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A Couple of Nice Charts on Black Crime Robert A. Lindsay on Awful

English Dialects: Lancas…

Danny on Awful English

Dialects: Lancas…

Anuseed on Awful English

Dialects: Lancas…

TRASH 2 on Drug Culture in

the 1970…

TRASH 2 on Drug Culture in

the 1970…

R.P. on Drug Culture in

the 1970…

Jason Y on My Unadulterated
Thoughts on I…
Just the usual chart you have seen so many times before.
Jason Y on My Unadulterated
Thoughts on I…
These types of charts are familiar to all of us, including, believe it or not, most
White liberals. White liberals are not stupid about Black people, and they are Jason Y on My Unadulterated
very, very aware of the reality of Black crime. In fact, this is one negative aspect Thoughts on I…

of Blacks that most White liberals will freely discuss. They generally discuss in
Jason Y on My Unadulterated
non-racist terms, and it is possible for a White person to talk about Black crime Thoughts on I…
in a non-racist manner.
TRASH 2 on My Unadulterated
I can’t remember if I have ever heard one single White liberal making the usual Thoughts on I…

stupid excuses that we White liberals supposedly make for Black crime: it’s all
TRASH 2 on My Unadulterated
White people’s fault, they’re poor and oppressed, bla bla. White liberals don’t Thoughts on I… Follow
buy that stuff. I’m not sure who does? Maybe White college professors and White
Leftists. TRASH 2 on My Unadulterated
Thoughts on I…

Please do not confuse White liberals with White Leftists. White liberals are sane
on the subject of race, but White Leftists surely are not. Bring up Black crime Recent Posts
with a White Leftist and he’s liable to call you racist and shoot down the whole
Awful English Dialects:
conversation. Or he will say that all Black crime is caused by racism. Lancashire Dialect

David Bowie, “Rock and Roll Suicide”

White liberals generally like Blacks and they hate anti-Black racism. This is
David Bowie, “Ziggy Stardust”
because White liberalism was founded in part on opposition to White racism.
Drug Culture in the 1970’s
Degenerating into anti-Black racism, is, for a White liberal, becoming your worst
One of the Hardest Jobs I Ever Had –
enemy – the cracker, the redneck, the ugly White racist, whether Bull Connor or
William Pierce.
What Happens to a Narcissist When
They Are Old, Washed up, Alone, and
Nevertheless, White liberals can discuss Black crime. They are not sure what No One Wants Them?
causes it, and the subject is a little bit uncomfortable (you can often see White High Conflict Personality Versus
liberals get nervous discussing it). But they all think it sucks, and they pretty Borderline Personality Disorder
much blame Black people for Black crime. Yet at the same time, they don’t follow High Self Esteem Does Not
this logically down the path so many White conservatives take: “Blacks commit = Narcissism

tons of crime, so I hate Blacks.” White liberals stop short at that turnoff and just A “Regard Supply” Theory of
Narcissism (Love of Self) and Love
keep on driving.
(Love of Others)

My Unadulterated Thoughts on
White Leftists like to scream about the high Black incarceration rate, which is a
Intelligence Variance among
lamentable statistic, it is true. They talk about the Prison Industrial Complex, the Races
along with a few other clever euphemisms. What’s implied here is that having all Persona Non Grata on the Alt Left
these Black men locked up is some sort of an outrageous injustice in and of itself. Protected: Post to Discuss All of the
But I doubt if that is true. Why are so many Black men locked up? Probably Various POI’s and Theories in the
because they commit an incredible amount of crime. Delphi Murders from the Crime to
the Present, Protected to Avoid Libel
and Character Assassination
Problems 7
“Alligator Hunting,” by Alpha Unit

John Lennon “Crippled Inside”

If You Blind Yourself to Your
Problems, Are They Still
Your Problems?

Very interesting chart shows homicide rates the world over. Note the very high
rates in Black regions.

As you can see by this chart, Africa in general has a high homicide rate. It’s quite
a bit higher than White or Asian areas. The homicide rate is also low across the Archives
Arab World and in South Asia. Granted, it is high in Russia, Kazakhstan, January 2018

Greenland and Myanmar, but those are best seen as outliers. December 2017

November 2017
There is also a lot of homicide in Latin America, in Central America in particular.
October 2017
Central America is very Hispanic and has few Blacks. The racial makeup is
September 2017
mestizo, or White-Indian mix.
August 2017

Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador also have a lot of crime, especially the July 2017

first two. Venezuela and Colombia have a fair amount of Black genetics, but June 2017

overall Black genetics probably amounts to only around 20-25% of the May 2017

population. The Blacks there are very mixed, and often take the form of April 2017

mulattos, Black-Indian mixes, and Black-White-Indian mixes. The latter is March 2017

particularly common in Venezuela. February 2017

January 2017
Of course Brazil has some of the heaviest Black genetics in Latin America, but it December 2016
typically takes the form of mulattos as opposed to more pure Blacks. November 2016
October 2016
The high crime rate in Latin America shows that Hispanics in the form of
September 2016
basically mestizo populations are fully capable of committing just as much crime
August 2016
and mayhem as Blacks if not more. There doesn’t seem to be a genetic
July 2016
explanation for this, as a White-Amerindian mix doesn’t seem particularly
June 2016
criminogenic in a genetic sense.
May 2016
However, this chart should put to rest the argument that only US Blacks commit April 2016
lots of crime, and that crime is low in Africa, the Caribbean and other places March 2016
where there are lots of Blacks. It seems that wherever you have lots of Blacks, February 2016
you tend to have lots of crime, in particular violent crime. Crime appears to January 2016
follow Blacks like night follows day. The reasons for this may be debated December 2015
endlessly but the reality of this truth seems hard and fast. November 2015
October 2015

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Charts on Black Crime” October 2013

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An Unmarried Man
May 13, 2012 at 8:58 PM July 2013
June 2013

Wow, Mexico has the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas. What is Greenland’s story?? May 2013
April 2013
March 2013
February 2013
Robert Lindsay
May 13, 2012 at 9:50 PM January 2013
December 2012

Have you heard of this terrible urban crime fad called Polar Bear November 2012

Hunting? Many people have been badly hurt by this sick fad. October 2012

September 2012

July 2012
THAT is how criminal those Nanooks are.
June 2012

Reply May 2012

April 2012
Abdul March 2012
December 16, 2013 at 11:00 AM
February 2012

January 2012
mr Robert Lindsay, you sir and your typically American arrogance
December 2011
ignorance, backward uneducated and so on, should get out of your
November 2011
typically white village and embrace reality, No wonder Mr Nelson
October 2011
Mandela went to his grave not totally feeling like someone who
September 2011
succeeded. Fucking hell, if you are an authority on black people and
August 2011
crime than God help us all. Please sir before next time putting your
July 2011
dirty gresy fingers on a population explanation there is one criteria.
June 2011
EDUCATE YOURSELF PROPERLY< you tracist peace of
May 2011
April 2011

Reply March 2011

February 2011
Robert Lindsay January 2011
December 16, 2013 at 2:08 PM
December 2010

November 2010
All right, Black man, you are banned. Now go back and hang out in
October 2010
front of the liquor store like you were before.
September 2010

HAND! August 2010

July 2010
June 2010
eyam3421 May 2010
August 15, 2015 at 11:20 PM
April 2010

March 2010
You have the audacity to cite that evil racist Marxist pig Mandela?
February 2010
So glad he is finally where he belongs, I spit on his grave. Not a
January 2010
thought for the white genocide going on in SA? The total
December 2009
degradation and decline of SA. African refugees accepted in all
November 2009
traditionally white countries. Boer victims of violence and
October 2009
government sanctioned genocide not allowed to emigrate…
September 2009
August 2009

July 2009
June 2009
Andrew May 2009
May 13, 2012 at 11:21 PM
April 2009

March 2009
How come there is no charts showing rates of Black on White crime vs. White
February 2009
on Black crime.
January 2009

Or better yet the number of Black rapists commiting rape on White or Asian December 2008

women vs. the number of White or Asian rapists commiting rape on Black

I heard the rate is a hundredfold greater than for the other – even adjusted
for population percentages. Pages
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Guest Posters on Robert Lindsay
May 14, 2012 at 12:11 AM
Guidelines for Guest Posters

