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Vol. 79 No. 20 July 18 - 24, 2018 25 cents
EJ Tackett Wins PBA Xtra Frame Parkside Lanes Open Levent Dinc Collected 300
For 10th Career PBA Tour Title At Maple Lanes RVC
AURORA, Ill. – Entering 39-foot lane condition, which
the stepladder finals as the he chose for the title match, ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - Cassonetto, Steve Lella, and
top qualifier, 25-year-old EJ was able to hit the pocket con- Levent Dinc blasted a 300 game in William Jackson 279, Frank
Tackett of Huntington, Ind., sistently and never threw any- the Tuesday Late Mens League. Genna 259, and John Hanlon 255.
beat a struggling Bill O’Neill thing less than a nine-count Eric Paulson, Sr, Anthony
of Langhorne, Pa., to win the until the 10th frame when the
PBA Xtra Frame Parkside match had already been decid- Wilson Aponte Jr, Slammed 300
Lanes Open for his 10th Go ed.
Bowling! PBA Tour title. In each stepladder match the At Lodi Lanes
Tackett beat O’Neill, who higher qualifier was able to LODI, NJ – Wilson Aponte Jr. 275, Jason Jenkins 256, Russ Van
was also trying for his 10th select the lane condition for found the line to collect a 300 Housen 259, George McKinney
win, 210-171, in the title the match. game competing in the Thursday 267, David Corfinos 253, Carlos
match to also record his first “Bowling on the Chameleon Doubles at Lodi Lanes. Colon 248, Jason Paro 241 Alex
win of the season. condition was the easiest for Bob Boehm earned a 278 game Baluyut 259, Mike Veneziano 243,
“To make it to double dig- me to break down with a ure- followed by Karl Kalogera with and Chuck Ontal 247.
its is one of those milestones thane ball,” Tackett said. “I
you always hope to accom- just felt that I could avoid
PBA photo
plish.” Tackett said of the 10- Champion EJ Tackett bowling 180 and it was my Clayton Hunt Hammered 300
win milestone. “It’s like win- best chance to keep the ball in
ning your second title because it’s another validation in play. If I could bowl over 200 I felt my chances of win- At Farmingdale Lanes
your career that you can compete against the best in the ning the match were pretty good. I did exactly what I FARMINGDALE, NY - Clayton Wingo Hom 277, Nestor Reyes
world. wanted to do.” Hunt fired a 300 game in the 268, Tony Cardi 257, and Thomas
“There’s no such thing as an easy win but this tourna- In the opening stepladder match, six-time Tour winner Friday Late Mixed League at Moravcik 255, and Andrew
ment felt easier than most for some reason,” the 2016 Dom Barrett of England defeated four-time titlist Farmingdale Lanes. Berman 244.
PBA Player of the Year added. Marshall Kent of Yakima Wash., 235-226, to advance to Kyle Durfee hit 299-256-770,
In the title match, O’Neill ran into problems early when the second match against O’Neill who qualified third
he left the 2-10 and 2-7-10 splits back-to-back in the third for the finals.
and fourth frames and was not able to convert the splits.
TACKETT See Page 2 Frank Wilders Crushed 300
Tackett, using a urethane ball on the PBA Chameleon
Anthony Pepe wins PBA Homefield Bowl Eastern Open At Maple Lanes RVC
By Russ Mills - PBA open frame in the fifth saw ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - Boremski, Harlan Wittenstein, and
Yonkers, N.Y. – Anthony his lead shrink to seven Frank Wilders fired a 300 game in Leroy Singletary 267, Enrico
Pepe of Elmhurst, N.Y. pins. Recovering quickly, the Custom Thumbz Doubles Ferrante 266, Ron Riccobono 265,
defeated defending champi- he rolled another five League at Maple Lanes RVC. and Richard Salcedo 264.
on Darren Andretta of strikes to clinch the victory Nick Mayo shot 277, Edward
Wantagh, N.Y. 253-226, to along with a $3,000 prize
win the PBA Homefield and his fourth regional title.
Bowl Eastern Open present- Andretta advanced to the Sanah Aisheikh Scored 900 No Tap
ed by MOTIV at Homefield championship match by
Bowl. defeating John Furey of At Rockaway Lanes
Pepe compiled a 7-5 match Howell, N.J., 226-211, ROCKAWAY, NJ – Sanah Gene Pukas bowled a 300 in his
play record and 4,828 pins after Furey defeated Aisheikh bowled 3 300's games 793 set, Jimmy Westergaard 290-
for 20 games, including PBA photo Patrick Allen of Elmwood while contesting in the Thursday 791, Rhodes 287, Keith Lefurge
match play bonus pins, to Mike and Joette Healy (event coordinators) with Park, N.J., 233-198, in the No Tap league (9 pins count as 279, Carmen Carrero 238-648,
qualify first for the steplad- champion Anthony Pepe. opening match. Andretta strike) and finished the session Linda Alven 212-592, and Megan
der finals by 78 pins over Andretta. Pepe then start- earned $1,700 as the runner-up while Furey with a 900 no tap series Murray earned a 226 game.
ed the championship match with four strikes, but an received $1,300 and Allen $1,000.
2 SPORTS REPORTER July 18 - 24, 2018

