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One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest Abnormal Psychology

Donnie Abnormal Psychology

Benny and Joon Abnormal Psychology

Identity Psych disorders

The Cell Futuristic therapy

Running With Scissors Psych disorders, unethical therapy

Lars and the Real Girl Delusional disorder

Little Miss Sunshine Psych disorders

The Long Kiss Goodnight DID

Reign on Me PTSD

Silence of the Lambs Psychological disorders

Copycat Psychological disorders


Rainman Autism

American Psycho

A Clockwork Orange

Dexter Antisocial Personality Disorder

Train-Man Social anxiety disorder

The Butterfly Effect

Primal Fear Psych disorders

12 Angry Men Social psychological concepts

As Good As it Gets OCD

Passion of Mind Dissociative Identity Disorder

Control Antisocial Personality Disorder, experimentation

K-Pax Psych disorders

Memento Memory

A Beautiful Mind Schizophrenia

Mr. Jones Bi-Polar disorder

Girl, Interrupted Psych disorders

Spun Drug Addiction

Iris Alzheimer’s disease

Fight Club Psych disorders

About Schmidt Issues faced in older adulthood

Secretary Sadomasochism

Crash Attitudes, prejudice, discrimination

Touching the Void Theories of motivation

Normal Gender Identity Disorder

Matchstick Men Obsessive-compulsive disorder

The Aviator Psych disorders

Rosemary’s Baby Good illustration of persuasive techniques

Seven Psychological disorders

15 Minutes Provides examples of media influence

Punch-Drunk Love

The Manchurian Candidate Hypnosis, classical conditioning

Spider Psych disorders

American History X Prejudice, discrimination, attitudes

The Ted Bundy Story Antisocial personality disorder

Heavenly Creatures Shared psychosis

Thirteen Issues of adolescence

Capturing the Friedmans Pedophilia

Abre los ojos ("Open Your Eyes") Treatment, Trauma

Adaptation Personality Disorder, Mood Disorder

Agnes of God Treatment, Psychosis, Forensic

All about Eve Personality Disorder, Marital Conflict

American History X Multicultural

American Splendor Depression, Family Dysfunction, Personality Disorder

An Angel at My Table Treatment, Personality Disorder, Depression

Analyze This Treatment, Anxiety Disorder

Angel Baby Treatment, Schizophrenia

Antwone Fisher Treatment, Childhood Disorder

Anywhere But Here Personality Disorder

Arsenic and Old Lace Psychosis

As Good As It Gets OCD, Personality Disorder

Range Personality Disorder

Autumn Leaves Treatment, Depression

Aviator, The OCD, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective

Awakenings Neuropsychology, Treatment

Bad Seed, The Nature/nurture, Childhood Disorder.

