of

fold. fish.

irbalappu, s. A double -fl, -3doJF^irmune,irmune,

-J.atwist. 3. tight-
s. A double od.L'e
r point.
no^-. -t a donlile poii
n-i',1 j'n;- v,
riling on
JT^ irbalipuni
r'. <7. To tie a cloth ro'iiul palmyra
the waist, to gird (the loins). -^ irmena,

_'. to fasten a thatched irmei, J.

"^st-^ irmeyi,
with double ropes aver it. ]!utl 2. a cloth of
'J^r J
irbale, irba'e, .v. different nhm; 'nrc
A double- brar-'l-'t. 2. double on each side.
rmi 61 ishta

irmone, ile, s. A hair. 2. a fibre

'F irlu, irlu, .y.
Dusk, 3. a fold, plait. ^jsaS three-

darkness, night. fold. o3oe how many fold:

irla, s. Two seers. <^OF&

two seers of rice. ile, see <?8.

irva, num. Twenty. ?3

.^ ilkuni, see ,.
twentieth A
illu, s. house, dwelling.
irvande, see ^^"ozf.
2. a family.
" ^ OO
S, f^ejs
f at
irvala, see <^vr. home, in the house.
irvara, */?'. A second iBe>$ to go home.

time, twice. the inmates of a house. ^wo,

?> to build a house.
irveru, (personal form
of the numeral tfSy Two 'S.^eoJSdo illaburu,
s. A kind of
persons. creeper used in thatching
S^FO irveri, s. A medicinal roofs and plaiting baskets and
plant, Andropogon muri- small boxes.
catum. 'a era 73* illasu, j^ ^re^.
;&jFoj| irvonde, ^. Two kudtas ^^ oo3.
ille, m
or eight fluid ounces,
ishta, i//'. Acceptable,
irvolu, see ospiatfo.
agreeable, pleasant, wished,
irvolu, a^f. Two times, cherished, beloved. La ^^H
twice ^s to be loved, cherished.
; cf. ^>
?;e>F25 irsalu, odor a desired-for event; an
'STs^-, ^^s)^ ilaki, ilake, J. (in object which pleases one. &
language) A depart-
friends. ^o3o a dearly be-
ment, a branch-office. loved friend. $.?&( sa-

Belonging or attached to a voury food, a favourite dish.

department. J. Wish, desire. 2. friendship,
ilaci, J. A female's cloth. familiarity, love. ?rtfc\a to

J^ ^areodoS.
break off friendship. ^o
to make friendship, to
ilalu, 5-. A large torch,
love, like.
ili, J^ .33.

J^ ^93s7)&.
^ (P r v-) three blows to him
ilijaru, who makes love, and three
iliyuni, .. To fall, measures of ghee to him
tumble, come down. who causes discord.
ishta 62

ishtasiddhi, s. Attain- isara, isarat\j, s.

ment or fulfilment of one's A sign, hint.
^, QX^ ise, isen^ji, a^ 1
. Now;
s. Friend-
3S^,C3e)d ishtacara, at once; cf. ^3.
y .j
ship, familiarity.
?i), 'Si^dJ iskru. iskuru, s.
s>.?}^, ishtanishta, adj. Liked q)
so so
and disliked. 2. good and
A screw.
bad. 5^0
J- O 2;* istambnlu, s . A T u rkish
ishtanna, see os^tfLs?;^. gold coin worth about Rs. 2
~e>,.^ ishtanpitve, s. Simple As. 8.
5j ^ s"'

imprisonment. istara, see a^tJ.

qSr ishtartha, -y. The object isti-
o *, 'S.^oOoDD* istyar^,
of desire. 2. the highest good, s. A notice. ?^>3o a

ishte, J. A compa-
friend, notification; an advertise-
^^ and foe.
friend ment.
^:3c 5;5 >
relatives and friends. A smoothing iron.
Ao istri, s.

s,^, 'S.-: isu, isi, m//. express- iron wash-

ing disgust. ed clothes.
'a^O" isylu, ^. Whistling. ss
3o$ to whistle.
faf, ^^^ ispit^, ispety, J.

^^ Playing cards.
a3 isa, ^M-
75* AS islfgidi, s. A kind of
'a^zj^oa* isabakuly, ^. The seed o*>

of Plant-ago Ispaghula.
isse, ^^'

<3,roojoAS, 3?i^.oon isamungi- ^ o

s. Crinum de- iha, ^. The present state.

li, isamungli,
flexum. tt this world and that to
'S.nSd^o* isarabery, J. The root come.
of the plant Aristolochia S^cf ilijarv, ?. A slope, slop-
Indica. ing ground. 2. slipperiness.

3.36 isare, Jtv ^^. oioj^, iliyuni (^9), t'.w. To

, 'SiJo, isavi, isvi, J. The slip out or down, to slide;
Christian era.
63 lya

I, The fourth letter of the be equal, to match, pair; s^

alphabet. In MSS. it is often ;&>Xo ^nsLa to be liable to

written osus. sin.


? I, pron. 2nd per s.

sing, Thou ; iduge, idege, a^z'.

emph. ^?o3oe even thou. In vain; ^. ?&;*.

s 1, dent. pron. This or these; idi, ^<f<? i^-

as & e?f this boy, 3s a ide, idegij, j^ ^,

these people.

ine, J. A lute, a fretted

mgudavuni, t. v. (of musical instrument of the
To cause to stoop. guitar kind; also e5??3, >es3.

dsoAo^o^ mguduni, itu, indef. num. So much,

so many; emph. ^s^e just so
inguduni, see
much, only so much. ^^5

mcilu, see
J. The sago-palm, pl. so
many (people), ^
3o, ^?33fSo^ so far, as far as
Caryota urens. ^?
this, up to this. ^s^or,
imbala, s. A kind of leech. 3*
^si^oou^ so far, so long.
imbe, ^t'. This side, here; ^c=3 is this all? ^?3s5 being
cf. ^t>5jj. so; nevertheless. <^3s (^?
ikkane, J. An arrow.
-e?i) so and so much or

icilu, ^. The wild date. so and many; with neg.


the wild it denotes unlimitedness not :

Phcenix a little, inexpressible.
3$fcjo> icuni, ljuni (3sS", ?c3dojy. idanenge, Ida-

z-. . To swim. mutta, see ^?NCT^, &ev3c7<

under ^?.
itu, J. Manure,
(of land). 2. fat, sap. srozlis> ipini (^5), z-.. To shoot
to manure. (an arrow).
A lance, spear. ipe, aafe'. This side. d 8B?i
iti, ^.

^. A pledge, pawn. 2 an people on this side or part.

idu, .

voc^o^ to stand a^j this side.

security. Aa^s to deposit

a pledge, to pawn. e?b$ to iyavu, see

lya 64 undu

lySvandu, irulli- see S
ryyandu, ^^ facoocS under ^

j . The tender
fruit of the palmyra tree.
33JF8 irpadi, see ^rs,.
6 lyere, see
^5^ ise, s. A lord, master.
iru, /<r^5. pron. (pi. o
z/.y^ in 35^,3 isvara, The eleventh year
You, tionorifically j
of the Hindu cycle.
addressing a person.
irangade, s. Separation. isvaraberu, see

rs irana, s. A small drum.

irinti, s. A cricket. ^9^,6 isvare, J". The Supreme

oj ^

Iruni (^s5). r. . & n. To Being. 2. a name of Siva.

rub off, be worn out. ^?55 657733*7^ Isatugu, Wz Instantly, F


&oL$ to undergo wear and this moment.

tear, wear off, be reduced -to??vO^ isuni (^e3), f. a. To
to powder. 2. to pick up. scrape.

ero u, The fifth letter of the
b^ undapi-
alphabet. In MSS. it is often ni, unddduppuni, sec crootSo.

written 4'- S^fo* undi, undicltu,

unka, s. Dirtiness, filthi- . A bill of exchange; bet.

ness; cf.
^c5. cOC^.

ooh^ ungila, s. A ring. -8335" Siri undige, s. A sheaf of straw.

the ring-finger. :fo>eeoo7\> a undiye, J '<'
plain ring. j undu, d?. T-. There is, or
ea>crL3^ unguta, ungu-
orloeJ, exists. 2. in answer to croozro.

shta, s. The great toe. -e3r5i CA)otf.t? is there? and other

the thumb.
questions: there is, yes. 3 iviS/i .

uriguru, see CA)oax)-ao and ttie dative case it

possession. ^oF yoz-&> I huvi-.
uic croooD?.^ to come into <

undidibatte, J. A tence, to spring up, arise;

lazy fellow given to gluttony. that which has
undu 65 ukka

occurred, what is really a umburu, J. A kind of

fact, what exists,
small leech; also &to&<&.
a to exist. to create, umbe, see croowo^.
produce; to invent. ^os^ro umboli, J. A freehold,
o3o the Creator.
land granted without rent.
tnjo^o^ort unduluga, s. A kind 2. any present, donation gra- ;

of fried cake. tuitous service.

sroozS unde, s. A ball, globe.
orfoi, umma, ummap-
2. a ball-shaped confection.
(when startled], mean-
pa, int.
ing Who knows? 2. 1 do not
erv>od, voozi? unde, undye s.

sheaf of straw ; cf. know.

undluga, ummi, see eroso.

^ untavuni, . ?'.
(of wo ummuge, see auosootf.
To cause to stand up. The purple
ummuta, s.
2. to detain, stop. ripei
thorn-apple, Daturafastuosa
to allow further time to a which is said to cause mania.
debtor to pay his debt. see crooaio^.
untuni (croc), -u, n. To ummuru, see
stand. 2. to remain, stay. 3.
urndula, see
to stop, cease.
urnde, s. A lump. 2. a
roo<3o undu, pers. pron. neui. morsel.
This, eroorf^ozS besides this,
urndeburu, J. The
moreover. ^/. croocS^o^o these,
smooth-leaved heart-pea, the
unnata, <z^. High, lofty,
creeper Cardiospermum ha
tall, supreme. licababum.
osoofi, 'JuowosS voos3 umbuge,
eAio^re3 ff
urndelu, adj. Round,
umbucce, umbe, The white J.
circular. sroodorf small rice
flowered thorn-apple, Datura
pastry balls baked or boiled
alba,- also tfjasro with sugar and milk or
D.fastuosa; see cocoanut juice.
umbuca, J. A kind of eroodo rrl urndluga, see eroo-rfo^oA.

woS ero^?,^* ukalu, ukkalu,
o^z3 umbuda, s. A kind of Vomiting. 2. an emetic.
colibry. cholera.
io^o^ umbude, adj. Globular ^Jjd ukkada, ukkuda,
and small, s. Chewed betel, ^. A
small boat. 2. a look-

umbudepakki, s. A out place between the bounds

kind of bird; cf. of two towns.
ukka 66 uja

ukkavuni, i^rij ugre,

s. A passionate man.

ukki, .y. Steam; cf *rt^,
&s3- e ucapati, s. Dealings on
?'. To credit.
ukkuni (w^),

boil, bubble up. 2. to run


To exceed the bounds of

. .

over in boiling. 3. to swell

oo^ors. propriety either in word or
up, spring up; cf.
ugaru, adj. Brackish ; also
ucita, adj. Proper, sui-

table, fit. s. A gift. troEasaS

ugadi, see
freely, gratis.
ugipuni (WT\), r.w. To
spit out.
^^^ uccakacca, s. Quarrel,
fight? 2. see
rtoda uguraddige, s. A neck-
uccakitta, -s^ oo^^u.

lace with chasings 0r engra-

vings like finger nails. uccaya, see &3&i'&.

uguru, s. A nail, claw. uccaripuni(w-^ 8), 7-. a.

a whitlow. t3si
tepid, To utter, pronounce.
lukewarm. uccalu, j^ <^>"?> 5.

rljjjozj^do ug-uruburu, j. The

N uccatane, -y.
creeper Daemia extensa.
evil spirits.
ug-gra, ^. Over-boiled rice;
A t5i) oJj, uccaya, J^ w^3o.
cf. ;&Xr.
Ue)d, uccara, ucca-
uggi, s. A handle. 2. a hook.
Zy ir

fek$ to fasten a hook rane, s. Pronunciation.

also ;

uccalu, s. A hammer.
w. To uccava, ^r^ CTO^SO.
ugguni '. "

stammer. 2. to spurt, c?^ ucci, J. A snake. 2. a worm.

5 blood to flow by spurts. oSoo a kind of fish.

erort & uggelu, s. A well.

uccikatta, s. A loose

ugra, </^//'. Angry, vehement, knot. 2. spots on the skin

passionate. 2. cruel, s. Wrath, of serpents.

rage. crofisjLa to be angry. uccu, ^. A snake, serpent;

rra,cs, ^Ajr^c^ri ugrana, ugra- cf.

nige, s. A storeroom. TOC&); i uja, J


. A fountain, spring.
see ov)As;rJ. rfXoJ a granary. a marshy field ; see

rra,rS ugrani,
s. A storekeeper,
steward. 2. a village peon ujade, s. A deserted per-
under a Potail. son.
uja 67 uni

ujade, s. Light, splendour. udi, see ^pa.

^fc to become light. udigere, s. A gift,
tras* ujadu, .y. Ruin. e?Sb$ oso
to be ruined. a betelnut may be a present
wo, eruzosja ujila, ujila, adj. as much as an elephant.
White. wre^ white colour. udu, .$. An iguana.
uje, ^^ oua*. 23
^a to udu, ^. A star. 2. water.
ooze, percolate, trickle. 2. to
uduku, ^. A kind of
become swampy. small drum.
ujjatu, .
Force, violence.
uduge, see
to force.
udugere, see
ujjalu, .s. A swing. 2. A
ududhara, see
udupati, ^. The moon.
ujjuni . . To
o4 udettelu, J. Bruise, adj.
rub; e/orfora.
Beo* ujjeru, ujjeru, ^.
rl^j^ udepuni, ude-
A pestle. and n. To
vuni (
^), v. a.
fac)Oaj^Jci, eni&j3^)?i utayisu- as pottery etc.
break, split,
ni, utavuni (CTO&JDOSJ^, oo6ro),
uddi, s. Any pile of three,
7'. a. To raise, lift up; ^/". with one on the top, as marbles,
seeds etc. ae^a to set thus
utarane, s. Forgery, in piles of four each.
udduddane, 0afr. In
ca ca
uttu, see B^U^. one after
^ [clothing> rapid succession,
uttutane, ^. P'ood and
u another, over and over again.

^ Uttoll, W .
to speak hastily. 20

A gold or &r& to come or follow in close

dqj"50 udadhara, ^.
silver girdle; 0/50 c^o^. succession.

ra^a^ udarige, udarige, udsure, s. A honorary

s. A kind of cake. gift; cf.

^. Cc)35 unape, Little recover-
udalu, udalu, ^/'.

The belly, stomach. d in.

hectic fever. unaru, see
rs^* unasu, s. A meal, dinner,
boiled rice and curry; also
To deny, contradict. 2. to 5o9oJ.
reject. unile, adj. Small, short,
mm 68 uda

-^S unupini, unpini uttara, see

(w53),7/. a. To take one's meal, uttasa, s. Zeal, perse-
to dine, eat rice,
(in oppo- verance. 2. a rash, (?r stre-
sition to a slight repast of nuous exertion.
fruits, cakes etc). s. The dried
erorf,^ unkelu, s. The time of date fruit; also
evening. 2.the night-meal.
uttuma, ^
crocs J unpu, s. Boiled rice, solid
^ utthana, ^. Rising. 2. re-
food; also
o4y su'rrection.
150s utaru, s. An antidote.
utpatti, J. Birth, origin-
J^ uttana, -^ 2.
oog^si. produce, profit.

^si) uttama, adj. Best, chief, utpanna, s. Birth, adj.

superior. 2. excellent, virtu- Produced, born.
ous, oo^ki an excellent man. utsava, 5. A festival, pub-

s^-do the very best; God. lie

'd^e^rf the
>Z; the first person, gram. of an idol on a
uttara, s. The north. 2. car. ^^F
a moveable idol
an answer. (in law) a de- generally taken abroad du-

fence, adj. (Left), northern ;

ring a procession.
subsequent, later. )-> ^03-3 ^.
36 utsaha, utsaha,
funeral ceremonies. saa a
Festivity, joy, rejoicing 2.

surety, bondsman.
energy, strenuous exertion;
uttarane, s. The shrub V often interchanged -with
Achyranthes aspera.
S^D uttaradhikari, ^. A utrani, see cro^iS.
successor, heir. A
utharu, ^. free gift,
^DDCiors uttarayana, s. The a freehold.
sun's course to the north of
udaka, J. Water.
the equator.
udaya, J. The rising
'^ uttarashada, s. The
of the sun, moon, or other
twenty-first lunar mansion.
heavenly bodies, crod 0^0535;.
^Gri uttarige, J. An upper
the dawn.
or outer garment. 2. a towel.
udara, s. The belly. 2. the
6 uttare,^. The twelfth lunar
core of
any thing. &&$
mansion, the tail of Leo.
feeding the belly. *k3 colic.
s^r?, -^ 3 ?>.i^, uttana, utta-
udaruni, see cr
vali, s. Haste, rashness,
precipitancy. udarme, see
uda 69 udyo

udalu, s. The white ant. jo uduriburu, s. The

o5)o23 udalupurica, s. A creepers Asparagus sarmen-
white-ant-hill. 2. (med.) a tosus, and Asparagus race-
cancer ; pins or pinlike holes mosus.
on the sole of the foot )d>dj> uduruni, v. n. To fall,

udale, s. Saliva, spittle. drop off. 2. to hang down,

udatta, adj. Liberal. 2. ude, s. A sheath.
j- song _

lofty. 3. high, as a note in uderaga,morning s. A

music, j. The acute accent, udsvuni (2K>i3?), a. To i'.

gram. throw out. v. n. The hands to

erozroo* udaru, s. The credit sy-
shake, as in sickness.
stem, lending. J23JS A formula
udo, intj.
en) 23130 udara, Liberal,
adj. used in presenting offerings
generous. &3, -^ liberality. to a goddess.
eroc3s)dff , n,2J3Ef F udarane, uda- s. 2. distance.
udda, Length.

rne, see erotrasorf??.

Long. jroe^oaocreoSj a
en) eras* udalu, j^ en)rf.
prattler, braggart, bully.

3V23a>?o, ero23e>o<d udasa, udaslna, srod^od P

uddakuddya, adj. (lit.

adj. Unconcerned, neutral. long and short) Middle sized.

s.Neglect, indifference. creoSo 2. separate. 3. distinct, adv.

a careless man. Distinctly.
erucjssotf?! udaharane, s. An erorf uddari, see
answer. 2. an example, il- uddara,^^
lustration. j uddume, ^
udi, see wrfcdo. Deliverance.
5^ d uddhara, s.

c. v.
udipavuni, (of 2. prosperity. 3.
To beget. e?L$ to obtain deliverance;
), udipini, ^^ eroaodoo^. to become rich. _ rfotfo^s
udime, j

Merchandise, to protect, support. &S&F&
trade. to deliver the spirit of a de-
ceased person from the power
JQcd&d^pj udiyabenpini, v.n.
To become rich. of a demon by propitiating it.

oaojjj^) udiyuni CCWQ), . . To J233poF$ udyarcane, s. The

rise, as the sun. 2. to be biennial ceremony of washing
generated. an idol..

do^) udupu, ^. The act of odfcceri udyoga, s. Exertion,

coming into existence. industry. 2. business, occu-
udri 70 upa

pation, employment. ^ a upadesa, ^. Instruction,

public servant. teaching. 2. initiation into

udri, J. A braid of false the mysteries of religion.

hairs. rico^ upadesi, s. A teacher.
Sj udri,
J. A match, pair. 2.a catechist, Chr.
T&8 an equal. c
dj, srj33t>^, upadra,

^ udrigonde, s. A hair-
upatra, upadi, s. Calamity, ad-
ornament. f"eojs"do. versity, trouble, affliction ; cf.
udriburu, see crorfoS

do^ udruni, see ourfj-dos. upanayana, s. The

d^ udreka, .?.
Excess, super- ceremony of investing a Brah-
abundance. Excessive,
man boy with the sacred
outburst of wrath.
^sid upapada, s. The modern
?^ excessive lust,
grammatical term for article,
udharane, see
also any subordinate word
sS unape, .$

in a sentence.
s3 unile ^'
CzSJS^qi^ upabodhake, s. An
^ unnata, assistant teacher. 2. a deacon.
sro3iupa, ^4 Sanskrit prefix im-
plying direction. 2. vicinity. upabhaga, s. A sub-
3. inferiority.
upame, s. Resemblance.
trosi^cp upakathe, s. An episode. 2. 3.
comparison. simile,
yuS'udrs upakarana, ap- ^. An parable.
pendage. 2. means, materials. o3j$rt upayoga, s. Appli-
3. an instrument, tool. 4. cation, use. 2. advantage,
vessels used in worshipping utility.
an idol. uparaga, s. An eclipse.

enisJoDrf, vv)3J?rx^ upakara, upa- uparali, see cros^o.

kruti, s. A service, favour, ^D upari, <2^. Above, over,
kindness, benefit. cro3if3& also CA>20&.
a benefactor.
uparme, see CA)^&??.
v^v^ ^ upakrama, ^. Taking in
upavasa, ssc crocro^.

hand, setting about. s. Put-

isisJ^o^ upasamana,
yu^TYexdj upagrama, s. Suburb.
ting to rest. 2. alleviation.

?A)3J2cCpS, ?ror;t5e)rf . upacarane, 3. calmness, rest. e?;&3 to

upacira,^. Politeness, courtesy. be alleviated, assuaged. ^o
upa>dra, sec uuirfj.
^s> to appease, pacify.
upa 71 ube

u^rf^ upasarga, s. A gram- d) uppu, ^. Salt.

JA)^^ brack-
matical term for preposition, ish. a?& salt water, fis^,

e.g. 3, yut, etc. refined salt. && small

G3i?j upastha, s. The parts of grained salt. ^ e/^, ^-

generation of either sex. salt, Bombay salt,

u3J3o^ s. 'Mischief, earth salt.
trouble. 2. calamity; cf.uu ) ^uppuda, J. Salted fish; cf.

upinga, s. An appendix f uppuni (04.),
?>. r. To
to s5oX. 2. a subordinate be, exist. 2. to abide, live in.
scientific treatise, of which 3. to help, support, protect.
there are twelve according to 4. c. dat. pers. to have, pos-
the Hindu sastras. sess; also "SisS^, (j>ast
D ^.)
tfussD^s^r upakarma, s. The o^ uppuruni (cro^Tio), v.n.
annual festival of purifica- To faint, stagger.
tion among the Brahmans n.
w^^rfj^ upperuni(^^?S),^.
between July and August Cattle to copulate.
when their sacred threads
uprali, s. Spite. 2. an-
are renewed. vosiSj
noyance. ^o^^ to despise,
tfu33i>2> upadi, see CA)3rfj.
deride; to annoy.
erosraoi) upaya, s. An expedient,
SAJSOD*, ^23^)DS ubaru, ubaru, J.
device, scheme. 2. means.
Brackishness. adj. High. 2.
3. stratagem. [zrerf.
turbid, fldfr

. Above. ^?5salt
tfusjSJd upasa, s. Fasting; also
water. c3^ brackish, ^r
tfus3^ upekshe, s. Disregard. barren soil. aj^jjs fish
2. want of appetite. 3. reluc-
to ascend a river with the
tide. TSO^B the stench of
tfuslcs* uppadu, see eros^S.
(stagnant) sea-water.
tfU3J,cs* uppadu imper. of ero^s. ero^$ri ubalige, ^. A kind of tree-
s. The
tfus^Ofi upparige, upper !

