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OpenStack Certified Administrator

Exam Preparation (OS-COA)


On-premise, Cloud, IaaS, Paas, SaaS, Public Cloud,
Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Community Cloud,
Virtualization, Storage Cluster, SDN, Keystone, Glance,
Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Swift, Manila, Horizon,
Ceilometer, Heat


● OpenStack Documentation
● RHOP Documentation

Cloud Computing .

On-Premise vs Cloud .

Conventional Data Center .

Cloud Characteristics .

Cloud Types .

Cloud Users .

Cloud Deployment Model .

IaaS Public Cloud .

SDN. Cluster Storage .Virtualization.

VMWare Workstation. Microsoft HyperV ● Operating System Level (OS Container): OpenVZ. Qemu ● Bare Metal Virtualization: RedHat KVM. rkt . VMWare Vsphere. LXC ● Application Level (Application Container): Docker.Virtualization Types ● Hardware Level ● Full Virtualization: Oracle VirtualBox. Citrix Xen.

Virtualization Softwares .Containers. Hypervisors.

making it ideal for the high-bandwidth. dynamic nature of today's applications. This architecture decouples the network control and forwarding functions enabling the network control to become directly programmable and the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted for applications and network services. cost-effective.Software Defined Networking (1) “an emerging architecture that is dynamic. The OpenFlow® protocol is a foundational element for building SDN solutions. manageable.” definition . and adaptable.

Software Defined Networking (2) .

OpenFlow Based Plugin ● Open vSwitch ● Juniper ● Cisco UCS ● Mellanox ● Linux Bridge ● ML2 ● Nicira NVP ● Ryu OpenFlow ● NEC OpenFlow ● Big Switch ● CloudBase Hyper-V ● Midionet ● Brocade VCS .

Storage Clusters .

Storage Clusters Software .

Cloud Software .

OpenStack .

OpenStack Platinum Members .

OpenStack Gold Members .

OpenStack Core Services .

OpenStack Core Services (2) ● Keystone (identity). registry service that used to store resources such as VM images and volume snapshots ● Nova (compute). projects and roles ● Neutron (networking). store and retrieve files and arbitrary data . manage and provisions Vms running on hypervisor nodes ● Cinder (block storage). manage persistent block storage volumes for Vms ● Swift (object storage). provide connectivity between the interfaces of OpenStack services ● Glance (image). centralized service for authentication and authorization of OpenStack services and for managing users.

OpenStack All Services .

OpenStack All Services (2) .

provision physical or bare metal machines. ● Sahara (data processing). ● Trove (DBaaS). provides measurements of cloud resources ● Heat (orchestration). allow users to select. provides file storage to a VMs. ● Ironic (bare metal provisioning). template-based orchestration engine that supports automatic creation of resource stacks ● Manila (shared FS). provision.OpenStack Optional Services ● Horizon (dashboard). web browser-based dashboard that used to manage OpenStack services ● Ceilometer (telemetry). operate and administrate variety of relation and non-relation databases. provisioning and management of Hadoop clusters on OpenStack .

OpenStack Use Cases ● Web Applications ● Big Data ● Ecommerce ● Containers ● Video Processing & Content Delivery ● Telecom & NFV ● Enterprise ● Scientific Research ● High Performance Computing/HTC .

OpenStack Version (Upstream) Series Status Release EOL Date Queens Under Development Pike Stable 2017-08-30 Ocata Maintained 2017-02-22 2018-02-26 Newton Maintained 2016-10-06 2017-10-11 .

OpenStack Distributions .

RHOP Life Cycle .

SUSE OpenStack Cloud Life Cycle .

Ubuntu OpenStack Cloud Life Cycle .

Mirantis OpenStack Cloud Life Cycle .

com ● Debian: ● Windows Server: ● openSUSE: images/ .org/repositories/Cloud:/Images:/ ● Ubuntu: http://cloud-images.OpenStack Images ● Cirros: ● CentOS: http://cloud.debian.

org ● Conjure-up & Autopilot: https://www.fuel-infra.OpenStack Deployment Tools ● Devstack ● OpenStack Ansible ● Crowbar: ● Packstack & Triple O: ● Compass: ● Fuel: .openstack.

OpenStack Networking .

OpenStack Networking (2) .

MySQL. zeroMQ ● SQL: MariaDB. Chrony ● MQ: RabbitMQ.Prerequisite Services ● NTP: NTPD. PostgreSQL ● NoSQL: MongoDB .

OpenStack Services Diagram .

Horizon. Ceilometer. Neutron.Lab I Keystone. Nova. Heat . Glance.

