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Republic of the Philippines

Region I
Schools Division of Ilocos Norte
Poblacion 2, Pagudpud Ilocos Norte

Daily Lesson Plan

Name of Teacher: IAN CEAZAR G. AGUETE Grade: 8

Subject: COMPUTER Inclusive Dates: Jul. 02-06, 2018
At the end of the lesson, the student should be able to:
1. Identify the different parts of Microsoft Publisher;
I. Objectives
2. Discuss the different toolbars of Microsoft Publisher;
3. Participate actively in class discussion.

The learner demonstrates understanding of basic concepts, and underlying theories in Desktop
II. Content Standard

III. Performance Standard The learner independently demonstrates common competencies in Desktop Publishing

IV. Code/Learning Outcome LO1. Explain basic concepts in Desktop Publishing services

V. Subject Matter

 Topic Working with MS Publisher

 References K to 12 Entrep-based TLE ICT – Desktop Publishing Learner’s Material, pp. 8 to 11

 Time Allotment 2 hour

- Presentation
 Instructional Materials - Projector
- Active Presenter
VI. Procedure
Review the past lesson.
 Review/Drill
Define desktop publishing

Show pictures of the different icons of the toolbars used in Microsoft Publisher
 Motivation

Demonstrate the usage of the different toolbars in the Microsoft Publisher.

Discuss the Quick Access Toolbar, Navigation Pane, Ribbon and Viewing Tools.
Show the students how to utilize each of the following toolbars.
 Discussion
Give examples of the usage of each toolbar.
Let the students familiarize with the different icons for the toolbars in order to use the Microsoft
Publication efficiently.
Activity: Adding Guides
The students will proceed to their respective units of computer.
They will open the Microsoft Publisher using the guidelines on how to open the application.
 Activity
Using the activity on page 15 of the Learner’s Material, the student will follow the steps in adding
guides. After the activity, they will save their publication.
The teacher will consolidate each output and save it in a single folder.

 Generalization Summarize the lesson.

Arranging Steps in Chronological Order

VII. Assessment
Refer to p. 20 of the Learner’s Material

Research about Task Pane.

VIII. Assignment
Refer to pp. 16-20 of the Learner’s Material

IX. Remarks

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