?Ai23 ube, .r. Steam. ^ s^rfos)

story of a house. to bleach clothes. 2. to drive

tfU3J p> uppala, s. Macaranga out any vermin by smoke.
Indie a. 3. toripen fruits by artificial
v\j )f( uppalige, s. A kind of heat also cw*.

tree, sec croz^a. erod ube, ubbe, see

f uppadu, s. Pickles.
s^u^2dJ^ uberuni (ws35)
upparu, sc To become thick.
ero ZA ubba 72 uri

ubbara, ubbarij, umedvare, ^. A volun-

teer, candidate. 2. a copyist.
ubbara, #<//. High. 2. , umma, see
swollen. 3. turbid, adv. Aloft, j'o* uyiku, s. Crying like a
s ubbasa, see croe *.
monkey. ^-^
ubbi, .y. Saliva,
$e5 viscid spittle.
spittle. uyiluni, see en/)a;o^. ^
uyivuyi, /w/^r/'. sig-
a spittoon ;
nifying alarm.
N ubbina,^. A spittoon; also
x 8
; uyyalu see 03
&o3oo) ubbiyuni (cwey, p. n.
ura, Ploughing, tillage.
To spit. a ploughman's stick.
vodo ubbuni, ubbe- toplough and level
runi (CA)^, w^eS), ?'. To .
a field a second time to, ;

swell. 2. to be elated with make a field to hold or re-

joy or puffed up with pride. tain water.
ubbesa, s. Difficulty of Ajrf23* uralu, s. A ploughman's
breathing, gasping. 2. asthma. or herdmaii's song. ssi^oa
_ tt^rs to gasp, be breathless; to sing whilst ploughing;
to suffer from asthma; also also 2o^.
3&. roO uri, s. A kind of very small
^S5ii|2 ublapatera, ^. Stam- crab.

mering, lisping. uri, s. Blaze, flame- 2. heat.

uble, s. A stammerer. 3. acute pain. 4. wrath. X^c

Both. two. burning itch. &s>3 burn-

pc^j ubhaya, adj.
35. both parties. ing heat. rfrea a furious
^5 ^j
on both sides or places. person. TSJJS^J
urine morbidly

umani, sec >dor5.

heated. eo.tuos>to speak an-
grily to take revenge.
umi, s. The husk <?^ chaff ;

of paddy. oOtfzS urigejje, s. Small bells


s. A mosquito, strung on a rope and tied
-a tfocuo a musquito- round the neck of a he-buffalo.
curtain. oDS^ uripuni (^ B), r.a. To
ume, s. The wife of Siva: sound, play upon. ^o^O-
also sj^^'S. to sound a trumpet.
s3jfC3*, tro^jfb umedu, umedi, .sj^.?, uriyuni (^&), J'.. To
s. Liking, inclination. 2. ex- burn, blaze. 2. to feel ;i

pectation, prospect. burning sensation, as from

uru 73 urna

fever 0r itch; to feel acute ,

?ro6J3^o uro, urolu, s. A
pain. 3. to feel anguish. 4. bar across a passage.
to be wrath. wcaS (lit. the

belly to burn), to be hungry; To bubble up, as boiling

to feel anguish, to be envi- water.
ous. 3o(lit. the body to urkavuni, c. v. en)
?j (of
burn) ;
be feverish
to to be ;
To cause to run over.
provoked, be angry. uusB 2. to put out.
well-heated, pure, as silver. urki, s. The shrub Sida
uru, s. Tediousness.adj.
Idle. -tffca to be idle, to feel -S-FG* urkilu, .v. The prickly-
reluctant. to pro- heat. 2. a kind of shrub.
crastinate, put off. 3. a rough basket.

djofo*, erodoock^ uruntu, urku, s. An amulet. rforJ

a necklace composed of small

urundulu, adj. Round.
dooyo^oct uruntucande, s. A glass beads with a big gold
kind of drum. bead in the middle.
^jFr! urkune, s. The act of
jurundeburu, s. The
smooth-leaved heart-pea, Car- bubbling up.
^OF) urkuni (ew^r), v.n. To
diospermum Halicababum.
urumbuni (erotfoo^S), rise; cf. cn)*^.

v.a. To bore; also ^rloF^) urguni, 7.'. . To curdle.

2. to ferment.
uruduni, see
^OF> urcuni, f. w. To go
urubu, see to stool, erotjsru loose-
? en)
uruvolu, en)T?js,
ness of bowels. erosSrew a
filthy woman. erosSre3 a filthy
ure, s. A deer.
urepuni (en*?),
7\a. To urti, see en)^.
try metals by a touch-stone. s.
urdata, Wrestling,
^) urevuni(w3),
v. n. To be
combat, struggle.
penetrated or incrusted, as urdavuni, c. v.
(of ero

with salt; also 3o34s. To set persons against

uresuni (cn)^5J),
i\a. To each other, to stir up fighting,
rub. 2. to polish. S.^c/otf^a. luni, v.n. To wrestle,
uro, zw/y. Alas. SJD^^? combat, struggle.
alas, what a pity! rfdo.odo
urna, A round shaped
have pity on me. cake.
Mini 74 ero 3D usva

urni, ^. A bulb, protuber- j ula, see i

ance. to clot, curdle. j.

SUJjS uli, Nought, nothing.
urti, see
wa in A)t>cxioo$.
to annul; see also
urdi, s. Increase, prosper-

The kidney-bean, wound-

^ ulikuttu, A small
erodiFurdu, s.

Phaseolus mango. jODoJoJ) uliyuni ^. . To

eroc>jFi urduni (wc3r), r. a. To instigate, induce. TV 72. To
rub, file. 2. to polish. tremble.

vu^jF^ urpuni (A)I3r), r. <?. To ^O^O Uluku, ^^ 00 ^Oj.

blow a wind-instrument; cf. SjjjJj ^^ ox)docO. 2.
fraud, cheating.
Slight boil- s3 ule, ^. A furnace.
urpelu, 2. a deer;
ing. 55& rice obtained from CA3T3.
boiled paddy and differing s3^)^i ulevuni
from the unboiled (= dialog). shine.
s. In-
urbi, urbu, ulo, see
crease, as of any disease or
*, ulku, see
trouble. -3&odjoa (lit. to per-
^ ulkapata, The fall-
ceive trouble), to discern. &3e
ing of meteors, which is con-
pressure of work. sidered a bad an
sign. 2.
urbuliyuni, see ^ omen.
en* ulku, see
uryuni, see
. A red kind of fowl.
urli, s. A brass vessel for
ulta, ulti, Con-
preparing curries in. tradictory, opposite, counter.
urlu, s. A noose, snare. 2. upset; to take off,
to be entrapped in
upset, fig. to lie.

a snare. Debs> to lay a

ullaye. ullaldi
snare. srozl^to put a noose ^ o5o.

round the neck; to hang. sro

Exultation, hap-
&crjs> to hang oneself. ef-l?) to be cheerful.
urle, -y. A kind of cake.
adj. Joyous, blithe.
sro^Ff! urvane, 5. An instrument er\> ulli, j^ cwv
for destroying nits. s.
usvlsa, Breathing out,
voctF urve, ^z^. Unripe. a sigh; cf.
usha 75 ullo

srusStiO* usharu, adj. Alert, sharp; room. CA)^oo5 from within.

bet. soo*v>5. cro^^^j'c'oso, CTO^OSOT!) ^oso se-

ushna, adj. Hot, -warm. s.

cretly, privately.
Heat, warmth. ulavu, s. One's secret.

, eni?o.?2
usu, ussane, s. A 2. design. 3. inclination.

deep sigh. s^csS ulasanci, s.

usaru, ^^ ^os^>5. conspiracy, secret design;

tfUnjO^j usuru, usulu, .?.

collusion, fraud.

Breath. 2. life, to uli, s. A chisel.

hold the breath. $p&z> to
ero^oJo uliya, ulliya,
die; gases to escape, as from s. A small river-island or
a corked bottle. eoo&jSbtO to
breathe, respire.
ule, w^ eA)3, oo A

usulti, s. Collusion, con-

ulo, '//. Alas!
ulki, J. Remnant, rest.
usvasa, see ooss^rf.
ulku, ^- A sprain, or cramp.
ula, Inside, inner part; /". "

o,a ulkuni (wo p.w. To be

-^ the palm of the
d ),

hand. ^j^s to take in, sprained, <?r

to have a secret. Xouo a

latent secret, hidden mystery. ulla, ulle, J^

8ro4 a bend the curve of an
ullade, s. A fisherman.
arch. 30^(5 inside. -rfooo

ullaye, s. A master,
t>> the inner square of a
lord (/<ww. CA)V
V ^).
house. ;dsa a
by-path. 78^0 K

the lower part of a female's ulli, ^. A generic name for

garment. garlic. e"cio9, onions, datfo^

<o3.>, eA)s?e>o5o ulayi, ulayi, ^ r

. garlic.

In, into. Some declensions ullori, s. A memo, of a

are formed of this adverb; receipt given to a tenant for
as, ri e>;3 a back or inner part-payment of rent.

76 uru

j? u, The sixth letter of the 2. a staff. :f*es;j a weighing
alphabet. In MSS. it is often rod.
written 30. ,
ens era uda, uda, adj. Sky-
unc, uncu, blue.

Superior, costly, fine. udu, s. A prop. ^-atrs

to prop. &s?oo a pole used as
To lift up. 2. to cause a prop.
a person to get up or leave CiiVdiiid udukameli, s. A
his seat. 3 -to insult, des- malignant kind of jaundice
sro&sosojios. from which particularly child-
pise; cf.

untuni (ennoU), v. n. To ren suffer.

3d)?j uduni (srinS), 7'. a. To
get up, press.
53Cjo> unduni (erj)oS), v. a. blow, as a pipe. 2. to swell,

To press down. erincrfo:io t, a piper.

An aro-
^^ to hold firmly. ,
udubatti, s.

^f6 c.=)oeoo. matic pastille.

A una, s. Defect, maim. 02
umbe, s. hole.
o3o, eAT>N a cripple.
)^), r. w. To ooze; '

j^o uyyalu, sec ew^S.

ura, adj. Local. ^^a a
j uta, J. Food, meal.
public office. 33 local cus-
lj uti, J. A spring, fountain.
tom. ^^ gossip,
'iJot3s)C utupacara, ^. Hospi- J^ ero^!?.
tality and civility.
uravuni, c. v.
(of CAndo
ute, see ^B.
To plant, fix firmly.
c. #.
udavuni, (^/"enprlj
uriyaye, s. A stran-
)Tofix. 2. to put in order. 3j
ger; also eAm^oc2o.
a to fix the boards of a
uru, ^. A town. 2. a vil-
lage. 3. one's native place.
udilu, s. A kind of broom _ crocSo
a countryman. ^>o
grass. townsfolk. oSoi^ country
.^ uduni (CAn5), z'. a. To sesamum. enMa-doXj from vil-
plough; /". 5oj)3o?i. 2. to fix.
lage to village; cf.
erusrs una, see CAP. A
adoozo^ urumbali, J. village
uta, 3-. A weight, burden. grant.
uru 77 srio ru

urukolu, ^. A walk- usante, s. A large bug.

ing stick. usu, J. A fart.
jsdo^ uruni (SAT>5),
v. a. To set
usuni (ouoi), 7'. . To
firmly. plant in the
2. to
ooze; cf.
eAD&os to break wind
ground as a seed or shrub,
^5_ downwards, wig.
etc. 3. to gain power.
to plant one's foot. tfe5 to
J5?3^ uselu, adj. Oozing. 2.

filthy. 3. breaking wind down-

be established firmly, to take
wards, vlg. enj)^3 a man
root; to grow.
who frequently breaks wind
&dJS^o urolu, 5-. A cross bar
at the entrance of a garden

etc.\ cf.
coDTSj?)?. ^ uhe, uhane, ^.

ado urya, see ennodor. Supposition, conjecture.

sSoF^ urjita, adj. Confirmed, erua$riuliga, J. Service. 2. work,

established. a servant, labourer.

F j to serve, work.
urdhva, adj. Aloft, on
high. XS ethereal course, uliyuni (enn^), t'. .

heavenly bliss. To ooze; /". eaoaio?). 2. the

bowels to evacuate frequent-
urya, ^'. Strange; ^/".

ly; also

RU o

o ru, The seventh letter of the nounced like tfo or o, which

alphabet, but seldom used in see for words beginning with
Tulu. It is commonly pro-
ye 78

ye, The eighth letter of the yenne, ^. Oil. ^ T^re an
alphabet. In MSS. it is often oil mill. ^8&!os> to rub with
written o3o. or apply oil.
e?^, distilled

yenku, see otaS. oil. ^s2^^_ cinnamon oil. ^^

oil. X=
yenkulu, pers. pro. We. <c^cj? gingely
This word which sandalwood oiL
is the plural
si- cocoanut oil.
of orfjsoi signifies only tlie per-
lamp-oil, frorf^i- olive oil.
sons addressing, and should
zJ7?> castor oil. 4(3o^rf_ the
be distinguished
from 3zk
oil of the nuts of Rottltria
which always includes both
the persons addressing and tinctoria. zi)o-5idc?? kerosene
oil. ^oL^ci- champaka oil etc.

<0os3- adv. How? <w>. ~o fl^^),, ojocl^o^) yennekappu,

w323s*D however,
anyhow, by yennekempu, ^/". Dark red.
all means. flzorfcS yennebadane, s. A spe-
cies of brinjals.
yenci, sec <or5 .

yentra, see orfoo^.

yenci, intg. pro. What sort
^ yendruni r

. </. To
of? , ?i 3,
3^3 what sort (3c5j),

of thing? jTOoSj, _ jrooSo say fully; ^^S- cf.

what sort of man? yennavu, /ro. Mine ; cf.

o2oG* yerijiru, s. A kind of tree.

yennun, see
ofo* yentu, j. Boasting, pride.
2. craftiness,3
yempa, see 3fy
o &seas>
4s to show pride, be cunning. yemmalu, ^. A woman.
S333o3 to
an angry woman.

play tricks.
boast, prattle,
-rosSo a crafty oiodo yemme, Jtr ^^d 2. ^^
man. ^o^oeJ^?i yemmettuni
A i'. n. To turn back. 2. to yield.
io&3 yente, s. clod of earth.
2. an unburnt brick; s>o8. 3. to abate, as sickness; cf.

>or!itf yennige, s. Calculation,

estimation. yekambelu, ^^'

yennuni (^oFSj, c a. To
. yekare, yekre, 5-. An
count. 2. to think, presume. acre.

3. to r/.//. Nearly dc;ul.

expect. ,
yekky. 79 yeji

yekkusakku, adv. Con- yekkuni (

fusedly, indiscriminately.
? touch. 2. to gin. v.n. To ebb,
&$ to become confused. sag decline.
^ to be within
tfo$ to reproach unjustly. 3o reach of the hand. a2?^i- to

to be perverse. be on the point of death.
the ace. r!3r_ to gin cotton. aiosB
, yekka, see atf. 2.
The unit of to be hungry.
.o yekkam, s.'

first in yekke, s. The shrub

numeration, place 3_>

ciphering. Aristolochia Indica.

,^^ yekkacakka, sec f( yegge, s. A branch, bough.

J& yekkadu, adv. Then. T^ & yeggelu, s. A small branch.
already. SJQ^_ a little while a small piece of wood.
'grS yekkadi, s. A kind of game 2^ yecca, see so^ .

with cowries, arranged on a

Q^ yeccarike, s. Wakeful-
board. to play such ter
ness. 2. care, caution. 3.
a game.
warning. e?b^ to be awake.
s. Hiccough. 2.
^,d yekkade,
o" -jabfS to warn, put on
gasping. to hiccough
s'owo^ ;

guard. ae&a to take pre-

to gasp; cf. o^d.
caution. T&^S to remind.
=^,^)23 yekkanale,' adj. Lean, _S
thin. j. A ero^s to be on guard, be
glutton, greedy
man ;
2. ^^ ^#d e3.

^o yekka- yeccarpuni,
o^sjj^sl oO^,
_ 8 ^. a. To

J. yeccarisuni ( r ),
male, yekkamale, yekkame,
The swallow wort, Calotropis admonish. 2. to caution, warn
J. Body.
3 yecci, S sjscl>$ to
^jd yekkale, s. A cockroach; So"
put on clothes. K
also O^P'J; ^/l <o^.o, oD^jroeS.
to assult; see ^^_.
t>:<; ^ yekkalyuni (.0^6), v. n.
To stretch the body, or stoop yeccig-e, j^ ^fi*-
down in order to catch or yecce, J^ r9& t

pick up anything. 2. to yeamane, -$<?

spring or jump up. yejipu, ^. Endeavour, at-

ro^ yekkasakka,
sec ^^. tempt. &sbF> to caution,
^'s,^)^ yekkavuni, c. v.
(of <o^jj betray. ^otfo^s to try
To reach, cause to touch. through others.
te yejja 80 yedde

yejja, yejji, s. A hole. rough, rugged. -^<^ri an in-

loophole. 3. the eye of different work; an objection-

a needle. able act. a stupid

^e d ~K fellow. ^fea a rugged path.

3 , yej.ji, yejje, see WJ
, ,
1^ VAJ

3 d yedumbure, s. A doll,

yejriya, see
. yedupuni, sec .ort^a.
..W yettakutta, s. Quarrel- yede, sec <q.

ling and
yededettu. ^tr ^o^ 1

^i yettavuni, c.i\ (of -^^
yedenanya, Paper-
To bend, cause to stoop, money. croiSo a stupid fel-

A low, a man temporarily en-

yetti, s. prawn.
^elweyevo6 yetti bally aru, .y. A
yedenali, .y. An inner
small kind of shark.
wall round a temple.
-' ^U.^jjcJ yettisutta,
d d Q tsix>& yedemudi, see ^^ooa.
yettisudda, s. The sword-fish,
yedde, A\ Goodness. ^.
x yettuni
j . . f^S)
v e$/
7'. a. To
Good, excellent, superior,
stitch, as leaves. 2. to cause
fair, fine. 2. happy. 3. pros-
mischief. 3. to box the ear.
perous. &^> a superior
T . ;/. To stumble, bow down ;

caste, fine breed. arf a

be hit. 4&54pe&9 to bend
festive day, holiday. $
down, as a tree laden with _ t^n
&>-, -rfjosoj^r, an
auspicious occasion. ^ooSsfc!
fc3s3 yettele, s. A mischief-
black pepper. 0^r. Well,
very well. tsks to improve
<^zi yeda, see odo3.
in health; to prosper, be
^^0=5*' yedanku, a^ r
. On the c?^5
happy. may you,
left side. rogtf an offensive be happy. &s!:ra.
(he etc.}
word. _ Tios?o^ to do good, to bless
'.jTicv^ yedankuni ('~3c), ?. .
with prosperity. _3^s (///.
To kick. 2. to hit. 3. to dis-
to eat good), to enjoy hap-
regard; see do^oa. piness as the fruit of one's
*j^03jd:>> yedapuni, ye- caitka to speak
<oz233)^, good deeds.
duturuni, 5r ^t^s>. favourably, fluently, or at
ij* ^^^s:' yedavattu, ye- length; to speak or argue

devattu, '///. Middling, in- ably; to chatter, 3^ good-

dill'crcnt. dull, stupid 3. ness. of good sort.
yedpu 81 yed

~e good, emph. copi- yettaruni (^5). 7-. a.

ously, abundantly, heartily; To ascend, climb.
immoderately, severely, vio-
lently. tavuni, c. v.
(of ^^) To
yedpuni (5), 7-. tf. To reach, deliver. 2. to gulp,
thump, strike with the fist. swallow water etc. eagerly.
2. to pound in a mortar. or in large draughts-

j, yenuma, num. Eight. tf yettige, s. A collection.

yena s. A corpse. rfoocof

yettuni (3,), 7/. a. To
a good for nothing, vlg. raise a subscription ^r tax.

ocl, <ocf, yenike, yene, yettuvali, ^. The act of

yenke, s. Calculation, count- raising a subscription or tax.

ing; estimation, .
yetna, ^. Essay, endeavour,
ls* yenelu, <//. Pertaining to effort, exertion; &?/.
the first crop. 200$ the first
yetvasi, s. Difference, dis-
crop. agreement, variance; bet. 3o

yenci, s. A ladder. 33orf.

yenne, see
SDyetha, adv. As, according to.
adj.. Proper,
usual. 5^5^ as
yenpanum. Eighty.
usual. dreXr the usual
yenma, ^^ ^FizJo.
course or way; &?/.
^. The
l^ yenme, gingely-oil r yethartha, see
seed, Sesamum orientate. rf
s. Pain, smart, grief.
<oor? p yethe,

yeta, see ^qro.

k, Cx7
w yethecca, yethe
shta, J^ o*>^^i orfo^?^-
yetasti, <^/'. Exact, cor-
rect, adv. Exactly, correctly
*c yectypu, J. Beginning. -BJ

a>^~ the first shower of rain.

bet. o3oi5ra> B.
rfodj yedijriji, yeduru, J.
yete, see ^.
The front, that which is op-
ois^rtzS yettu^adi, yet-
posite. 2. presence.
tugade, s. Scheme, device.
counterpart of a deed.
to scheme, devise.
do^s osdo^ora a conditional deed
^sA* yettutagg^i, a^'. Un- of sale. djs^o^ half boiled
even, rugged. rice. ^ the counterpart
yettana, see ^- of a lease. s^a an opposite
d yettara, ^/'. High, lofty, party, opponent. c?L$ to
tall. s. Height. meet, come face to face. CA^C
yedi 82 yera

*os> to stand in front, to op- yena, yenna,

pose; to rebel. 0003343 to Half-
yebulante, <2^/'.
set up <?r instigate a person boiled. 2. half-witted, silly.

against another. s^^rfos to

yebbavu, see
speak to one's face; to contra- eme, see
dict, oppose. 30-3^0$ to come
r yemarike, yemar-
in sight, be seen; to be over-
taken. Ju>35&A face to face. ge, s. Storing. a?L^ to keep
-5 before, or store.
in presence of.

3 yedi, see &>& iZotf yeyipanji, s. A porcu-

yedinke, s. A wing.

a. To
Jo^^ yeyyuni (<ooso),

yediyane, see shoot an arrow.

yedukonuni (^^o yeraka, adj. Molten, cast,
z-. #. To advance. 2. to as metal. 3 t^^~, ^^jaoi
meet, go to meet. !?rf molten 0r casting work.
duD^^yedurata,^. Antagonism.
An anta-
_j^ to pour melted metal
diDe)^ yedurali, s. into a mould.
gonist. yeragu, s. Fitness.
tS yede, s. The heart, chest,
yeraguni (~^A), 7-. //. To
bosom. -* 00
to harden melt. to agree with the
one's heart. &&FS> to take
courage. courage, i\ a. and
yeraguni (^),
n. To bow. prostrate, do obei-
sance. 2. to fall upon, seize.
yeddumbe, J. A kind of 3. to alight.

plant. js* yerad,a.Two; </. TJ^.

