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Inauspicious star configurations

Translated from here.

馬頭帶劍格 mǎ tóu dài jiàn gé

Prerequisite: Qing Yang in Ming in Wu.

Note: Qing Yang is associated with Metal. The Wu palace is Fire. When Qing Yang enters Wu, Fire
smelts and refines Metal. Going for a military position or diplomacy, ... [?]. With this configuration
there is the instance of 離鄉背井 líxiāngbèijǐng = to depart one's hometown and relatives. The
individual leaves for another place and has development and growth. The native encounters much
hardship and has to be busy rushing and running about; to be constantly on the move. There are great
ups and downs what with success or failure.

極居卯酉格 jí jū mǎo yǒu gé

Prerequisite: Zi Wei and Tan Lang in Ming in Mao or You.

Note: This configuration engenders unfavourable and disadvantageous stuff what with feelings,
emotions, affections, wedding and marriage.

巨機化酉格 jù jī huà yǒu gé

Prerequisite: Tian Ji and Ju Men in Ming in You, and Hua Ji also in Ming.
Note: The person has to rush about and be constantly on the move. He or she drifts and roves; to lead a
wandering existence. This configuration is not beneficial for feelings, affections, career and profession.

日月反背格 rì yuè fǎn bēi gé

Prerequisite: Tai Yang in Ming in Xu and Tai Yin opposite in Chen. Or Tai Yin in Ming in Chen and
Tai Yang opposite in Xu.

Note: When Tai Yang is in Xu and Tai Yin is in Chen, the sun and moon aren't bright and beaming. The
individual's life/fate is toilsome. He or she has to work hard. Asking for help is inferior to toiling on
one's own. The native is unable to stay idle and be unoccupied, lacking leisure and free time. He or she
isn't able to live in ease and comfort.

梁馬飄蕩格 liáng mǎ piāo dàng gé

Prerequisite: Tian Liang and Tian Ma in Ming in Si, Hai, Yin or Shen.

Note: Tian Ma only goes in one of the four corner palaces. This configuration denotes toil and labour,
yet no harvest and gain. And... [?]; it brings about disadvantageous and unfavourable stuff re affections,
feelings, wedding and marriage.

貞殺同宮格 zhēn shā tóng gōng gé

Prerequisite: Lian Zhen and Qi Sha in Ming in Chou or Wei.

Note: The person ought to take note of issues and problems related to the law and statutes.
刑囚印格 xíng qiú yìn gé

Prerequisite: Lian Zhen, Tian Xiang and Qing Yang in Ming in Zi or Wu.

Note: Lian Zhen stands for 囚 qiú = imprison; prisoner. Tian Xiang represents 印 yìn = a seal, print,
stamp; to engrave. Qing Yang effectuates 刑 xíng = punishment, sentence; torture, corporal
punishment. The individual should beware lawsuits and issues to do with the law.

巨逢四煞格 jù féng sì shà gé

Prerequisite: Ju Men in Ming, and Qing Yang, Tuo Luo, Huo Xing and Ling Xing by san fang si

Note: The native ought to guard against accidents, mishaps, and unexpected disaster and calamity. Or...

命無正曜格 mìng wú zhèng yào gé

Prerequisite: Ming without any of the 14 major stars.

Note: The odds that the Ming palace is without any of the 14 major stars are one sixth. It is not that rare
an occurrence. Should Ming be without major stars the person's distinguishing characteristics aren't
clear and obvious. The individual does not advance in a specific direction.
命裡逢空格 mìng lǐ féng kòng gé

Prerequisite: Di Jie and/or Di Kong in Ming.

Note: Psychologically the native encounters loneliness; alone, isolated, in solitude. And it is difficult
holding on to money.

空劫夾命格 kòng jié jiā mìng gé

Prerequisite: Di Kong and Di Jie sandwiching Ming.

Note: Psychologically the person meets with loneliness; isolated, in solitude, alone. It is furthermore
hard holding on to money.

文星遇夾格 wén xīng yù jiā gé

Prerequisite: Wen Chang or Wen Qu in Ming, and Di Kong, Di Jie, Huo Xing, Ling Xing, Qing Yang,
Tuo Luo sandwiching Ming.