Major and Minor Research Pieces

That chart seems off to me. Mexico should be more red. India and Pakistan
should be much more red but these sort of charts are based on figures My Other Site on Blogger

provided by the respective nations, which frankly I do not trust. Open Topic

Open Topic 1
Large chunks of Sub Saharan Africa are in a constant state of war so thats Open Topic 2
goin to skew any homocide statistic, when ideally homocide should only refer Open Topic 3

to unlawfull killings committed durin peace time. Open Topic 4

Post Suggestions
As far as American Black incarcertation goes, one has to keep in mind the
Post Suggestions 1
disparity in Black vs White police stops, access to legal help and severity of
Post Suggestions 2
sentencing. So if Blacks who happen to smoke pot or take other illicit drug get Post Suggestions 3
pulled over more often than drug using White , the former is at a higher risk
Support Beyond Highbrow
of incarceration than the latter.
Surveys and Brain Teasers

Reply Terms of Service Policy

May 14, 2012 at 9:34 AM May 2012

India and Pakistan should be much more red but these sort of charts are 1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
based on figures provided by the respective nations, which frankly I do
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
not trust. 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 31
And you would be wise not to. India and Pakistan tend to ignore mob « Apr Jun »
violence and honour killings. After the Assasination of Indira Gandhi in
the 80s, 4000 sikhs were butchered in mob violence. In 2002, roughly Blogroll
1000 Muslims were similarly slaughtered by Hindutva mobs this time. Anatoly Karlin
Mob violence against shias and Ahmedis are likewise ignored by the
Pakistani state. Lets not forget the honour killings commited by the
Bigfoot Lunch Club
peasant and warrior castes of both India and Pakistan every year. Most of
these are not even reported.

“Large chunks of Sub Saharan Africa are in a constant state of war so
thats goin to skew any homocide statistic, when ideally homocide should
only refer to unlawfull killings committed durin peace time. ” Entitled To An Opinion
This is what I was trying to explain to Akash when he laughably compared Evo and Proud
the Gujarat massacre to the atrocities committed by the Pakis during the Human Biologial Diversity
1971 war of Bangladeshi liberation. Ian Welsh
JayMan's Blog
Jew Among You

Aakash Metrolingua

May 14, 2012 at 10:46 AM Publius Quinctilius Varus

Social Prediction
“This is what I was trying to explain to Akash when he laughably Upside Down World
compared the Gujarat massacre to the atrocities committed by the
Pakis during the 1971 war of Bangladeshi liberation.”
Whatever dude. Keep having wet dreams uttering the word “Gujarat”
every time you want to give an example of Hindus fucking up Muslims.
Every wannabe intellectual shitbricking whiny little muslim dreams of Meta
that. Thats one thing I’ve noticed. Any muslim will bring up gujarat Register
one way or the other with absolutely no mention of what casused the Log in
whole thing: a bunch of crazy muslim mofos burning down a train Entries RSS
bogie full of hindus. Comments RSS
Sure, gujarat counts as a homicide. But does that prove that
“Hinduism” is as violent as Islam (which is what you bring up every
time someone like me mentions the truth that islam is shit)? Maybe. Categories
But until I see a Pakistan with 17 % Hindus with their own TV channels Agricutlure (110)
and members of parliament etc, I for one will always go with Islam Livestock Production (18)
being a much more fucked up religion than Hinduism. As you know, Animals (498)
India and Pakistan have the same culture. But why have the Pakis Domestic (66)
wiped out Hindus from their country altogether while the percentage Cats (13)
of Muslims in India remains the same? Its simple. Because of the Cows (16)
inherent violence against people of other religions in Islam. Dogs (20)

Goats (4)
Until your next wet dream, here are a few more examples of muslim
Horses (11)
crap that Hindus (and others) have to deal with….
Pigs (8) Wild (433)

Birds (14) Owls (6)
contempt-and-bigotry-against-Christians,-Hindus-and-Sikhs- Spotted Owls (4)
24431.html Fish (8)
Salmon (3)
Your response below:
Striped Bass (2)

Gujarat. Gujarat. Gujarat. Hindutva. Hindutva. Hindutva. Tuna (1)

Bluefin Tuna (1)
Ok good.
Invertebrates (3)
Worms (2)
Mammals (400)
Dota Apes (324)
May 14, 2012 at 11:04 AM Bigfoot (316)

Carnivores (49)
You’re so charmingly primitive and collectivist Simply unable to Canids (19)
see beyond your collective identity and behavior Foxes (2)
Sierra Nevada Red Fox

Wolves (13)
May 14, 2012 at 11:50 PM Felids (12)
Leopards (1)

Looking at the individual countries in Africa with the highest rates of Lions (8)

violent crime(redness) seems to support your argument. In fact Nigeria Mustelids (22)
(even the Nigerian block, Ghana, etc) seems tame in relation to central Fishers (1)

and east Afrfica. Perhaps as Nigeria’s economy continues to grow, it may Wolverines (20)

even lighten by a shade or two. Procyonids (2)

Raccoons (2)
Cetaceans (2)
Whales (1)
Herbivores (7)
April 10, 2013 at 9:16 AM
Moose (1)

No, see, that’s where you’re fucking wrong. I’ve gotten arrested for Omnivores (12)
Bears (11)
smoking weed, I’ve had my vehicle searched multiple times. There are an
even amount of white t black cops in my town. You don’t know what the Reptiles (8)

fuck you’re talking about. Snakes (4)

Anthropology (431)
Cultural (110)
Paleontology (8)
WmarkW Dinosaurs (1)
May 14, 2012 at 2:25 AM
Physical (270)

Throwbacks (4)
But there is a misleading factor in the top comparison, like Alpha Unit often
Art (86)
points out — if you re-weighted the white population to reflect the socio-
Art History (5)
economic characteristics of the black (triple trailer-trashers, and cut PhD’s in
Modern (10)
useful subjects by 90%), the prison and crime ratios would get a lot closer. I
Outsider (1)
don’t know HOW close.
Photography (23)

Reply Cabals (12)

Celebrities (84)
James Schipper Cinema (110)
May 14, 2012 at 3:48 AM Horror (5)

Computers (37)
Dear Robert Software (17)
The Latin American countries with the highes murder rates are Guatemala, Browsers (7)
Honduras and El Salvador, 3 countries with virtually no blacks and virtually
Conspiracies (41)
no black genes in their population.
Corruption (100)
Crime (825)
Regards. James
Law enforcement (223)

Reply Corrections (43)

Police Brutality (14)
Tulio Missing Persons (14)
May 14, 2012 at 4:25 AM
Organized Crime (37)
Public Service Killings (4)
Don’t forget Mexico. This just in:
Scams (21)
Serial Killers (99)
Spree Killers (23)

Reply Unidentified Murder Victims (5)

Culture (722)
nominay American (190)
May 14, 2012 at 2:39 PM Judaica (1)
Pop Culture (55)
I believe Mexico has forfeited its right to sovereignty. I wish we would
Depravity (17)
invade it as a means of completing our imperialism. Make it a police
Cannibalism (7)
state, bring McDonalds, Target, Walmart and other corporations in
Disciplines (15)
there, create jobs … that’ll make things better.
Meditation (6)

Reply Yoga (5)

Economics (1,179)
Tulio Capitalism (627)
May 14, 2012 at 5:14 PM Neoliberalism (270)

Socialism (478)
It’s too bad we didn’t annex Baja California in the Treaty of
Education (289)
Guadalupe Hildalgo. It’s a really beautiful state.It would have made Higher Education (99)
sense as a natural extension of California and it is already so
Environmentalism (149)
geographically isolated from the main part of Mexico. Only issue Endangered Species (46)
would’ve been defending the entire eastern coastline from illegals. Global Warming (39)

Overpopulation (7)
Pollution (29)

nominay Gender Studies (1,126)

May 14, 2012 at 5:29 AM Feminism (281)

Man World (652)

Two view points, both substantially intellectual. A few years back my friend Masculinism (102)
Matt responded to the US census form by stating, “Matt Vest refuses to Sane Pro-Woman (94)
answer census questions about “race” on the grounds that there is no clear
Genetics (193)
evidence that “races” even exist as anything more than an unsuccessful Eugenics (7)
attempt to divide a species into separate classifications that can’t be
Geography (34)
measured in any meaningful way. I’ll tell you my species, but don’t give me
Maps (26)
this unscientific gobbledygook about some social construct you want me to
Geopolitics (242)
put myself in and expect me to answer.”
Girls (150)
Jailbait (79)
Meanwhile, I took another tact:
Lolitas (29)
“But Matt, black people run faster, eat more watermelon, chicken, Government (996)
cauliflowered greens, tons of bananas, and can leap from branches to Local (48)
adjacent trees. They also shout “booga! booga!” and drag their knuckles while Guest Posts (255)
listening to jungle boogie music. So you see, there really are meaningful Abiezer Coppe (9)
differences ….. just one example.” Alpha Unit (163)