TACKETT Exhibition Match Memories

Continued from Page 1 by Dave Williams
It was 1978. The world was in a turmoil. Earl continued to practice, and this began to have an
O’Neill went on to beat Barrett, 245-216, in the second match and then Anthony was the bowling kingpin, and lanes effect on McHugh’s mental game. He was notice-
No. 2 qualifier two-hander Chris Via of Springfield, Ohio, 209-198, in throughout the nation were accommodating the ably disturbed by Johnson’s actions.
the semifinal to advance to the title match. largest number of keglers in the history of the sport. Then Johnson threw a double. “Two more shots
Intended to put added emphasis on performing well every game, the In the overwhelming heat of an August afternoon on lane 24 and I’m ready,” stated KoKo, the peren-
unique qualifying portion of the tournament awarded bonus pins to play- that year, an unheralded mystery nial All American bowler originally
ers for each game depending on how they finished against their com- man emerged from the shadows at from Kokomo, Indiana. Two more
petitors on each pair of lanes. As an example, with four players on a pair New College Park Bowl. strikes. And the match began.
of lanes, the top scorer would earn 30 bonus pins, the second high scor- Had Don Carter come back to McHugh won four of the first five
er 20 pins and third 10 pins with the lowest scoring player receiving no competitive bowling? Hardly, but games, at $100 per game. Johnson
bonus. the only thing that the intelligentsia then stated that no matter what the
The tournament was also conducted on three different PBA lane con- knew was that this mystery man outcome, the two would bowl again
ditions with the first round conducted on the Chameleon followed by the was not the immortal Bosco of St. in two weeks on the same pair of
second round on the 39-foot Don Carter and the third round conducted Louis fame. lanes - at a time when Mr. Johnson
on the 39-foot Bear condition. It all began when the mystery would be more aware of his abili-
man proceeded to hand Don ties.
Two bowlers roll perfect games at Johnson a particular polished past- McHugh won the next game by
ing at New College Park Bowl. the slim margin of 213-211.
Oncenter Convention Center Johnson, one of the greatest Johnson was now down by $400,
BJ Curtis of Cumberland, Maryland, and Richard Clark of Johnson bowlers of all time, with 26 and he suggested doubling the bet
City, New York, became the 12th and 13th bowlers to achieve perfection Professional Bowlers Association to $200 per game. McHugh agreed,
at the 2018 USBC Open Championships. (PBA) titles and 15 sanctioned 300 and the two continued.
Curtis, a 34-year-old right-hander, connected for 12 consecutive games, was considered unbeatable The next game Johnson threw a
strikes in his first game of singles June 28 at the Oncenter Convention in Las Vegas until this fateful day. PBA photo 245 game, with 9 strikes, on condi-
Center, and he followed the 300 with games of 171 and 215 for a 686 Johnson had led a field of Las Don Johnson tions that were not comparable to
series. Cotie Holbek of Burlington, Wisconsin, leads Regular Singles Vegas veterans in a marathon event any PBA conditions. The bowlers
with 802. on the College Park drives earlier in the day. He exchanged wins in the next two games, placing Mr.
Curtis started the day posting games of 148, 213, and 202 for a 563 averaged an insurmountable 222 per game for the McHugh in the lead by $200.
series in doubles. He made adjustments throughout doubles, which gave eight game test. McHugh suddenly claimed that he had to quit
him the right look and heading into singles. With his 656 series in team, After heated words were exchanged in the because his thumb was clearly bleeding, and he
Curtis finished his 10th Open Championships with a career-best 1,905 bowler’s locker room (the cocktail lounge), Johnson could not continue. This was also pure hustle,
all-events total. Kurt Pilon of Warren, Michigan, leads Regular All- and the mystery man returned to the bowling lanes because McHugh had just rolled a 135 game, and
Events with 2,186. for a head to head exhibition match. Johnson a 212.
Clark's 300 game came in his final game of doubles June 30 after The rest is history. What followed was some of It’s ironic that almost anyone in bowling circles
games of 179 and 234, giving him a career-best 713 series. The 51-year- the greatest “hustle” that this writer had ever seen. knows that Don Johnson has the worst thumb in the
old right-hander added sets of 606 in singles and Johnson, noted as the top bowler in the world in the game, with the possible exception of Mark Roth.
early 70’s, was not regarded as much of a drinker, The pain is so great that at times during match play
and after celebrating his victory all afternoon could on the pro tour, Johnson has been known to unin-
not be considered the favorite in the match. tentionally throw gutter balls while on a string of
But hustling was nothing new to the mystery man. strikes (it happened at least twice during this exhi-
You see, the mystery man was Jimmy McHugh, a bition).
veteran of New York City match play, who had left Needless to say, KoKo was a bit ticked off by
the pro tour a few years earlier and settled in Las McHugh’s actions, as were the gathered crowd of
Vegas as a dealer at one of the major casinos. about fifty fans. But the fact remained that Jimmy
In New York the number one bowling association had emerged the king of the day… and made a few
is the HBA - Hustler’s Bowling Association, where enemies in the process.
a top flight action bowler can win $60,000 to Would the match in two weeks be a different story?
$70,000 in a good year (Note: adjusted for infla- Only time would tell.
tion, that amount of money would be worth over I don’t know if Don and Jimmy ever got together for
$275,000 in 2018!). that rematch, but the initial meeting between the two is
Johnson, a true gentleman, showed a bit of hustle worthy enough to be included in bowling history.
himself by practicing for what seemed like hours
prior to the start of the match. All the while he was * Don Johnson was in charge of the "Image Committee"
pouring black coffee into his well-formed physique. for many years on the PBA Tour. He took the job seriously
“Are you ready, Don,” asked McHugh, over and and started many revolutionary trends, including his
"Beatles style" haircut that was completely against tradition
over. “I’m ready Don. I’m hot.”
on the tour. He was also one of the first bowlers to experi-
Johnson was unnerved by the pressure placed ence success on tour with Columbia plastic bowling balls
upon him by the New York City action figure. He
July 18 - 24, 2018 SPORTS REPORTER 3