^ yeddupu, s. An ambus- ^Djj yerabdyi, s. A kind of
cade, lying in wait. srotSos
to lie in ambush.
<xj~'- yerala, yerala, J^ ^e
a yeddyuni (^^), r. To iJ<.
fan. ^. The act of lend-
ds^) yeravu,
oirf cjd
O ojjSfl, Q "O
yedde, yed- ing or borrowing anything.
deae, yeddyana, s. A fan. for temporary use. 2. dif-

yedru, see ^S5, jdJTio. ference, distinction. ~ A

s. The creeper a borrowed ornament. K
Jasminum angustifoliuin. s> to borrow.
-? yedroli, ^ le, s. An antelope, deer.
yeri 83 yele

yeri, s. The glare or heat of yerke, yerkelu, s.

fire. Y^W a very hot wind, Rising; cf.


sultry wind. rf^si, _3^>

^0$ to glare, be affected yergone, yergole, s. A dull man
with the heat of fire; cf.
SoS. like a buffalo, a simpleton ;

cdjok3 yeriyante, s. A kind of a glutton, vlg.

fish. yerta, see ^tf~.
yriyaye, -^ SoBcdraoSo.
The flood tide
yerte, s. ; cf.
)o> yeriyavuni, .
To burn, blaze, JF yerpa, s. Seventy.
yeriyuni (aO), v.. To ^. A
Ff5 yerpene, hairpin-
glare. 2. to be hot.
adj. Old.
yeru, ^. A buffalo. 2. a ^. a. To
yerpuni (^5),
moth, worm. 3>^$ to be de-
lift up.
cayed with worms. eobrs to
yerme, ^. A she-buffalo.
come into manhood. a kind of bush. CB
o33S ?
<orfj3^? yerutari, yeru- a calf. a kind
tali, s. A kind of palm tree, of fish.
.$&? co-dK^oaa
yelakki, j^ o*j.
yerndale, J. A green 5.
yelatra, yelastra,
pigeon. A handkerchief.
yerku, ^. Rising or ac-
yela, intj. of surprise.
cumulation, as of water, etc-

2. severity, yeli,
s. A rat. SDS^C rat's
adj. Exceeding.
bane, arsenic.
1>&^ to be in danger.
yelikebi, J. The herb
yerka, s. Fulness. 2. proxi-
Evolvulus emerginatus.
mity, adj. Full; near.
yerkavuni, ^. v.
To tuck up,
as clothes, yeliyuni, z'. n. To melt,
when wading a river etc. 2. as any soft substance, butter,

to hold back, as milk by a etc.\ also e)os.

cow etc. yeliseri, ^. A shark; also

jF^ yerkuni (^"), v. n. To
puff up, swell. 2, to rise or yelu,^.Abone.
water in a place. in the bones. &stf a
collect, as ^js^,
3. to be full of milk, as the skeleton. -Kd a joint of the
breast or udder. soc^_ the bones.

belly to be distended. 3 yele, s. A leaf.

yele 84 yeka

enage, s. A small but

ro '0
reel yellyanne, ^. A junior
dangerous insect found on elder brother.
betel leaves. yellyaye, ^. A youth;
see <oero. 2.a junior, minor. 3. a short

^cl yelkode, see coAtl. man. c3o> o4 a small thing.

To melt, as jcz3 yevarica, J^ a^o^.
. v. yelpuni, v. a.
lead, butter, etc. yevane, see &33.

yellariji, adv. The day yesalu, J. The petal of a

after tomorrow. flower, leaf. ^Garcinacam-
yellamma, s. A name of bogia. -5rf a tobacco leaf.

Kali. yessuni, see .o^a.

oi<t> P
ro *0
yelli, yellya, adj. A$ yelatu, yele, adj.
Little, small, short. 2. in- Tender, green, not fully
ferior, mean. -5^,

grown. s>?5 the water of

from infancy. -rfo a tender cocoanut.

to extol and disparage any- num. Seventy. 3e
^ yelpa,
thing alternately. seventieth.
<>je3yelle, adv. Tomorrow. & yekshi, ^

ye, The ninth letter of the yeka, ww. One, single. 2.

alphabet. In MSS. it is often solitary. 3. combined, united.

written o?o?. 3stf the accurate adjustment

affixed to the words e?c5 of song and instrumental
a^ c?^ w//^ addressing music. s unanim-
honorifically a ity.
^ singular number.
single person; as, 9o^eus^o-5? of one colour
Rama! 5c:3 ? &s e ^os? e <?/> caste. ?5 a solitary man ;

boys! children! wos^? is a bachelor. jointly,

it not so? // is also affixed unanimously; collusively.
to nouns, pronouns, and yekadam, ^'. At once;
adverbs by way of emphasis. abru[)tly.
-'rS>o3oe man only. ^?o3o? ^DOJo u yekanayaka, s. A medi-
you alone. ^soSo? even to day. cal plant.
yeka 85 yera

yekanayake, ^. A how much each? a&ae how-

monarch. ever much, how much rfSr !

yeka, ^<?
B^- s&, atre-S- how often?
abruptly, suddenly; without yetu, s. Annoyance (from
permission. 2. unreasonably, goblins); cf.

333333$ to re- yetonuni, see

unjustly. ^^s.
proach unjustly. yetolu, intg. How often ?
yekangi, s. A solitary >f yenu, ^<2 03^^.
life. w5 alone.
>> yeni, adv. When ? Ke^>, e?$
yekanta, s. Solitude. 2.
Kiys, a^?$Kejs always, for ever.
secrecy. ^/'. Solitary, seclud-
a^o&ail) in se- >33, i)^3 yepa, yepo, aafe.When ?
ed; secret,
always, ever,
clusion, secretly.
0Dc3li yekadasi, j. The eleventh ^^j^yepuni (^), v.a. To catch,
as a ball. 2. to take, lift or
day of either fortnight in
the lunar month, on which
toss up a child in the arms,
yepolu, see azJ.
Hindus fast.
^^or^r yemarike, yema-
e5>, >^> yekini, yekhlni, s.

2. chas- rge, ^^ o^-doa^.

Honesty, uprightness.
yeme, s. A turtle.

yekoci, adv. Alone, , intg. pro. Who? ere.

whoever, whoso-
yecane, see c&aerf?3.

ever,any one. a-d^ who is

o?i yeccuni, yeccyuni
*7 oG"^ that? a3 ?54o, vs83$<fo at
(a^F), t
. n. To reflect, muse.
whose house? a^/^S for
s. A kind of gambling
yetu, whom? for whose sake? a5o
in which a piece of coin is
(a5 Lcd5) who knows ?
tossed up and a wager laid
J^<2 ^e&-
as to which side it will fall.
ff s
yeruperu, 5. Difference,
^jaeoo^to gamble in this way.
distinction. 2. perversion,
yedu, s. A goat. man>
j- distortion. 3. reproach.
yedamode, s. A stupid
el yerane, ^/^-. Who?
A coward cf. ^?a.
yedi, s.

yede, ^. A blockhead,

D^)> yeravuni, c.v. (of

To raise, lift up. 2. to in-

eni, ^. A ladder cf.

o3o?$. ;
crease, enhance; promote.
yetu, intg. pro. How much ? 3. to load ;
embark. 4. to pet
how many? iKfiro for any and spoil. 3-3!?, ^baK to flat-

amount, on any account. ai?i ter; to pet and spoil a child,

yeri 86 eige

servant, e33_ to raise An

:' yelamu, J-.
the price; to out-bid. 3o3_ public sale. 3^^o^. _ "rfos?o\
to set
up a tree. to
2^ s> to sell by auction.
enhance punishment, ^csotf
to increase one's To
^ yalavuni,
cause to melt.
c. t 1
(of aoos)
pay. -Sy3-n& to load a cart ^ yeluni (S), r-.7/. To melt,
or vessel with goods. as lead, butter etc.

Oyeri, s. A kind of fish. 2. a bed 1 yavanca, adi\ However,

for planting vegetables etc. at rate.
o yemni ( a ^), "'. a.To ascend , >53e>d yevara, see ^g^ssstf.
climb, mount, v. n. To rise.
zSyevndeppnd^^. Doubt,
2. tobe increased, be aug-
perplexity, adj. Doubtful.
mented. 3. to be accumu- J^
yevura, ^-
yesa, ^^ ^?M-
;|F yerte, see ~$r.
yesige, J^ 53e^^, ^e~^.
SJD^-S- yerlaki, s. A part of a
<$* yelu, www. Seven. a^^3
boxing match.
yersavuni (aster), t-. a.
$ri yelige, J. Increase, growth.
2. to beat, strike.
3. to eat up. 2. prosperity. 3 -improvement;

yety, J^ af.
yelpa, w^
yelakki, J. Cardamoms.
)?l s. Weariness. e? o yelya, see
--S- to become weary. yelveru, s. Seven persons.

e/u EI
ei, The tenth letter of the eikulu, /ro. wrw/. They.
alphabet. Also written esosj.
;- eikya, s. Unity, harmony.
einda, #tf^'. Hereafter. 2. diligent application to any
eindrajala, pursuit or occupation. 3.
g,3D^, 3ogjt3e>>
eindrajali, ^^ <^o^-, -&^o^-. spiritual communion.
rbsk s.
eik^, /^^. (dat. of 4) For eigalu, eigulu,
or to it. -to or for A schoolmaster.
* *5.
it only, sow is it for it ? eigeru, see
S owing to therefore. eigena, J. Five spans.
eitij 87 S3 3, eisra

eitu, //#. (loo. of 94) In it. necklace worn by a virgin or

eiddavara, ^. Owing matron.

to therefore. sodd, S3Oe>f3 eirane, eirani, s.

eeoso^. A new ornamented earthen

53 3 eita, see
vessel used by Lingaits during
S3^ eita, /r<?. (<?. of. e?4), Its,
of it.
nuptial ceremonies.
)Kie>) eiranali, see soSsas.
S33e>d, 533-3,3 eitara, eitvira, J.
eirana, eiranu, s.
Weariness, affliction; bet. 5o<!
5333^ eitala, .s. A kind of medi-
133 f.
cinal plant used for castrated
eiravata, s. The elephant
of Indra, regent of the eastern
S33DS? eitali, see
sod ayida, see eiruni (>5), v.a. To wait,
S0c3* einu, w/z. Five. z>33 fifth. stay, stop. |-

S3^J3c5o einudu, num. Five hun- 3irolu, s. A kind of creep-

dred. )?j* eilata, eilasu, s. ,

eipuni (so), ?'. . To tread. Sport. 2. childishness; also

eibu, ^. A flaw, defect.

?5 eilisu, ^. Incivility, impo-
Obliquity, ir-
eimule, s.
liteness; cf.
regularity, as in the founda-
eilesi, see
tion of a house.
sod eiva, w^w. Fifty. 3 the
eiye, eiyye, see esoSog.
eiyo, eiyyo tntj.
eivaji, eiveji ^.
Alas! 2. no, not. srftS sjre^,
Money, wealth, property.
have you got money ? 5
eiveru, see sooSogS.
eisabasu, m/y. Bravo!
sool eiyo, ^^ S)^.
well done!
SDC&cC* eiyeru, pro. Five per-
eisvarya, ^. Wealth, rich-
53 s6 eisu, z/y. Ha ! alas !

eiyyelu, J^ e9odogs*. S3?o eisa, see

eiyyo, ///. ! woe !
eisra, s. 2. cheer-
eirutali, s. A kind of
fulness; cf.

WO wondi

wo, Tbe eleventh letter of the lS wonti, adj. Alone, single,
alphabet. In MSS. it is often separated. ^ a single man.
written 4. l3 wonti, s. An ear-ring.
wonku, adj. Thin. e3 wonte, J. A camel, drome-
wonka, J. Crookedness. 2. dary.
a hole (of rats, snakes etc.) wonda, s. A public tank.
adj. Crooked, curved. 2. a hole, pit.
^ wonkade, s. Yomitting. ocS wonde, see tfactl
-eiLrr- to feel an in-
-3u^s>, G^rre6 wontagare, ^. A strong
clination to vomit. man. 2. a clever man.
wonki, sec sSc-3-.
wonti, .r. Turn. time.
^i wong-eruni, see Sjo^do^. k
wontige, J. Contribution.
woncake, ^. A deceiver, ,0^$ to collect contribu-
cheat; cf.
^o^^. tions. Aabrs, 3jS<3o$ to
wonca- contribute.
oZtf^,Zoo^s3^ woncane,
Ime, s.
Deceit, fraud, delusion; wontu, J. A turn, time.
also ^c^j3. rfo^A^ to cheat, adv. Once.

deceive. J wonte, s. A little, a bit,

adr. Whence? smallness. adj. Little, few,
where? are
anywhere. small, trifling; also s^crf.
whence do you come? a few persons. & a few
days. -^>^or a little time.
o^^)^ woncipuni C^ceJ). 7'. a.
very little.
To deceive; &/. ^sel^S).
wondake, ^. Urine. -^
o^^, loot!^ worijane, wonjene,
"&o. to piss, make water.
First; cf.
^ wondane, J<?<? ^^
wonji, num. One (waj. So5,

_vLa to be united oodJSe^ wondalige,
reconciled. -5 e ^ perhaps. wondolme, s. Congruity.
Asc35 each, one by one. )^ wondavuni, c. i\
22 some, certain. &>o To gatber, collect, join;
ee9cSoa3 f?jjUo on a certain to beap up.
day. a^, oooftri wondike, wondige,
wonta, s. The hip, waist, s. Joining, uniting, coales-
loins; cf. cence; sSjsca^.
wondi 89 wogga

wondipuni, sec wokalatu, see

wonduni (s^oS), ?. a.&n. wokile, see 3S?.
To gather, accumulate. ^. The
wokka, hip, waist.
ocS wonde, see ajo. Suaao a string 0?- thin girdle
c3JS^)0^ wondoluve, J. Rela- round the waist.
wokkattu, s.
=0,^5, Concord,
wonnu, ^. Gold,
wonne, .? v.n.
To be in concord.
adj. Becoming
elegant, graceful. ^_r3, 2T^p| wokkana, wokkane,
wombuni (SoosS), v. n ^. A heading, title, address.
To be suitable, to agree with 2. style,
composition; bet. 3
sj^zlioi to sign.
womma, intj. of surprise ^s3.

,020 wokkayi, s. A single hand.

Eoo^oori wommukha,
wommuga, s. One direction. wokkuni (^^), v. a. To
adv. In one direction. ?&$, scratch.
^jsiks to assemble for a 0* wokkelu, s. A tenant. e?

certain purpose. ^s> to

occupy, reside. TOT$O$
35^00^ wommuta, adv. All a- to be tenanted as a house,
round; erooeoo^.
cf. place or garden.
womme, adv. Once. 2. One
=$,d wokkelme, s. of a
<j \
7 cf. SodsecS. 33
cultivating class called the
oneness, unity. 3os^s> to Bants, a Bant; fern, a^oa,
gather, collect, heap up. aj^.eS.
o o
:>^oel>,> womettuni ('<
' J. A an
eJ wogatu, riddle,
v. n. To be gathered. 2.
enigma. mystic language,
osSo^^> wommevuni cant. rf SJ^^TJ an ambiguous
v. n. To be united, to be as- expression.
sociated. *
wogaru, s. Brackishness.
wornku, s. A lane, foot- ".
Salty, brackish.
path; also SoSo^. wogaruni (^XS),^. To .

wornde, s. A quarter seer; become salty ^^ brackish.

Eri ^ wogg-atu, see
wormba, num. Nine. 3 ,
woggattuni, 2o?\
the ninth.
A 80 eo

woggada, s. Oneness, con-

wormbuni, see cord. ef&s, 5^ aj?\3 tb?>.
wogga 90 woda

,r! dfl woggaraue, s. Seasoning. !3),

7-. a. To gather. 2. to

to season. change money, cash a cheque

woggapn or note.

To become one, be united. ; wotara, s. The enclosure

ft woggi, s. A handle, hook; of a house. 2. vicinity.

cn>?\. tJeteoao a piece of toU s ^^,^J wotta, wottavu s.
plank suspended on both ends, Discount, agio. 2. premium.
for keeping things. &&& to dj33J3Q2o:3 discount of a rupee.
be of one mind, -^w^a to ^e3. wotta, s. The chin.
lay wait.
wottam, s. Money, cash.
s. Depth.
^kra,3 wottara, wottare,
-3. w
wocana, see On the whole;
fe'. cf.

wocipuni (&>^), 7-. 0. To

wottige, ^
wipe off, rub out, efface. Qy

&3o wottu, s. Total. 2. amount,

2. to clean.
sum. 3. the whole. XO^T?
woccadi, adj. Single.
IT the whole contract. ^>S the
wocci, s. A small whetting
an aggregate
o- whole. 3a}
board: ^/j<? 2j2p'rfor3. si^soso
sum total.
&T account, 3o^?>
a board for sharpening knives, to add, sum
collect, heap,
chisels etc.
up. Sjii^Xo together, with,
23o&j aj
^), ?. a.
wocciyuni ( ^*^ along with: ou the whole.
To deliver, give in charge; wottuni To
khfi (^), -i'.a.

also 2oeJ 5 ^asLr 2. to

2j press. heap, pile up.
woccuni ^. The mouth.
&3 wotte, lip,
2. to whet, sharpen
'ft wotte, s. A fissure, hole.
(a knife). 3. to row (a boat).
2. a potsherd. adj. Broken,
woja, wojaya, wo j aye, woja, iA)i ^.
wod^telu, sec o
wojedi, s. Deduction, subtrac-
woda, /<;j//. With.
tion, remission. ssTiid to
deduct, remit. wodambadi-
wojaim, wo^'ane, s. A ke, Agree-
wodambadige, J.

load, weight, burden. ment, consent, contract, cove-

3d, to^ wjira, wojra,
s. A nant. 2. a treaty.

diamond; bet. 3^. 333o> wodambadipuni (^^=

3^6 wojire, ^. A vizier. aici),
?'. a. To consent, agree,

^ wotayisuni concur. 2. to be pleased.

woda 91 wodda

:5* wodaku, s. Bruise, frac- wodungeluni

ture. 2. a leak. 3SQsotre:xb a ^), T/. . To cease to bear
prater, tell-tale. fruit.

wodakari, see a^da. djoWJ wodumbu, s. Stupidity.

wodatana, sec 2ozf^^. 2. uselessness. adj. Stupid:
A useless.
wodati, .y. mistress.
wodumbulu, see
3Jy 6
wodatelu, .?.
adj. Broken; cf. uvS^S.
^do^j^ wodupuni (aj^o), -v. a. To
wodaye, ?. A proprietor,
master, lord.
2ozS, zd&d0^*0 wode, wodetaddyei
wodaru, s. An additional
rafter or prop, used for sup-
s. A kind of cake.
tod wode, #<&>. Where? whither?
porting a roof; also SjrfS.
how far? how long?
wodalu, sec ox>c$6". TdooWj
ds3 wodave, J.
Property in
wodetana, s.
2. an Proprietor-
general. ornament,
ship, mastery.
^ s. A border.
^doi wodetaruni (8jtJ^5),r. .

wodi, 2. di-
To suffer from the pain of a
vision, plot or range of rice-
boil etc.
fields. to put borders
3^$ To
in a field. wodepuni (^), v. a.

A bubo. break or break open.

H wodi, .y.
a^s 3X
sg,$, a bubo to break o> wodeyuni (ajt), v. n. To
wodeye, see ajrfoSo.
wodipuni, see SjtS^s>.

ao&o3jj> wodiyuni (a^a), ^/. To .

o, wodewottu, s. A whole
break. 2. to stoop, bend, as family.
a branch laden with fruits. l wodka, s. End, termination.

wodilu, see 2. bruise, flky'.

Broken. crooSo

the last man. CJ^^B,

wodive, see 2oT^e;5

&od) wodu, woddu, s.

inferior riceimported from
the Ghats, broken rice.
na. ?ij5cdoo), 0X0
s> an
cie? wodkelu,^. Finishing, end.
iguana to get into a house; TT

.) to have a bad omen. wodda, #^/. Flowing, z><>5


k^Oono* wodunkelu, flowing water.

wodungelu s. The end. 2.

boundary, limit. ?>)

To turn, stretch, cast, set.
9 wodda

$?5 to turn flowing water wodyuni, see SJT^S.

into a field <?/. to hold
^ s
o7^s* wonungel^, adj. Dry,
or stretch out the hand.
withered; lean, thin; also ov>
sod- to cast a net. cnxfcew
to set up a snare. wonakattu, wo-
woddalu, s. A stalwart

nakatte, y. Dried. 2. stiff.

well formed man.
3. faded, emaciated; cf. 3?
woddi, see en)fc

woddu, s. Stubble. 2. .?
wonakelu, ^. Dryness.
2. J en)
wodduni ,
v. a. To
wonape, adj. Bitter, astrin-
hold or stretch out, as the
hand. r. n. To flow, run.
wonaru, see
wodde, s. Multiplication
^ wonas^, see

s. A royal
fl wone, ^. Bail, security.
-ssoSo a bail, bondsman.
assembly, darbar.
s. A ^ wotta, J^ cnn^.
wodta, stroke, beating.
2. gain, emolument. ^fo*. wottattu, s. One side.

^ wodte, s. A kind of fish. ff(/r'. Aside, in a corner. &e

O* wodtelu, see &&$. t>a to keep aside.

wodpavuni, c. v. (of z> o3o, 2^3^ ojo wottaya, wotta-
^) To cause to pluck, ya,
s. Force, compulsion.
bend, sink in. 2. to lessen, persuasion, coaxing;
diminish. 3. to drain. $?&- T$3 odo. _^ijtfjvS> to force; to
to drain a rice-field after persuade.
sowing or before reaping. ^.d wottare,
we vu^S.
4. to change, as money. ^d wottare, ^. Extremity,
wodpu, s. Plucking. corner. 2. order, arrange-

jjci wodpuni (a*5), t/. a. To ment. a?bs> to keep in a

pluck. 2. to lessen, decrease. corner, put in order- -&?>$>
k ?, to move aside _ rfjtfo^s to
zn^re wodyane, wodyana,
j. A belt or girdle, made gather.
of gold etc. and generally * d wottakshara, s. An under
worn by a devil-dancer. letter.

s. A wottana, ^. One place,

2ogoft^> wodyungila, ring
with worn or side.
engraving by
females. wottavuni, e. v.
wotti 93 woppa

s) To cause to press. 2. to eJ woddata, ^. Hardship,

be impressed 0r sealed. difficulty, misfortune. 2. suf-

^ wotti, s. A pawn, pledge. fering from any disease.

DeL to pawn. 2wC3s> cs^^)^ woddaduni,
wottu, .?. The mark of To
woddadupuni (ajo^S), z-. .

aspiration under a letter; be in distress, strive with

a kerned letter. 2. closeness, difficulties. 2. to be pro-
thickness. place a?ib$ to strated from illness,
closely, fix firmly; to foment. woddavuni, see
_&?} zirfLs or 5:3^0$ to
wodduni, see
reproach or abuse indirectly,
S wodde, s. Wetness, moisture.

tottu, adk'.
ttu, wot-

Very closely.