Dano Bivins (1)

Joanna Woodhouse (1)

Health (474)
Death (76)
May 14, 2012 at 8:54 AM
Illness (135)

“wherever you have lots of Blacks, you tend to have lots of crime, in particular Medicine (82)
Operations (15)
violent crime. Crime appears to follow Blacks like night follows day”
Nutrition (96)
Almost poetic! Public Health (157)

History (802)
I think if I would have said that I would have been accused of racism.
African (24)

Actually, come to think of it, I have said something similar before – and got Antiquity (73)

banned for life for saying it – and , unlike this site, with no possibility to Ancient Greece (13)

appeal. Roman Empire (23)

Asian (87) Chinese (28)
SE Asian (12)
Christian (9)

Dúnedain Cold War (84)

May 14, 2012 at 11:27 AM Dark Ages (4)

European (240)
If you played your Jew card, they would have not only reinstated your Islamic (12)
account but also issued an apology. Kharijites (1)

Middle Ages (13)

Babylonians (1)

Philistines (1)
May 14, 2012 at 10:07 PM Middle Eastern (41)
Phoenicians (1)

I’m not quite sure why you managed to insert the fact that I am Jewish Samaritans (1)

into this thread about Black crime. Modern (394)

US (172)
Am I missing something here?
The Americas (63)

Reply Hobbies (4)

Birdwatching (4)
phatimabibi Humor (407)
May 16, 2012 at 9:19 AM
Idiots (92)
Dangerous Idiots (23)
Where’s Heg when you need him?
Immigration (327)
Fake Guest Workers (43)
Illegal (155)

Legal (54)

Dota Internationalism (29)

May 14, 2012 at 11:37 AM
Intoxicants (118)
Deliriants (1)
Allow me to dispell the myth that blacks own a monopoly on violence. Glue (1)

Depressants (32)
A look at honour killings in India, from Aakar Patel’s article:
Alcohol (31)
Barbiturates (1)
Benzodiazepines (2)

On 16 August 2010, Amthaji Rathod, his brother Vijayji, his wife Manchaba Dope (82)
and his grandson Udaysinh were dismembered with axes in Bhuj. Amthaji’s Dissociative Anesthetics (9)

son Dehuba had eloped with a girl from the Sodha family. The Sodhas are Ketamine (3)

also Rajputs and the girl was missing. PCP (9)

Hallucinogens (57)
On 21 June 2010, Dilbag and Kuldeep, the father and uncle of 18-year-old Amphetamine Psychedelics (5)
Monika, were arrested for her murder, along with that of her lover Rinku. The MDMA (4)
couple was beaten to death. Though the police did not reveal their last names, Cannabis (47)
India Today magazine reported that the family are Jats. LSD (20)
Psilocybin (6)
On 12 May 2008, 19-year-old Vandana died in Vadodara after her father
Jayvirsinh Bhadodiya shot her, and her sister and mother brought an axe Narcotics (17)
Heroin (16)
down on her head. Vandana had eloped with her lover Mayur Marathe.
Bhadodiya is a retired jawan and the Bhadodiyas are Rajputs. Stimulants (30)
Coke (20)
On 21 February 2011, constable Sandeep Singh, 21, was murdered by Speed (21)
Balwinder Singh in Kapurthala. Sandeep had been in a relationship with
Journalism (439)
Balwinder’s daughter Karamdeep Kaur since they were in school. Balwinder
Labor (393)
Singh is a Jat.
Law (421)

On 25 November 2003, four Rajput men killed Jasveer Singh, married to Left (1,322)

Geeta Rani, 20, a Rajput in Hoshiarpur. Jasveer was found in a market, his Anti-colonialism (10)

arms and legs had been cut off with swords. Anti-Zionism (55)

Bolivarianism (20)
At a conference on 11 January 2004, the Communist Party of India’s women’s Marxism (591)
body presented a report on honour killing. It mentioned the following Maoism (169)
incident. Trotskidiots (27)

Revolution (172)
The Dalits of Jhajjar were prevented from drawing water at the village well
Useless Western Left (116)
till they returned two Jat sisters. One of them had eloped with a Dalit boy.
Her sister fled with her, fearing punishment because she was aware. The girls Linguistics (586)
Applied (176)
were returned and duly slaughtered by their family.
Language Learning (165)

On 11 June 2011, Rameshwar Singh and his sons killed his daughter Ritu, 17, Multilingualism (21)

in Hisar. Ritu had just passed her SSC exams and had been stopped by her Comparitive (33)
family from going to school because she had fallen in love. Rameshwar Singh Language Classification (33)

is a Jat. Descriptive (11)

Language Families (392)
On 13 June 2010, Asha Saini and her lover Yogesh Jatav were killed by Asha’s
Afroasiatic (31)
family. The lovers, who were both 19, were electrocuted and beaten through Semitic (28)
the night, their moans being heard by neighbours in Delhi. The Sainis are Arabic (16)
Rajputs. Maltese (3)

Hebrew (10)
On 20 June 2010, three Delhi men, Mandeep Nagar, Ankit Chaudhary and
Nakul Khari, were arrested for the murder of Ankit’s sister Monica and her Algonquian (5)
Cree (4)
husband Kuldeep, and Mandeep’s sister Shobha. All three were shot for
Ojibwa (3)
eloping, and were from the peasant Gujjar caste. The Times of India reported
the boys were applauded for their action by their community in Wazirpur. Altaic (44)
Japonic (12)
Reuters’ Simon Denyer reported on 16 May 2008 that the village of Balla in Japanese (9)
Haryana was proud of its action in killing Sunita and her husband Jasbir Korean language (10)
Singh. Sunita, 21, was five months pregnant, and was punched and kicked in Tungusic (4)
the stomach as she was taken away with Jasbir in cars to her father’s house. Turkic (25)
Sunita was strangled by her mother, and her father Om Prakash left the Kipchak (6)
bodies on display outside his house. Accompanied by applauding villagers, Bashkir (3)

Om Prakash walked up to the police station to proudly announce the act. The Crimean Tatar (5)

village of Balla, Denyer reported, “stands united behind the act, proud, Karakalpak (1)

defiant, almost to a man”. Om Prakash is a Jat. Kazakh (4)

Krymchak (2)
On 26 February 2011, the Bangalore police arrested Gowramma and Mooge
Kumyk (1)
Gowda, the mother and grandfather of Deepika, 20. Deepika was killed, along
Kyrgyz (4)
with her four-month-old son, for marrying her neighbour Venkatesh.
Nogay (2)
Deepika’s father, two uncles and an aunt were absconding after murdering
Tatar (4)
and cremating the girl and her child. Gowdas are from the peasant caste
Urum (2)
called Vokkaliga.
Oghuz (12)

On 30 March 2010, Prabhjot Kaur, 19, and her husband Pardeep Singh were Azerbaijani (1)
North Azerbaijani (1)
shot dead when Pardeep came to pick up his wife after she sat for an English
South Azerbaijani (1)
exam. The couple had just married, and were Jats from Tarn Taran. The
couple was under protection from the Punjab and Haryana high court. Balkan Gagauz Turkish

On 13 May 2010, Gurleen Kaur, 19, and her mother-in-law Kuljit Kaur were Gagauz (4)
killed by Gurleen’s father, brothers and uncles. Gurleen was found with her Khorasani Turkic (1)
fingers cut off, and with stabs on her neck and shoulders. Kuljit was stabbed Qashqai (1)
in her eyes. Gurleen’s husband Amarpreet, 25, tried to fight back, but was Salchuq (2)
shot by the men. The family are Jats from Tarn Taran. Turkish (11)
Turkmen (3)
On 22 July 2009, Ved Pal was killed by his wife Sonia’s family. They had
Siberian (2)
opposed the couple’s marriage and Ved Pal had gone to pick up his bride with
Chulym (1)
a police escort in Punjab’s Singhwal village. Sonia’s Jat family lynched him
Khakas (1)
after brushing aside the police. Twelve people, including members of the
North Altai (1)
Khap panchayat, were convicted for the murder on 30 September 2011.
Shor (1)

On 15 June 2007, Manoj Banwala and his wife Babli were killed by her family. South Altai (1)

They were under police protection, but were kidnapped after their escort fled. Tofa (1)

The couple was strangled after being beaten. The couple were Jats from Tuvan (1)