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4 SPORTS REPORTER July 18 - 24, 2018


Darren Andretta 279-734 Ed Ziemak 711 Certification Conferences on Aug. 11-12
FARMINGDALE, NY- Darren Andretta topped the scoring in the FLUSHING, NY - Ed Ziemak ARLINGTON, Texas – To provide hundreds of aspiring coaches the
Thursday Pro Shot Singles League firing games of 279-246 for a high took center stage spotlighgt in the opportunity to reach the next level of certification, the United States
series of 734. PBC League rolling games of Bowling Congress Coaching Certification and Development team will
Adam Chase hit 234-222, Ronald Cheselka 229, and Jeffrey Juarez 228-239-244 for the session high hold 14 USBC Bronze coaching conferences on one weekend in
226. series of 711. August.
Jason Berchoff 288 Jimmy Vega, Sr rolled 255-238- The National Bronze Coaching Certification Weekend is set for Aug.
FARMINGDALE, NY - Jason Berchof shot 288, Daniel Levin and 685, Julio Arnold 214-214-246- 11-12, when USBC will provide coaching certification classes in 14
Brian Beale 258, Paul Verderosa 249, and Don Perillo 247 in the 674, and Kevin Viloria 267-245- cities across the United States. Classes for each of the two-day confer-
Wednesday Duos League. 671. ences are expected to run from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. each day.
The USBC Bronze certification class provides intermediate-level
Paul Verderosa, Michael Eskew 278
Chris Mayr 714 training designed to increase coaching skills and professionalism. It
FARMINGDALE, NY - Paul Verderosa and Michael Eskew each rolled covers topics such as fine-tuning the physical game, lane conditions
a high game of 278 in the Wednesday Duos League. FLUSHING, NY - Chris Mayr
outrolled al the competition and adjustments, dynamics of ball motion, giving lessons and much
Rich Tooker shot 277, Kyle Durfee 268, Anthony D'Elia and Lou more. USBC Bronze certification is the next step for coaches who
Getzelman 259, and Joe Benus 256. bowling in the Midweek Mixers
League when he blasted games of have completed the online USBC Coaching Level I Certification and
211-255-248 for a high series of is recommended for high school coaches.
John Ripple, Glenn Gerstner 278 714. “We want Level I coaches to have the opportunity to continue their
FARMINGDALE, NY - John Ripple and Glenn Gerstner rolled 278, James Randolph hit 230-214- coaching progression,” USBC Director of Coaching Development
Buzz Goodman 269, Rich Valentine, Sr. 268, Louis Getzelman 267, and 216-660, Tony Singh 257-642, Stephen Padilla said. “By having these conferences throughout the
Jason Elliott 266. and Chaz Ameres 243-631. country on a weekend, we hope to reach the many coaches who might
In the Wednesday Party League Robert Laurice shot 247, Doug not have the time or resources to travel to a USBC Bronze confer-
Quaranto 236, and Lloyd Hasluck 222. ence.”
Julio Arnold 742 Coaches are required to attend the entire conference and pass an
Chris Hansen 268 FLUSHING, NY - Julio Arnold online test to receive USBC Bronze certification. In addition to having
FARMINGDALE, NY - Chris Hansen rolled 268, Vinny Pimpinella led the scoring in the PBC completed Level I certification, participants must be at least 16 years
249, and Ronnie Simon 227 in the Sunday Vacation League. League rolling games of 219- old; anyone 18 or older must go through the Registered Volunteer
In the One Nite Stand League Jon Petchonka rolled 223, and Brian 266-257 for a high series of 742. Program’s background check before they can receive access to the cer-
Schott 209. Ed Ziemak hit 278-233-207- tification test.
Chris Mirer rolled 238-214, Darius Fuller 223-216, and Alexander 718, Hector Camacho 267-236- USBC Coaching is offering a discount to those who register early for
Greaves 213 in the Summer Adult/Junior League. 687, and Ogie Lawsin 2252-276- the National Bronze Coaching Certification Weekend. The fee for
Peter Gilliland 268 685. those who sign up by July 2 is $245, a savings of $50 off the regular
FARMINGDALE, NY - Peter Gilliland rolled 268, Darius Fuller and cost. The entry deadline is July 30 and those who register after that
Carmelo Randazzo 254, Chris Cassonetto 251, and Brian Becktold 248 Brett Mosley 981 date will have to pay $325 to enter.
in the Tuesday Bowlympics Duos League. FLUSHING, NY - Brett Mosley Each conference will have a maximum class of 25, so early registra-
Marvin Slifkin shot 194-177, Joe Livoldo 182, and Leo Richter 171 in topped the scoring in the 2 x 4 tion is strongly encouraged.
the Friday Summer Seniors League. League firing games of 279-216- USBC is the only coaching program for bowling recognized by the
Daniel Scime 255 258-228 for a high series of 981. United States Olympic Committee (USOC). The USBC Coaching
FARMINGDALE, NY - Daniel Scime shot 255, Ricky Gray 253, and Danielle Merino shot 227-379- Certification team’s focus is to provide coaches of all levels with the
Ed Mencareli 237 in the Tuesday Party League. 256-968, Artie Tillery rolled 299- materials necessary to give them the best opportunities for coaching.
In the Thursday Green Mens League Steve Stone shot 215, Irwin 215-266-213-953, Kevin Viloria Go to for additional informa-
Tarlow 207-203, and Stu Lerner and Steve Swersky 204. 236-289-201-205-931, and tion and to find the USBC Bronze conference near you.
Ruby Janof rolled 176, Paulette Miller 170, and Silvia-Rey Buzzonetti Marlon Enriquez 246-233-212- To learn more about USBC Coaching and its programs, visit
168 in the Monday AM Seniors League. 213-904.