Wet; cf.
J^ ste.
wottuni, v. a. To press.
dsS wonape, J^ ajresS.
2. shampoo. 3. to seal,
v. n. To be close, or thick set. jD
wonaru, ^. An art, skill,

cunning. 2. means, device,

Jg wotte, adj. Single, solitary.
attempt. nsco a contriver,
i^ wotte, a^.
s. An schemer; also 5&>c5.
igSS wottele, oppressor.
3e)osd wonantara, J^ ste-
cSn* wodagu, s. Haste, speed,
to make to Jr^, EO^, 2w^^ wopage, woppa,
zfctfo^ haste,
hasten. woppage, aafe'. Jointly, in
company with. adj.
, wodagavuni, c. v.
(of (^>^)
To procure, supply. Joint; accessary; neighbour-
2. to 3. to assist; ing. aj^crocSo
a companion,
also SorifisS^jsLiFS). attendant. Zj^ 4^ ?roc3o born
e*dr(o> wodaguni v. n. To of the same parents, a brother.
be opportune, or ready. 2. Jra wopala, see
to prosper. oCj woppanda, s. An agree-
wodaru, J^ aj^&. ment, contract. 2. an alli-

& wodi, ^. Phlegm, phlegmatic ance, treaty.

humour. 3^$ phlegm to J.^d woppasale, s. Flattery.

gather in the throat, to breathe

^oira^;^ woppavuni,
hard; to become hoarse. 3
woppiyavuni, ^. ^ (of ^^ty .

phlegm to rattle. To cause to consent or agree.

wodeyuni, j^ ewd^s). 2. to. persuade, prevail upon.
i, 3. to level.
8os^4 ^orf a level-
To oppress, molest. led field.
woppi wora

lo^j.ri woppige, ^. Consent, as- woyilu, s. The force or

sent, agreement; compliance. velocity of a stream etc.
::j~>, 2*^ois~o woppi- woyisilu, see Zj3><><5.

yuni, woppiyonuni l
^), # 2o05j?3jsr?o^ woyisuni,
To admit, acknowledge; to ac- woyisonuni, see ^sios.
quiesce in. 7 72. To agree to, jp woyya, *//. A sound ut-

assent, consent. 2. to comply tered by labourers by way

with. 3. to be fit, suitable. of encouragement when draw-
4. to resemble. ing anything very ponderous.
woppu, s. Signature. zx> to utter this sound.
^>S> to sign.

o^?iOJ ^jf wopportu, see &>&r&jr. woyyana, see

I3fi, &o2J
o^3 wobbantige, wo- woyyara, s. Coquetry,
bbante, s. A single man. rt</z'. affectation, foppery. rfovo^,
Alone- ajodro^s^^
to be affected or
co^o womma, *//. of surprise. foppish.
tf woru, num. One, single,
i> wommuta, see ajc^ooa.
solitary, csp. in cpds, as
2. harmony, unanimity. 3. see
SR^ one eye /f.
D* woru, ^^ 2o^o-
womme, ^"

d wora, ^
Once, at once.

woyana, see 2o^ each time, now and then.

woyaluni (&>orfo>),
7-. ;/.
Ooeo*, 2dosJj worantu, woran-
To reel, stagger. tu, s. Hatred, ill-will. 2. re-

O>J woyi, J^ ^So. 2. a pole, taliation.


tfL&3 woyite, sec SJOB. To hate. 2. to retaliate.

j?si woyina, see 3c&>^. woraka, s. Gold leaf; gilt.

N woyipane, J. A kind of woraka, ^. A watery place.

wooden comb to pick lice with; woragu, s. A cushion to
also u\fni. lean the back upon. 3oi* a

c. r. wooden seat with a back.

uoSLSTs;^ woyipavuni, (of
To cause to draw or iw3rL woraguni (^^'^), z'. ft- To
pull. lean the bade against or upon

^ woyipuni, 7

. a. To draw. anything, to recline.

pull. dnig. ;. woratuni (arfS), r. .

woyimale, s. Feigning, wrangle. 2. to importunate.
pretence; insinuation. 3. to haggle; cf.
wora 95 wore

.d^ worada, s. A collection, woralu, ^. The plough-

subscription; cf. ZjoSX. man's song. eroo^s, 20030

dro* woranu, -r. A pagoda, coin ^S, srotSos to sing such a

of four Rupees. gold ecoc
below the highest touch. ^ t)^ woradu, worada,
^j?S a coin of the value of see 3jrftl

13 gold fanams. J^ s>j^^.

Ca, &oCDa worata, worata, s.
wori, a^/'. Single, solitary,
Urgency, necessity; pressure.
2. an worike, ^^ aj&^-
urgent demand; im-
portunity. sleS a notice of xrars^ woripavuni,
demand for collection of rent. worpavuni, t. f.
(of 2oS^) To
_ ^i>^$ to
demand, impor- spare. 2. to protect. 3. to

tune, urge. .a?3o a peremp- assist, help.

tory demand. l>j> woripuni, wori-
di worate, s. The name of a 5 v. n. To remain, be
yuni (2 ),
female demon. left. 2. to survive.
d:3s)y woradata, s. Mutual
sS, o033o* woripe, woripelu,
wrangling, disputation, or
s. Remnant, adj. Remaining.
dcT5;^oi woradaduni
,oo3.r woriye, worye,/?*?.
To wrangle,
A single <?;-
solitary man.
v. n. contend,
emph. N, ^ alone, singly,
woru, s. Features, form,
woradi, see ~^~.
mark, shape. 3iAtfo$,
woraduni, see
3pe^$ to be changed, as one's
ti-$* woranu, see ztitf.

dcj^* worabelu, s. Rice once

features. 3^$ to recognise,
cleared of its husk only.
woruva, ^^ Sj^r.
do* woralu, s. A large mortar.
woruvaira, ^r. Once,
2. see arif .

worale, J. A termite, white wore, s. A scabbard, sheath,

ant. worenkuni (ajiSo^), ^. w.
d^s? worasare, worasale, To roll on the ground, in the
^. A kind of sham-fight in dust or mire; also T?O^O$.
connection with a temple- worekallu, J. A touch-
festival. "3
stone: also OOT?^.
play this sham-fight. ^JSO worekore, ^. Oblitera-
d So woraha, see tion.
wore 96 wordu

woreguni, see counts in the ledger; also

worepuni, see
worguni (^ r v. n. To
worepelu, see 2oQ:5.

agree (any food) with one's

worevuni (^), v. a. To
stomach. 2. to have a relish
rub, wipe, cause to corrode.
for a particular dish. 3. to
2. to tease, trouble; cf. ootfjgs.
agree with a proposition.
63o> woresuni (^c3), v. n. To
2rU)F$ worgele, worgole,
diminish, wear off. 2. to glide. ,

j. A man who can relish or

3. to fail. i'.a. To rub, wipe.
" digest anything.
^Fora workannu,
s. A single
U)?F8 worgori, s. The first of
a breed of fowls.
^FiS workadi, adj. One sided.
2. 20?^
worja, sec 3'zr.
partially developed.
a drooping or languid person. worjipuni, see -3r3z>.
_ T?^S to cut or pare on one worna, see ^5rer.

side of any thing. sieoora to F worta. see ^33.

develop gradually, as a creep- F worti, pron. A single
er or the kernel of a tender woman.
cocoanut. ^S^QSJ one half F worte, see ^$- 2. see 2^.
of a cocoanut. worda adj. Bent, crooked,

^FcS workade, .y. A stick in

tortuous, uneven. -3jsL-$ to
the manure. cast a side-glance, to leer: to
Se>Fc* workaru, ^. A single squint. sra^os to place
leg. 5 A)o^># to stand on 5n>3o$ to talk
one leg. aijs'dja to fall
workumbe, ad-:\ Alone.
obliquely, a/^<? 33r.
to^Fi) workenni, s. One of the "

^ori o wordangelu,^^/. Crook-

i S i
cheeks or temples. ^o^ ed, curved; inclined, bent.
35FS^)?i wordavum, c. 7 1
(^ ^
lortF worga, ^. A class, commu- To incline, slope, form
nity: a tribe. 2. a proprie- with a slope.
tary land. 3. (mere.} the wordi, s. Report, .

ledger 4. transfer, ^jstr^.

(book). intimation. tiooSj^
shift. ss3 : osoSo, trot? a to report, intimate; also
proprietor, landlord. t?J:a
to b" transferred: also ^Xr. -Trjworduni (^^ r ), w. To ''

r ),
^)Tj worgipuni (^ '' r. </.
bend, bow. 2. to lean on one
To arrange or classify side.
worde 97 wola

wordelu, adj. Bent, ob- JF worma, s. A vital organ

lique. s. A bend, crook. or member; also ^&F. 2.

wordele, s. A capricious a secret. 3 secret; pricking;

man. vital. 3 &7>K a vital part. -
worna, s. Shape; see 3rr. s^etf a secret that will affect
3^c3 as before. a person.
wornaga, adv. Formerly, wormara, s. The trunk of
once upon a time. a tree lopped of its branches.
c5e)F) wornali, .y.A single pulse SoFOs) worme, worme-
or artery. 2. the uvula. 3. la, adv. Throughout, every-
a swelling in one of the ker- where, all over.

nels of the throat cf. ^artf. ; worya, s. Remainder.

jFs3 worpale, s. A lean, thin r conclusion. xJo^u
man. 2. a single leaf. 3. a dangerous sickness.
mat made of single palmyra ^Fworla, s. A seer, a measure
leaves. 4. a small mat for equal to eighty tolas.
one person; cf.
&>20r<$. a seer of paddy.
Fci worpude, s. Torment, (/zV.
a man worth a seer of
trouble. 2. one side.
paddy), a worthless man.
3)~c3 worpude, s. A single load. X)F> worluni, see Sjskra.
s3r worpe, see ^83- dF worva, s. Crookedness, adj.
^F^JF, ^O^FS^ worportu, Oblique, slope; cf. >3.
worpoltu, s. Half a day. rf ^osi to stand crookedly. s^
s3?e3 half a day's labour; to talk evasively.

work that can be finished worvara, see

within half a day. worsa, J. A year;
worbadi, adj. Single. ^orio^i wolunguni (i*oK),'v. n.
a garment, a small To move in a circle or to

piece of cloth, adv. Whole, and fro.

all over, entire. orb^ wolanguni (>ejoK), t-. .

F3, So^rs? worbale, worbale, To incline, lean.

s. A single slip of a bamboo. ;ode;, 2*jOods3 wolandala, wo-
2. a bangle. Swoon, fainting.
landale, s.
worbuddhi, s. Union, vz>6 wolampu, wolapu,
harmony. s. Cleanliness, purity. 2. af-

worbule, A single crop.

^. fectation in walking.

worbhaga, s. A single ^ wolapuni (&e>), ?'. a. To

part, portion or division. love. 2. to fondle.

wola 98 wosa

wolamayi, s. Pasture, d wolbe, J. A kind of paddy-

to tie cattle for graz- field.

ing; also WC^JSOAJ. ^d wolme, see

^s3o, oi>osl> wolame, wolume, Eo^rsri wollanige, ^. A cloth
s. Affection, love, kindness. covering the privities.
>r/' wolasu, adj. Putrid, stink- -tf wollasu, see croe^?i.
ing, dirty, unclean; also^-^- wolli. J. The sheet, i.e. a
wola, intj. Behold! lo! broad piece of cloth, used
oli, Anaffix to verbs mean- for covering the body in bed.
ing can, e.g. ^os^e? can 2.a laced cloth for wearing;
make, or can be made; &e also Soe^.
4 can go; ^?de3 can read, A water-
d , &o$, wolle, wolle, s.
<* v
(ppp. to a:^ cannot).
snake. 2.^^ 2^-
woli, s. A
cadjan leaf used wollekodi, ^. A medi-
to write upon. & a
tforfo^ cinal plant Memecylon am-
basket made of cadjan leaves.
wolipu, .?. The skin. 2.
)33) s3 wolve, ^. Resemblance, simi-
the skin of a snake. 3

to cast off the skin, as
_7^$> wovu, intg. pron. Which?
a snake. what? 2j4<yj> whatever, any-
>33)5> wolipuni (&), r. . To
be possessed with a demon.
j^o wovulu, see

wolipe, s. Gratuitous sup- J.

wosa, Charge, possession.
plies to persons of distinction. 2. subjection; also $*. _ e??j^
2.a present, gift. ^-sLrs to
to pass into possession, to
give a present; also A>e23. to be facinated,
aoOslid) wolimade, .s. A place charmed. ^otfo^ to take
where devil-dancers are paint- to
charge of; subject, subdue;
to gain over, enchant, charm,
o)o&o woliyuni (3j<s), 7'. .

favour, be kind, as superiors
>, z*f>t wosilu, wo-
to inferiors.
slli, woseli, s. Bias, partiality;
2*jsjoorfj> wolunguni,
also 3&eC. rfo^S) to
be par-
<~"d wole, pL of &><IK>.
^) woleppu, see e?^. z^oi) wosage, wo-

LO^ wolpa, see Sjv-j.

saya,wosaye, J. News. 2. the

wolpe, ^. Purity; cf. ceremony of sending a mes-

2. j senger to a girl's husband
wosa 99 wonte

or parents, with the news under-wood; a fenced wood

of her attaining puberty. # near a house; also <ye? .

34rfos> to send such a message. dolk wolamattu, in- J. The
o wosaru,
s. A
spring, foun- ternal measurement of a given
tain. 3*3 a fountain-head. area, or of a hollow thing.
tfoS an oozing 0r trickling sissrtF wolamarga, s. A by-
spring. ^<5 a lateral spring. path, footpath; also CAJ^JS Xr.
j(3o) wosaruni (&>*5), v. n. To s^), aoS'i)^) wolavu, wolavu,
ooze, leak. ^. Curve, bend; inclination.
wosllu, see z&&. 2. the mind, secret thought.

wosulu, s. Collection or 5ix>o>a* wolamundilu, s. The

inner courtyard of a house.
recovery of any dues; also
Ssiaa). to collect, ?oc2S, fco^nJo^o wolasanci, wo-
lasancu, s. Collusion, conspi-
? wola, adj. Inner, internal. racy, plot.
also ~&*$' ?lfS^. wolasutra, ^. The inner
2. secret, private; O
intermeddling collu- frame of a door ^^ window,
t^ ;

sion, conspiracy. woli, s. Light, splendour.

rTs)&> wolagapini (atf7w>), .#. ?j wolepuni (2^), v. a. To

To submit, obey. 2. to adhere, call.

as to a party. wolevuni, ^^ ca)e34.^>.

rtatb. wolaguttu, s. A secret, ^, 20^,, 2o^ wolty,

mystery. wolta, woltu, wolpa,
wolacilu, ^. A grove, wollekodi, J^e

to wo, The twelfth letter of the ing of the belly. to

alphabet. In MSS. it is often vomit.

written ;&>? j?) wongeruni
to wo, intj. 0! oh! as, So TO^JS To listen. 2. to overhear,
Rama! &>
?5^ mother! eavesdrop.
too^cS wonkade, s. An enort to wonti, see ijott.

vomit, retching. 2. heav- wonte, ^. A kind of large

100 to Co? wodya

thin reed. 2. a pipe made of net for throwing from a boat.

reed. 3otf Q3o a
boat-shaped wooden
.: wonte, see >u.

fcoo&Sa^)'!? wontepuli, s. The sour wodari, s. A potter. 2. a

fruit of Garcina cambogia; term of reproach implying
also .orif i^, 5^-r^ ?. 1
want of sense. ^fori. _e2?3

the potter's work; a clumsy

ijodo wondu, (abbr. of otfoc3o)
Where is it?
or ill-executed work.

wonti, J. A blood-sucker, ^3* wodikattu, s. A religious

or social association of mem-
salamander. 3^ a swell-
ing of the face. ~x>$ a bers of the same caste at
kind of fish. board, festival, marriage etc.;

$ wokali, wokuli, .y. J gj

Crimsoned turmeric water. LJ^O wodilu, wodu, s. A

?y red potsherd. 2. a tile.
squirting this li-

quid upon passers by etc. at woduni (>S), ?>. n. To

the conclusion of an impor- run. &<& roots to spread

tant temple festival or of a in every direction,

wode, see &>^-

marriage; also e^rf.
^J: rsj wokonuni (Sj^f?), 7-. # .
i, fcoziA* wode, wodegu, adv.
To answer to a call. Where? cf.

2C 3 JSrjo^) wononuni, see jo^e3os>. wodreyi, abbr. of

2c woci, .J. A pair, couple.
_s7)Tli?) to pair, couple, woni, s. A lane, alley,

L>^^ w5Ja, wojarsa,
s. Light, wone, J^ sr^Fi.

2. strength. 3.
onedaye, J. An areca-
bravery, valour. nut planter. 2. the name of
p wop, intj. Hailing, calling a caste. 3. a lame man.
out to a person at a distance,
LcoD^)^ wodavuni, c. v. (of &^$)
wojju, s. A tie, knot. -333 To cause to read, to teach
IB to tie. how to read.

,vota, s. Running, race. 2. wodige, wodu, s.

the current of a stream, sail- Reading, perusal.

ing of a vessel. do woduni (^^), v. a. To
wotepuli, sie 3083*. read, peruse. &S5 ^f^^ to-

read over to another.

isrf woda, s. A boat, wherry,
a boatman. rf aod a cS- wodya, sec ras^.
wona 101 wole

wonama, s. The first rillu, s. A hut. 2. a house

letters with which a Hindu with quarrelling inhabitans.
commences his studies, mean- oi>o woriyuni (^ 8), v. n.

ing 'I make obeisance to the To grumble; see &5^)ca.

Infinite'. 2. an alphabet. woruni To
(^), "'. .

?:e>s3 wopasale, sec So^d prate, babble; to wrangle.

srsa wopadi, adv. Like, ac- wore, adj. Crooked; bent.

cording to. ^J3^6worek6re, adj. Oblique,

wopu, s. Polish, -d Spofco uneven, irregular.
a fine kind of sand used for worevuni, wo-
polishing jewellery. &8&F&, rovuni (^, *&),#., To be
to polish. grumbling; to quarrel conti-
wopedaye, pro. What nually.
man ? intj. An expression of woryuni, see joodoo$.

contempt. wolaga, ^. A royal assem-

wobelu, s. The song of
bly, durbar.
women sung while transplant- s. A band of mu-
ing rice-plants. sicians. crooSo a musician.
Ls3o woma, s. The seed of bishop's
do^s to play upon musical
weed, common caraway, Si- instruments.
son amomum, Ptychotis ajo-
wolayi, J. Menial service
wan. 2. any small seed.
of Pariahs. croo3o a menial
to do woma, see sU?^o.
i>o^ womana, adj. Darling, s;o3:>^}> wolayipuni (Sj^oso),
dear. s. Fondness, tender- v. a. To serve. 2. to do ho-
mage. ever<
woyi, intj. A polite form of adv.

STSOSo wolayi, Always,

jused in hailing, or in ans-
woli, s. A festival in honor
wering the call of a superior of cupid; bet. sLses?.
Sjorfjs sir!
wolige, ^^ ^JS^T?.
woyikkane, s. A quill
woliya, s. A furrow,
of a porcupine. ,

trench in the earth made by

woyya, see ajcdoo.

worata, see so^e^y.

a spade or pickaxe.
to make a trench.
wori, s. A kind of whisky.
0afo. like. s.
wolu, As,
worige,^. Grumbling, howl. Likeness, resemblance.
ts3 wole, s. A metallic ear-ring.
2. tallness, height.
O'i; woriyillu, wo- 2. a palmyra leaf rolled up
$3 wole 102 auiu

and put into the hole of a wovu, zVz/0-. Which? what?

female's ear. 3. a letter or Oh! oh!
woho, intj.
epistle inscribed on a palmyra
woligu, adj. Flexible, pli-
leaf. 7v3 the carrier of such
a message.
^ jaggory made

wolige, see ^U?

^. 1

palm juice.
woleg-a, see
>e>X. wolu, ^r'. Where? 03, j

^ woleguni (>3K), :-.#. To ?.
sit in state. 2. to lean, recline. everywhere. aj^. Sjs?^,

3. to tremble as a demon- o O
wherefrom? whence?
s^o T^O

priest. aj^o f wna t place? 2o^

Ss&raorF wolemanangu, s. A where? whither? in what
kind of fish. place? whereabout?
wolya, see wole, see >3.

au, The thirteenth letter of , !3s?i autana, autana, ^. A
the alphabet. grand dinner. to
aunkuni (?^), f. a. To give such a dinner.
press down. J^F auddrya- see
auntu, s. Arrogance, in-
audi, ^. sec
solence, pride.
v.a> To audreka,
aumpuni (2? ),

chew, mumble, bite softly. d aura, ^<//'. Light, not heavy;

kJj autu, s. End, termination. Cf.

??ba to be finished. ausaknna, see

aude, ^. Dolichos catjang ;

aushadha, aushadhi, ausudhi, J.

^ auta, 5-. The letter 5? in Medicine. _'. a drug.
combination with a conso-
3 ausa, $

nant, as in *pa. tfaSbra to

combine it so. aulu,

ka 103 kanci

ka, The fourteenth letter of ^. The areca-uut
the alphabet. tree.

kankana, s. A. bracelet. kangana, see ^csjre.

2. a sacred string tied round ,
^o/rs^ kangalu, kanga-
the right wrist of a bride- lu, ^/'. Destitute, poor. 2.

groom or the left of a bride. weak. 3. inferior. ^?i

^rs^d kankanakhara, s. Bo- verty, weakness. e?L^to be
rax used in soldering metal- poor; to become weak, or
^cl), ^o^cf kankani, kankane, decrepit.
s. A bracelet of gold or shell-
lac, with prickly chasings. kangilu, kang-ila, kangula, kan-
a^s? a shell-lac bracelet of gula, s. A
kind of dancing
similar form covered with among pariahs at a particu-
Dutch metal. lar season. 2. a song sung

On the face, at the time.

kankane, adv.
flatwise. kanguri, J. Enchased tin
foils used in decoration.
^sS kankappe,
s. A small ham-
ocS9 ^ kannana, kannila,
mer, especially used by gold-
s. A small plate. ^oaj a

^kj, kankabhatte s. The as-

flat earthen plate.
^^ a
sumed name of Dharmaraja hollow plate.

while in =3^0^^, ^oS5"s^> karicala,

residing disguise
with Virataraja.
The bitter
kancala, kancala, s.
gourd, Momordica charantia.
, 'cWaoJJo^ kankari-
kanci, s. The town of Con-
puni, kankariyuni (^c^&), r. n.
To hawk, force jeveram.
up phlegm
kanci, s. Gong-metal, bell-
with a noise ;
to clear the
metal. ^e;^ a vase. s'tljdoo
throat; to hem.
metallic utensilsof a de-
kankini, see 3o^r5.
mon shrine. 3 a lamp-
^oj3^ kankushta,
post with circular tiers of
kankoshta, s. A kind of fra-
lamps, zx>%3 a vessel made
grant drug, used as a cos-
of that metal.
zS^ejdj?^ kancikamakshi. s.
kankula, s. The armpit, uuy
The name of a goddess at
kanke. see t^o^B Conjeveram.
karici 104 kanda

karicikayi, ^ kantelu, s. The neck,

karicipuli, s. A kind of bitter throat. ~~, 3 ?>;
orange used in medicine. by the neck.
^o^^d karicikare, s. A kind of ^o&d kantyele, ^. A quarrel-
wasp. some man.
^O^ASO karicigare, s. A worker ^odkantha, s. The neck, throat.
in bell-metal, brazier. _ ^Srare up to the neck ;

Molars, ^cta^ karicini, kancini, s. ing by the neck. -x>2 an

A dancing-girl. ornament worn round the
^o^co* karicilu, s. A vow made neck.
to a demon. =CToUe>^Cr? kanthibharana,
^o:3j kancu, ^-? ^ceS. kind of necklace.
. A lotus. 2. j^ #=~g- ^oSs^w kanthakshara, s. A gut-
s. A kind of tural letter.
tambourine. o?jO kanthi, kanthisara,

OCO kariji, s. A calf. 2. the

s. A
necklace of gold beads

of a grinding stone.
worn by males.
3. a sheaf of hay. oDDc3j kanthiraye, s. The
odJS^j s. A kind of
name of a certain king. ^>
RJ a gold coin issued by him.
=CToCS^a kandudi,
kanjya, s. A bag or metallic
3uti stealing;
vessel in which pilgrims put adj. Stolen.

their offerings. 2. a wicker- adultery. o'cSg-^

a woman
work used for storing rice
who has become pregnant by
etc. adultery, r/^.
kanta, see =r kanduji, see

^oej^ kanta, kantaka, s. kanda, ^. A field.