Note: There is the occurrence of 懷才不遇 huáicáibúyù = to be unrecognised for all one's talents; have
talent but no opportunity to use it.

羊陀夾忌格 yáng tuó jiā jì gé

Prerequisite: Hua Ji in Ming and being sandwiched by Qing Yang and Tuo Luo.
Note: When Lu Cun is in the Ming palace, necessarily Qing Yang and Tuo Luo are pressing from either
side. If Hua Ji is also in Ming, the vicious, ominous and inauspicious stuff of Qing Yang and Tuo Luo is
able to fully come forth. Although Lu Cun is in Ming, the situation is not good.

羊陀夾命格 yáng tuó jiā mìng gé

Prerequisite: Qing Yang and Tuo Luo sandwiching Ming.

Note: Qing Yang and Tuo Luo are always on either side of Lu Cun. Should Lu Cun be alone in Ming
the individual is a miser and scrooge. And... [?].

火鈴夾命格 huǒ líng jiā mìng gé

Prerequisite: Huo Xing and Ling Xing on either side of Ming.

Note: If Tan Lang is in Ming being sandwiched by Huo Xing and Ling Xing, then that is something
else than this configuration. When Huo Xing and Ling Xing are on either side of the Ming palace, the
native is very much so potentially rebellious. He or she is bold in action and conduct. But, the person
ought to guard against periods of being impulsive; to explode, to lose one's head. Together with others
there are conflicts and collisions of interests. Disaster and calamity is stirred up.

刑忌夾印格 xíng jì jiā yìn gé

Prerequisite: Tian Xiang sandwiched by Tian Liang and Hua Ji, or Qing Yang and Hua Ji.

Note: Tian Liang can enable 刑 xíng = punishment, torture, sentence, corporal punishment. Hua Ji and
Tian Liang on either side of Tian Xiang is called 刑忌夾印. Qing Yang engenders 刑 xíng = corporal
punishment, torture; sentence, punishment. Hua Ji and Qing Yang on either side of Tian Xiang is also
called 刑忌夾印. With this configuration the individual should beware punishment, injury; harm, evil,
calamity; defeat, ruin, destruction; disaster and distress.

馬落空亡 ma lào/luò kōng/kòng wáng

Prerequisite: Tian Ma meeting Di Jie or Di Kong in the same palace or by san fang si zheng.

Note: The native rushes about and is constantly on the move. Still, in vain the person... [?].

兩重華蓋 liǎng chóng/zhòng huá gài

Prerequisite: Both Lu Cun and Hua Lu in Ming and meeting Di Jie and/or Di Kong in Ming.

Note: When the two Lu stars are in Ming, it is called 雙祿交流. If Di Kong and/or Di Jie are also in
Ming, the Lu stars encounter trouble, and it is named 兩重華蓋. Hua Gai 華蓋 signifies a predestined
affinity with religion. Should the individual take to religion, he or she can enjoy good fortune and luck.
But, since the two Lu stars are afflicted, it is rather difficult accumulating wealth and money.

祿逢衝破 lù féng chōng pò

Prerequisite: Lu Cun or Hua Lu in Ming and by san fang si zheng Di Jie and/or Di Kong.

Note: It... [?]. The native ought to tend toward 居安思危 jū'ānsīwēi = to be vigilant in peace time; to
think of danger in times of peace.
泛水桃花 fàn shuǐ táo huā

Prerequisite: Tan Lang in Ming in Zi. Or Lian Zhen, Tan Lang and Tuo Luo in Ming in Hai.

Note: Regardless of whether the horoscope belongs to that of a man or a woman, there is emphasis on
風流 fēngliú = amorous, romantic, licentious, dissolute; refined, tasteful, elegant; unrestrained in spirit
and behaviour. There are... [?].

風流綵杖 fēng liú cǎi zhàng

Prerequisite: Tan Lang and Tuo Luo In Ming in Yin.

Note: The person is fond of gambling and drinking. The individual ought to guard against spending too
much time loitering in a red-light district.