By winning his 10th PBA Tour title in the PBA Xtra Tackett was already PBA Hall of Fame “title-eligible” requirement is “participation eligibility” which means a
Frame Parkside Lanes Open Monday in Aurora, Ill., EJ after he won his second major (and seventh overall title) player must have been a PBA member for at least 20
Tackett of Huntington, Ind., joined an elite list of PBA in the 2017 PBA Tournament of Champions at the age of years.
players to win 10 titles at a young age. 24 years, 191 days. He won’t become “participation eligi- As a side note, had he won the recent, Parkside Lanes
The youngest player to win 10 PBA Tour titles was Pete ble” for election, however, until 2032, his 20th year of Open runner-up Bill O’Neill would have become “title
Weber who accomplished that feat at the age of 24 years, PBA membership, so he has plenty of time to pad his eligible.” O’Neill has won eight standard titles and one
247 days. Mike Aulby did it at 25 years, 89 days, one day resumé. major (2010 U.S. Open). When he wins his 10th title or
faster than Wayne Webb. Tackett, who hit the career mile- For the record, PBA Hall of Fame eligibility is a two-step his second major, O’Neill (a PBA member since 2005)
stone at 25 years, 329 days (he turns 26 on August 7), is process. “Title eligibility” requires 10 standard PBA Tour will become “participation eligible” in 2025.
fourth-youngest on that list after his win in Aurora. titles or five standard titles plus two majors. The second
July 18 - 24, 2018 SPORTS REPORTER 5


Chris Fisher, Dorien Soto 1007
Lou Cisario 297 Carl Clory 279, John LaBau 268 HOPELAWN, NJ - Chris Fisher and Dorien Soto each fired a high
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - Ray Brooks 279 ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - series of 1007 in the Tuesday Summer 400 Doubles League. Chris
Lou Cisario led the scoring in the ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - John LaBay rolled a high game shot 279-279-214-235 and Dorien 247-226-299-235.
Monday 4 Man Classic League Carl Clory and Ray Brooks each of 268 in the Friday Night Mixed Pat Bowler hit 247-226-299-224-990, Jay Gomez 204-239-279-
blasting a high game of 297. fired a high game of 279 in the League. 233-955, and Jen Daunno 268-223-249-203-943.
David Ciofalo rolled 279, Sal Custom Thumbz Doubles Mike Leccese rolled 267, Dan
Palmeri 274, Mark Slade 268-267, League. DiGirolamo and Robert Burling George McGuire 978
Bruce DeFino 266, and Joseph Richard Boremski hit 265, Alby 264, John Hodge, Alex HOPELAWN, NJ - George McGuire topped the scoring in the
Sanders 265-256. Pezzella 264, Mike Chookasezin Bogolubsky and Al Doerrer 258, Tuesday Summer 400 Doubles League rolling games of 246-268-
Derek Fahrbach 289 257, Nick Mayo and Anthony Thomas Romanelli 257, and 258-206 for a high series of 978.
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - Smith 256, and Enrico Ferrante Gina Maldonado 256 in the Chris Fisher rolled 259-237-249-230-975, Sal Fabozzi 227-209-
Derek Fahrback blasted a high 255. Friday Night Mixed League. 265-265-966, Bill Daunno 235-257-254-941, and Pat Bowler 247-
game of 289 in the Wednesday Roxanne Ryan rolled 206, and 258-218-922
