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PEOPLE VS AGUILOS 2.Those who directly force or induce others to

commit it
3. Those who cooperate in the commission of
Joselito Capa and Julian Azul was drinking in a
the offense by another act without which it
store in Mandaluyong, while in the midst of the
would not have been accomplished
drinking spree, Edmar Aguilos and Odilon
Lagliba, arrived and they were invited to join the All the overt acts of Odilon, Ronnie and the
drinking. During the course of the drinking, appellant before, during, and after the stabbing
Edmar had an argument with the Julian that led incident indubitably show that they conspired
to a commotion of the store, Edmar punched to kill the victim. In this case, Odilon all by
Julian in the face, the latter and the former himself initially decided to stab the victim. The
exchanged punches. appellant and Ronnie were on the side of the
street. However, while Odilon was stabbing the
Joselito intervened to stop the fight but the
victim, the appellant and Ronnie agreed to join
Odilon grabbed the Joselito the neck and
in; they rushed to the scene and also stabbed
stabbed the latter with a knife, Ronnie and
the victim with their respective knives. The
accused arrived at the scene and they saw their
three men simultaneously stabbed the hapless
gang mate, Odilon, stabbing the victim, they
immediately pulled out their knives and
subsequently stabbed the victim, Ronnie bashed Odilon and the appellant fled from the scene
a hollow block and a bottle to the head of the together, while Ronnie went after Julian. When
victim, the three accused fled from the scene of he failed to overtake and collar Julian, Ronnie
the crime. Leaving the victim dead on the spot. returned to where Joselito fell and hit him with
a hollow block and a broken bottle. Ronnie then
hurriedly left. All the overt acts of Odilon,
Whether or not the accused should be Ronnie and the appellant before, during, and
considered as a co- principal in the commission after the stabbing incident indubitably show
of the crime and not merely an accomplice that they conspired to kill the victim.


The direct participation of the accused in MANABAN v. CA

stabbing the victim, resulting to the victim’s
G.R. No. 150723 July 11, 2006Carpio, J.:
accelerated death, constitutes to conspiracy.
The overt act executed by accused qualifies the FACTS:
latter to be a co-principal in the crime. Article 17
At around 1:00 am on Oct. 11, 996,
of the revised Penal Code states:
Joselito Bautista’s daughter was rushed to UP
Principals –
Health Center.
The following are considered principals
Needing money,Bautista (member of UP Police
1.Those who take direct part in the execution of force) went to withdraw money from the ATM
the act at BPI Kalayaan Branch where accused

(emphasis provided)