Bad Timing Personality Disorder, Suicide, Sexual Obsession

Beautiful People Drugs/Alcohol, "Bosnian syndrome," Family Dysfunction

Bedlam Treatment

Behind the Lines (aka Regeneration) Treatment, PTSD

Being There Personality Disorder

Benny & Joon Schizophrenia, Personality Disorder

Bird Drugs/Alcohol, Eating Disorder, Treatment

Birdy PTSD

Bliss Sexual Disorder, Treatment

Blue Velvet Sexual Disorder

Boost, The Drugs/Alcohol, Family Dysfunction

Boys Don't Cry Sexual Disorder, Personality Disorder, Impulse Control Disorder

Breaking the Waves Personality Disorder

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Treatment, Hypnosis

Caine Mutiny, The Psychosis, Forensic, Personality

Camille Claudel Psychosis, Treatment

Canvas Psychosis, Family Dysfunction, Treatment

Captain Newman, M.D. Treatment, PTSD

Caveman's Valentine, A Schizophrenia

Citizen Kane Personality Disorder

Clean and Sober Drugs/Alcohol, Treatment

Clean, Shaven Schizophrenia, Forensic

Clockwork Orange, A Personality Disorder, Treatment, Forensic

Conspiracy Theory Paranoia

Copycat Anxiety Disorder, Forensic

Cosi Treatment, Schizophrenia, Impulse Control Disorder

Crash Multicultural, PTSD

Crumb Sexual Disorder, Family Dysfunction, Psychosis

Crying Game, The Sexual Disorder

David and Lisa Treatment, Schizophrenia, Psychosis

Deer Hunter, The PTSD

Don Juan DeMarco Delusional Disorder, Family Dysfunction

Donnie Darko Schizophrenia, Treatment

Don't Bother to Knock Depression, Psychosis, Personality Disorder

Don't Say a Word Treatment, PTSD, Dissociative

Dressed to Kill Sexual Disorders, Treatment, Personality Disorder

Ed Wood Sexual Disorder, Personality Disorder

Enduring Love Psychosis, Anxiety, Family Dysfunction

Equus Conduct Disorder, Psychodynamic

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Personality Disorder, Treatment

Fatal Attraction Personality Disorder, Family Dysfunction

Fearless PTSD, Treatment

Fight Club Dissociative, Freudian

Fisher King, The Psychosis, Depression, Suicide

Four Hundred Blows, The (Les Quatre cents coups) Conduct Disorder,
Family Dysfunction

Frances Paranoia

Frenzy Sexual Disorder, Personality Disorder

Gaslight Delusional Disorder, Personality Disorder

Girl, Interrupted Depression, Personality Disorder

Gone with the Wind Personality Disorder

Good Will Hunting Treatment, Personality Disorder

Harold and Maude Depression, Nihilism, Suicide

Harvey Psychosis, Drugs/Alcohol, Treatment

He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not (A la folie…pas du tout) Psychosis, Family


Heavenly Creatures Personality Disorder, Family Dysfunction, Treatment

Hours, The Depression, Suicide

House of Games Treatment, Personality Disorder

House of Yes Psychosis, Personality Disorder

Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte Psychosis, PTSD

I Am Sam Mental Retardation, Forensic, Family Dysfunction

I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore Eating Disorder, Ethics

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Schizophrenia, Treatment

I Never Sang for my Father Bereavement, Adjustment Disorder, Family

Identity Dissociative Disorder

Instinct Treatment, Forensic

Jacknife PTSD, Family Dysfunction

Jacob's ladder PTSD, Drugs/Alcohol, Trauma

King of Hearts Treatment

Kinsey Sexual Disorders, Treatment, Family Dysfunction

Kiss of the Spider Woman Psychosis

Kiss the Girls Forensic, Personality Disorder

Kissed Sexual Disorder

K-Pax Treatment, Psychosis

Lady Sings the Blues Drugs/Alcohol

Lars and the Real Girl Psychosis, Treatment, Family

Leaving Las Vegas Drugs/Alcohol

Lethal Weapon Depression, Suicide

Life as a House Family Dysfunction, Terminal Illness, Drugs/Alcohol

Lilith Treatment, Psychosis

Long Kiss Goodnight, the Amnesia

Lost Highway Dissociative

Ma Vie En Rose Gender Identity Disorder, Family Dysfunction, Treatment

Madame Bovary Personality Disorder

Man Facing Southeast Psychosis, Treatment

Man with the Golden Arm, The Drugs/Alcohol, Family Dysfunction, Personality

Manhunter Forensic, Personality Disorder

Marnie Impulse Control Disorder, Sexual Disorder, PTSD

Matchstick Men OCD, Treatment, Personality Disorder

Memento Amnesia

Mommie Dearest Family Dysfunction, OCD, Personality Disorder

Mumford Treatment, Ethics,

My Left Foot Family Dysfunction, Disability, Drugs/Alcohol

My Own Private Idaho Narcolepsy, Drugs/Alcohol

Niagara, Niagara Tourette's, Family Dysfunction

Night Listener, The Personality Disorder

'Night Mother Depression, Agoraphobia, Drugs/Alcohol

Nijinsky Treatment

Ninth Configuration Treatment, Psychosis

Nurse Betty Dissociative, Personality Disorder, Trauma

Nuts Forensic, Psychosis, Personality Disorder

Of Mice and Men Mental Retardation, Personality Disorder

On Golden Pond Dementia, Family Dysfunction

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Treatment, Personality Disorder, Suicide

