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About Us

MERCURY SOFTWARE is a conglomeration of Personal and Professional change management and

enhancement, involved in creating, designing, implementing, and managing products and services that
cater to the needs of expanding and changing individual self, education sector, employability skills,
and society at large.

Learning and development, now commonly referred to as; training and development or human
resource development encompasses a wide range of methods for acquiring new & necessary skills,
knowledge, and behaviour. With this in mind, learning can be defined as the process of acquiring new
skills, knowledge, behaviour, and attitude, which enhance an individual to perform with higher

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We at MERCURY SOFTWARE, define Learning and Development as an individual's transition journey
from a novice to an expert. Our focus is on the three distinct dimensions of an individual: PERSONAL,
PROFESSIONAL, and COLLECTIVE SOCIAL. L & D is an active process taking over the life course of an
individual in multiple contexts. They perceive, experience, and handle effects of change on the basis of
certain psychological processes. We focus on to those individual psychological processes of change and
illuminate multidirectional processes within the transforming person.
We provide specialized Product engineering services across the entire product development cycle,
from Product Ideation to Embedded & Hardware design, User Interface design, Cloud and Mobility
application development and Machine data analytics.

IoT services: Our deep domain expertise along with our platform agnostic IoT solution accelerator
toolkit helps our clients develop differentiated products while accelerating time-to-market and
reducing overall product development expenses.

Educational Services: we believe that education with technical values fuels everything what we what
to do and provides way to both moral and academic achievements for next generations we started to
Encourage the awareness of learning upcoming technologies for betterment of their lives.


Our R & D spent a lot of time hunting for fun yet educational things to do with kids.we found myself
dissatisfied with all of the educational toys that existed out there. Where was something that was not
only fun for kids to play with, but that also instilled the deeper knowledge of how things work?
we wanted something that would encourage more than just play and get kids to ask "why" and to say
"I Built that (and I can teach you how too)!"

No 62, East Street,Thirukkoilur,Villupuram dt. Tamil Nadu 605757 |+91 76 39 33 44 33

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Why Our Kids Need KIDS-TRONICS

KIDS-TRONICS is a series of hands-on projects that teach 9 to 15 years old kids how to build the
Technology around them. We all know that engineering and STEM are critical to the future of our kids.
There is currently a huge skills gap, with hundreds of thousands of open engineering jobs and not
nearly enough qualified candidates to fulfil it.
That's where we come in. We want to start getting kids excited about engineering while they are


By combining hands-on projects with online curricula, we tap into kids' innate curiosity by getting
them to build with their hands, at the same time as they interact with quizzes that ensure they
understand the workings behind the project.

By building a platform where kids can mentor other kids in what they've already learned, kids will
learn by teaching. Not only that, they will learn how to lead, how to effectively communicate their
ideas, and how to break down complex pieces of knowledge into simpler ones.

Critical Thinking
By explaining the "why" in addition to the "how," we teach kids how to ask questions and to take
charge of their learning.

No 62, East Street,Thirukkoilur,Villupuram dt. Tamil Nadu 605757 |+91 76 39 33 44 33

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PCB Designing
Often people face problem while making a circuit on a bread board. It is a common problem that the
circuit may work some time and may not work other time. Most of the time it is the connections on
the bread board which creates this problem. Either are connections are not proper or loose or may get
damaged while working or carrying the circuit on a bread board. Hence it is always recommended to
make the circuit on a PCB once it has been tested on a bread board. Ferric Chloride solution is used for
the etching process of PCB design.

Soil Moisture control through Arduino

If you are designing your own intelligent “Garden Computer” with an optional digital plant moisture
sensor/water pump controller that lights an LED to alter the user when it is time to water a potted
plant and/or turn on a water pump to quench the thirst, here is an Arduino Primer for you. No doubt,
an Arduino can convert your favourite pots into self watering planters, keeping your plants from
drying out and reducing the time you spend watering. Self watering system is ideal for people
frequently on vacation and takes the guess work out of watering. Plants draw up moisture as the need

Water flow control

Effective water management involves supplying water according to the real requirement and thus
measuring water is very essential step in water management systems. There are many water flow
measurement techniques as well as different types of water flow meters used to measure the volume
of water flow in pipelines but these all are too costly. This project describes ideas for design and
development of flow cost automatic water flow meters, with the help of arduino.

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How does the LED work?

"Positive electricity flows into the long wire of the LED light, then negative electricity exits out of the
short wire of the LED light."

How The Tunable Genius Light Works ?

"The electricity flows through npn transistor and the photo transistor when you cover the photo
transistor it increases the electricity that electricity goes through the middle prong of the npn
transistor it emits electricity to the led"

How does the LED work?

"The long end of the LED goes to the plus part and the short end goes to the minus
should never switch the direction" to the led"

How electricity creates a magnet?

"Electricity flowing through a wire creates a magnetic field. When you coil up the wire it creates a
bigger magnetic field because it bounces out the wire easily. The magnetic field is like a cylinder field
on the wire but when you coil the wire around the bolt, the field connects together into a stronger
one. The led"

How Buzzer Circuit Works?

"The positive wire connects to the first tentacle which when you connect it to the other tentacle acts

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like the yellow wire that connects to the positive prong of the buzzer.
The negative prong is connected
to the short wire which is connected to the resistor which is connected
to the negative wire."

About Capacitors

“The measurement unit for capacitors are Farads, also known as F. How many Farads a capacitor can
hold is how much electricity ("water") a capacitor ("bucket") can hold. Then, when the circuit breaks
the capacitor releases all the power it was storing slowly, making the light fade to black."

About the PNP Transistor

“when you give power in the middle the switch is off but when there is no power the switch is on"


Finally the students can gain the ultimate knowledge about each and every electronic component
which is the base for upcoming smart technology. KIDS-TRONICS will make your kids move towards
the real time education which will help them survive independently.Please help spread the word
about KIDS-TRONICS by writing about us online and sharing our free online lessons with friends /

No 62, East Street,Thirukkoilur,Villupuram dt. Tamil Nadu 605757 |+91 76 39 33 44 33

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No 62, East Street,Thirukkoilur,Villupuram dt. Tamil Nadu 605757 |+91 76 39 33 44 33
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