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Dairy farm problems in india?

- Quora 20/03/18, 5*28 PM

Dairy Farming in India Dairy Farming

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Dairy farm problems in india?
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10 Answers

Jagadhieshwar Reddy Ganga, works @ Related Questions

Answered Sep 8, 2017
How profitable is dairy farming?

How do I start a dairy farm?

Where do we get training to establish a dairy


How much would it cost to start a dairy farm with

4-5 cows in India? Which breed would be the
best and how much milk would it provide per

Where are the best dairy farms in the world?

What are the advantages of dairy farming?

Whether cows or buffaloes which are good for

dairy farming?

How do I start a dairy farm in Jharkhand?

1. Shortage of feed/fodder: Shortage of green fodder and feed
Can a dairy farm of cows be profitable?
concentrate is the root cause of poor performance of dairy sector in
What is the turnover / profitability of a cow dairy
general as the genetic milk production potential of crossbred cow could
not be exploited fully in absence of proper nutrition.
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2. Lack of Marketing Facilities: Due to lack of marketing facilities and
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extension services, there is poor perception of the farmers towards
commercial dairy enterprise as an alternative to other occupation.
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Insufficient Veterinary Services:
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3. Due to Lack of proper veterinary extension system: there is poor
perception to the farmers towards dairy enterprise as a viable Last Asked Sep 5, 2017
alternative to crop husbandry. Edits

4. Middleman eat all the profits: Unorganized fragmented market for

milk and milk products involved a chain of middleman who reaps the
actual benefit depriving the producers from their due share.

For Setting up Dairy Farm: Click here.[1]

[1] Cow Breeding - A Beginners Guide | Kisan Central
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Dairy farm problems in india? - Quora 20/03/18, 5*28 PM

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Selvarajan Rajeshwaran, Work on the philosophy livestock and agriculture

are two sides of the same coin
Answered Sep 14, 2016

Going through all the answers, I have to agree with everyone of them. But, a
simple point missed out not only by them but the entire Indian dairy industry is
the need for “information’’ (both technical and financial) on 24x7 basis, about
individual animal at the finger tips of the farmer to enable him or her to make
live databased decision on every activity he/she performs.

The Government of India has recently agreed to uniquely identify every dairy
animal in the country using ear tags. This is just the beginning. Dairying being a
state subject, it depends on every state government to facilitate its use by
individual farmers to monitor every animal they own individually. Alas, as of
now not one, yes, not one state government has thought about it.
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Ankaj Sharma, I am a veterinary professional.

Answered Aug 25, 2016

Some of the practical dairy farming challenges in India are:

1. Small dairy farms: Or it might not be suitable to call them as dairy

farms. Majority of dairy animals are kept by small farmers and the
number can vary from 1 to 5 animals per farm.

2. Feeding of animals: The dairy farming in India is a supplementary

business to agriculture. Means the dairy animals are raised on the
residue (leftover) of agriculture mainly. Very few farmers have separate
fodder cultivation fields. Other constraints in feeding are:

a. No awareness about balanced feeding of cattle, i.e. knowledge of how

much of what should be fed to animals.

b. Water only given in limited amount/ times.

c. Supplements feeding is very minimal or absent.

3. Health issues: In animal health there are following challenges like:

a. Availability of qualified veterinarians in rural areas.

b. Frequent disease incidence like FMD which has negative impact on

dairy production. It also affects many animals in village.

c. Absence of preventive health care measures like vaccination and de-


4. Management of animals: In management there are challenges like:

a. Hygienic animal shed. Page 2 of 7
Dairy farm problems in india? - Quora 20/03/18, 5*28 PM

b. Teat washing and dip before milking.

c. Dis-infestation of animal shed regularly.

5. Farm economics: Dairy farmers are not aware of proper record keeping
and dairy farm economics. This has a negative impact on the income of
the farmers and his spending on dairy farm.
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Prashant Tripathi, works at University College Dublin

Answered Sep 29

I would consider following as key issue for Indian Dairy Sector:

1. Availability of the real and quality data: We know we are short with feed
fodder, infrastructure etc but bu how much?

2. Management: We surely need to brush-up our farm management skills.

We are not using our animals to the genetic potential.

3. Understanding of Farm economics: Farms should be aware of the cost

in the farm. Unfortunately they are not.

4. Cost of Milk production: At the moment cost of milk production is

much higher in India as compared to other countries. (In India house
hold labor is considered free :P hence giving a false assumption of low

5. Low Labor productivity.

6. Animal numbers: We have worlds biggest bovine population with

unclear culling (is not killing) policy.