Karora in Haryana. On 30 March 2010, five people, including Babli’s brother, Uyghuric (2)
Suresh, and her uncles, were sentenced to death for the murder. Uyhghur (2)

Uzbek (2)
On 28 October 2008, two minor girls, Geeta and Kali, were killed by their North Uzbek (1)
family in Haryana’s Bhiwani district. The girls were returning after meeting South Uzbek (1)
their boyfriends, and were stoned and sickled before being set alight with
kerosene. The girls were from the peasant Dhanak community. Austro-Asiatic (7)
Mon-Khmer (5)
Source: Aakar Patel “Why the honour killing Bill won’t work” Khmer (1)

Vietnamese (2)
Austro-Tai (19)
Austronesian (18)
Aakash Malayo-Polynesian (11)
May 14, 2012 at 7:29 PM
Bahasa Indonesian (4)
Malaysian (2)
“You’re so charmingly primitive and collectivist Simply unable to see beyond
Maori (1)
your collective identity and behavior ”
Philippine (4)

You are so wonderfully passive while taking facts up your ass one after Tai-Kadai (5)
another that lead to one and only one conclusion: your religion sucks ass. Dene-Yenisien (11)
Na-Dene (11)
Time to change your skull cap dota boy. Watch this interesting cartoon in the
Hopi (2)
meantime and lets talk the time dependence of morality as it relates to
Navajo (6)
fucking your daughter in law if you get a chance.
Slavey (2)

Dravidian (16)
Muhammad & Zainab cartoon 100 % Islamic Malayalam (3)
Tamil (4)

Eskimo-Aleut (7)
Inuktitut (4)

Finno-Ugric Languages (12)

Finnic (8)
Finnish (5)

Ugric (3)
Hungarian (1)

Hmong-Mien (5)
Hmong (3)

Indo-Hittite (257)
Anatolian (3)
Indo-European (257)
Balkan (5)
Illyro-Venetic (5)
Illyrian (5)
May 14, 2012 at 8:49 PM
Albanian (5)

Cool video. This the best you can do? I’ve critiqued Islam numerous times Balto-Slavic-Germanic (126)
myself. Why don’t you spend your energy absorbing the white man’s Balto-Slavic (26)

civilization instead of devising means of shagging his sister? Baltic (4)

Latvian (2)
Reply Lithuanian (1)

Slavic (26)
aakash Bulgarian language
May 15, 2012 at 7:10 PM (4)
Czech (8)
“Why don’t you spend your energy absorbing the white man’s Polish (5)
civilization instead of devising means of shagging his sister?” Russian (10)

Serbo-Croatian (2)
Dota. I’ll let you in on a secret. White man’s civilization is a lot about
Slovak (5)
shagging other white man’s sister. Porn industry? White man. Playboy?
White man. Don’t tell anyone though ok kiddo? Germanic (109)
Danish (12)
Now when you are finished sucking white man’s cock and are ready to Dutch (16)
get some action for your virgin dick yourself, follow the strategy below: Afrikaans (5)

Gronings (1)
1) Wear good clothing.
Mennonite (1)
2) Wear good cologne but subtly.
English language (67)
3) Go to a bar and start talking to chicks casually.
Scots (12)
4) Get numbers, get out, call chick, set up date, and get fucked. Odds
Tiki-Tiki (1)
are gonna be low so get lots of numbers.
Frisian (7)
5) Most important: Never ever talk about silly things like Dota or
West Frisian (4)
German (40)
Comprende? Now run little boy and finish the Koran before you start. Bavarian (2)

You’ll get more (albeit hardcore) info on how to obtain some. Low German (5)

Luxembourgish (2)
Moselle Franconian
Dota Riparian (2)
May 15, 2012 at 9:02 PM
Icelandic (6)

Norwegian (8)
You’re just mad you got owned pretty hard ever since you showed
Swedish (9)
up here. You claimed that Naik was mainstream only be proven
wrong when I showed you a Hindi News clipping of the Lucknow Indo-Irano-Armeno-
ulema declaring him a Kafir. You accused AI of not knowing Hellenic (32)
Hellenic (12)
anything about the Hindu mindset only to be proven wrong again
Greek (11)
when he stated that he had dealings with the RSS and understood it
quite well. You were left grasping for straws as you desperately tried
to compare Hindutva pogroms with the atrocities committed in the
Armenian (6)
1971 war; only to be schooled by me, AI and Pepperoncini. And now
Indo-Iranian (22)
piss breath, you’re going to be owned again: Indic (18)
Hindi (4)
“Dota. I’ll let you in on a secret. White man’s civilization is a lot
Kashmiri (3)
about shagging other white man’s sister. Porn industry? White
Sanskrit (14)
Sinhala (2)

Wrong again dumb ass. Porn is a Jewish thing and has been
Italo-Celtic-Tocharian (119)
dominated by Jews for decades as this Rabbi will tell you: Italo-Celtic (117) Celtic (16)
Gaelic (9)
Have you ever been right? Hang it up tribal savage. Like most desis
Irish Gaelic (8)
you are low on individualism and think through your genitals. Take
Italic (112)
a course in Western philosophy and maybe in about 30 years you
Romance (104)
might actually denounce collective punishment. Now go find
Catalan (17)
another youtube video about Muhammad’s sexcapades because that
French (31)
is oh so relevant to every debate concerning caste oppression and
Friulian (4)
honour killings.
Italian (23)
Venetian (5)

Ladin (3)
Aakash Occitan (21)
May 14, 2012 at 7:55 PM
Portuguese (39)
Galician (25)
Romansch (5)
Spanish (48)
Working with fair number of black people and interacting with a lot of them
Andalucian (7)
in a city full of black history, I’ve seen a kaleidoscope of black behavior (from
Aragonese (11)
crime laden ghettos to ultra rich black people living in mansions). My general
Asturian (16)
impression has been positive since I moved here from a latino dominated city
Leonese (18)
(Houston) a few years back. There is also a huge influx of black immigrants
from Africa and they are pretty much well behaved. You still have to be Tocharian (3)
careful in certain areas though. However, to anybody who thinks that Black
Iriquoian (3)
people can’t perform well, I have three letters: ATL. Go to the airport and
Cherokee (3)
90% of the employees are black. Its a damn slick airport for being the world’s
Isolates (27)
busiest. Impressive shit. I can’t even imagine Indians running something like
Basque (17)
that to the degree of 90 million a year.
Kootenai (2)

Reply Yamana (1)

Khoisan (5)
Robert Lindsay !Xóõ (2)
May 14, 2012 at 8:44 PM
Nguni (1)
Xhosa (2)
Thank you for this optimistic report on my friends the Blacks.
NE Caucasian (4)

Reply Tabasaran (2)

Tsez (3)

nominay Niger-Kordofanian (7)

May 15, 2012 at 6:28 AM Niger-Congo (7)
Bantu (5)
You mean all the blacks that show up en masse at the diner? Bakjalukasha (1)

Oto-Manguean (2)
Chinantec (2)

Paleosiberian (3)
Chukotko-Kamchatkan (3)
May 15, 2012 at 2:33 AM
Chukchi (2)

What? You mean all the blacks in the ATL airport aren’t in the parking lot Quechuan (2)
Quechua (2)
smoking weed and coming in an hour late from lunch break?
Salishan (5)
Reply Nuxálk (2)

Sino-Tibetan (36)
aakash Sinitic (30)
May 15, 2012 at 7:18 PM
Chinese language (28)
Cantonese (11)
Yeah and listen to Ludacris all day. Welcome to ATL brotha. Mandarin (12)

Min Nan (8)

Jermaine Dupri - Welcome To Atlanta ft. …
Language Samples (47)

Semantics (4)
Sociolinguistics (121)
Dialectology (68)

Spot the Language (83)

Literary Excursions (19)

Literature (163)
Novel (59)
Poetry (27)

Theater (12)

Losers (28)
Lame Cunts (11)
Moralfags (23)

Reply Lunatics (50)

Assholes (24)
aakash Dangerous Assholes (5)
May 15, 2012 at 7:19 PM
Mass Hysterias (122)
Pedophile Mass Hysteria (103)
They got a Sikh dude in that lol.
Meta (249)

Military Doctrine (119)

Nuclear Weapons (39)
Treasel Mother Nature (36)
May 14, 2012 at 9:00 PM
Earthquakes (4)

Fires (4)
Perhaps tropical climates tend to select for agression and brutishness,
Tsunamis (4)
especially among males.
Weather (25)
Hurricanes (16)
Hurricane Katrina (14)

