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Summer 2018

Yes, that’s his name. He represents the thousands of
people who—like you—take on the responsibility of
supplying blood to the state of Rhode Island. And he
needs help from all the people who aren’t donating
yet. So invite a friend to donate blood, and keep
helping us help Someone Else.
Pure joy on the faces of Jude Amoako, 21, a URI student from Cranston, RI, mom Felicity and sister Janelle as they meet some of the
actual people who donated the blood Jude needed to save his life (more about Jude inside).

Meet Someone Else Who Saved Your Life

or the first time in Rhode the blood center reached out to see Coleman of Coventry, who has given
Island Blood Center’s 40-year if we wanted to meet some of Joni’s over 97 platelet donations at RIBC’s
history, local blood donors met real donors, I couldn’t believe that Warwick Donor Center, was one of
some of the actual patients their was even possible. I’d heard of it the first to respond. He said, “I’ve
blood and platelets helped save. happening with people who received given so many donations that I start
The setting, a beautiful May evening at a marrow transplant from one person, to wonder who it is going to, and
Skyline at Waterplace in Providence. but not blood and platelet donations if the same person is receiving it.”
The mood, nothing short of magical. from many different people. It’s also Now he knows. Joni received not
Imagine receiving blood most of hard to impress a teenager, but Joni’s one but two of Chris’s donations.
your life and wondering, during each first words were, ‘this is so cool!’’’ At the end of the night three
transfusion that can take hours to With the recipients’ approval, the grateful people and their families
receive, who it is that gave a little blood center reached out to each were able to thank more than 30
of their time so you could have a of the donors to see if they were donors whose actions were directly
lifetime. Then, you finally get the interested. Kara LeBlanc, marketing responsible for saving their lives.
chance to come face-to-face with and communications manager at RIBC, Special thanks to Skyline at
personally thank your heroes. That said, “The process was anonymous Waterplace and Cat Country 98.1
was a moment three blood recipients both ways, so the meeting could for covering the cost of the event
– Jude, 21, from Cranston; Isabelle, 10, only take place if both parties – for RIBC, a non-profit blood center.
from Cumberland; and Joni, 13, from donor and recipient – wanted to Many local organizations also donated
Falmouth, all suffering from potentially meet.” The response from most items for a silent auction, which raised
life-threatening forms of anemia – of the blood donors contacted $1,500 to help the blood center hold
could only hope for until now. was a resounding, “Yes!” more events where patients can
Kelly Guay, Joni’s mom, said, “When Air National Guardsman, Chris meet their heroes in the future.
The Community Lifeline is a publication of the Rhode Island Blood Center
Once You See Their Faces
Reading stories of people who need blood is motivating.
Shaking their hand, seeing their smiling faces, and hearing
Facing Your Hero
their voices in person can be transforming, especially Jude is a double major at the University of Rhode
when it’s someone who received your actual donation. Island and just completed the 2018 College Leadership
Jennifer George, a platelet donor who has given over Rhode Island Program. Warren Boothman is a double
186 donations, says, “Meeting someone who had red cell donor at our South County Donor Center and
received my donation was incredible. To see what a life has given over 162 units of blood, one of which was
changing experience I was creating for another person received by Jude. Finally meeting one of his heroes,
was truly a humbling and rewarding experience.” Jude got to personally share how every single donation
he receives continues to shape his life now. Watch
Jude tell his story at

Blood Sisters
Barbara Morse Silva of NBC 10 hugs Joni. Inspired
by doing a news story about Joni’s need for weekly
platelet transfusions, Barbara gave her first apheresis
platelet donation last year. Days after, Joni received
Barbara’s platelets at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Now
Barbara donates platelets every three weeks on her
day off! Little Rhody may be a small state, but it has a
big heart! Learn about platelets at

Moved to The Mic

Isabelle has needed blood since she was born. Though
she can be shy and soft-spoken, after meeting some of the
people she received blood from, she was moved to stand
up in front of over 100 people and express her thanks.
Isabelle, who wants to be a doctor when she grows up,
said, “I still have so much I want to do, and you are helping
me do that by giving me blood.” In late summer, she will
receive a bone marrow transplant that can cure her of ever
needing another transfusion again. We will share updates
on her progress at
New 2018 Rewards:
The Rhode Island Blood Center
has some new items in the 2018
Donor Rewards Program! From a
superhero themed t-shirt, to water
bottles and gift cards to Gregg’s,
Chelo’s and Dunkin’ Donuts, there
is something for every dedicated
donor, whether you give once every
season or every time you’re eligible.
Nicole Pineault, director of donor
resources says, “Summer is a very
challenging time when blood centers
struggle to prevent shortages.
We’re competing with summer
vacations, beach days, and schools
being out of session. If you haven’t
donated in a while, please consider
coming back during one of the most
critical times of year.” Patients need
blood no matter what the weather.
A little of your time can mean a
"Meeting someone who had received my donation lifetime for someone else in need.
was incredible. To see what a life changing experience Your year-to-date total credits
I was creating for another person was truly a as of 6/19/18 can be found in
the address section on the
humbling and rewarding experience." back of this newsletter.
~ Jenn George, platelet donor Visit to see all
of the items and other current
donor center promotions!
community lifeline
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Providence, RI

a publication of the Rhode Island Blood Center
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Providence, RI XXXXX
405 Promenade Street • Providence, RI 02908
#ribloodcenter • 1-800-283-8385 •

For more news and inspiring

Inside: stories, visit
Rhode Island
blood donors meet
Your Blood Is On Its the real
Way! people they
the program, the next time you donate just make sure you
helped save for the
Imagine glancing down at your cell phone and seeing
list a textable phone number in the "cell phone" field on
a text that your blood is literally on its way time
to help ever! the donor health registration record.
a patient.
No matter what kind of day you're having, Jill that feels great!
Stockman never leaves it
From time to time, donors will receive a up texttowhen“Someone
their Else” to give
donation has been sent out from the Rhode blood. She’s
Island given over 130
Center's Hospital Services department. "We donations
want toand could use a little
donors with a simple reminder of how much help itfrom you
really this summer to
when they’ve taken the time to give. Letting make yousure
life-saving blood
supply stays
your donation is actually on its way to help someone is a strong! Jill met
perfect way to do that," says Kara LeBlanc, communications received
Joni, a young girl who
two of Jill’s platelet donations.
manager. It reminds people of the feelings they had when
Now, Jill not only gives platelets,
they made the donation -- saving lives, enjoying some juice
but also volunteers for the
and cookies, and proudly wearing the redblood arm bandage of has forged
center and
honor after being a hero to someone else.a wonderful friendship with
so far Donating
is exciting. While noJoni
replyand is necessary,
her family. She says,
donors often do text back saying, "Thank“Meetingyou. ThatJoni made
was a wonderful
day," orIs My Super
"Awesome Power
feeling!" If you'd and
like humbling
to be part experience.
and other new rewards Her family has such a positive
attitude and a staunchly
store items inside. unsinkable spirit! I amhours,
honoredvisit or call 401-453-8383.
For center and mobile drive locations and
my platelets allow her to lead a
normal teenage life.”