LRAASC SERVICE INQUIRY ... Sachie Mitsui Turiano <> From: ... View Contact To: <lraasc@yahoo.

August 10, 2010 Mr. Jose Maria Turiano President Land Research Assistance and Allied Services Corp. Legazpi City, Albay 4500

Dear Sir: Due to my desire to accomplish my research study on the present Real Estate Systems and Brokers operating in Legazpi City, I am writing you in the hopes of acquiring answers for the following queries: 1. 2. How Long Have You Been in the Business? What are the specific services you offer to your clients?

3. Do you consider your business under a competitive structure in your locality? How do you compete to other Real Estate Businesses? My paper is due for submission on August 18 and I would be most appreciative if you could find the time to answer my questions. For your convenience, you can respond to me by e-mail. If you prefer to respond by telephone, you can reach me at (052) 482-1033. I would be grateful for any assistance that you are able to provide me. Very Truly Yours,

Marie Sachie Mitsui P. Turiano
AB Economics Student Bicol University College of Business Economics and Management

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