7. Male calf: what to do with them? We don;t need them for farming any

8. Milk Collection cold chain.

What will be the biggest challenge in Future:High water stressFeed and fodder

1. Average farm size: we have an average farm size of 1.3 cattle below than
the global average of 1.7

2. Milk collection bottle neck.

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Dairy farm problems in india? - Quora 20/03/18, 5*28 PM

Subbu R, Dairy Farmer | Cattle Breeder | Software Architect

Answered Nov 16

Only 20 percent of the professional dairy farms have been successful in the last 5
years. There are variety of reasons for this low success rate. High investment
costs especially the cow and buffalo prices have increased dramatically. Most of
the new dairy farm owners do not have adequate knowledge. There are huge
labour shortages especially in south India and automation using machines have
not been very effective. The procurement price of milk does not match the
production costs of a professionally run dairy farm - the main reason is that 80%
of the milk is produced by marginal farmers and for them it’s just extra money.
Marginal farmers do not buy animals as the animals would have grown up in
their house, they do not feed quality fodder or concentrates as they do no worry
about milk yield. They do not have labour charges. For marginal farmers, the net
input cost is near to zero so they accept any price offered by milk agencies. But
for professional farmers, who have built sheds, purchased high quality animals,
provide feed and employ people the procurement milk price is too low. Thats
why professional farmers should get into direct marketing or make value added
products. Check this link where all details for dairy farm failures are discussed.
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Godhan India, digital farmer (2016-present)

Answered Feb 1, 2017

The major problem in a sector are Land, water & grass the awareness about the
balanced feeding of cattle's supplement feeding is very minimal.

Availabilities of qualified veterinarians in the rural area less.

Storage of feed

Small Dairy farms

Lack of marketing Facilities

Insufficient veterinary services

Management of Animals

Farm Economics

High Medical Cost

Huge initial Infrastructure Cost

Male Calves are Burden

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Dairy farm problems in india? - Quora 20/03/18, 5*28 PM

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Raja Sekhar Bandaru, Founder & CEO at (2017-

Updated Aug 22, 2017

Following are few problems with exotic cows dary

1. High medical costs ( vaccinations/steroids/medicines/doctor fee)

2. Huge initial infrastructure cost ( Fans/foggers/sheds)

3. Male calves are burden

4. 40% female calves do not conceive ( You will know it after 3 years)

5. Many animals do not conceive in time ( lot of burden when not in


6. After 4th lactation, animal milk income is not sufficient for its
maintenence. Need to send to slaughter house

7. High attrition of skilled labour

8. Low wholesale price ( Rs 20 to Rs 25 per litre)

Coming to desi cows dairy

Low milk yield ( 3 to 6 litres per day )

Some goshalas able to use all by-products dung/urine to make value added
products (panchagavya ghee for nasal drops, vedic soil, soaps, shampoo, dhoop
sticks, phenyl, gomutra ark for huma consumption etc)
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Sreeja Nair, BVSc & AH Veterinary Medicine & Animal Husbandry, Kerala
Agricultural University (2005)
Answered Sep 13, 2017

The question shoots at a wide angle.

Well, the problems in Indian dairy farm industry starts from the availability of
indigenous breeds.

Farm management makes it tough when coming to the choice and availability of

Environmental hygiene plays a crucial role in maintaining the nutritional value

of milk. A strict hygiene regimen is to be followed at different levels like milking,
pooling, packing, storage and distribution.

In addition, the health care practices provide with a lot of contaminants like Page 5 of 7
Dairy farm problems in india? - Quora 20/03/18, 5*28 PM

antibiotics and hormone residues in milk when the withdrawal periods are not

Nevertheless, there various adulteration practices followed in dairy industry so

as to extend the shelf life and also to increase the viscosity of milk.

There are enormous number of other issues faced at different levels of animal
management, farming, milking, pooling, packing, distribution and usage.
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Shreya Nair, Manager - Content Operations at Social App Hub (2017-

Answered Aug 2, 2017

As vast as the challenges in this industry might seem, technological solutions

are steadily paving a path to viable solutions.

One major challenge faced by farmers in general, is that produce (be it farming
goods or diary products) are sold at a large margin.

Several applications are currenlty available to counter this issue. Wavar is an app
which provides a platform for people involved in subsidiary farming activities to
raise their income by providing direct exposure to their products to end

To know more about the app, check here .

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Ramnath Vidya, Owner at Business (2016-present)

Answered Mar 23, 2015

Main problems in dairy farming are land water and grass. 3 acers of land is
sufficient for 10 animals. 20 liters of water for each cow which gives milk above
15 liters per day and 30kg of grass(dry, green and feed) per cow. Some of the
problems are insects like ticks, flies, some diseases like milk fever, tetanus,
through wounds foot rot due to damp conditions in the farm.
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Dairy farm problems in india? - Quora 20/03/18, 5*28 PM

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