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Setups to create Material Listing Master Records

 You can maintain material listing/exclusion condition records for a customer.

 Enter the tcode VB01 or by following menu path Logistics ➢ Sales and
Distribution ➢ Master Data ➢ Products ➢ Listing/Exclusion ➢
 Standard SAP defines A001 for material listing and B001 for material exclusion.
You can define your own type by customizing the same within SAP. For the
purpose of this article we will be using the standard SAP listing and exclusion

 Select the List/excl.type

 In the example exclusion type (B001) is selected.
 Maintain the condition records for the customers.
 In the example, for customer 1000 material 100-100 is excluded. 1000 customer
will not able to buy this product.
 Click on save button it will display message “condition records saved”
 Enter the tcode VA01 for placing the order.
 Enter the fields like Sold-to-party and ship-to-party & material number.
 In the example, 1000 is the customer number and 100-100 is the product.
 Press enter It will display the message as “Material 100-100 has been excluded”
which is shown above fig.


 Select the List/excl.type

 In the example listing type (A001) is selected.
 The listing can maintain in two ways which are shown in below fig.
 We can list the products with respect to the sales area and we can list the
materials for the customer.

 We can maintain specific to sales area, Distribution channel and Sales area.
 In the example, for 1000 customer material 100-100 is listed in sales area 1000,
distribution channel 10 and division 00.
 We can maintain the listing with respect to material and customer.
 In the example, 100-100 material is listed for customer 1000.
 Customer will able to buy the listed products.
 For 100-100 material is listed for customer 1000. So the customer will able to
buy this product successfully.
In this way we can restrict the customers to buy the products and We can trade the
certain products with specific customers.

Benefits of Material Listing & Exclusion in SAP

1. Listing and Exclusion can be applied to specific customers but not for all the
2. While placing an order if the customer tries to order the material which is
maintained in exclusion list then a message “material has been excluded” is
3. The customer can order only those materials which are maintained in material