Danger, peril. kanda, see

^ kantavu, s. An iron style
used for writing upon palm A husband.
kandane, see sn^rig.
kanti, see
kandapini, abbr. of

To stir up a quarrel. kandabatte, ^. Con-

oL'Jo ?jkantiyuni,kan- fused, out of order. 2. un-
tyuni ^), e>. //. To quarrel, M)nable.
fight. a quarrel. Confusedly; at random: im-
U kanda 105 kanny.

properly. .-0X0^$ to roam kannu, J. The eye; the

about. s^ttfos to prate, sight, vision. 2. the nipple of a
prattle; to abuse; to speak breast, pap etc. 3. a rent, tear.
nonsense. 4. the eye of a needle. 5. the
kandavuni, see star in a peacock's feather.
_ri out of sight. rf i^o
kandi, J. A hole, opening. the eye-lashes. ri

a window; socS. i
-5^ the eyelids.
2. cf.

kandita, -^ socaa. _rf ^ooj3 the outer corner of

d kandimara, J. The trunk the eye. -d X^, -ss ^orf the

of a tree cut down for sawing. eye-ball. 3& a speck in the

s. A thief. 2. a eye. rf a film on the eye.

_4^or the rheum of the eyes.
knave, rogue.
kanduga, see
the pupil of the eye. rf ^
dji kandun! (^=5), 7.-. #. To
the eye-brows. ?5 tears.
take. 2. to steal.
to shed tears. 3?3
z! kande, ^. A bulbous root. _S>e5c3s^si
sore eyes.
^o3 liberality.
2. the stomach. 3. bottom.
prodigality; eagerness.
wdo$ (/&'/.
the stomach to
3 <3 a man given to winking.
be hard pres-
evacuate), to
to be done
&3CN a beck, wink. s^ ^

sed, bothered;
an estimate made by looking
up. srotfos, to suffer from
at a thing, a rough calcula-
colic. ZSJATJO^ to grow or 5o3 a squint, leering.
appear above the surface of ^otfotk a blind eye. eS?~> a
earth, as the trunk of a cocoa-
sickness in which the eye-
nut tree etc.
lashes fall off. -o^zfS &oL&.
kaadekutti, s. A dwarf.
^?^s> to become blind.
} kandegare, see to wink. 2033 5
kanderiyuni to instigate, encourage
T.a. To make a cut.
by winking. to blind-
slc^ kandelu, a^'. Thievish, fold, deceive. 5^^ to stare

stealing. 33 thievishness, vacantly, be puzzled. ^A

theft, ^czfd a male thief. o tfo$, ^jao^o^, ^jstfe5cdoo^ to
^so a female ^o
thief. doze, be sleepy. a;^^.
djirjj^kandonuni, "'. rcf. (lit. tiov^, eoo<34' to open the
to take for
oneself) To steal, eyes. s^dis to swoon. ^
rob. to stare.
kannu 106 kandu

ttfonz kannumberu, s. Talk- &s> to fathom the depth of

ing in sleep. water. a?L$ to plant deeply.
*, kannukattu, J. Blind-

folding, deception. 2. jug- '.

Inclined, bent

glery, conjuration. trooSo a downward. ^jsw^

a spade

the edge of which is inclined

kanna, ^^ ^- inward. &&

to walk with
downcast eyes.

kannambaruni (3oro
?'. 72. To talk in sleep, kantavuni, c.v. (o/3o
To cause to fall or sink.
kannadi, see tfo^a.
2. to prick. 3. to offend.
tf&rs^jo^ kannadi- 3o.
kantu, see
yuni, kannadyuni (^op5), r.n.
To be confused, perplexed. kantuni (*o), ?. . To
sink, go down. 2. set, as the
rssirao* kannamalu, s. The
sun etc. 3. to be pricked,
morbid secretions of the eye.
as with a thorn, razor etc.
ro5)6 kannare, adv. With one's
4. to take to heart. 5. to be
own eyes. 2. clearly, dis-
tinctly. &a&s to see for
io* kantelu, s. Sinking.
oneself; to see clearly.
kandu, adj. Dull, faded.
c3 kanni, s. Fibre. 2. gummy 2. inferior. eSos^
exudation from the outer
silver. ^e^ to fade; to be-
fibrous covering of a cocoa-
come pale.
nut. rfo'd
Caryota urens.
A kind of kanduka, kandaka,
r^j^i kannuccu, ^.
2xr s. A ditch, trench.
insect, infesting the eyes.
kandambi, The excre- 1
.s .

ai^ kannoji, see tfojSjse^.

ment of a new-born child,
kantu, J. An instalment calf etc.
or stipulated period of pay-
cuoio kandaya, s. A space of
ment. z&) a written con- four months. 2. assessment,
an obligation
tract to fulfill tax.

by instalments. rfotfo^a
to kandavuni, c. v.
(of ^o
agree to pay a debt by in- To render dim or dull.

stalments; to fix, settle. 2. to deteriorate the actual

a kantu, kanta, s. state or quality of a thing.

'2. a precipice, steepness,
adj. kandu, see 3oE.
Deep. 2. precipitous, adv. kanduni (^5), "'. . To
Deeply. 2. precipitously. -* fade, wither to be wan.
2. to
kande 107 kammu

become dim or dull. 3. to be & kampa, s. Agitation, tre-

vexed, annoyed. mor. 2. hesitation. 3. terror.
^o^s:s kandelu, s. A pitcher, $A an earthquake. rfepa

large pot. aosfrsa a drun- diffidence in public speaking.

kard. 5osjs5 a
aioa^s to frighten ;

^cd^20J?rfj kandeluburu, s. A fish to draw away the fishing

kind of creeper. when it has caught
^odJ33 kandodi, ^. An adder, the bait.
wicked people.
viper. ric33

a broad hooded snake.

^ kampiyuni (^3), r. n.

^83 To tremble, quake, as with

s^tSo a grey coloured snake. fear. i\ n. To make a notch.
a?5 a water-snake, kd a
kamba, kambha, see
yellow spotted snake.
a kind of creeper. kam-
=5*0(3 kanna, s, A hole.
badu, kambadu, kambapu, see
to bore a hole.
'ffoc&e kannada, ^. The Canarese kambi s. The borders of a
language, adj. Of or belong- cloth. 2. a flat bar of iron.
ing to Canarese or Canara. 3. a wire. Seiks to
ftarfc^ kannadaka, s. A pair of run away.
spectacles, an eye-glass. owos^ kambula, kam-
^o^S kannadi, s. Glass. 2. a s. A bullock race in a
mirror. 3. a pair of eye- rice-field.
200 a network for
glasses. kambecci, J. A steel plate
suspending earthen vessels. with holes for drawing wires.
eos? a glass bangle.
ofcSojr kamberlu, s. Demons
^o^dojjo^kannadeyuni, v.n. To worshipped by pariahs.
suffer from morbid secretion UP a hut of such a demon.
of the sore eyes.
kamboli, s. A blanket.
^o^rtu* kannaderu, s. A class of 3& a species of hairy cater-
Canarese speaking Sudras. ^c
3i% a man of this class,
kamma, ^. pillar, post.
kanni, see *crf.
kammare, ^. A black-
kannike, see 33ft smith.
kannoji, s. A class of kammi, adj. Deficient, de-
professional thieves from the ^j-S-p^ojkammukiminu, intj.
ghauts. 2. a rogue. Disturbance caused by talk-
kampa, see 7\ct>.
kamme kaca

kammena, kam- - 'J

kakkata, ^.

yana, see 3^3. vomiting.

karnka, s. The state of kakkabikkare,
being to burnt or singed. &s Alarm, fright, adj. Crooked.
- to fry. roast. =5* 57> 6 kakkare, -sv

D^'^Jro karnkallu, s. Gravel.

kakkavuni, <;. T-.

hard sand. To cause to vomit.

0=5 vrdo^j karnkadyni (^ctrcrS), kakkuni (^) T '- ^- & w -


. . To burn.
To vomit. ^ to emit poison.
karricavuni, .
(cf. as a serpent.
To cause to burn s. A
kakkusu, privy.
to cinders.
to go to stool.
TC:^F karncuni (^c^or), r. .
^. A crow, raven.
To be burned to cinders.
a black kind of fowl.
karnta, s. Obstinacy ha-
; j

a kind of black
tred, grudge. 3^0^ to be shelled oyster.
obstinate: to have a grudge. ;

s. Cassia fistula.
karntavuni. c.v. (of T&tf its tree.

To blacken, scorch. odo* kakkendelu, 5. The
karntuni (s'cSr), i<. n. shrub Canthium parviftorum ;
To fade, become pale; to be Citrullus colocynthis.
scorched. ^.
, kakkokasastra,
^o^r karnde, s. The shrub
A treatise on women.
Sphaeranthus hirtus. 559^0
cra kanana, see
^ the tree C.-irissa carandas.
a^^ kacakaca, zV//y.
A sound
^c^r-^, karmpakki, ^. A kind when kneading
produced, as
of small bird frequenting a
any glutinous substance.
sugarcane plantation, [cane. %??> to tread or knead any-
^oWJF kannbu, s. The sugar-
thing to a jelly.

^oioord karmbuda, s. A sound

_ kacakka, pro-
^o2Jor^) karmbunl duced by a stone falling into
To mutter. mud.
ijj karmbelu, ^. A stingy ,
=5^3023 kacapici, kaciku-
woman. Confusion, disorder. ~2.
ci, s.

?3 kaoise, ^. Krushna's uncle. ;

reducing anything to a jelly.

kakka, kakka, J. Sedi- adj. Gummy, sticky. 3. zig-

nicnt. *oais3 putrescence zag; difficult to deciplu

of sardi read.
kaci 109 kaja

kacita, see while tilting; to turn the tail

between legs, as a dog.

kacura, see w
kacure, .?. A clever man. ^okf, ^&oS3 kajantij, kajanti,
see ^rdcO.
kaceri, ^. A public office.
tffcjos&n* 3j ka.jammadume, s. The
the Tahsildar's office.
tonsure of a child.
the Collector's office.
kajaku, s. An oyster or
kaccakadi, J. A tortoise
cockle shell. 2. a cocoanut
shell. ^jseeu_ the shell of a
kacc'ade, s. An outcast.
black oyster.
kacca, ^/'. Green, unripe; t^odod s. A kind
raw. 2. silly, indiscreet. of basket.
3. base, low.
kajake, adj. Variegated
s. Quarrelling,
eJ kaccata, with white and black. &s?>
fighting; dispute. a white fowl streaked with
23e>oa kaccaduni, "'. 0. To black.
quarrel. kajane, s. The green stuff

kaccavuni, c. v.
(o/tfzQ floating on stagnant water.
To join fast. kajaruni, see zg^s.
kacci, ^^ 3&5> 5.
^^31)4 kajavu, kajavu,
kacci, J. A notch, incision.

Rubbish, sweepings. 2. ^
to make a notch.
kaccikada, J^ ^g^a. kajane, j

kaccidaye, J. A native kajipu, s. Curry.

'of Cutch. SJ
kajilu, m- *s55.

^0$ kaccuni (
^ r),
^- w To -
8 ^-. A kind of grass
be joined fast. t/. . To bite. growing on brackish soil.
^23 J3 d kaccura, s. A fragrant 2. an acid substance accu-
root of the Zedoary Zeruui- mulated on the teeth by
bet or Curcuma Zerumbet ; chewing betel leaves.
Kcempferia galanga. E kaje, adj. Dark-red, reddish.
The end or
=&Z3 kacce, s. hem of S9> an inferior kind of rice.

a lower garment gathered up kajepuni (^), v. a. To

behind and tucked into the chew. 2. to husk with the
waist-band. ^y^?>
to fasten teeth or beak.
the under cloth behind; any ^kajeruni (--S), y. a. To
fluid to run down the rim waste, as time. 2. to lose, as
kaje 110 katty

sleep. 3. to delay, put off, as confusion. cao^i5j a quiet

work or labour. man.
s;* ka^elu, s. The after-birth, katari, see ^328.

placenta. katavu, J. Reaping.

kajelpuni (^~), see
kataksha, J. A glance,
side-look. 2. mercy, favour.
kaj.Jatu, * North-west
&?&s>4s> to
&?L$ to regard with favour.
33 c& kajjaya, -r. A cake made
katina, jj^ ^SP.
of rice, jaggory and ghee.
13^13 katipiti, s.
t>c a sweet preparation
2. disagreement, misunder-
consisting of dholl, gingely
standing. 3ot>r$ misunder-
seed, jaggory, cocoanut, and
standing to arise.
to to haggle in mak-
kajji, see
X. wrangle ;

ing a bargain; to disturb,

kajjura, ^^ Xs35.
as by babbling.
J. Business, work. ejjao, ^^js^d katura,
kajjeruni P. .
katura, katora, Harsh,
(^f^), adj.
To be interrupted, severe, cruel; ^3r.
procrasti- cf.

nated. ,6J3^3or?i katkarohini, s. Black

f^b? katukutu, s. The noise hellebore, Hclleborus niger.
produced in biting or chewing kattu, s. A band, hoop.
any hard substance. 2. un- 2. a
bandage. 3. a bundle,
easiness in the bowels. 4. an order, com-
katumastu, sec XO^o^. mand; a regulation. 5. a

katakata, s.
Babbling, bond. ^y^ a law, institute,

chattering, sro^os to chat- usage, routine. ^?5 fixed

ter; to speak harshly. $ hire. T^ra to loosen a tie.

$> to laugh noisily. ^\> to unfasten; to cancel

JiS^N katakkane,
adv. Readily, a rule.
to make
at once. a resolution, or rule; to ex-
suddenly, ^^yS
to communicate.
speak harshly.
katale,^. The shopkeeper's kattukamma, s. A fixed
open box for putting in cash. pillar.

33^13 katakuti, s. kattukada. ^.

disorder, disturbance. sfe .
kattukadi, s. Determin-
lumber, things lying in ation, settlement.
111 katte

kattukade, s. A final kattavuni i

arrangement or resolution. To winnow.

^ finally, at last, on the ex- ^13 ft s. Fuel, firewood.
treme point.
TjkJo kattu, see #0.
fo* ^$ kattyikathe, s. A fable,
kattuttara, s. Adjust-
novel, romance. &j

ment, settlement. 2. order

fo^.sjooejj, kattijmuttu, set
command. 3. the pacification
of a devil.
& katt^lme, see
J* kattuvasu, s. A rough ej>
kattuni (^0)
\ w i). a. To
kind of cloth. 2. a piece of bind, tie, fasten, secure. 2. to

cloth to clothes etc. build, construct. 3. to set,

wrap up
A dam. 2. 5^ ^^. as jewels. 4. to amass, as
J, katta, s.
wealth. 5. to deposit, as money.
katta, see *3.-
6J 6. to pay government dues.
. rs kattana, s. An embank- T2bF$ (lit. to tie and
ment. 2. any earth- or stone- to erect for
give) another,
work. 3. a building.
as |
^ OS &sbF$ to build
csz^ds^} kattanaclravu, s. A e3

a house for another; ^513^5

bag with divisions; also X^o =jzbr& to submit voluntarily ;

jTOnojo ^0 S tftabrs) to refer a

kattapuni, s. An em-
dispute for arbitration; efteao
bankment between rice-fields
.5 ^jsbr?) to lease out a
or across a water-course.
land. e>eL$ to store,
e3 d kattalme, s. A building.
amass; to forbear, as from
kattale, Custom, prac-
showing one's pride. ^^>
tice. 2. an order. 3. a rule, SJD^JO) to confine. #05 s^>;frfo$
regulation. to argue closely a point in
^oeJ kattakutti. see ^Sro^ot?. dispute, to contest.
U eo kattani, s. A necklace of J^

H kattumuttu,

five or seven strings of gold

beads, each having a gold coin katte, ^. A raised seat of

in the middle. earth or stone. 2. an altar. 3.

3u^ c.v. (of. an office.

ws^S" a post-of-
$) To cause to bind or tie. an embankment
fice. ija^a
2. to have a house etc. built. round the tulasi plant. 3oo
3. to supply. ^^ to supply ^rf a custom-house. ri^ca
with vegetables. to suffer loss, be ruined.
katte 112 kada

kattevu, s. A flea. ,^. Grinding. *^

s 1 a grinding stone. *cs2 a
kattonuni, .
rg#. (<?/"

To bind for oneself. 2. grinding pestle,

to supply oneself, sroz! to oeo^kadambalv, s. The space
commit sin. behind the hearth.

38, 38, katle, katle, ^ *^- ozos? kadambale, ^. A kind of

3Se>0 kathari, s. A dagger. poisonous snake; also B'tS^otS.

tffcf. kadakattu, ^. Monetary

3rs Hard, harsh,
kathina, adj.
severe, difficult. 333rea a transactions, lending and bor-
cruel man. a severe ^3 rowing.

expression. &S?A a serious kadakda, see X3Xrf.

_3c^coo a hard kadaga, ^. A bracelet,
heart. ^. A cloth covered
3&fldkathora, adj. Severe, hor- with a composition of char-
rible. coal and gum, and used in-
kaduricilu, see *&. stead of a slate for writing.
3zz ozoao kadijtiji, ka- 2. the skin.
dunjeyi, sec kadadu, see 35^.
G^oZwj kadumbUj s. A kind of
Srf s. Distance. 2.
cake. about half a mile.
023*3 kadumbele, s. A miser,
SOD^ kadapavuni, c.v. (of 3
niggard. To cause to pass. 2.
kadijta, s. A cut, incision. to help one to ford a river,
2oc^e SS^JSAO ^tS he cut it at
kadapu, s. A ferry.
one stroke. 2. ^r.^
a stone placed across a stream
7,^33 kadutale, ^.'
for crossing over. croo5o a
kadud^, ^<? ^5
kadupuni, ^-2 kadapu, .y. A rheumatism
kadijima, ^ of the joints.

kadume, ^. Pride, vanity. kadapuduni, c. r


2. ostentation, vaunting. To despatch, forward,
=- ^37)53 kadusale, kady.- send away, dismiss, ^r^ti^
sale, s. A devil-dancer's ^Lrsi to accompany one for
sword .
a short distance out of civil-

5^ kad^istana, ^^^ XSco3#. to follow the remains of

ity ;

^ kada, ^. A loan, debt. & deceased relatives to their

-to lend,
-^s to borrow. last resting place.
kada 113 kadu

kadapuni (^), v. a. To lathe; to wear anklets, or

cross, ford, pass. z. n. To wooden shoes.

elapse. 2. to surpass. drj* kadasu, see X<3r3.

& kadapelu, s. That which SD^S kadakadi, adj. Resolute,

can be crossed over. decided, strict, exact.
sJo d kadapyade, see ^4- c3s>c&o kadayi, see
kadama, -y. A stag, elk. EDS kadara, s
kadame, .?.
Deficiency, de- css)^) kadivu,
fect. 2. remnant. Less, An opening, pas-
#af/. & kadi, ^.
deficient 5 ?
^r sage. 2.a small fragment,
difference, about. ?& to a small passage. ^
bit. 3.
become less, be diminished.
w^$ to block up an opening.
to lessen, reduce; to
^js^a & kadi, s. Broken rice; adj.
kadayi, s. A boiler of
kadita, see *S^.
kadicilu, see ^^>-
kadara, .?. The companions
of a bride, bridesmaids. ^ kadime, see
yo.$ to choose a bridesmaid. kadiya, ^

ro$ a bridesmaid. rf 3oQ To be

oJoj^kadiyuni (^^), ^'. .

a gift of four rupees to a

octe:2 cut in two. 2. to break down.
bridesmaid. 3. to give way, as a dam.
kadaruni (^^), ^. n. To 4. to dissolve, as friendship.

croak; to caw. ^^Cs^kadiru, kadiratana,

3* kadalu, j

. The sea, ocean. see #a?5.

3^, 3i3 the sea-gull. c^> ^rs kadivana, s. The bridle

ei303j the bone of a cuttle- of a horse.
fish. or? the foaming surges 0* kadiru, adj. First-born.
of the sea. ^03? a sea-hog, &3 primogeniture. crooSo

dolphin. aro3 a kind of fish. the first-born son.

^>a a sea-snake. ajsoi a kadiru, s. The plant Sida
sea-fish. ret us a.

kadu, s. Pungency; seve-

aridinum. cSsJ the ground- rity. 2. excess; extremity.
nut, Arachis hypogacB. adj. Pungent. 2. extreme, ex-
kadavu, ^. A turning-lathe. cessive. 3. severe. ^s/sjs,

2. a wooden shoe. 3. a silver 3j3T$o5> poison the

to fish.

anklet. -533^0^ to turn in a 5 excessive trouble. 33

kadu 114 kade

very bitter. &aez5 excessive corners of lips. tf.??ror dis-

passion or anger. aVK a qualification. ?3c5 the

very liberal man. 333^ a waist, t\y/>.
of cattle. 3j&&>d

great sinner. 3>3 excessive to come an end.

to ^jsSba to

heat. witness the end <?r destruction

^^oczocf kadumbaru, s. Drowsi- of anything. &a?a^>3i$ to
ness, dreaminess. threaten with evil. eoj3-dos

to talk in sleep; cf. to avoid, escape; to recover;

=3^0023 kadumbe, .s
to get through a task. --?

or;, =3^033) kadupa, kadupu, tfos> to pare tfr lop the top.
to conclude, bring to

kadubu, ^. A kind of an end. ^ijs'dos

(a woman)
cake. to commit adultery, obsc.

Jdooel).kadumuttu, . The doowo^, 4Bo:&>$ to come to

extreme point. 2. severity, a conclusion or decision,

sharpness, adj. Extreme. 2. to finish, terminate,

severe. a t3ef3 travail. finally, at last. &$& a?

^jS3e>(&) kaduvayi, s. A kind of & to keep aside. tf^S

fish. $ to gather together in one

kaduve, J. A hero. 2. a place. '$'$& ?tfo& to be an

courageous man. 3. a clever adherent of. tf^t&r ulti-

man. mately, finally, end. at the

kadustana, see
*^3- tf^e the very last, final. &
s. that side. ^? this side. w&
kade, Verge, edge, margin.
osorf- inside. L^osorf- outside.
2. end, extremity or point.
3. place, side, direction, adj. icZaJ^ kadencuni (trfodTj^ . a.

Last, final, ultimate. 2. low,

To knead.
mean, -saosj the fruit of the kadekannu, s. The outer
last crop, -rreo (lit. last time), corner ^r angle of the eye.
2. a side-glance, leer.
end, death; evil; distress.
^jsatrooS without head or 3jsLa to look askance; not to

tail; forlorn or destitute; stu- be well disposed.

pid, absurd, senseless. 3 kadekatty, s. The settle-

oJj a retainer, adherent. t^ ment of a dispute. 2. a double

the last day; the day of judg- cross-beam. 3. a wooden

ment. -tfd;$j9$ a low, mean, square in front of an upper
stupid man. ;3jseU a story, supported on posts,

side-glance, leer. arooso the kadekary, s. The heel.

kade 115 kana

^drtaa kadeguri, s. A pit used by ^0 kadtelu, s. A prattling

the rope-pullers when work- woman.
ing a country water-lift. kaddu, s. Severity, rigour,
kadeccuni, see mSo^os. harshness. 2. the strength of

kadepini ( 5 ^), v. a. To wine etc.; also 7\sQ3.

bite, champ, gnaw, grind. Severe, harsh. 2. strong.
53030 to chew the cud. 3\2 3jD;fd a harsh word. e?L
to gnash the teeth. TBfrS&tfdT to be severe, strong. fc

a grinding stone. ^s to make strong.

zizos, ^^ws^, kadeballu, kade- kddata, .s.
Cutting. 2.

ballu, J. The ropes with which fighting.

a water-lift is worked. s. A bill-hook.
doJoo^i, ^cls^)^ kadeyuni, kade-
kadpu, adj. Excessive, be-
vuni (&&)) V' a. To stir up,
J limit, etc. 9<3 o
turn. 2. see
oversweet confection. sroi^
kaderuni, a very harsh word. ^oAs5
kadesa, ^. Delay. gold containing a larger pro-
kadesavuni, . ^. (<?/"* portion of alloy than usual;
To delay, detain, stop. cf.

kadesuni (^53), ^. To .
^ kadpuni (*S), ^. To cut; .

be late, to delay, tarry, linger. to fell down, ^rf,^^

a stone
d\ kadei, see ^oso. cut from a quarry.

