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Office of the Director of Boilers,
4 Floor, Shram Bhavan, Near Gun House, Rustom Cama Marg, Khanpur, Ahmedabad
Phone : 079-25505066 Fax: 079- 25505061
Mail : Website :

No.DOB/TECH/2018/ Date:

Associate Manager-QAC,
Thermax Limited,
Plot No.21/1,2,3.G.I.D.C.
Manjusar, Ta-Savali
Dist: Vadodara.

Sub: Permission to carry out check test of Raw Material i.e______________ to be used for mfg. IBR
Ref: 1. your letter no.__________ dated. _____________

With reference to above subject & referred letters, you are permitted to carry out physical and
chemical test of following Pipe to be used for mfg. IBR jobs.

Maker’s Name:
Cert. No. and Date:
QC Code/Heat No.:
Material Spec.:

Deputy Director of Boilers,
Gujarat State, Vadodara.
Encl: As above
Copy to: D.O.B./TECH/ 2018/ Date:

1. Shri A.A.Shah, Deputy Director of Boilers, Vadodara Division. Copy of letter for
Information and necessary action.