100 to .X1.0/24 gw: .10 controller .X0.1 management 10.0/24 • IP address range of external subnet: .20 • External: 10.1 gw: .X0.1 .X1.199/24 gw: .1 .Lab I Topology • IPv4 forward • NAT masquerade (management → internet) INTERNET vnet1 .20 eth0 eth0 compute eth1 eth1 .10 .1 vnet0 .

middleware modules run in the address space of the OpenStack component that is using the identity service. AD). ● Keystone driver.Keystone Components ● Keystone server. LDAP. ● Keystone modules. . centralized server provide authentication and authorization services using RESTful interface. accessing identity information in repositories external to OpenStack (SQL DB.

Keystone Flow Diagram .

python daemon that manages user request and expose the networking API. . ● Neutron agents.Neutron Components ● Neutron servers. service that runs on each OpenStack node to perform local networking configuration for the node virtual machines and for networking services such as Open vSwitch. specific set of networking technology/mechanisms to implement the networking API. ● Neutron plugins.

Neutron Configuration Example .

manage all metadata for each image. interacts with storage backends to handle requests for image retrieval and storage. . ● Glance registry.Glance Components ● Glance API.

Glance Components Diagram

Image Disk Formats
● aki/ami/ari, amazon kernel/machine/ramdisk image.
● iso, archive format for optical discs.
● qcow2, qemu/kvm support copy on write.
● raw, unstructed format
● vhd, hyper-v
● vdi, xen, virtualbox
● vmdk, vmware
● bare, no metadata
● ova
● ovf

Nova Components
● Nova API, handles requests and provides access to the
compute services.
● Nova cert, provide the certificate manager.
● Nova compute, run on each compute node to create and
terminate instances.
● Nova conductor, provides database-access support for
compute nodes to reduce security risks.
● Nova consoleauth, handles console authentication.
● Nova novncproxy, provides a VNC proxy for browser to
enable consoles to access instances.
● Nova scheduler, dispatches requests for new instances to the
correct node based on configured weights and filters/

Nova Components Diagram .

Horizon Interactions Diagram .

volumes. . ● Identity tab. view and manage dashboard settings. images.Horizon Tabs ● Project tab. ● Settings tab. administration tab to view usage. networks and so on. manage instances. view and manage projects and users. flavors. view and manage the resources in a selected project ● Admin tab.

Horizon Project Tab .

Horizon Admin Tab .

Horizon Identity Tab .

Horizon Settings Tab .

processes API requests by sending the requests to the heat engine service over RPC. ● Heat engine.Heat Components ● Heat API. . orchestrates template launch and generates events for the API consumer.

Heat Interactions Diagram .

● Ceilometer central. provide access to data in the database. ● Ceilometer alarm notifier. ● Ceilometer compute. ● Ceilometer notification. . ● Ceilometer collector. ● Ceilometer API. poll for compute resource utilization statistics.Ceilometer Components ● Ceilometer alarm evaluator. triggers state transitions on alarms. pushes metrics to the collector service from various OpenStack services. executes actions when alarms are triggered. poll utilization statistics about resources independent form instances or compute nodes. monitor the message queues.

Ceilometer Components Diagram .

Manila. Swif .Lab II Cinder.

1 .0/24 • IP address range of external subnet: .20 eth0 eth0 compute eth1 eth1 .X0.100 to .Lab II Topology • IPv4 forward • NAT masquerade (management → internet) INTERNET vnet1 .199/24 gw: .1 .0/24 gw: .10 .10 controller (+storage) .1 gw: .1 management 10.X1.20 • External: 10.X0.X1.1 vnet0 .

backup a block storage volume to an external storage repository. responds to request and places them in the message queue.Cinder Components ● Cinder API. ● Cinder volume. ● Cinder scheduler. assigns tasks to the queue and determines the provisioning volume server. ● Cinder backup. designates storage for VMs. .

Cinder Components Diagram .

stores. expose the public API. ● Swift proxy. and delete objects. ensures consistent and available replication throughout the swift cluster including garbage collection ● Swift updater. ● Swift object. verifies the integrity of accounts. provides authentication. containers and objects and protect against data corruption. identifies and retries failed updates.Swift Components ● Swift account. . handles listing of objects that are included in a specific container with the container database. and route requests. handles listing of containers with the account database. ● Swift replicator. ● Swift auditor. ● Swift container. retrieves.

Swift Components Diagram .

manages back-end devices that provide shared file systems. .Schedules and routes requests to the appropriate share service. share migration or backup. and send back a response after an operation has been completed.Manila Components ● Manila API. ● Manila share. receive requests. ● Manila data. ● Manila scheduler. process data operations such as copying. authenticates and routers request throughout the shared file system service.

Manila Components Diagram . .btech.