Tulio Music (373)

May 15, 2012 at 2:31 AM Acoustics (2)
Folk (18)
Vikings? Rap (5)
Rock (274)
Glam (23)

Outsider (2)
Psychedelic (3)
May 15, 2012 at 2:32 AM
Punk (96)

And Southern Asia is pretty safe and is tropical. Narcissism (5)

Not Robert Lindsay (21)
Reply Doperman (1)
Internetman (2)
Pepperoncini Sexmaniacman (17)
May 15, 2012 at 6:40 AM
Thrillseekerman (2)

Philosophy (234)
Indo-European steppe tribes, the quintessential warlike tribes.
Ethics (70)

Reply Jurisprudence (2)

Metaphysics (21)

Bay Area Guy Political Science (1,847)

May 14, 2012 at 10:58 PM Colonialism (121)

Settler-Colonialism (39)

I think that, for the purposes of this thread, it is important to distinguish Conservatism (873)

between organized violence versus unorganized/chaotic violence, since this Neoconservatism (109)

issue tends to come up. Paleoconservatism (7)

Fascism (523)
Many blacks and anti-racists, when presented with high black violent crime Latin American Right (109)
rates, will point to the millions slaughtered by Europeans during colonialism, National Socialism (217)
WWI and WWII, genocides, etc. Nazism (182)
Neo-Nazism (38)
However, just because a group is violent on a state/macro level doesn’t mean
that its individual members are more violent. Imperialism (222)

Liberalism (492)
A great example that I will use is Imperial Japan. Libertarianism (182)

Nationalism (346)
Imperial Japan slaughtered millions, forcefully “recruited”/abducted
Arab Nationalism (27)
thousands of women into sex slavery, sadistically tortured many
Ethnic Nationalism (150)
prisoners/victims, etc.
National Consolidationism (3)

Black America, as a whole, throughout its history, has not killed anywhere National Liberation (3)

near as many people as Imperial Japan did, and its body count is much lower. Ultranationalism (99)

Sane Pro-White (58)

But honestly, all of that considered, who would you feel safer living with? The
Politics (1,648)
citizens of Imperial Japan, or people in an average black neighborhood?
US Politics (1,359)
Democrats (734)
Organized violence is horrible, don’t get me wrong. But as far as your
Obama (378)
everyday life is concerned, you’re more worried about getting accosted,
Republicans (850)
harassed, or menaced on BART by some black guy in Oakland than you are
some evil war mongering white politician. Psychology (1,423)
Autism (25)
(and yes, anticipating a potential response from Tulio ;-), I know that there Asperger's Syndrome (21)
are nasty football hooligans in Europe, violent skinheads in Russia, and other Dreams (1)
groups of whites who are dangerous on a micro level) Freud (1)
Intelligence (369)
Flynn Effect (48)

Dota Jung (2)

May 14, 2012 at 11:14 PM Personality (156)

Narcissism (61)

Lets not forget organized crime as well BAG. OC takes its toll on society as Psychopathology (347)
a whole but most of us never give it much thought because it is invisible Mental Illness (318)

while Black crime is very visible. The comparison between macro level Anxiety Disorders (92)
OCD (78)
crime and micro level crime is bogus as you correctly observed however
OC should still technically count on the micro level. Manufactured Mental Illness

Reply Mood Disorders (51)

Depression (42)
Treasel Personality Disorders (167)
May 14, 2012 at 11:37 PM
Antisocial (16)
Borderline (33)
So then perhaps there’s something of a philosophical concession to be
Dependent (3)
made here. The violent and killing impulse exists in all men of all
Narcissistic (51)
kinds, but it’s not necessarily what one does, but how one does it. Men
Schizotypal (11)
of all types kill people, but have the sense and wherewithal to organize,
Sociopathy (77)
and make productive use of their killing instinct. Blacks unfortunately
Psychotic Disorders (52)
express this instinct by way of petty thuggery. Maybe with adequate
Schizophrenia (40)
guidance, the issue is fixable…….
Symptoms (15)
Reply Self-injury (4)

Psychotherapy (115)
Bay Area Guy CBT (2)
May 14, 2012 at 11:41 PM
Romantic Relationships (364)
The Unconscious (5)
Agreed, Dota. OC definitely takes its toll on society.
Race/Ethnicity (2,282)

I think the reason why black crime is the most visible/feared by most Aborigines (81)

Americans (particularly white Americans) is because, as the main Amerindians (208)

character from the famous 1993 hood film Menace II Society said, “life Inuit (16)

in the hood is unpredictable.” Arabs (241)

Bedouins (7)
Black crime is perceived, rightly or wrongly, as being highly Iraqis (19)
unpredictable, dramatic, and chaotic. Certain viral youtube videos of Jordanians (2)
ghetto black people acting up and starting random fights on public Kuwaitis (2)
transit or certain fast food joints only further fuels this perception. Lebanese (17)
Palestinians (64)
Human beings generally fear what is unpredictable and unknown. For
Syrians (9)
example, people are a lot more worried about having their plane flight
Yemenis (11)
potentially crash than they are about getting hit by a drunk driver, even
Asians (371)
though they’re more likely to be harmed by a drunk driver. Why?
Chinese (Ethnic) (95)
Because a plane crash would be much more unpredictable, chaotic, and
Drung (1)
dramatic, even though it is less likely.
Northeast Asians (138)
Likewise, the slick white mobster/corrupt politician in a suit is more Ainu (52)

powerful and ultimately more dangerous than the average DeShawn Japanese (60)

from Oakland, but Mr. Slick White Mobster isn’t going to start a Koreans (42)

random fight on a bus. His violence is much more calculated and Mongolians (15)

predictable, and it’s confined to his operations, so your average white Oroquen (2)

doesn’t really think/care about it. SE Asians (159)

Bruneians (1)
Burmese (5)

Buyei (1)
Pepperoncini Filipinos (55)
May 15, 2012 at 12:22 AM
Hmong (18)
Indonesians (28)
And I might add that 1% biker gangs, who are overwhelmingly White,
Khmer (18)
are organised crime but they are schwred enough to mostly keep their
Khmu (2)
activites on the down low.But they are heavily involved in manufacture
Lao (19)
and distribution of Meth and other criminal activities.
Li (1)
It has been said that Miami would not have become soo developed and Malays (27)
rich were it not for drug money. Mien (2)
ABC news talks about ” cocaine cowboys” , the story of how drug Negritos (50)
money built Miami as we know it. Aeta (3)
Andaman Islanders (14)
Media for Cocaine Cowboys: ABC World …
Semang (3)

Taiwanese Aborigines (28)

Thai (32)

Vietnamese (48)

Siberians (22)
Chuckchi (4)

Tibetans (9)

Uighurs (17)

Blacks (917)
Back to Africa Candidates (6)
Dorobo (1)

Dyala (2)
Haitians (9)
The actual documentary, it gets good at the 2:55 mark which is when it Jamaicans (14)
starts.It talks about how Miami used to be a typical southern town, a Khoisan (16)
place where old people went, touristy and laid back and then Masai (5)
Colombian cocaine trasnformed the city into what we know it as. But Mikea (2)
even before Cocaine, Marijuana was smuggled into the US mainly Nigerians (22)
through Miami. The thing is all these movers and shakers were White Pygmies (15)
guys, be Anglo Whites or Colombian Whites and Cubans were the local Somalis (6)
Miami link for the Colombians. Sudanese (3)

Tutsi (3)
The Cocaine Cowboys Central Asians (28)
Afghans (18)
Kazakhs (4)

Tajiks (7)
Uzbeks (3)

Ethiopians (9)

Europeans (1,424)
Albanians (7)
Austrians (1)

Belgians (2)
Belorussians (2)

Bosnians (3)
Bulgarians (4)

Croatians (5)
Cypriots (1)

Czechs (3)

aksum Danes (2)

May 15, 2012 at 2:22 AM Dutch (7)
English (13)
I’ve seen other charts that show different statistics for homicide rates Estonians (4)
worldwide. Finns (6)

French (10)
Germans (19)

Greeks (20)
May 15, 2012 at 2:52 AM Hungarians (7)

Irish (9)

This post is kinda racist. You need to differentiate between middle class Italians (28)

blacks who are likely to engage in crime and upper class blacks who are Jews (392)

successful in industries like law, aviation, IT etc. Latvians (5)

Lithuanians (3)
Reply Macedonians (1)

