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Dalila AMMAR is a consultant with a specialty in private sector

environmental, Energy saving, energy efficiency, carbon balance. Mme

AMMAR has extensive experience working with the bullding and industrial
sector : oil and gaz facility, cement plant, …

Her portfolio includes a mix of skills from strategic planning to impact

assessment and management, programs development, and external and
governmental affairs. She has established a number of partnerships with
mullti-lateral development banks and organizations to leverage resources for
climate change and energy efficiency : PNUD, CE, AMCC. And she has
accompagned a great number of industrial facility to conduct their energy
pant and evaluat the economie realised.

Ms AMMAR Dalila recently served as Environment Group (AMCC/MWH)

where she built up a team that managed regulatory and policy energy issues
for the Djibouti Governement.

BCE Energy Engineering Manager, ability to lead teams successfully

completing projects on time and on budget.

• Solid experience in the practical aspects of energy conservation, industrial

and tertiary energy audit (building and hospitals), cogeneration, trigeneration
and thermal systems, team and project management.

• Control and analysis of energy efficiency action plans in private homes,

public buildings and businesses.

• Evaluation of energy savings and economic analysis of energy management


• Accompanying the implementation of an ISO 50001 energy management

system of 10 companies.

• Accompanies companies during the verification, evaluation and monitoring

of energy efficiency projects.
• Accompany companies on the implementation of the energy management

• Feasibility study and specific project development for project leaders for
cogeneration, wind, photovoltaic

• Design of renewable and / or hybrid energy generators, solar thermal.

• Environmental and energy audits with dashboards for more than 50

establishments from various industrial and building sectors.

• Accompanied more than 30 companies in their energy efficiency approach.

• Carbon balance of 5 oil companies.

• Energy audit of 4 cement factories

• Energy audit of more than 50 industrial companies

• Project Manager for setting up a 10 MW PV plant (Piloting and technical-

economic feasibility study)

• Energy audit of 10 hotels and 20 buildings.

• Energy audits of five health facilities (hospitals and clinics)

• Prior consultations for 10 industrial projects

• On-plan energy audit for 10 building projects