^ kadga, ^. A sword. ,
kadma, J^ *z&rfo.

& kadcilu, s. A
turning l, ^d, kadle, kadle, see
co' V
lathe. sjstSo?) to turn in a
kana, J. A square piece.
lathe. crooSo a turner. the piece of cloth from
kaddi. ^. The fibre or vein which a female's bodice is
a *

of a leaf. 2. a very small made.

stick. esd!?, s kana, see ^3-
d P kaddya, ^. A pitcher, water- ^o
a kana, w. a. (imperat. of
tSfcs) Bring.
d o?3 kaddyana, s. A bridle,
kanambaruni, j^ ^o
reins, bit.

^sSwsJoaj kadtalebayi, j. A
kanaku, ^. Fuel, firewood.
quarrelsome person.
kanaja, A granary, barn.
g^o* kadtelu, j. That which is

broken. d kanapade, ^. A kind of

kana 116 katte

having poisonous milky kaneparu, s-:e

juice. kanepe, j^ Sr^.

kanapane, s. A stupid
kaneyuni, see
kaneru, s.
s. A jaw-tooth, Astringeucy.
kanelu, s. The thick end
of grass or straw. 2. a small
s^oSj kanapalayi, ^. A plank
for the driver to stand upon
branch of a tree.

in buffalo race. kanevuni, see

so,^ kanapini, see Aso^Ls. kanopini, see

kanape, adj. Bitter, astrin- kanole,

gent. kannu, J
kanale, sec re3. ra ^ej"'.
re d kannakattu,
kani, s. A ditch, trench. kannaniru, see 3~

To tcr ^c^F.
ss^ kanipuni (^), t'. .

he hardened by burning, as kannoji, J^<? ^o^e3.

an earthen vessel. 2. to be ! kate, ^^ *^-
afflicted. ^3c3_ to be depres-
^ katta, ^. The coir or fibres
sed, dispirited; the heart to of the cocoanut, used to make
be hardened.
ropes with.
3o kanime, s. A defile or pass kattari, see ^s.
between two mountains.

kaniye, s. An astrologer. kattalyuni (^^), w. To set, .

kanile, s. A tender bamboo. as the sun; to get dark. 2.

shoot. to droop, as one's spirits.
{% kane, s. A slender bamboo ^53 kattale, s. Darkness. 55,
fl kane, A
blight incidental
pitch dark. 3o- the

to rice crops. =#osjg_ a

blight- ^4 kattavu, ^ *,.
ed ear of corn. kattalu, s. Cash, ready
P! kane, ^. The quill of a por- money, :'/,;'.

cupine. 3o33 a
porcupine. $ katti, J. A knife; also 3^.
kaneag-u, kanengi, ^ katte, J. An ass. 2. a silly
creature. tfodr a
kanepuni C^f?), r-. n. To iD a katteri, ^. Scissors, sh
have an acrid or astringent 2. an betel-nut cracker. 3, a
taste. 2. to rot. rat-trap;
^i katte 117 kadry

katteriyuni, kadike, s. A granary. 2. a

.tf.To shear, depository for the receipt of
cut with scissors. offerings.

kadine, see ^^cS.

A composition of chunam J^ 3 e

kadipu, -^-
and other ingredients used
kadipuni, see tf^s.
for flooring.
A kadime, see *a?3o.
, =5^ kathe, kathana, s.
^t'. Strongly,
story, narrative, narration, kadiya,
well. 3ioyos> to squeeze well.
history. 2. a fable, tale. intj.
Ah! nre^_ wonderful! tfqz 0* kadiru, ^. An ear of corn.
2. see tfSS.
zi^oX narration of a story.
a delightful or pleasant
^qre-drf kadlma, a^'. Of long
story. ^i-re^oXj^o a collection standing, veteran, experi-
of stories a enced.
; compendium
of history. kadime, s. A veteran, an
o32 kadumpe, s^ ^ricsS. experienced man, a servant
of long standing.
kadukulu, J. A vital
kadu, s. Grit.
part of the body, as the heart.
2. the side. a ff. [t
kadupu, see 5rf^.
kadijru, s. A spindle, dis- S kade, .?. Catamanial dis-

kadampe, s. The decayed charge.

part of timber. 2. a chip. kade-
cScdoo?), 36^)$
splinter. puni, kadeyuni, kadevuni (tf#),
kadamsara, s. A per- z. . & . To disjoin. 2. to
fumed braid made of the
pull out, strip off".

"kedagi" flower. ^ kadelu, adj. Loose.

kadana, s. War, battle.
kadeluni (*d), ?-.. To
kadane, s. A swivel-gun. become slack. 2. to
to fire a swivel-gun.
shatter, tatter.
^ddo kadaru, kadaru, J^
Sjs kadoli, s. A species of
j^ ^d^js*. plantain, Musa sapient um.
J. A kadpu, J. Stealing, theft.
kadale, rag. adj. Rag-
ged, tattered. kadpu, s. An ear of ripened

kadike, s. The Huriallec, corn. rfoAos an ear of corn

grass, Cynodon Dactylon. 2. to bend from its weight.
the name of a village. 3 , kadru, s
.?. kadro 118 kappa

kadrolu, s. A kind of kannada, sec
edible grass. kannadi, see
T& kaaa, s. A dream. & T*3
a vision chimera, fancy. 3o

if. dream and mind);

& kanya, s. A virgin, young
girl; also ^^, tfs^, tfjSo^so
sleep or wakefulness, used
PW- the
2. sign Virgo in
negatively ^wo^s, c. dat.
the zodiac; the sixth solar
^ to dream.
month. s
virginity. ri kanambaruni, e5^i an offering to the dead.
3?te kanaka, .s. Gold, 3 ^oso the first crop. 3
showing honour #r devotion ~2S5 a kind of grass. ^
by pouring gold coins on do, d?5 the country sarsa-
the head. sparer gold dust.
Hemidesmus indicus.
=5^33 kanape, ^ *r3. parilla,
^cTOocBrf giving a girl in mar-
3>^3 kanikara, J. Pity, compas- riage.
sion. to pity, have kapa, see 3^.

compassion. sisj kapata, ^. Fraud, deceit;

=3^^ a, =aojoo> kanipuni, kani- hypocrisy. 7^:3, croc3o,
yuni, see tfrS^s. ^65 a hypocrite, dissembler.
^sjojso kanimuri, ^. The smell 3?M the guise of hypocrisy.
of smoke. 3j^ kapade, ^. A gluttonous
^-0 kanile, j^ tfrfeS. woman. 2. cloth.

T^^^ kanishta, <//. Small, little. sisj, =5S5Do kapala, kapala, s.

2. young. 3. base, inferior,

The scull. 2. the temples.

low. i$o lowest. ^SM, a kapatu, s. An almirah.


youngster. kapayi, J. A greedy

^fi kane, see 3 A. woman. 2. middling, as liquor.
4 kanepavuni, c. i\
*$ & kapi, A monkey, ape.

-) To afflict, cause trouble. _?;5 a monkey's trick; teas-

2. to harden, as the heart. ing. ^UJj^
to mimic, ape.
kanepuni (*c3), f. . To olj kapi, s. A pulley.
be afflicted, troubled. 2- to kapila, s. A tawny colour.
be hardened j <7c//. Tawny. 3oos, tfL5 the
founder of the Sankhya philo-
kanevuni (^w), r
. The 1

. . sophy.
skin to be discolored by a blow. kapura, see 3&rt. ,.

kanna, see * kappa, ^. Tribute, an offer-

kappa 119 kaba

kappanda, s. A sling. ff^ kappuni (^^), "' a. To eat

a sling stone- greedily.

z^d, 3^8,, T^cikappada, kap- 3 kappe, A frog.

-3o?v large

padi, kappade, s. A dirty, eyes. 33*j , 3i?> a green

tattered cloth. frog, tfjseX a disease
cS kappade, s. A snipe ; cf. of cattle, dogs, ^.
rt kappade, #<//. Dirty,
- kaprasuttu,

A portion of
o* kapparu, s.
kapha, ^. Phlegm,
a large earthen pot, potsherd. to accumulate in the
3^3) a flat kind of cake, or throat.
e>^^ to expectorate,
a kind of bread, baked
kabuca, s. A short jacket.
in such a potsherd.
o kaba, ^. The space between
si o* kapparu, adv. On the face.
the fingers; cf. #& $} a
eojstfos to fall on the face.
bifurcated branch.
31 o^o^kapparijsuttu, s. Gal-
vanised iron, zinc. kabandha, ^. A headless
trunk. 2. water.
t> dob* kapparantu, s. A fabu-
lous beast. 2. a glutton. 3. a ;> kabandhe, s. The name
of a giant. 2. a short-necked
rake, debauchee.
s. A tad-
man. 3. the moon's ascend-
sj dofeS kapparante,
ing node.
0* kappalu, J. A -^e& kabakei, see under 3&.
a game cock. 8erfrf?> a kind oU kabata, see 3*u. ^aois a
of cumin seed, Nigdla sativa. dissembling woman.
ado?) to 'go on 6
kabadudaru, intj. Be
vC3 'c5s)D

board a ship. careful! ^wStroa^ care, cau-

kappu, ^. Blackness, dark- tion ;
ness. adj. Black, dark. ^e os* kabatu, ^. Drill, military
s? a dark <?r dejected face. exercise.
srocios to conjure <?r divine
by kabaru, j. A forked or
putting a black application lateral branch. 2. a forked
on the palm cf.
^B. ;
stick. 3. a report. 4. news.
crooS?roo3o a
J5<S*2&,^^j-jj Jj3vA3 kapputo- adj. Forked.
laci, kapputolasi, s. A kind heedless or negligent man.
of mint shrub, 'Holy basil,' kabari, s. Tufted hair of
Ocimum sanctum. females.
kaba 120 kara

kabatu, see ^sreO. ^iS kamastare, s. A sea-

kabiduni (*835), r. To . custom superintendent.
strain, as the gruel of boil- 33^, ^^^)Fi- kamany, kama-
ed rice. nu, s. An arch, vault.
;:^oo^ kabiyuni (*83),r. a. To iraoSo kamayi,^. Gain, income.
besiege, surround, overwhelm. )^!] kamiti, s. A committee,
2. to overspread, as clouds; conference.
also Seoooa.
kamma. ^
kabire, ^. A
^u kammi,

saint, once a Mussulman, ammena, kamyana,

Smell, odour, scent, fra-
aooo*, tftijsa*, tfuJS kabulu,
s. grance, savour.
kabulu, kabiili, Agreement,
consent. kaya, J. Depth, as of water
etc. 2. swamp, Deep
20je3 kabule, Tawny, of a adj. ;
yellowish dark colour. ??;>

to get ripe, as the gingely oil- kaya,

seed, s. A tawny coloured ^ kayappa, ^A'. Entirely,

bull. wholly, all over. 2. well.
z5 kabe, s. A
forked stick, adj.
plough well.
to ^20^
Cloven, forked. the cleft
^ to anoint or besmear the whole
between the thumb and the &8t35$s> to mix.
=eee;o a A
forefinger. post =5^30 kayame, J. kind of
forked at the top. Xo& a rice &?&.
; cf.
kind of fork-shaped grass.
=5*03.0'" kayalu, sec
kabettu, adj. Tawny, of
kayipu, see
a yellowish colour,
^t kayipe, see
e^kabetti, s. A tawny colour-
ed cow. kayilu, J^
kabca, see 3d. jd kayile,

t3>, ^o kabbe, kabya, ^V: 1

o kara, J. An earthen vessel.
eo=o5i- the stomach.
Topsyturvy, upside-down. ^5"
_ 33t$os> to overturn. aijsdos) cooking utensils.
to capsize, upset. d kara, s. Pollution from death.
djo kamala, J. The lotus, d kara, s. The hand. 2. the
Nymphea ndiunba. trunk of an elephant. 3. a
f kamasu, see A^OJ- a
spark, ray of light, as
=3* n;:?^ kamasu, There is none, r/^. the sun.
kara 121 kara

karantuni, see karadu, s. Wastage, loss,

wear. adj. Rough, coarse ;
worn out. 53X33 waste paper.
lu, see-
5^6 a rough copy. e?!b$
karampe, s. A wound. 2.

see tftt. to be worn out. k !

0v$ to

karampelu, #<//. Perfo- waste, spoil.

rated, bored; having notches. karadi, s. A bear. 3ooso

s. The scar of a wound.

a hairy man.
karadige, ^. A small box,
karambu, see ^osoor.
karambuni (3tfo), 77. a. karadu, ^^ ^S.
To prune, cut off, as super- karana, ^. An organ of
fluous branches of a tree; to sense. 2. cause, instrument

clear away, as bush, etc.\ cf. or means of action. ^o&> the

three means of action, name-
karambelu, J. A kind ly, j&ci^esjawkafc the mind,
of coppice. speech and body.
^ karaka, .?#? =5^. dr^'s karaaike, kara-
^u karakara, s. The noise nike, see ^rfr^.
J. 2.
made in chewing, sawing, or , karatala, Cadjan.
a mode of beating time with
the hands also
2, ^d^d karakari, karakare, ^^^, ^ss"?.

j3 cadjan leaf.
5. Annoyance, trouble. 2.
karapunij "'. ^. To repulse,
grief, sorrow, distress.
drive. 2. to urge. 3. to clear,
karagasu, j^ A7\Drf3.
remove. 4. to digest. 5. to
karagavuni, c. ^.
waste. 6. to cause abortion;
To melt, liquefy. 2.
to affect the mind, make a
sS karape, ^. A notch or in-
person's heart melt. 3. to
afflict, cause sorrow.
karapelu, s. A trouble-
rta^ karaguni, r. n. To melt, some or mischievous woman,
2. to be-
dissolve, liquefy.
karapele, s. A trouble-
come thin or lean; to waste.
some or mischievous man.
3. to become affected, soften-
ed ;
to relent, melt with pity ;

karaya, J^
also ^KS^e^S.
c2^e)o5j karajikayi, s. A kind karale, ^. A swelling,

of fruit-shaped cake. karavi, J. A mould.

u kara 122 kari

karavuni (^3), T. n. To kari, s. Castration.

be dissolved, melted. 2. to to castrate.
be digested. 3. to miscarry. karinku, s. Sediment.
j;3 karave, s. Phlegm. ^js? .?#? ^orfors).
pulmonary phthisis,
karijlrige, ^. Black
karalu, J#? ^^ cummin seed, Nigella satira.
karale, see. 3de3. ^Skarinelli, s. Country goose-
karadi, s. A class of Mah- berry.
ratta Brahmins. karipuni (^&), c a. To

karanike, see 3(4-3. deduct, subtract. 2. to spend.

3. to remove.
karabu, adj. Filthy, dirty,
s2, ^DsSo* karipe, karipelyi, J.
unclean, bad.
6 That which is deducted;
3s>do3 , 'CTQD^O^, karamatu,
karamati, s. A miracle, won-
der. 2. the power of doing S^lJ kariblti, s. The real

wonders, etc. ebony.

karaya, s. Phlegm. ^4, ^30ojs2?4 karibevu,

kariyabavu, s. Bergera koe-
^DDdo kararu, kararu, s.
nigii, called the curry-leaf
An agreement, contract. ^k
tree, the leaves of which are
^s> to make a contract.
used for seasoning.
karavali, s. The sea-
karimara, s. Blackwood.
coast, coastline.
kariya, adj. Black.
karavuni, see ^34$-
j kariya, s. A ferry.
karalu, adj. Frightful,
terrible. 3j8?s3 a frightful kariyatolaci,

D Chimney soot.
kari, s. 2. kariyadu, s. A black

charcoal, or any thing burnt,

as the fibrous covering of a ciod kariyade, s, A black man.
cocoanut, straw etc.
adj. see oJo^-a, kariyanekki, j. The

three leaved chaste tree, ;

S kari, s. An elephant. 2. the plant Gi

kari, s. A bar with which a russa vulgaris.
door etc. is fastened. 2. a oJodors kariyamani, s. Black
pole fastened to a load, by beads.
which it is carried on the kariyamudyala, ^.
shoulders. An aromatic plant. Andro-
kari 123 karka

Jwarancusa, with jtlj?> to sail near

pogon .

fragrant roots. the shore. ^uo^s to fasten a

o3oo> kariyuni (*6), 7'. . To selvage; the horizon to be-

elapse, expire, pass as time. come cloudy. 30^ to sail

aux. i'. To be able, or pos- towards the land, -a^-doa to
sible. 5>o3ocD TjoXS an un- escape to the shore to escape ;

avoidable business. ^&S ^s?b from danger; to recover from

s to die; to drop down; to be sickness.

over. ^>c^ $e^3 ^ScdocS I :

5 8 kare,
s. The pole to which
must go by all means. a bucket is attached in a

^a karldi, s. Price, value. country water-lift.

to settle the price; ^6 kare, s. A parish, a social
to purchase. 0r caste jurisdictional divi-
karu, J. Vulture. 2. j^ Xrb.
karempe, see
karumbuni, see
karepini see
o^ karukumbuda,
karepuni (^3), #. . To
make a notch or incision.
karukuru, s. The noise
6s3oa karemedi, s. The sides
made in chewing any brittle
of a border in a rice-field.
otfj^oUokarugontu, s Boiled -
doooj^j, ^os^ kareyuni, kare-
vuni (^), v, n. To crow.
and dried areca-nut.
karelu, s. The mark left
karuna, s. Mercy, pity,
on the skin by wearing any
kindness. ^otfo^a
to show
thing tightly.
mercy. To
$v^ kareluni (^), v. a.
karupu, see v^r. leave a mark on the skin, as
karubuni, see ^-dXo^. by dressing tightly etc.

karulu, see tf&r. karolu, see

kare, ^^ syS. ^j karolu, //. ?/^.

kare, 5-. The seashore, coast- s
r karky, s. A very tender
line. 2. the bank of a river. cocoanut 2. its tender shell.
3. land, as opposed to water. *F^)S? karkupuli,
s. Garcina
4. border, edge. 5. the co- Cambogia.
loured border of a cloth. F karka, adv. At once; sud-
r^ land-wind. ^sa by denly. 2. sharply, violently.
land. -3jrfo, 4ia=^5> to _
to bite sharply ec

touch 0r reach the land; see to grow or ripen fast.

karka 124 kartry.

karkata, s. A crab. 2. the karcilu, ^^ ^it^-

Cancer in the zodiac. ^Fl? black spe- A
karjati, ^.
a female crab. cies. 2. the class of pariahs.
=5^:1^0:^0. karkademullu, s. A karjali, s. The tree Z>#-
kind of thorn. indica, Phloinis indica.
karkattale, karjura, see X^tf.

k ark are, ^^.^ kardu, kardu, ^^

FO, ^^F^J karkasa, karkasa,
! : ;
rtc-//. Violent, harsh, unkind. karna, see
2. cruel, hard. 3. intangi- D karnakutta, adj. Head-
ble. 4. miserly. 3^ cruelty; long, topsy-turvy, s. A sum-
in- merset.
hardness; unkindness;
tangibility ;avarice, niggard- karnataka, see ^cjitS.

liness, ttrb a violent or karnatige, Jtv


wicked woman. ^r a vio- karnike, ^. The sheraste-

lent or wicked man. dar, chief ministerial officer
karkataka, see tftfry. of a collector. 2. a secretary.

Za karkumbuda, s. A f r karne, ^. A half-brother of

pumpkin. 2. an ash-gourd. thePandu princes. 2. a hard

man. -&r the story of
rtro^vs^, 'arfFs^ karganda-
kattale, karkattale, see
Kama's exploits as given in
the Mahabharata.
kargayi, J^ XXroso.

^T^. SJ^ kartupattuni (^^

kargavuni, see * ) ),"r
. . To set-off. 2. to
kargi, kargudi, ^. deduct. 3. to exclude. 4. to
A very black woman. give up hope.
^rfoFdi kargude, s. A very black FS3i,c3JS?rt kartariprayoga, J.
man. Active voice, gram.
~--'il kargota, s. Hardness. kartave, s. An agent,
2. hard-heartednes-^. adj. maker. God, lord. 3. a 2.
Hard, hard-hearted. master, owner. 4. an author;
^^JSerS3rt kargotige, ^. A hard-
cf. **#'
hearted man. )Fart^^OF^r^, kartadige,
s. Expenditure,
karci, kartuttige, s. Ownership, pro-
^- household prietorship. 2. dominion,
expenses. szXo^, jj^^, authority.
_ w^orj to cost. ^Jo^Ok^ to F kartru, s. The nominative
expend. of a verb, grain. 2. sec
karto 125 kala

kartodige, see gram. 4. fate; misfortune.

kardu, adj. Black.

5. sin, transgression. XS
black and white. 2. see the condition induced by one's

karna, ^. The ear. deeds. ^^orrf^joS^eA the pas-

an ear-ring worn by a woman. sive voice, gram. de^M
F karna, s. A black paste transgression. $v the fruit
of human actions,
composed of dross of iron,
kernel of wild liquorice and funeral rites,
boiled rice, applied on the a performer of funeral

right side leather of a finger-

rites. ^0" ^aorrf,. a sinner.

drum. o the organ of ac-

karnaparva, see 3&r. tion, as the hand, foot, etc.

karnalu, see X?^>F<5. oFfl karmane, see

sea ^tfr^. under ^>5.

F^S?* karnirelu, s. A dark karmara, J

shadow. karjnar\i, ^. A superior
karpu, s. A pit, hole, ditch. kind of firewood, Vaiica lacci-
2. a pit for catching wild fera.
karmug-alu, see w5
karpura, karpura,
under ^>5'-

s. Camphor. 2. the thick

karmuda, see ^oroeoorf.
leaved lavender. eojstfo Z^-
karmuli, s. Thatched
endula carnosa. tt crude
calomel. grass taken from a roof.
karya ? s. A ferry.
karpelu, karpelu,
see ^'dsSa'o. ^odoFd karyada, karyade,

karba, -y. Iron. ri XTOCJ s. The liver, as of a fowl.

an iron link.
karyuni, see ^5orfoooi.

karbasu, karba- J

The bowels.
karlu, .

su, J. An ox of superior breed 2. the liver.

from the up-country.
a ghaut cow.
^ F^ karlukappade, s. The
intestines, entrails.
ooFe3, =^3J3F^ karbule, F karle, see
bolle, s. A fowl having white
plumage with black spots. SDF^)^ karvavuni (^OTF), y.a.
s. An action in To burn the clowns of a fowl
2. a religious cere- by holding it over the fire.
mony. 3. the objective case, j kala, s. A square. 2. a bed
kala 126 3 kale

of flowers, etc. 3. a place kalame, J. A kind of rice.

where pariahs assemble. ^
kalayi, see
wo^ to make a flowerbed; a
group of pariahs to sit in a
. ^sjs! kalasa, kalasa, s. A
pitcher, 2. a vase, goblet. 3.
kalam, s. A reed-peu. J.
a spire.
a paragraph. sroS detailed, -^ purification by
pouring water. -s?bs> to set
item by item.
up a spire.
^SJG^', TSJG^O^ kalaiiku, kalan-
kalase, s. A grain measure
kuni, see ST^OT?. .

equal to ten, twelve, four-

^33-3^, ^ccre^i kalamtani,
teen, fifteen, or sixteen seers.
kalamdani, .$. An inkstand. 2.
s. Quarrel, dispute.
a small box.
kalambi, ^ *3cs3.
kalapa, A family

or dispute.
2. an
kalambuni, -'. . To
ornament, zone. sktfo^s
quarrel, fight.
quarrel; to make confusion.
kalaka, ^<? ^<%.
=5^050 kalayi, s. Tinning. 7^n5
kalakambula, ^. A a person who tins vessels, tin-
drenched miry floor.
ker. ^js^rs), 3j7>t$os> to tin.
v^v kalakala, s. A confused
kalavu, sec ^^4-
noise, hum.
kalasi, ^. A sailor, lascar.
z>3z> kalakala, adv. Brightly.
to shine tt* kalasu, s.
c. v.
end. 2. consumption, exhaus-
)) kaladavuni, (of^v
To mix. 2. to knead. tion. wL$ to be finished,
kaladuni (^<^S), t-.w. To
<?r consumed. 3jtfo^ to

be mixed. 2. to be kneaded. complete; to empty.