Moldovans (2)
Norwegians (2)
May 15, 2012 at 4:41 PM
Poles (10)
Portuguese (12)
No more than middle class whites compared to upper class whites who are
Romanians (3)
successful in….
Russians (37)
Reply Scottish (5)
Serbians (5)

aakash Serbs (5)

May 16, 2012 at 5:56 AM Spaniards (29)
Basques (9)

“I showed you a Hindi News clipping of the Lucknow ulema declaring him a Catalans (3)

Kafir” Galicians (2)

Swedes (5)
As I said, showing one set of muslim turds declaring another turd as a “Kafir”
Swiss (2)
in Hindu India contributes nothing. Again, Hindus tolerate worst scum like
Turks (35)
him with huge TV presence and 100s of thousands of followers.
Ukrainians (12)

” You accused AI of not knowing anything about the Hindu mindset only to be Whites (1,025)

proven wrong again when he stated that he had dealings with the RSS and Hispanics (395)
understood it quite well.” Argentines (12)

Bermudans (6)
Well when people start claiming that Hindus tolerate Zakir Naik because they
Bolivians (3)
find it convenient to do so, i’ll call their bullshit every time.
Brazilians (8)
Chileans (10)
“You were left grasping for straws as you desperately tried to compare
Hindutva pogroms with the atrocities committed in the 1971 war; only to be Colombians (4)

schooled by me, AI and Pepperoncini” Costa Ricans (3)

Cubans (17)
Obviously theres no comparision. As far as riots go, sure, I’ll give it to you Dominicans (7)
Gujarat was bad. However, as far as genocides go, again fuckface, where are Ecuadorians (2)
the Hindus in Pakistan? Lets face it, muslims have wiped out Hindus from Guatemalans (5)
Pakistan. Truth. Now put any kind of spin to it but the only conclusion is this: Hondurans (4)
Islam sucks donkey nuts way worse than “Hinduism” does. Jamaicans (3)

Mexicans (116)
“Wrong again dumb ass. Porn is a Jewish thing and has been dominated by
Nicaraguans (4)
Jews for decades as this Rabbi will tell you:
Panamanians (1)”
Paraguayans (2)
Right you skullcap wearing camel piss breath. Here is the info on Jeff Rense Peruvians (6)
whose link you provided: its laughable you have to resort to conspiracy Puerto Ricans (9)
theorists. Was it your skull cap that sensed the word Jew somewhere…. Salvadorans (5)
Trinidadians (1)
Uruguayans (4)

Heres some wiki info on porn industry: Mixed Race (73)

Black-White (Mulattos) (30)
1) Hugh Hefner: Methodist white boy. Founder of playboy. Mestizos (38)
2) Bob Guccione: Italian. Catholic. Penthouse magazine. Zambos (7)
3) MOST of the european porn is all white boys. Example: private Media
Near Easterners (108)
group: swedish dominated. Manwin: luxemborg. Armenians (27)
Assyrians (15)
How does it feel to be a door mat and have my foot so deep in your ass?
Azeris (10)
Btw, hindus have their own crap but are not a global threat and neither are Chechens (14)
there any global hindu terror organizations. What about Islam fuckface? Circassians (3)
Should I even get started there? Dagestanis (4)

Georgians (10)
Iranians (45)

Kurds (46)
May 16, 2012 at 7:13 AM North Africans (58)
Berbers (21)

Rense is a joke true, but that article was written by Rabbi Lapin which had Egyptians (26)

originally been on his organization website toward tradition. Figured Moroccans (9)

you’d be too stupid and skip over that and instead jump over the domain Oceanians (98)
name. You’ve put up a few names but in the US, Porn is an Melanesians (45)

overwhelmingly Jewish business. Not just actors and producers, but Micronesians (16)

distributors as well. We’re not talking Europe because I assume you’re in Polynesians (62)
the States so in your own words: “context dumb ass, context.” I won’t Hawaiians (5)

bother debating that with you because its been done too many times here Maori (13)

and elsewhere. You picked out the odd gentile and that’s nice. Most of the Cook Islanders (2)

Hindus in Pakistan were driven out during the civil war in 1947 where Moriori (4)

there was bloodshed on both sides. It was ugly and I don’t condone the Samoans (9)

behavior of the backward pakis,and never have. During times of peace Tongans (2)

however, no riots. Not against Hindus anyway. If you can find any Papuans (48)
examples, by all means post away. I have an idea. Maybe Pakistan can Race Realism (170)
include more Hindus within the upper echelons of its government thereby South Asians (233)
excusing them of the occasional pogrom every 10 years? Then perhaps we East Indians (201)
can have Ahmed from Karachi mirror your silly posts with: “But Hindus Bangladeshis (4)
are represented at top positions within the Pakistani government.” You Roma (22)
and Ahmed would have lots in common, as values go anyhow. Sri Lankans (3)

Pakistanis (25)
“Btw, hindus have their own crap but are not a global threat and neither
are there any global hindu terror organizations.” Racism (1,095)
Anti-Semitism (300)
Maybe. But the RSS is a terrorist organization that manufactures hateful Arab Racism (16)
ideology revolving around Hindu supremacy, runs its own madrassas, and Civil Rights (274)
then recruits and orchestrates pogroms to terrorize entire neighborhoods Affirmative Action (19)
using violence to further a political agenda, ie Hindu Rastra (The HINDU Anti-Racism (183)
state). Sounds like a textbook definition of Terrorism and fascism to me. Discrimination (46)
The RSS dwarfs Al Qaeda in its organization structure, even over 10 years Employment (9)

ago when AQ was at its strongest. That the west ignores it is yet evidence Housing (11)

that Thrasymachus was correct, and not Plato. Hispanic Racism (14)

Jewish Racism (42)

Once again, you sound pissed, here cool of with this:
White Nationalism (304)
Nordicism (35)
Cow Urine Soda | ZapRoot
White Racism (324)

Reader Participation (1)

Surveys (1)

Recipes (14)
Regional (4,037)
Africa (447)
Central Africa (31)
Cameroon (6)

Central African Republic (2)

Congo (7)

Equatorial Guinea (2)

Gabon (7)

Zaire (7)

East Africa (64)

(Awaiting a video response from you about Muhammad’s sex life or some
Eritrea (4)
random arab idiot drinking camel urine)
Ethiopia (15)

Reply Kenya (20)

Madagascar (3)
Pepperoncini Somalia (20)
May 16, 2012 at 12:17 PM Puntland (1)
Somaliland (2)
Vivid head honcho Steven hirsh is Jewish and ofcourse Ron Jeremy.
Tanzania (7)
But other than those 2 I can’t think of any. Hefner , Guccione and Flynt
Zanzibar (1)
are just Euro Whites, afaik.
North Africa (211)
I have read the claim about Jews dominating American porn (usually
Algeria (28)
from far right websites) but other than the 2 mentioned above, I can’t
Burkina Faso (4)
think of any so I remain skeptical about the claim.
Darfur (2)

Reply Egypt (94)

Libya (93)
Dota Mali (8)
May 16, 2012 at 2:19 PM
Morocco (29)
Sudan (22)
Considering that Vivid is the largest (or one of the) hardcore porn Darfur (4)
production company out there that should say something. Southern Sudan (7)
Nevertheless Jews do dominate porn and there is plenty of non
Tunisia (28)
right material out there so I won’t bother with links this time.
Western Sahara (2)
Saying that they don’t would be making a factually incorrect
South Africa (69)
statement, something that little Aakash has a knack for doing and
Mozambique (13)
then falling on his face for.
Southwest Africa (10)
Namibia (6)

Aakash West Africa (59)

May 17, 2012 at 4:32 AM Guinea-Bissau (2)

Ivory Coast (3)

Vivid was co-founded by a nice white Welshman. Ron Jeremy is a Nigeria (41)
camel dicked porn star and I can pull a 100 whiteys from Senegal (6)
boobpedia. Togo (3)

Americas (2,200)
You have good reason to be skeptical. See our boy Dota does not
Latin America (662)
understand elements of logic: I.e., when you start claiming that
Caribbean (251)
“Jews Dominate Porn” the onus is right back on you to take every
Bahamas (5)
porn company and list that a majority are run by Jewish guys.
Barbados (5)
Forget every company, not even the top 5 has a lot of Jewish
Cayman Islands (1)
influence in it. So
Cuba (164)

1) Take the top 5 companies by revenue Dominica (11)

2) List who owns them. Dominican Republic (24)

3) Bitchslap Dota’s ass. Grenadines (5)

Haiti (61)
See? Jamaica (16)
Martinique (1)