One Hour Photo Personality Disorder

Ordinary People Family Dysfunction, Depression, Treatment

Paris, Texas Dissociative, Amnesia, Family Dysfunction

Permanent Midnight Drugs/Alcohol, Treatment, Family Dysfunction

Pi Psychosis, Neuropsychology
Play Misty for Me Personality Disorder

President's Analyst Treatment

Primal Fear Forensic, Dissociative, Personality Disorder

Prime Treatment, Family Dysfunction

Prince of Tides, The Treatment, Depression, Family Dysfunction

Psycho Dissociative

Quiet Room, The Family Dysfunction, Childhood Disorder

Quills Treatment, Sexual Disorder, Personality Disorder

Rain Man Autism, Family Dysfunction

Regarding Henry Neuropsychology, Family Dysfunction, Amnesia

Repulsion Sexual Disorder, Dissociative, Psychosis

Requiem for a Dream Drugs/Alcohol, Psychosis, Family Dysfunction

Revolution #9 Paranoia, Schizophrenia, Treatment

Ruling Class, The Psychosis, Treatment, Family Dysfunction

Rush Drugs/Alcohol
Safe Depression, Somatoform Disorder

Safe House Dementia, Treatment

Sherrybaby Drugs/Alcohol

Shine Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective, Family Dysfunction

Shock Corridor Treatment, Schizophrenia, Psychosis

Silence of the Lambs Forensic, Personality Disorder

Single White Female Personality Disorder

Sixth Sense, The Treatment, Childhood Disorder, Munchausen's by Proxy

Sling Blade Mental Retardation, Family Dysfunction, Trauma

Snake Pit, The Treatment, Dissociative

Sophie's Choice PTSD, Trauma, Schizophrenia

Spanking the Monkey Family Dysfunction, Psychodynamic

Spellbound Treatment, Amnesia, Dissociative

Spider Schizophrenia, Childhood Disorder, Freudian

Squid and the Whale, The Family Dysfunction, Personality Disorder, Childhood
Stairway to Light Treatment

Sunset Boulevard Personality Disorder, Delusional Disorder, Psychosis

Sweethearts Bipolar, Suicide

Sybil Dissociative Identity Disorder, PTSD, Treatment

Taxi Driver Personality Disorder

The Madness of King George Psychosis, Poyphyria

The Manchurian Candidate Dissociative, Hypnosis

Thirty Two Short Films about Glenn Gould Personality Disorder

Three Faces of Eve, The Dissociative, Treatment, Marital Conflict

Tic Code, The Tourette's

Tightrope Sexual Disorder, Psychodynamic

Titicut Follies Treatment, Schizophrenia, Ethics

To Die For Personality Disorder

Unstrung Heroes Family Dysfunction, Personality Disorder, OCD

Vertigo Anxiety, Depression, Personality

Vincent and Theo Depression, Family Dysfunction

Virgin Suicides, The Suicide, Family Dysfunction, Depression

Weather Man, The Dysthymia, Personality Disorder, Family Dysfunction

What about Bob Treatment, Personality Disorder, Family Dysfunction

What Dreams May Come Depression

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

When a Man Loves a Woman Drugs/Alcohol, Family Dysfunction, Treatment

Whirlpool Dissociative, Treatment, Impulse Control Disorder

White Heat Personality Disorder, Psychodynamic

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Family Dysfunction, Personality Disorder,

Mood Disorder

Woodsman, The Sexual Disorder, Forensic, Family Dysfunction

Woody Allen Neurosis