^ kalapuni (^<^), f.
2. to knead.
. To 2J3 AJ kalasi,

kali, ^. Toddy;
^^ ^3.
mingle. )

to plough a watered field. 0, ^QolJ^r! kali, kaliyuga, J.

e^) kalappu, /. Mixed. 2. The fourth or iron age of the
kneaded. world; the age of vice.
r^ kalaberake, Admix- kalike, ^. Dissimulation,
ture, compound. dissembling.
^" kalamu, s. Grafting -3o kale, s. A scar. 2. a mark.
to graft. blemish, stain.
kalamu, kalamu,
Rust, verdigris
kale 127 kalpo

kalembi, s. A chest, cof- ^B vi* kalteigu, ^'. (/?V.

for the
fer. 33$, cro$, ^0003$. mouth of toddy). Something
do) kalembi, s. The hindmost given as a relish when sip-
sail of a boat. ping toddy.
^ejdK) kalekarana, s. A bad exo* kalnaru, s. A medicinal
affair. drug.
s. A period of time.
2. a sacred work, one of the
kalepini, kalepuni
v. a. To remove. six Vedangas. 3. resolve,
strip off,

purpose. 4. artifice,
2. to subtract, deduct. trickery,
kalevuni (^<), #. 72. To cunning.
be stripped. 2. to be deducted. e^od kalpande,
s^kalka, s. Decoction, infusion vji kalpada, s. A fluid measure

of any drug. 2. sediment. equal to twelve seers.

s. A place abound- ?! kalpane, s. A stone quarry.
v^d kalkare,
^. Fiction, fable.
ing in latrite stone. s;.(3

s. The tenth 0?- last

2. invention, fabrication. 3.
O, kalki,

incarnation of producing, forming. rfo^$

Vishnu, ex-
to invent, fabricate, contrive
pected to put an end to the ;

to produce, form; to esta-

kali or iron age; also essS

e>jv&,, ^j,d kalkutti, kalkude, ^do^, ^^d^kalparuksha,

.J. The name of a demon. kalpavruksha, s. The tree of

Indra's paradise said to yield
eua kalkuni (^^),
^'. To .

o , whatever is desired.
cry, as a demon 0r one pos-
kalpanta, s. The end of
sessed with an evil spirit. ,

the world.
d9 kalke, see *<>3.
315 o^d kalpantara, s. Another
6 kalkore, s. A kind of fish.
u period of time, eternity.
) dodjsss*' kalgi rumalu, J. A kalpavuni, c. v.
yellow handkerchief with To teach, instruct. 2. to
black spots.
instigate; also #8^5t?2jrfr
kaltamara, s. A wild
^j^i kalpisuni (^^oJ), ^'- .

kind of lotus growing on stony To invent, fabricate.

ground. kalpuni (^^), f. a. To
kalte, s. Morning, the day- learn, study.
break: * cf. 53cti _d(oion morn- kalpokta, adv. Accord-
*. >

ing and evening. ing to religious directions.

kalma 128 kalli

kalmadi, s. A kind of fish. \xy^J kallumullu, s. (lit.


stones and thorns). The mill-

kalmada, Bitumen, gran-

ulated gypsum from Arabia. cog. 2. the indented surface

of a mill-stone. 3. a rugged
kalmasha, s. Corrosion.
2. 3. sin. 4. the path.
s. Sugar-
matter of a sore. ^=0,6 kallusakkare,

kalya. see ^DCXJO.

2j*zdJ3o*3 kallusunti, s. Wild
o co kalyante, see 3s CO

ginger, Zingibcr zerumbet.


73 kalyana, s. Happiness,
v kalla, s. A kind of oyster.
prosperity, good fortune. 2.
>!k its shell ;
36OO .

sjo^S kallankalli, s. A kind
iv r$ kalyani, s. The name of a oo ro
of bag.
tune. 2. the name of a female.
^OT^-I kallangei, s. A kind of
^^1 kalrutti, see oo

kallu, J. A stone.
ci:5, ^^e3
kallante, kallate, j.
The Indian nightshade, Sola-
pillar. 53, rf 3& a stone
tium In.iicuni.
embankment or seat.
kallabiru, sec under
- a mason. ~zmj a stone
put across a stream to pass
over. - 3J&SOSJ a slate. -c3 kallayi, ^ ^ ^-
s. Asphalt,
a stone bridge. -~c a Jaina ro
shrine. s23o a kind of bow ^jodr^ kallarpada,^. Small-pox
fO ,
for discharging stones. 'rfo
attacking a person a second
-02- a stone time.
trough. 33^$
to break stones. ^3o s to
O F kallarpe, s. A kind of

chip stones. &jS^s> a stone sieve to remove small stones

to grow hard. -,
3^ stony, from earth.
made of stones.
^<^u play- kallale, s. A class of
ing with stones. pariahs. 2. their headman.
4. kallutetti, s. A rotten s'S
kalli,' s. A bag of net-work,

made of ropes. 2. a wicker-

lallubage, s. A kind of work. 3. the pods of cannabis.

tree, the wood of which is \.see **,.
used as timber. _ kallitti, sec ti^&j
'lallubare, s. A kind of kallirolu, s. A hard

plantain tree. grown palmyra fruit.

kallu 129 kasu

kalluppu, .y. Rock-salt, kavalige,


the Bombay salt. J.

kavatu, Drill, military
kalluru. s. A kind of fish. exercise.

kalluruna, adj.
Imma- , ^^1^46 kavi, kavlsvare, s.

ture, half-ripe or half deve- A poet.

loped. >;i,
^^ kavite, kavitva, j.

kalluruti. ^. The name Poetry, a poem, verse.

of a female Bhuta. ,
^^^?d kavundrasa,
kalluruni kavudrasa, ^. A cancer on the
odj^ (^^5), z>. /z.

A stone to press or hurt the cheek.

sole of the foot in walking. ,

=5^030 kasaya, kashaya,
.s. The straw covering j

. A decoction, extract. tk>

of a bundle of rice; also ^s to extract, <?r
prepare a
kasi, J. Graft, grafting. ^o
kalletti, s. A bag with
s^s to graft.
divisions within.
kallottu. J. A foot-sore ^o^o^a, ^^o^o^jj kasi-
caused by a stone. pisi,kasukusu, kasukusu, adv.
In bated breath, in a whisper.
^ kallola, s. A large wave
srogtfos to whisper.
or billow.
, ^^ft kasidi, kasibi, s. Em-
zt, =asJs kavaca, kavace, s.
broidery, ornamental needle
Armour, a coat of mail. 2. a
jacket, short coat.
o3J kasyapa, s. The name of
JeS kavate, ^^ w$8.
deified sage.
ari, =arfcl kavadi, kava- s*, kashta, ^. Trouble, hard-
dig^e, kavade, ^. A small shell,
2. toil. ^v a
ship. labour,
cowrie. calculation with
?a^ time of difficulty. ?abs-$
cowries. to play with
^200^ to give trouble. 3:f oc!oo$ to
be afflicted, to suffer. wo
rf kavane, s. A sling. -^ B^S, T^O^S) to work hard,
a sling-stone. take pains.
kavatu, see ^^. s.
kashtishta, Enmity
jfd kavana, ^. Poetry, verse. and friendship; love and
2. invention, fabrication. ratf hatred.
a poet. to S
^KS ^ A sound
^y^si, 3o#o^ kasukasuka, s.

compose verses to caricature. ;

produced when anything is
s^joa to exaggerate, invent. smashed.
7? 130 = -- kala

'ss^rvst&i kasukayi, ^?3 kase, ^. The strings or ties

kasugayi, see tfsfcfcoaj.
of a jacket. ^?ex) a whip.
vrtftf kasijru, ^^ ^&. ^w^^ to fasten the strings

Brackish, of a jacket.
37* kasa, '//. e/o^rf
anything over salted. IT
kaskayi, adj. ripe.

3~ kasa, s. Sweepings, ruhhish. kastu, s. Force, pressure.

3>ok? s. adj. Violent, severe. 2. dan-
2. sediment, adj. Rancid. gerous. dangerous
3X33 kasakase, s. Poppy seed sickness.
3o#o^a to press,
of Papaver somniferum. force; also ^^ -

3^3, kasakka, adv. Forcibly, j^3 kasturi, s. Musk. & a

hardly; deeply. tfc^os to species of jessamine. -&>o&

prick forcibly, as a thorn. $ Curcuma zedoaria cf. e??5 ;

35rf,s> to speak so as to affect ^o&f. ^X a musk deer.

another's interest, to betray. ^y musk-mallow, Hebicus
kasaba, kasabe, s. abelmoschtis.
The chief station of a district. kasmalii, ^". Unclean,
r;:-: kasabisi, see X25&3. loose. a nasty
filthy, t^jS
X^:0 kasabu, s. Profession, woman.
trade, business. ad^ kahale, J. A bugle, tfre-

7tzd& kasamalii, see ^T^. a large bugle.

^D^ kasani, s. Remainder. 2. *3 kala, ^r ^<y.

profit. 3. sediment. lanku,^. A spot, blemish.

2>f\ kasariji, kasarige, s. 2. turbidness, muddiness.
Dross of smelted iron. 2, 3. mistake. 4. suspicion. Se5
fissure, flaw, holes. 3. a turbid water. ^^c3r a sus-

particle. tSjav^oa to remove picious mind, 's'tfcs^s to

the fissures of any metallic render turbid, ^tfc^os to be
article. turbid.
^^: kasakasi, 5-.
Haggling. s^^^ kalakala, kalapala,
kasabisi, see ^2>L5. j
. A confused sort of noise
produced as when wading
kasaya, see
through water, or shaking a
whole cocoanut.
it, kasayi, kasayigare, kasayi-

J. A butcher. kalakala, sec

kasi, see *8. kalapuni, see
kasldi, kasudi, tt? kalame, sec
=5^ kala 131 kanda

kalavala, Anxiety, al-

s. & kalli, J. The milk-hedge,
arm. 2. anguish, sorrow. Euphorbia ; the prickly-pear,
_??:$ to be anxious, agitated, Opuntia dillenii. 2. the fruc-
or confused. tification of the hemp plant
sj kalavu, s. Theft, robbery. or Cannabis sativa. ^,
% kalase, see *' ^eS ,
8zf ,
^oo^ are its

kali, see
&&. varieties; cf. ^^.
oJoo^ kaliyuni, see ^Scdoos. kallige, j

. A very tender
o kalu, False, untrue, jack-fruit.
not reliable, s. Fraud cheat- kalle, see *^.

ing. 2. trick. 3. a lie, false- kalle, 5-. A kind of grass.

hood. sraid a falsehood. 2. Jfl? ^^,-

3^ perjury, false evidence- kakshi, s. Objection or reply

to tell lies. in argument. 2. wrangling,

kaluve, see arguing. 3. one party as op-

kale, see 33. posed to another; also TxS.

^jS an opposite party.

^00^) kankariyuni, v. n.
To hawk, force up phlegm
OJJO^, =a$^> kaleyuni, kale- with a noise; to hem.
vuni (^$), v. n. To lapse, pass,
kangu, s. A dark-blue
as. time. 2. to be exhausted,
cloth worn by lower classes
spent, as money. 3. to be-
of people, or used for bed-
come loose, as the bauds of
ding, etc.
a box, etc.\ cf.
orb^ kanguni v. n.
^ kalkuni, see
To be dejected. 2. to become
? kalve, ^. thief, robber. pale.
s. Gold. 2.
adj. Deceitful, dis-
kalla, karicana,

honest, unfair. 2. under, sub- money ;

ordinate ;
additional, s. Dis- kanci,

honesty. 2. stealing ; cf. ^^o. sJo kante, kantya, J.

^jse3 the swelling gums- in A large basket.

teething. 3<y^ an addition- ^so^ kanda, s. A section, divi-
al piece of split bamboo. sion of a book.
rtaS an under roof. SJN kandava, kan-

oil, ^iJoliri kallanti, kallanti- da vana, s. Indra's garden.

ge, s. Dishonesty. 2. false- oC3i)o5j kandayi, s. A kind of

hood. fish. .
=5-30 3 kandi 132 =0=3 15 kata

kandilu, . A kind of ^e)^ kagi, s. A brown colour.

tree; cf. ", ^s^ kacu, kaci, ^. Catechu,
cul kande, adv. Early in the Acacia catechu. 2. the sedi-
morning, s. Morning. ment of boiled areca-nut.
kandeyi, see troorssoso.
fcS^Q kacikalli, s. A money
kandelu, s. A kind of bag of net-work.
tree, growing near salt water, e^^ootood kacikumbuda, s. A
kantane, s. A pot. small species of ash-gourd.

s. Effulgence, splen- kaji, s. A Mohammedan
dour, lustre. 2. beauty, love- judge or priest.
liness. =5)2o kaji, ^. A glass bangle worn
s. A wife. 2. a round the wrist; also eos?.
beloved female. ^cFs cat-eyed, blue-eyed.

kamparu, s. A carcass. xTOfciO kaju, s. A brown-coloured

2. a nasty man (f/^.) c^//. dog with black stripes.

Nasty; filthy. 2. pot-bellied, =Gd\$ katu, ^//'. Wild, rude.

kambodi, s. The name 254^0 the wild peepul tree,

of a tune. Urostigma arnottianuin. ^c
desire. ^a the fruit of the creeper

" kankshe, Wish, s.

2. passion, appetite. Momordica dioica. 5aCO a

rough stone. ^oso a wild or
kaku, kaku, ^'.
^e^F disso- jungle fruit. 3>3 a bulbous
Bad, corrupt.
lute, vicious. ^?^5 wicked root of Dracontium polyphyl-
lum. ^js??? a bull-bison.
a bottle gourd, Lagoia-
kaka, see 3^.
ria vulgaris. ^?4 wild coc-
kakaballi, ^. The creeper
co, Colocasia nymphaefolia.
Negretia gigantea.
cftSrew Turnera
the tree
kakaji, J<:^ ^XaS.
if c^ wild green-
kaki, adj. Black, dark.
gram, Phaseolus ro sir at us.
^ kakula, s. Rashness. Zs-fcS tobacco, Lobelia
9^&5| kEkesoppu, ^. The me- nicotianacfolia. a wild ^^
dicinal plant Phylanlhus plantain tree.
^o3 a wild

multiflorus', also tftfjJ&itiy tree. c5o~do. .sr^ ?js^.

kagaji, ^. Paper. 2. a ueJ^ kata, s. Trouble, annoyance,

letter. eozSL^ to write or vexation. 2. danger; a/^o
address a letter. ^~ stamp- 5i>y^. ?izS K e?w oSoe^ saw the
paper. cat's play is the death of mice.
kata 133 j k-iti

kata, s. A pyre, pile. ~Xa the angular-leaved

$ to prepare a funeral pile. physic-nut, Jatropha curcas.
srl katanne, s. A fowler's kada, adj. Wild, untamed,
idol, consisting of some white-
kadakadi, sec ^zst^S.
washed stones decorated with
kadane, s. A wild ele-
flowers. K
make an
offering to it.
3^5^ kadikalu, s. kind of
e>eJ^j>oao k&takayi, s. Mutiny, song.
rebellion. 2. pillage, plunder. sa^JSdf9 kadikorage, s. A man

=ge>l3^, 'osUtf katake, of the Koragar caste living

katike, katige, s. A trouble- in jungles.
some fellow.
d&ft kadige A
collyrium of
^ejkioF katarti, s. The wild fig- lamp-black and oil. z.-

tree, Bauhinia tomentosa. a collyrium box.

o3b'd $ katale,
: (
s. A rude man.
=05)13 kati, s. A bison.
kadulli, s. The Indian
=51)1^0* katlru, s. A kind of tree. squill, Scilla Jndica.

^siJo^i katuni, #2 ^>tl)o$. kade, s. A quail, Tetras

=ge>&3 kate s. A wild untamed cotarnix.

beast. "sdoo ^ kadyuni (5^5), v. a. To

kateru, see tR>a. trouble, torment, importun-
^. A forest. ate; also 7$T&o$.
kadu, jungle,
adj. Wild, rude; /".
traS. rsr5?j^)^)^ kanusa-
^ forest and river-bank. vuni, kanisavuni (^srfrfs), v. a.

^DiS^^o, snathe plant Todda- To show, represent, mention.

lia aculcata. -&8I wild fire. =5)r3^)Qr kanapurli, s. The bird
^oS a jungle sheep. ^jao^rJa mina.
lower class of people speaking =ae)?l) kani, s. The fraction one-

the Konkani language. &8?8 sixty-fourth.

a jungle fowl. -3;^S a wild
class <?? tribe. 3tfsire$ a money offering; a present to
rustic <?r rude man. $e& a superior. ^J3^~s>, a?&$,
rain-water rushing through srailiS) to make an offering,
a jungle and washing down scl kane, ^. A kind of fish.

all the rubbish in its course. 535 long-legged.

^ra^o (lit. a jungle-uncle), a long legged man.
a tiger. -^\X a wild beast. kati, *&: S335.

134 kami

katonuni, reft. v. (of kamangayi, s. A

To wait; to expect, wild species of green gram,
kadata, s. A fight, war, Phaseolus ro stratus.
battle. Ss) kamaka, kama-
>C3Dt3j> kadaduni ka, adv. Positively certainly.
To fight, inakasturi,^. Sweet
kadi, see Basil, Ocimum Basilicuni.

kadi, see a)Q, kamagari, s. Work ;

kaduni (^5), v. n. To also

quarrel, fight, wrestle,

kana, s. A rookery.
s. A kamade, s. A liberal man.
TFe>c3?$ kana, kanana,
forest, jungle, wood. kamadhenu, s. The
kanapurli, see ^r cow of Indra's paradise, said
to give whatever is wished.
kanunu, .s.
Arule,regu- jrfjss^^ kamapale, s. A name
J^ of Balarama,' the elder broth-
kane, ^s5, sro^.
er of Krishna.
kapata, ^. The act of
kamali, see ?ro^oe5.
watching; guard.
kamavikara, s. Lust,
sy)do> kapaduni (ffssroS), v.a.
To inordinate affection.
protect, preserve,
kapi, ^. Coflfee. dos^kamate, s. A man of the
mercantile class. 2. a nig-
Protecting 2 .watch-
3. gardly or cunning man.
ing, tending. brooding;
4. a scarecrow, sira^orf kamatura, s. Lust,
to brood to hatch, inordinate affection, adj. Libi-

to set up some thing in
a field or garden, to avert kamari, s. Siva the

the effects of evil eyes ; to set enemy of Cupid.

$F kamartha, see -sv&^^r.
up a scarecrow.
kapuni (w), v. a. To kamakshi, s. A goddess.
watch, guard. 2. to keep,
kami, ^. A debauchee.
preserve, protect. 3. to wait, J. The
kapele, s. A watchman,
object of desire.
kappu, .? w>^i. kamini, s. A pretty
kama, s. Desire, wish. woman.
2. lust, passion. kamili, see
kami 135 kaye

kamisuni (^o!3), v. a. kayi, s. An unripe fruit

To covet ;
to wish. of any kind. 2. a cocoanut.

kamuka, adj. Lustful, 3. the seed. ssijrf,

^3o^o a
libidinous. sssko^ a libidi- kind of cake. ^czf vegeta-
nous man. bles and roots; pulse. 324
kame, s. Cupid; vegetables in general. gp^X
kameli, s. A kind of a kind of cake. ^zfLs, _
jaundice, a dropsical ennrio to chew the cud. ^P?
kind of jaundice. &, a sali- to over-boil; to get loose.

vary kind of jaundice, eo^o

^s)o5oc3 kayida, kayide, ^r.

jaundice with scab. Rule, regulation. 2. custom,

)do^ kamya, adj. Desirable, kayipuni, ^. t'.
agreeable. To make hot, warm, as
s. The water. 2. to fry, broil.
3vq$F kamyartha,
object of desire. =05050^)^ kayipuni, see $^$.
bodily exertion.
s. The body.
Xooa the
^ =5302023 kayile, ^. Sickness.

kayilita, a^" Infertile,

3^ stoutness. ^4^
kayuni (trooso), w. To .

s to commit suiside. - 20
burn, to be hot. 2. to get
s to lay down the body, to
ripe. 3. to be feverish. 4.
to become angry. 5. to be
=ge)cd>o, a3cdod^ kayam, kayamu,

tight, or fast; see ^02055$.

s. Permanency, settled state. Aoe3_ a knot to be tight or
adj. Fixed, confirmed, per- fast, djsoeoo the sun to be
manent. 3&X permanent
very hot. $e5_ water to boil.
employment. ^o^$ to con-
eioaS to be very hungry. &>
firm, settle, establish.
=5 e> o3o do kayame, see
oax_ to be feverish or hot. ^
bread to bake.
kayaru, see ^.
kayeru, Strychnia,
53 =030^0^, kayalu, kaya-
, vomica. also ^soso.
lu, ^. A folded tender leaf of the nux vomica tree.
plants or trees. 2. season- ri eoorf?)^ Loranthus lonice-
ing. cqS a tender leaf; /". roides.
3o3ocs s3) s kayerupuli,
( )
^. A kind
kayale, ^^ 53 020 d of sour-leafed tree.

kayavuni, t. T/.
(<?/"^ 5>o3jo <f
kayelu, s. The state of

cdoos) To have anything warm- being green or unripe. 2.

ed, burned, boiled. seasoning. &$ to become

kayo 136 =DO kara

green or fresh. &al)ra to karanga, ^. A cutaneous

season. disease which renders the
=54)03 J2<i kayode, ^. A kind of skin black.
3^$ to suffer
cake. from such a disease.
karu, s. The leg. 2. the >doz3 karanji, s. An artificial
foot. 2 ^c<55 knuckle. d fountain, a kind of siphon;
s33> the toe. -3^ going an underground channel.
or walking on foot. &, karanta, sec tfsd^ocy.
the ancle, ee4~ the stalk
karanda, adv. Excessive-
of cocco, Arum colocasia.
-rfo?? a footstool. W)3o$ to
ly,exceedingly, very. ^5
very bitter.
tread or fix the foot. ^JS&FS karande, sec 3--
to run away. 3^dos> to slip
=cfDd^ karaka, ^. agent. 2. act-
the foot, lose balance; to be
ing, doing, gram. 3. a tax.
reduced in one's circum- =<aLrs to pay a tax.
stances. so^ the thigh, -fc?
karakannu, s. The
&s> to place the foot. ?3o$ ankle. to the
^oy^s thump
to stretch the leg. i^ft to
ankle, as a punishment. rfoo

prostrate, do obeisance. to dress down to the

Uj ^j^rj
karu, adj. Black, dark. ankles, i.e. completely; to be
_soc8l lightning issuing from
black clouds. ^>OA> black
drf^rt karakada, ka-
clouds. 53<y ,y ^S^FO. s. A kind of anklet.
sD^JS fS karukune, s. A clerk, karakayi, sec

3?2 karukhari, s. An
karakunta, karakutta, kara-
establishment. 2. a work-
gunta, s. A disease of cattle,
shop. 3. management. called Epyzootic aphtha\
j'jd karutude, s. The thigh.
Crto^ karagantu, s. The ankle.
BeJtfsraoS ^0*2^0* ^arubaru, 2. a corn on the toe. &&3
karubsru, sec ttttrl. $ to fracture the ankle.
rSukara, s. Tasting or smelling karadi, s. A footstep. 2. the
hot; also ^3. adj. Hot, sharp, sole of the foot.
pungent. 3^ alum. karana,-y. Reason, purpose,
=5T)w kara, s. A prison, jail. motive. 2. cause, as opposed
=7^ kara, A tennis r, 'ion affixed to effect.
to a letter, as ^^-^ the letter drc^ karanika, s. A miracle.
etc. 2.
supernatural power, adj.
kara 137 kala

Miraculous, supernatural. $ karkala, ^. The town

a prophet. of Karkal.

karabaru, see SSSTOFS. ^'ST'sr^ karkala, s. Cloudy or

>3^ karave, s. One belonging rainy weather.
to the class of the Konkani ^ejrir^d kargattale, s. Thick
speaking fishermen.
karaji, J. A low class of
karnike, ^6 c s'rSr^.

pariahs. karti, ^. The third solar

karadige, see ^raS. month. 2. the sign of Gemini
c. v. ^>tfo in the zodiac. rf &os? the
karavuni, (of
To cause to vomit. first crop. ^sjS the worship

kari, A termination
of an consisting of
to nouns to signify one's waving of lamps in fulfilment
^>a a beg- of a vow.
profession', as,
kartika, J

. The eighth
A nest. a black lunar month.
kari, s. 2.

bull, ox. adj. Black, dark.