Puerto Rico (6)

St. Barts (1)
May 16, 2012 at 9:04 PM
St. Kitts (1)
Trinidad and Tobago (8)
“Rense is a joke true, but that article was written by Rabbi Lapin which
had originally been on his organization website toward tradition. Central America (134)
Belize (6)
Figured you’d be too stupid and skip over that and instead jump over
Costa Rica (17)
the domain name. ”
El Salvador (62)
Ha ha you really are a pathetic loser trying to invoke some Rabbi who
talks about porn and Ron Jeremy to prove your point that “Porn is a Guatemala (39)

Jewish thing and has been dominated by Jews”!! And you believe him Honduras (34)

when all he’s doing is boasting about the preponderance of jewish men Nicaragua (52)

in porn? I got advice for you kid: Never believe in a porn star’s boasts. Panama (19)

Mexico (118)
” You’ve put up a few names but in the US, Porn is an overwhelmingly
South America (353)
Jewish business. Not just actors and producers, but distributors as Argentina (72)
well” Brazil (86)

Chile (91)
Lets come to the “in the US” part soon. In the mean time, bend over
Colombia (94)
and ensure you’re well lubed. The facts I’m going to shove up your ass
Ecuador (41)
are going to hurt pretty bad. Could even rip you a new asshole.
French Guyana (2)
A few top porn companies:
Guyana (11)
Paraguay (25)
Peru (68)
1) Playboy: white boy Hugh Hefner owned. Revenue $331 Mil. 2007. Suriname (2)
2) Beate Uhse AG (German white girl opened. Apparently very Uruguay (21)
important in the sexual liberation of Germans). $271 Mil. Venezuela (157)
3) Vivid Entertainment: $100 million. Jewish Steven Hirsch (which
North America (1,774)
you astutely pointed out) and welsh white boy (which your muslim Canada (167)
logic skullcap filtered out) David James. Quebec (12)
USA (1,713)
porn.html Midwest (154)
4) Penthouse: white boy owned. Iowa (18)
5) Hustler: white boy owned (thanks to the lovely fat mama bibi Michigan (25)
below). Minnesota (18)

North Dakota (6)

So now, if you’re not sore yet, go to the following page and tell me
South Dakota (8)
which ones are jewish owned O tiny one.
Wisconsin (18) Northeast (82)

Massachusetts (10)
Either way, the myth of jewish dominated porn is busted once and for
South (192)
all. 4.5 / .5 is the gentile / jew score for the top 5 companies from Florida (51)
where I see. Louisiana (20)

North Carolina (12)

“We’re not talking Europe because I assume you’re in the States so in
South Carolina (20)
your own words: “context dumb ass, context.” ”
West (475)
Assuming that the context in this case is my geographical location (and California (328)
assuming atlanta is in the US, your assumption is bang on), if I lived in Colorado (13)
Germany (where I will be coincidentally for a conference later this Idaho (25)
month and could post from there), all we would consider would be Nevada (19)
European porn? In that case, the following would hold true even more New Mexico (19)
wouldn’t you think? Oregon (33)
Texas (65)
“White mans culture is a lot about shagging other white man’s sister.
Utah (15)
Example beate uhse: white boy. Stripclubs: white boy. Swinger clubs:
Washington (41)
white boy. Heck everything: white boy.”
Wyoming (14)

Right Dota boy? So which is it?

Asia (1,061)
China (273)
A) Is your muslim skullcap data filtered logic is wrong? Or
Inner Mongolia (4)
B) Using your own logic, as I illustrated above, my statement is bang
Tibet (13)
West Turkestan (4)
Either way, I’m getting bored stomping your tiny ass. NE Asia (181)
Japan (96)
“Not against Hindus anyway.”
North Korea (60)

You need some kind of population concentration to even start a riot Siberia (20)

shitbreath. South Korea (43)

SE Asia (241)
” I have an idea. Maybe Pakistan can include more Hindus within the Cambodia (20)
upper echelons of its government thereby excusing them of the East Timor (5)
occasional pogrom every 10 years? Then perhaps we can have Ahmed Indonesia (66)
from Karachi mirror your silly posts with: “But Hindus are represented Aceh (3)
at top positions within the Pakistani government.” You and Ahmed West Papua (5)
would have lots in common, as values go anyhow.” Laos (16)
Malaysia (35)
Yes, it would be highly interesting. But since the muslim asswipes have
Philippines (98)
wiped off the Hindus totally, I don’t see them accepting any back. So
Singapore (15)
your point is totally a moot one.
Taiwan (29)
“The RSS dwarfs Al Qaeda in its organization structure, even over 10 Thailand (58)
years ago when AQ was at its strongest.” Vietnam (59)

South Asia (673)

Pull opinion out of your ass much? I got no issues with you singing the
Afghanistan (101)
same RSS/Hindutva/Gujarat song except that comparing RSS with
Bangladesh (23)
muzzie terror is kinda comparing an ant to an elephant. Here
Bhutan (5) India (412)

Kashmir (30)
Now which is a more global threat? A few chaddiwallahs with dandas Iran (189)
or a bunch of muslim retards bowing up every fucking country? At least Kazakhstan (14)
with RSS, you know what crap you can expect. Nepal (46)

Pakistan (123)
“That the west ignores it is yet evidence that Thrasymachus was
Sri Lanka (19)
correct, and not Plato.”
Tajikistan (14)
Well the west will only focus on guys like these won’t you think? Uzbekistan (10)

Australia (84)
Eurasia (535)
By the way why are you quoting greek? You’re in Canada right? Russia (513)

Europe (1,256)
Just kidding kiddo :D.
Albania (8)
Austria (14)
Belarus (11)

Dota Belgium (16)

May 16, 2012 at 9:43 PM Britain (300)
Scotland (9)
The peasant returns to save the face he keeps falling on. Most of Czechoslovakia (14)
your garbage up there isn’t really worth responding to but you keep Denmark (11)
returning to get the last word in like the Jat that you are. The RSS is Finland (18)
indeed a terrorist organization that is responsible for the death of France (145)
thousands. Since you have the maturity of a 5 year old child (or a 27 Germany (161)
year old tribal savage) you can play the ‘your terrorist is bigger than Greece (46)
mine’ game, but it makes no difference to the dead. Deontology 101:
Hungary (17)
Murder is wrong no matter who commits it. Not that a piss guzzling
Ireland (34)
savage would comprehend the morality of that in any case. Like
Italy (71)
most Indians you lack honest introspection. Riots against Hindus is
Kosovo (8)
quite possible in Pakistan given their population of over 5 million,
Lithuania (12)
which is tiny no doubt, but a sizable target. The Jewish population
Macedonia (4)
of Nazi Germany was an even smaller proportion. But since your
Montenegro (4)
primitive savage mind sees every community as an indivisible
Netherlands (36)
monolith, I can understand where your sentiments come from. You
Norway (24)
savages will always stay the same, un-evolving and stagnant in
Poland (52)
thought, like the culture that you come from. You can live among
Portugal (27)
whites for centuries but the collective tribal instinct will never die.
Romania (18)
As Aakar Patel says:
Serbia (19)

This is because Gujaratis, a mercantile people influenced by Jains, Slovenia (2)

have no use for literature. The British stuffed it down our throats Spain (97)

like medicine, educating the first reformers, people such as Sweden (37)

Narmad Shankar who attended the Elphinstone Institute. Shankar Switzerland (16)

compiled Gujarati’s first dictionary in 1873, but the native instinct Turkey (123)

was strong and he reverted to Vedic tribalism in the last decade of Ukraine (308)

his life. Yugoslavia (16)

Middle East (770)

Of course this doesn’t just apply to Gujaratis.
Iraq (186)

Israel (402)
Not much has changed.
Jordan (47)
As for Jews in Porn, here’s Jewish proff Nathan Abrams from the Kurdistan (16)
Jewish Quarterly: Lebanon (94) Palestine (185)
articleid=38 Saudi Arabia (129)

Syria (263)
Yemen (55)
September 25, 2014 at 2:48 AM Near East (85)
Abkhazia (12)

You savages will always stay the same, un-evolving and stagnant in Armenia (5)

thought, like the culture that you come from. Azerbaijan (5)