Might Mixed League. Carole Ann Razza 196 in the Steve Patitucci 257
Jonathan Andersen shot 278, Pat Tuesday Long Beach Catholics ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY -
Deanna Calantoni 285
Zenker 275, Frank Masone 267, League. Steve Patitucci rolled 257, Mark HOPELAWN, NJ - Deanna Calantoni fired a high game of 285 in the
and John Maglio 266. Kopper 241, and Rich Snyder 213 NASCAR League.
Albert Chin rolled 227, Bunky Calantoni 213 and Ryan Mench 186.
Al Digangi 279 Ricky Amparado 278 in the Thursday El Cheapo Mixed
In the Monday Ladies Classic
Rusty Thomsen 850
Digangi rolled a high game of 279 Ricky Amparado led the scoring HOPELAWN, NJ - Rusty Thomsen led the scoring in the Wednesday
in the Wednesday Early Mens in the Thursday Senior Birds League Trish Lugo and Lora
Kessinger rolled 204. PBA Sports Shot Singles League rolling games of 231-231 for a high
League. League rolling a high game of series of 850.
Stan Lane hit 266, Paul Barbuzza 278. Darren Leeds shot 233, Scott
Mackoff 224, and Brad Elman Bob Caruso shot 245-216-830, Manny Gonzales 218-216-819,
263, James Guardino 257, and Jerry George rolled 258, Joe Robert Mockenhaupt 244, Ray Smarsh 215-212-815, and Marcus
Frank Jara, Barry Clare and Billy DiRe 248, and Joel Washington 216-216 in the Temples League.
Huart 224-225-801.
Vicora 255. 248.
John Brooks 728
In the Nostalgia Mixed League In the Adult/Junior League
EEd Graeff shot 236, Chuck Christopher Andreo rolled 215, HOPELAWN, NJ - John Brooks led the scoring in the 5302 Guys and
Marciano 225, and Peter McCabe Robert Wright 210, and Zane Dolls League rolling games of 275-201-252 for a high series of 728.
213. Lipson 204. Lauro Perez hit 233-212-267-712, Chuck Mantione 215-238-212-
665 and Lenny Novak 254-200-210-664.
PBA TO COMPLY WITH In the Tuesday Summer 400 Doubles League Jessica Ossou rolled
OF AUGUST 1 HOPELAWN, NJ - Scott Adase paced the scoring in the Guys and
The PBA will comply with new Dolls League rolling games of 206-238-278 for a high series of 722.
United States Bowling Congress Sanan Alsheiks hit 268-258-716, Chuck Mantione 243-224-235-
bowling ball specifications that take 702, Michael Siecinski 200-224-257-681, and Will Harris 203-277-
effect on August 1 under revised 671.
timelines issued by USBC, PBA
Deputy Commissioner Kirk von William D Willard Jr. 672
Krueger has announced. For details HOPELAWN, NJ - William D. Willard Jr led the scoring in the
about the new bowling ball specifi- Monday Summer Adult Child League rolling games of 230-217-225
cations and timelines, go to : for a high series of 672 Nick Cascone rolled 242, Lisa Columbus 229-214, and Logan
wsDetails.aspx?id=23622331380 Miller 194.
In the Wakefern League Devang Trivedi and Joe DeAngelis rolled
The new specifications will 213.
apply to all levels of PBA compe-
tition. Deanna Calantoni 240
HOPELAWN, NJ - Deanna Calantoni rolled 240, Albert Chin 229,
and Anthony Falcone 216 in the NASCAR League.
In the Monday Summer Adult Child League Frank Gingrich rolled
23-25-626, Lisa Columbus 222, Doro Spertntzas 216 and William D.
Willard Jr. 200
Tim Macintosh rolled 217, Eliga Johnson 213 and Devang Trivedi
212 in the Wakefern League.
6 SPORTS REPORTER July 18 - 24, 2018