^Fsf, ^IFS* kartelu, kar-

_o a black cow. ^ *
a telu, ^^ ^DjBr.

^Frro karpanya, J. Trouble,

raven-nest. to build
a nest. vexation; importunity, dun-
karuni (^>5), w. a. To ning. eoo^s to trouble, dun.
vomit. W^FD* karbaru, s. Rule, man-
s. A <?? agement, superintendence ;
karuppu, strong
control. 53S33F-0 a manager,
black sort of salt.
karubariji, see ^sarorS.
SjooFrto* karmugalu, 5

. A dark
karuruni, j^ 5s5-
kare, J^ TTO^,
karya, ^. Work,
kare, ^. A kind of neck-lace ness, affair. 2. a ceremony.
or collar. l^eSrf a brass col- 3. cause, motive. 4. effect.
lar worn by pariah women. idF karve, .?#? ^s^5.

karekayi, s. A dried )s;

kalu, J. A quarter, the
date fruit. rf ^o5 rotten fourth part of a unit.
G. adj.
0r shrivelled date fruits. rf
a date tree.
kala, s. Time, tense of the
karolu, ^. A kind of verb. 2. season. 2rt> $ a
wild Cacinia Indica. an astrologer.
diviner, seer;
karya, see e3?r) the revolution or circle
kala 138 kavi

of time. ise^ the vicis- s>^sJ kalakshepa, ^. Passing

situde of the times, evil days ; 0r whiling away time. 2.

misfortune. satfo^ the right maintenance, support.

man in the right place, a man 'oijo^okalantara^. The course
whose life opens a new epoch or lapse of time.
in human affairs. e?ed the p kalavadhi, s. The end
vicissitude of time; change of of a year, season or period
seasons. 3c$ the conjunc- of time.
tion of two periods of time, kali, see

as morning, noon, evening. sQ^JSZooi kali^obbu, s. A kind

_ ^3r, whiliug away time, of game. 2. playing for no-

procrastination. ^e^ liveli- thing.

hood, maintenance. #s?&3, kalive, ^. A channel for
_f to while away the time; irrigation. 2. a canal.
to procrastinate; to live kalu,

wretchedly. eobrs the end kale, j

to approach, to die. kale ^. A black man. 2. a
kala, adj. Black, dark. black dog, etc.

s3J3^a kalocita, </;'. Oppor-

s. A lever. SJSWON to lift with tune, well timed; according
a lever. to the times.

kalagati, ^. The pro- ,^SfcS kavante, kavate,

gress or condition of time. s. The tree Zanthoxylon
, ^S^C^CJFO kalajiri-

ge, kalajirdari, s. Black cum- kavande, s. A master,

min seed, Vernonia anthel- lord, proprietor, owner.
mintica. >d& kavadi, ^. A split bamboo
ej5j) kalapilli, s. A silver with ropes suspending from
ornament worn on the toes. each end, for carrying bur-
kalabheirave, s. One dens across the shoulders.
of the sons of Siva. kavalu,^. Guard, custody,
tra:3o a
J^DorS^ kalaminike, s. A kind watch; protection.
of medicine. guard, watchman. >?&$ to

r^^Doa^ kalarudre, place a guard. 3o^s to

kalantake, s. Siva the de- mount guard.

kavali, see ^4e3-
kalaharana, J. Whiling 3 kavi, J. Red ochre;
away time.
139 kali

kavu, s. Heat, warmth. cash. 53^)3^ a destitute <?r

2. the rind <?r scraping of worthless man.

vegetables, etc. *?;&$ to ^ kasarike, ^. Selfcoufes-

scrape away the skin of vege- kasa, ^'. Own. ^^

tables, /. one's own younger brother.
kave, adj. Red. '-rf )ro kasi, see w2>.
the red garb of an ascetic.
5-5 ^ori kasige, adj. Private, per-
kaveramara, see sonal, accounts.
^so^ private
xfSrOSeJS? s. The mar-
kaveri, s. The river
riage badge worn round the
Kaveri. 2. a female's name.
neck of a woman.
ricg^ca a festival in honor
=5=2)20^ kahala, adj. Black, dark.
of that river held on the 1st
ttr a kind of very poisonous
day of the 7th solar month. serpent.
kavoli, .?. A frying pan. ^s?.
kahale, see
s3r, kavya, s. Poetry. 2. a
kahalorage, see ^>
tftt. -rfjsd
poetical work; cf.
a garland of poetry, poetical A grain, as of rice,
kalu, s.

kala, adj. Black, dark.
kasi, s. Benares. adj.
ddo a wild cat. oSjdo a
White. ^sXsS a white paper.
?ro^a. A
black buffalo. ^>^j a very
dark night.
a Benares priest; an
j&<>& the Indian kalangu, see sixyoK.
zftS^F a kalakotte, ^. Ex-
corn. strong, white
' '

cloth. 8p37\etf$> the Ganges tremely very. ;

o3 extreme-

water; also ~&<>tfr. ly bitter.

kasiroga, ^. Lunacy. kalaga, ^. War, fight,

kasmlr^, s. The province
^^Zo^Ori kalajirige, see ttv&-R.
of Cashmere. 2. a superior
kind of woollen cloth. 5e>^5i\ kalamma, ^. A name of

A of Kali. 2. a female's name.

^^ kasyapa, s. sage
Blackness. 2. the
that name. kali, s.

SDC&J kashayi, s. The red goddess Kali. 3. a black cow.

garb of an ascetic. s^orf kalinga, s. A bird. 2. a

snake. 3. an elephant.
kasu, s. A cash, an old

coin worth half a /^, _?j^r a black serpent,

pie. ^S the fraction of a kaliga, .?
kali 140 kici

kalitakshi, s. The fifty- epiglottis; a disease under

second year of the Hindu the tongue, called frog. 1>

cycle. $$ a small corn the Ricinus ;

>$C3s>ro kalidase, ^. A celebrat- seed. 225.,

a kind of rice.

ed ancient poet. _e33< the little finger ; cf. rj

k kaliya, see ss&setf*.
', sooa narrow-minded-

kalu,black dog.
s. A 2. a ness; senselessness.

man's name. adj. Black. old and young.

kale, s. Death. dejected face. ae&s>, s
to bring forth, yean, as sheep.
kalorage, 5. A black
S-o^uosS kimpurushe, J. A fabu-
kinkana, -s^ (^0. lous bird with a human face.
kinkare, s. A man-servant.
3-0^03* kimmatu, s. Value, price.
slave. Srctt&tf servitude, to fix the value.
kirmpilu, see -at-.
&^kinkini, adj. Trickish. ^
a trick; trickery.
3c3g An
reJ kirmbata, s.
831 a kind of medicine, see
sensation. 2. scratching.
kirmbilu, ^r. The ear-
wax. ^y^X an ear-pick.
kirmbillu, JfV ^Lr<5.
&^SJ*' kincanilu, ^. A red
kirmbuni T-. w.
squirrel. To itch. v. a. To rub, scratch.
cl kinde, ^^ ^oz.
rS&U kinnikitti, j

Sounding, 2.scratching. ^?4 a kind
as a broken bell. of nettlish Cocco, Colocasia
kintana, s. Canvas. 2.
linen. ^ocyo packing cloth. rt kigga, adj. Little, small.
kintalu, kintala, s.
a-o-2a kicikici, s. Chirping. 2.
The beam of a pair of scales;
prattling, adj. Bruised, jel-
also slc^^. lied. ^js^rs) to tread to a
c^S kinnari, J. A lute, fiddle. to chirp; to
jelly. rio^s
r^>X, 330 the tune of a lute.
to play upon a lute. ui kic'idi, kicedi, s.

kinni, adj. Small, little, Boiled rice mixed with split

young, s. The young of an pulse and jaggory. aDocerf

animal. 2. smallness. T&seBri 2>?^5 a female's brown coloured

a chicken. srs^soaj uvula, garment.

kici 141 kinu

i, kicita, ^ precious stone. ?>$ to

kiccadi, J<? become enraged. s^os, tf


uo^, TOsgs sparks to fly.

-D-^J, -2^ kiccijkiccu, kicce,
io- icr Lcr

Fire. 2. 3. indiges-
e kini, ^. Wit, keenness, cun-
tion, disorder of the stomach. ning. ^200^^ to play tricks.
to show one's cun-
V3tt- a jungle fire.
envy, hatred.
kiccidi, kiccodi,
&?3&c3 kinikini, s. The tinkling of
small bells ;
a clinking sound.

2 > kicceli, ^. A musk-rat. kinilu, s. The noise made

A by the fall of a small bell, etc.
fc^', :^NS kijanu, kijanu, s.
3,re kinkana, adj. Little. e3
kind of fish. ^rfo its
3 the little finger.
fc}^j> kijaluni, see XsBew.
?,, kinkuni, see 3>0j$>.
23i3-s3 kijikitti, ^. A boy's toy; ~&

a rattle. s a s
kinnalu, s. A brass cup.

kijibiji, kitabu, s. A book. 2.

the Koran.
kijeluni, see
kittu, J^ -3-^.
kituka, see
kitukitu, ^. Annoyance,
kittu, Lightning. -^^^
T^T? a lightning to flash.
disturbance, teasing.
tormentor. &t-& to be vexed. *^,, -ffi kittali,
0, kittili,

kitle, ^. An orange.
^otfoi^ to vex, disturb.
kittuni (*,), v. n. To
3 kiti, ^^ -S-a.

flutter; to be in agitation.
j-S- kitiki, s. A window.
kidunkana, see &fjC.
kitikiti, s. Ticking, as a
kidumbre, ^. A brass
watch; a small sound pro-
ear-ring; also ^rfocdj.
duced by tapping on a flat
substance. giggling, titter-

to kidukilu, kidukelu, kidkulu,

ing. titter.
kidkelu, ^. The armpit. 2.
2J kitta, s. Sediment of boiled
tickling. syts to be ticklish.
areca-nut. 2. scoria; dross
_ s^Tkfj to tickle.
of smelted iron. 3. proximity.
&c3ozooci kidambure, ^^ ^Sodj.
adj. Near. S^<!DS> to repair

or cement an earthen or stone >

kidi, ^^ ^a.

vessel with the powdered S-cS kide, s. A cow-pen, stall.

dross. S a manger; r/. tfixg.

& kidi, s. A spark. 2. a small ^^^o^i kinukuni, ^t

kinyi 142 kirku

*G*, veto , -O-NO* kinuru, ki- -S-0, -o-do kiri, kiru, ^/'. Small,
naru, kinalu, s. A bit, trifle. little, young. 2. low, mean.
-?6 s. Margin, bank,
kinare, 0^., 20
kirikattu, ki-
shore. 2. border, edge. rikattuni. ^^ ^e&^uo a, under
^> kinikini, see *rJ*r5.

kinkana, see Sf^re. S-O-S-0 kirikiri, J. Disturbance,

^xS kinkuni (oL), ? r

. a. To annoyance. 2. creaking, as
pinch. shoes, etc.\ cf. ^tf^s. -sj^dos
to prattle. to disturb.
kinnari, ^o^s
see 0^ kirigi, kirige, s. The
c&3j. kinyappe, J. A mother's garment worn by a girl; also

younger sister.

C& sSo, kinyamme, .s .


A father's kirigi, kirig-e, s. An-

younger brother. noyance. 3o^& to annoy,

kinyavu, J. The young of kiridu, sec 5r.

an animal. 2. a little thing; 33* kiriyatu, s. Chirayit
gentian, Ophelia chirata.
&Qo3o kiriye, J. Exorcising; char-
kipaya, kipayatu, kiphayiti, s.
ming a demon.
Profit, gain, advantage. A junior, younger
S-GoSo kiriye,.?.
kippilu, see member.
3-O^y kirita, s. A crown, diadem.

^ kippe, J. A pile, heap. S-Qefo^^S a king.

3TO?t>s> to heap up. S-tfo kiru, see -3-8.

kimmatu, ^L 7? IriT'O 7 ^ ^v
y^ \j JX1I C OC/t-c^ T'T'i.j

kiyude, ^
^CciT" kirengu, ^^
o^ kirumbuni, see
kirudu, see
kirencuni, ^^
mud. kirejuni (^^), z>. a. To
kiranci, ^. Mire, adj.
cut, as straw, grass-stumps
Miry, dirty, foul.
A etc. 2. to scrape or clear, as
ra kiraria, ^. ray or beam
of light. the ground.

r?) kirani, s. A kind of itch ; 6)>, ^da^)^, ^O^rJ kirepini,

also ^3rf, TTSjrf. kirepuni, kirevuni, sec 06*}$.
S-Oe)! kirate, ^. A hunter, fowler :
kirku, s. A creaking
a forester. noise.
kirka 143 klce

kirkalu, kirkala, kilepuni, see ??3ss^.

j. Annoyance, trouble, teas- -S-e3i?^;^ kilevuni, kile-
ing. 2. a grain. vuni v. n. To
(*3, S-3e),
Og kirgatti,
^. A small knife. whistle. 2. to resound.
2. a short sword. rO kilesi,
3-rt>F< kirgulla, s. A small j. kilbu,
kind of brinjal.
kille. J. A fort. 03-5 the
S-^rd kirtara, s. An inferior
commander of a fort.
sort or kind.
jzS, -o-^d kivade, kivude, ^.
O-CJ^F kirdu, not
adj. Inferior, A deaf man. #4tfk deaf,
kisikisi, J. A titter, laugh.
4&Fe) ff

-&&FO* kirpilu, kirbillu,
^r^, &n) kisu, kisi, J. Grinning.
j. A hut, small temporary
2. a fragment. 3. trouble.
4. hinderance. *^, KTO&
^-QdJa^s* kiryatu, see 8odjs.
a very small balance. arooso
S-?3F kirse, see a grinning face. s3?5 a trifle.
&o*o2oj, 0*200, &^odoo kilum- _a*?uo$ to give trouble; to
bu, kilubu, kilumu, J^ e3oe3. haggle. 3u^s to hinder.

S-o kila, J. The belly. a bag.

2. &7?& kisuka, s. Tittering or
_ e>o&(34$ to fill or feed the grinning. 3 ^<y^S)
to grin,

belly. laugh.
o-^-S-o ^. -?o kise, ^. The pocket of a
kilakila, Chirping.
2. screeching. Heartily, 0afo. jacket.
to laugh heartily. &?,, -S-^ kistu, kiste,
^. A fixed

period for payment of reve-

-^JEoo kilimbu, kilubu,
see -S-eSosS. nue. an instalment.

kilikili, see 3v$v. kilipili, s. The sound of

A chirping.
kilenji, s. fly.
kicake, s. The name of an
^-s3ozoo kilembi, kilembu, ancient king.
s. Rust, verdigris, corrosion. s. A
z3W3s3pO kicabavoli, fly-
SotSO kilembiri, J. Cream. ing fox.
2. scum. (S^o-Stfo* klcukicu,
froth to form. s. The squeaking of
^o^ kilekuni rats, etc.
To draw out, pull. 2. to kicuni ("fre^), v. n. To
irritate, provoke; to stir, squeak,
move. klce, ^
klji 144 =5^ 0=50 kunku

s. White lead. 3* kilu, ^. A
joint, hinge, peg.
2. a wooden fastening. ss
&ej kita, s. An insect in general.
ci>> to fasten as a door; also
2. a worm. 3. see
?i;3, ^r> kltake, kitage,
kilumbu, J^ &3c83.
A base or rude fellow.
Inferior. kiludavade, 5-. The
S-^Ca* kidu, #<//'.
lower jaw.
ee~', 3?^ kidu> kldi, J. A worm,
kill, 5. A lock.
-^ the
insect. &^s, ax^dos to de-
key of a lock.
cay, to become useless.
cS* kllmslu, adj. Evil and
3* kitu, s. A part, bit; a
good. 2. inferior and supe-
rior, adv. Upside-down.
&e^ kltuni (e), ?'. n. To
to sprinkle. klvu, 5-. Pus, matter of a
spirt, sprit;
&d> kiduni (*?5), ?. a. To
;&> klsuni, sec ^?sb'..
importunate; to dun, tease.
A bunch. ?do kisuli, .s-. A carpenter's
3?3g) kipu, J.
*l~& plane.
o^ivS* kibillu,
kilu, <//. Base, low, mean.
kiru, ^. A split, rift; a _e?f, an inferior.
scratch. &sB a low class or caste.
kiru, //'. Ancient, old; 33 baseness, meanness. ^
?K aooa a lesson for 3tf a vulgar expression. aioa

the past and future. a mean disposition. 3o?.

5 kiri, ^. Continuance, inces- see

sancy. ^^^ to continue, go kilu, kilu, ra? *e^-

on without ceasing. ^^eo^r ku, adj. prcf. Bad, low,
incessant rain. &3 vulgar people.
small; as
&> kiruni (*e5), v. a. To low tricks, etc.
scratch to split also ?\?^os). s. A crim-
; ;
5^6' -3-eB. of
klre, soned powder turmeric,
jkirottuni (*?^a5 o ). r. a. used by married women for
To roar, as an elephant. making a mark on their fore-
^Fc3 kirtane, s. Praise; a heads. ^e^Q sec ^e~3-

psalm, hymn. ^^ to sing o^J^o kunkuru, s. Going on

praises of God. hands and legs, as an infant ;

^or kirti, ^. Fame, renown, also ^-j?o5 o"dj.


a toad.
s to stagger, reel.
kunke 145 kundu

kunke, see clothe. ^fsga to cover with

xfoofctf kurica, s. A tassel, flybrush. clothes, put on clothes.

^oosS kurici, J. A kind of chil- kuntuni, see ^J3?owo^.

dren's hood reaching down kunte, s. A dwarf, short
to the calves of th.e legs. man.
kurice, .?. A weaver's stay. =00 k3 kunte, s. The web bearn
kurija, s. A heap, accu-
of a loom. rf ^ fire set up
mulation, hoard; assemblage.
to warm the bleached thread.
/G-dos to set a post
kurijaru, s. A small
OO^DO* peg.
the cross-beam
jungle. 2. the name of a ^ of a

kuriji, see
XscaS. kunda, ^. A pit, especially
of sacrificial fire.
kunjirga, see ^oca^S.
oc^ kundala, s. A kind of
kuriria, s. Genitals, vlg.
ear-ring; also XocTto.
^oofcJ kunta, s. A peg, post. 2.
o^O s. A kind of
the stocks, adj. Lame, crip-
pled; blunt. ?ro?3> a crip-
^ kundi, kundige, J.
tricks. 5s5 a lame
ple's A strong trough.
leg. ?5Ls> to place ^^ fix
kundelu, see &abrf&
a post. 3JT>7l>$ to set
up a
kuniie, 5. The penis.
"oboyro kuntani, s. Vexation. ^oo ^e; kuntala, ^. A curl, ringlet.

2. ^otiri 2. the hair. 3. a drinking cup.

dissoluteness; cf.
' ei

~r\s3 a debauchee. =5*00 3 kunti, s. The mother of

the Pandit princes.
^0023* kundu, see ^oorfj.
talu, kuntalu, kuntala, s. The
tree Gomphia angustifolia.
=00 rf kunda, ^. A pillar, post.
33o5r its fruit. 3<5rt a stone pillar.
see &seo to build a pillar.
kundana, s. Pure gold,
kunti, ^. A female dwarf. kundavuni, ^- ^.
rt^'. Short; worn out, wasted; To reduce. 2. to boil

blunt, dull. 3os3 a worn down. 3. to repress, humble,

out broom. sojstfo^ to become kundu, s.
blunt, ^. defect, fault. 2. want. 3. loss.

3jj kuntu, ^. Cloth. 2. gar- crccSo a helper; a compan-

ment, dress. ^o^o 3 to dress, ion, comrade. Xo to make
kundu 146

up a deficiency. ^ want kumbi, s. A mirage. 2.

of money Jr means. the penis. 3. an elephant.

^ood> kundu, s. A child of Pa- =aOo2ookumbu, Rottenness, adj.

riahs. ss^oa to bear, bring ; Rotten, carious, decayed. 3o

forth, as Pariahs.
tf a rotten tree. e??^ to rot.

Tjooc3o> kundum
lo ^oozjj^ kumbuda. A pumpkin cr
(soccij, j

decrease, abate, be reduced. gourd, Cucurbita agcnaria.

2. to fade, wither. 3. to be
5& an ash-gourd. tysE_,

boiled down. a small kind of ash-

^oocSs/ kundelu, s. Deficiency, gourd. e3e>_,

as in the measurement of to boast,

etc. vaunt, I'l

=g\)o x kundri, s. A small craft SO
kumbottu, see so c zoo.
or vessel from the Maldive ^ kumbha, s. The eleventh
islands, adj. Little, small, solar mouth (Febr.-March).
short. ecred a puny 2. a pot, an earthen vessel.
baby, bantling. ^^. s^> 3~ the name of a giant,
oso a small kind of cocoanut, Ravana's younger brother.

imported from the Maldive TTO& the sign Aquarius.

islands. z> kumbha, kumbha-
3 kundrukote, s. An sthala, ^.

The frohtal globe

old fort at Mercara. of an elephant's head.

jsraa, kumpari,
kum- OCOS*, ^ooDo^ kummaku, ku-
padri, s. A god-father. mmike, st\' ^^^.
kumpuni, see 5Jsc3os>. see
:o$)^ kummaya,
)o3j kumpe, see ^^v kunrjilu, see
kumba, .svt" ^Jo<$. kurntuni
3\>o2o6 kumbakare, To shrivel, shrink.

kumbare, kurndu, sec 3Uc:ior.