Caucasus (58)
I wonder how this animalsitic savage dota is treated anywhere. He Adygea (3)
thinks just because he has a few white friends and his shitty Chechnya (28)
opinions are accepted by few other hateful morons does it mean this Dagestan (12)
primitive savage is assimilated Nope give 2000 years no whites Ingushetia (4)
would accept people like him. regardless of these primitive Georgia (18)
monkey’s attempt to join the crowd and abuse. Such a rotten lowlife South Ossetia (8)
scumbag that can’t pass a day without spewing one garbage after
New Guinea (14)
Pacific (44)
Micronesia (10)
Saipan (3)

phatimabibi Papua New Guinea (12)

May 16, 2012 at 9:32 AM Polynesia (18)
American Samoa (7)
Oh come Aakass! Cook Islands (2)
I’m disappointed you forgot Larry Flynt! Western Samoa (3)
I think he was a ‘Christian evangelical’ of some sort for a year- promising to
Religion (914)
‘Hustle for God’.
Baha'i (3)
Interesting man, I recall he & his lawyer were shot by a ‘White Supremacist
Buddhism (24)
Serial Killer’ by the name of Joseph Paul Franklin. Mr Franklin was outraged
Zen (3)
by some interracial photos featured in Hustler.
Christianity (360)
I wonder if he still toodles about in that gold wheelchair?
Catholicism (86)

Reply Ebionites (1)

Orthodox (25)

Aakash Nestorian (2)

May 16, 2012 at 9:06 PM
Comparitive Religion (9)
Confusionism (1)
Hey Fat Mama
Daoism (1)
Deism (2)
Thanks for this!
Druze (10)
By the way, if I were to offer odds on an over/under number for the Gnosticism (1)
number of guys you boned before you settled down with your poor Indian Hinduism (145)
husband, what would be a good number? It’ll help in a little research topic Islam (553)
that I’m contemplating. Please feel free to tell the truth. Radical Islam (317)

Shiism (106)
Reply Alawi (22)

Sunnism (98)
Sufism (4)
May 16, 2012 at 9:49 PM
Jainism (3)

“”By the way, if I were to offer odds on an over/under number for the Judaism (87)
number of guys you boned before you settled down with your poor Kabbalism (2)

Indian husband, what would be a good number?”” Kakaism (1)

Paganism (2)
Yet Indian dogs leer shamelessly at white women in the nightclubs of
Sabeans (2)
Dubai and other countries. Most of them reach for their crotch as soon
Satanism (4)
as a little white female flesh is dangled in front of them, like Pavlovian
Yezidism (12)
dogs. They crowd the clubs, refuse to buy drinks, and leer away for
Zoroastrianism (10)
hours. Why is it you dogs worship white pussy as if it was the holy
Reposts From The Old Site (590)
grail? Is it because you feel a sense of power coveting the sister/wife of
Ridiculousness (89)
your former white masters who shat on your lousy civilization and
Scholarship (31)
replaced it with theirs? Sounds like a deep seated issue, especially since
Science (382)
I’ve personally seen Indians make a beeline for white chicks ignoring
Biology (102)
some stunning latinas and East Asian beauties along the path. You
Evolution (38)
should do a post on this Robert, even Tulio and the others have
Neuroscience (56)
observed this.
EEG (2)

Reply Neuroimaging (4)

Neuropsychological Batteries (2)

phatimabibi Scum (568)
May 17, 2012 at 12:53 AM
Capitalists (201)

Cultural Marxists (270)

Seriously Aakass-
Radical Feminists (127)
What is it with you Indian asshole males drooling over ‘white pussy’
Sex (1,088)
all the time?
Bestiality (7)
That’s one of the first things you’ll notice in the nightclubs of not
Coprophilia (11)
only Dubai- but Mumbai, Delhi, & Kolkata- usually Eastern
Ephebephilia (16)
European ‘crankskanks’ (replete with a needle hanging out of their
Heterosexuality (636)
arm or somewhere close by) surrounded by hordes of leering Indian
Homosexuality (423)
male assholes much like yourself.
Inanimate Objects (3)
Are the furry curry-scented Desi females that unattractive?
Incest (9)
Is that why Desi women have to pay such hefty dowries to Indian
Little or None (50)
assholes like yourself to marry them?
Masochism (20)
Is the real reason the ‘Pavitra’ land of India is so sexually obsessed
Necrophilia (2)
because you ‘Desis’ can’t even stand ‘fucking’ each other (except for
Pedophilia (102)
once a year when everybody’s drunk on Holi)?
Pornography (119)
Child Porn (28)

Aakash Solitaire (19)

May 17, 2012 at 4:18 AM
Sick and Evil (174)
Evil (63)
Dota Beheadings (19)
Hangings (4)
Get angry much? I’ve dated latino, black and asian chicks too. Don’t
Murders (36)
worry pussy man, Robert will do a post and Tulio will agree with
Sick (114)
Gross (87)

There….happy? Now go and play with your baby dick. Accidents (28)

ER (18)
Genital Mutilation (2)
Dota Medical Procedures (7)
May 17, 2012 at 6:30 AM
Rendering Plants (4)

Morbid (33)
Dead Bodies (22)

“”I’ve dated latino, black and asian chicks too”” Overdoses (3)

Sociology (869)
Lol do tell
Conspiracy Theories (55)
9-11 Truther Insanity (3)

Evil Freemasons (1)

September 25, 2014 at 2:55 AM New World Order Menace (1)

Obama Birther Whackjobs (3)

“Yet Indian dogs leer shamelessly at white women in the nightclubs The Jewish Conspiracy To
Subject Humankind (31)
of Dubai and other countries. “;
UFO's and the Alien Invasion (4)
This primitive savage writes this. Criminology (70)
Wasn’t he the first in the line. This stincky lil pig thinks he could Race Relations (244)
side with the white man by abusing his fellow men. Looking at the Social Problems (433)
description its pretty evident that this lowlife scumpig has done all Urban Studies (89)
the things he mentioned, Going to a bar, leering away for hours, Urban Decay (51)
waiting for someone to get him free drinks. Everybody knows what
Sports (37)
you type, you guys are. You will live in India, get an education, fly
Diving (10)
off to the west and suddenly some inner conscience will light up and
Terrorism (233)
you will feel that you belong there and tend to forget the past. But
Homegrown Terrorism (18)
your primitive savage mind holds you back and the outcome tends
The Jewish Question (327)
to be an anger on your own countrymen. Internet is full off douches
Trains (7)
like you. SO dont even bother if think you can attract someone with
Traitors (43)
your internet showoff, desperate lil clown.
Open Borders (28)
Reconquistas (9)

Translations (43)
Aakash Bulgarian (1)
May 17, 2012 at 4:21 AM
Finnish (3)
French (9)
Well Fatmama
Hungarian (2)
Italian (9)
You did everything except give me a fucking answer. Lets go with 9 1/2. Cats
lives….. Korean (6)
Polish (3)
Reply Portuguese (4)
Romanian (1)
Pingback: Crime & Race « ELLIOT LAKE News & Views Serbo-Croatian (4)
Spanish (4)

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Uncategorized (11)

Urban Legends (2)

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USSR (247)

Vanity (248)
ZKV War (799)
July 15, 2013 at 5:09 AM
Congo War (1)
First Chechen War (6)
Stumbling onto this blog by accident, I read the racist-sounding caption and
Iraq War (104)
was intrigued just where the article would go. But I was pleasantly surprised
Israel-Palestine Conflict (122)
when you logically observed that your idea that black people commit more
Salvadoran Civil War (6)
crimes because they are black is obviously wrong:
Second Chechen War (9)

“The high crime rate in Latin America shows that Hispanics in the form of Sri Lankan War (1)

basically mestizo populations are fully capable of committing just as much US War in Afghanistan (49)

crime and mayhem as Blacks if not more. There doesn’t seem to be a genetic Vietnam War (44)

explanation for this, as a White-Amerindian mix doesn’t seem particularly World War 1 (18)

criminogenic in a genetic sense.” World War 2 (125)

Weirdness (77)
I was then unpleasantly surprised when your final paragraph completely
Weirdos (21)
ignored the paragraph above. Why do you stick to your initial belief that
Wikipedia (18)
black=violence when you have already observed that violence=/=black?
Wildlife (32)

In any case, I would suggest considering consider the numerous other factors Women (525)

that contribute to this graph: standards of living, political unrest, and others. Babes (60)

You might also consider that your idea disproves itself in another way: the Mental Patients (29)

entirety of Africa is “black” yet crime is highly variable within. There’s Writing (33)

obviously more important details. Zionism (200)

If one is willing to address sensitive issues like racism using real data, one
must also be willing to reach conclusions opposing one’s initial beliefs.

Reply Alpha Unit

Robert A. Lindsay

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