Joan Taylor’s........ Pennsylvania bowler celebrates two milestones at

Ten Pin Rap....... USBC Open Championships
The 2018 United States Championships. He entered the of Tinley Park, Illinois, added his
Pro Image KISS Bowling Camp, as in Keep It Simple Stupid. Bowling Congress Open 2018 event needing just 294 pins name to the list in April.
You could say that this year’s camp was conducted in the “missing Championships has been filled to reach the plateau, and he got Pursel also is the second bowler
man formation.” Fred Borden, the man who invented coaching, was with memorable performances there with a ringing 10 pin to start in 2018 to make his 60th march to
unable to attend the camp he had co-founded with Ken Yokobosky. and special milestones, and the final frame of his second the lanes. Donald Granberry Jr. of
Borden had a couple of surgeries earlier this year and needed further Joseph Pursel Jr. of Hellertown, game. St. Louis achieved the feat earlier
recovery time. He promised he would return for the 19th camp. Pennsylvania, experienced both He finished the special day with this month, while Paul Gustke of
So what was taught and learned over three short days? Drills, self-per- June 24 at the Oncenter games of 129, 179 and 129 for a Sarasota, Florida, is scheduled to
ception, delivery, lane play, equipment, mental game, and even what to Convention Center in Syracuse, 437 series. join the club June 26 at 7 p.m.
carry in one’s accessory bag. Coach John Neral conducted an interactive New York. "This is the culmination of my Eastern.
presentation on goal setting, comparing outcome oriented goal vs. The 82-year-old right-hander career," said Pursel, who immedi- The participation record of 71
process oriented goals. He further discussed seven levels of energy, and was recognized and celebrated on ately was presented with the crys- years on the championship lanes
how they pertain to the individual and his team mates. the tournament lanes as he joined tal bowling pin, given to each is shared by USBC Hall of
The Sunday sessions were the most fun, especially when the camp cul- two of bowling's most elite clubs member of the 100,000-Pin Club. Famers Bill Doehrman and Joe
minated with coaches forming teams by random drawing for a final - the 60-Year Club and 100,000- "I was kind of anxious and kind Norris, along with Sylvester
bowl off, but it wasn’t as simple as trying to get the highest team score. Pin Club - at the USBC Open of nervous. This was the first time Thiel, while USBC Hall of Famer
In a Baker style format, each bowler was to try to pick off the corner pin Championships. I had my wife, two sons, grand- Bill Lillard Sr. tops the all-time
only in order to get the lowest team score. However, a gutter ball on the Pursel, who started his tourna- daughter and daughter-in-law all pinfall list with 124,087.
first shot counted as a strike, or ten. A gutter on the second ball counted ment career at the 1959 event in here. That means a lot." Pursel added sets of 448 in dou-
as a spare. In the grand finale, Jeri Edwards’ Mary Poppins team took St. Louis and has competed every Pursel is the 22nd bowler in his- bles and 409 in singles June 25
the title. Ironically, the youngest bowler (Amanda Granata) and oldest year since, was presented with a tory, and second this year, to for a 1,294 all-events total. He
(Bob Pontillo) were part of that team, along with Nicholas D. Tommaso plaque, chevron and engraved eclipse the 100,000-pin mark. left the 2018 tournament with a
and Ron Gaudio, both from Staten Island, and Caldwell University money clip for becoming the 24th USBC Hall of Famer Gordy Baer career pinfall of 101,000.
bowler Madison Perry. bowler in history to compete in
A pleasant and most educational experience was the Storm ball demo the tournament 60 times.
day, the best way to try bowling balls before buying. Each bowler’s ball
was measured for span and fit, and paired with balls fitted with inserts
He and his father, Joseph Pursel
Sr. (55 years) are one of three 02179$/(/$1(6
to match the bowler’s own ball drilling. A number of different balls were
available to test, and many discounted sales were made on the spot. Me?
I can’t wait to try my new Storm Idol in league this fall!
father-son duos in the 50-Year
club, joining Frank "Chick" Carr
(62) and Thomas Carr (57) and
As much as the coaches and Rockaway Lanes staff made this all look Earl Ebers Jr. (58) and Earl Ebers ([LW*63DUNZD\ 

