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Overview on asset management

An asset management system is a crucial part in an electrical system as it provides a systematic way
to maintain and ensure normal operation of physical assets, and also provides an information base for
other applications, such as smart control, system planning, etc. 40

Configuration management: the management system maintains the configuration and settings of the devices. In order to do the management of these assets. data objects and attributes of smart appliances and DERs need to be mapped to SNMP MIBs.g. Within a smart home context. SNMP is a well-known protocol and is supported by almost all networking devices. location. models for networking devices have to be defined. and models for these devices have to be defined. The second approach is to use IEC 61850 MMS protocol for management tasks. and HCMC has to implement SNMP. As stated above. using the same protocol for management tasks would enable the simpler design and implementation of the system. The following sections will further describe the second approach. . vendor. e. Some of these models are listed in Table 4. serial number.1 and 4.2. Device monitoring: the management system acquires the current status of the devices. This alternative to SNMP protocol requires the networking equipment to support IEC 61850. etc. etc. To follow this approach. e. asset management is defined as the composition of the following tasks: Inventory management: the management system keeps track of the list of devices to be managed together with their related information. The management information is structured into Management Information Base (MIB) objects.In this report. measurement data. device health. there are two possible approaches [17]: The first approach is the HCMC uses SNMP for management tasks. smart appliances and DERs for both control and management functions. IEC 61850-90-4 describes the extension to existing Logical Nodes (LPHD. LCCH) to support information models for the physical bridge (LPHDB). SNMP an extensible protocol as different vendors can define their private MIBs beside the list of standard MIBs. bridge ports (LCCHB) and also the information that these models contain in relation with SNMP MIB objects. Considering IEC 61850 has been used for the control functions. It also allows seamless integration of networking devices. DERs and also networking devices (such as switches). Alarm management: the management system handles the alarm generated by the devices when certain problems occur. the devices to be managed are smart appliances.g. which is using IEC 61850 MMS services for management tasks.