easy, it was not. Rich Mark, owner of the lanes, and Dori Tingoli, man- Sr. (50).
ager, had to clear the center for three days. That meant that people com- Two games into Pursel's mile- Home of many Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Leagues
ing in out of the intense heat to bowl were turned away until after 4 p.m. stone appearance this week, he
No birthday parties could be scheduled for those three days either. So again had the spotlight to himself
Excellent Junior Program and Adult-Junior Leagues
here are the credits for Boot Camp 2018: Rich and Dori, Pinsetter Café as he added his name to the short
staff Donna Ratta, Kevin Ratta and Steve Minieri, Control Counter staff list of bowlers who have toppled &RPHVHHRXUVSHFLDOV
Ryan Karpack, Justus Campbell and Ed Galuska, Mechanics Steve 100,000 pins at the Open
Feinblum and Michael Griffen, Storm rep Nicky Longo, camp manager
Natalie Pedri, the extraordinary coaches John Yokobosky, Jeri Edwards, 6HHRXUZHEVLWHIRUGHWDLOV
Russ Mills, John Neral, Gordon Vadakin, and John Yankanich, and of Tell the BOWLERS about
course the campers themselves.
That Perfect League 
The statistics show that people traveled from South NJ, parts of 6FKRROV&DPSVDQG&RUSRUDWH*URXSV:HOFRPH
Pennsylvania, and Staten Island. Twenty-seven campers were male, Or that Special Event .LGV3DUWLHV %XPSHU%RZOLQJ
eight were female. Six were lefthanded and 29 were righthanded. Six
already had sanctioned 300 games and two had already added 800 With your ad in the )ULHQGO\)DPLO\$WPRVSKHUH
series’ to their name. The most amazing stat was that 21 of the 35

campers were returning bowlers. The returning attorney-bowler, John
Molluzzo, said of his second camp, “These are the best coaches in the Sports Reporter 0LNH)XQWVFK±0DQDJHU
world. Last year they provided good instruction for me, basic. This year -DVRQ2SSHOW±$VVLVWDQW0DQDJHU
the presentations were different and I learned something new. I also like -HDQ)XOPRUH±/HDJXH&RRUGLQDWRU
being around people who love bowling.” If the success of the camp is
reflected in returning customers, note that the line for putting down a &DOOIRUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQ
$50 deposit for next year’s camp went through the door of the pro shop 201-865-5363 
and out into the hallway. 
July 18 - 24, 2018 SPORTS REPORTER 7

Mike Smith 817 in Monday Madness ROCKAWAY ROLLERS

Thursday No Tap: Steve Rainer 410, Shery Carfi 151-380, Scott Steve Salberg 278-704, Tim Panek
By John Jennings 300-780, Ed Galuska 300-776, Brandstetter 244-622, Liza 269, John Finno 268, Jared Lopez
HOWELL, NJ – Mike Smith walloped the maples for a stupendous 817 Donald Bryant 300-898, Tami Gregovich 195-576. 268, Erik Katterman 710, Natalie
series including two 279 games In the Monday Madness at Howell Rhodes 278-648, Linda Alven 255- Perdi 214-522, Tami Rhodes 192-
Lanes. 609 Jim Westergaard 290-761, Tom Fox Hills Seniors: Jesus Cruz 259- 519, Marissa Tingoli 190-458,
Men’s high scores also included Russ Goss bowling 290-726, Kelly Hubert 286, Diane Guido 245-657, 612, Morris Horowitz 214- Donna Ratta 186-514, Dori Tingoli
Nicosia 289-712, Dylan Pittman 246-701, John Furey 257-700, and Antoniette Corbett 222-534, 585,Robert Lavecchia 189-520, 180-516.
Marvin Hidalgo-Mora 269. Camile McQueen 220-626, Bob Sarro 186-466, LorraineDacko
Carmen Carrero 220-567. 182-445,Phyllis Rossi 173-405, Greenbriar Seniors: John Uffer
Women’s scoring was led by Amanda Nardiello 289-742 and Brittany
Andree Kay 161-424, Jerree 238-555, John Roman 174-480,
Marcucci 213-565. Wednesday Early Birds: Nick Amodio 160-428, Morris Horowitz Harry Doyle 172-451, Mike
Westergaard 286-722, Jason 247-596, Mary Ann Verderber 212- Pomarlen 143-408, Anneliese Cole
"Success is going from failure to failure........ Stadtler 259-700, Jim Westerggard 500. 157-424,Kathy Bruno 150-418,
without loss of enthusiasm." 245-705, Heriberto Matias 239- Barbara Liebman 144-379, Hedy
– Winston Churchill 664, Elise Shabet 202-542, Delia Summer Doubles: Justis Campbell Knight 143-380, Arlene Pomarlen
Petrula 178-411, Linda Butler 166- 288-702, Ken Yokobosky 279-699, 131-335.

Lodi Lanes





*RWR our website for more details & flyers 
Check out info on group bowling parties and catering

8 SPORTS REPORTER July 18 - 24, 2018

PBA, FOX Sports Announce Historic 2019 PBA-FOX SPORTS GO BOWLING! PBA TOUR
Television Schedule for 2019 SCHEDULE (All times Eastern)
Go Bowling! PBA Tour to include new PBA Sunday, Dec. 23, 2018 – PBA Clash, Houston, Texas (FOX, 2:30 or 4:30 p.m. ET,
depending on viewer’s location).
Playoffs, 19 live telecasts, four majors and more Sunday, Jan. 6 – PBA Hall of Fame Classic, Arlington, Texas (FS1, 11 a.m., live).
LOS ANGELES – A new era in the Professional Bowlers
Sunday, Jan. 13 – PBA Oklahoma Open, Shawnee, Okla. (FS1, 11 a.m., live).
Association is set to begin as FOX Sports and the PBA announced
its 2019 Go Bowling! PBA Tour television schedule, featuring 30 Sunday, Jan. 20 – Mark Roth-Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship,
telecasts and including a new PBA Playoffs series. Shawnee, Okla. (FS1, 1 p.m.).
The robust multi-platform PBA-FOX Sports agreement features Sunday, Jan. 27 – PBA Lubbock Open, Lubbock, Texas (FS1, 3 p.m., live).
five telecasts on FOX and 26 on FS1. The 2019 TV schedule, which Sunday, Feb. 3 – CP3 PBA Celebrity Invitational, Houston, Texas (FOX, 2 p.m.).
begins Sunday, Jan. 6, on FS1 with the Hall of Fame Classic in Sunday, Feb. 10 – PBA Tournament of Champions, Fairlawn, Ohio (FOX, 5 p.m.,
Arlington, TX, includes 60 hours of coverage, nearly double last live).
year’s schedule, and the most in decades. Nineteen of the telecasts
are live, the most in 11 years. Four 2019 events airing on FOX
Sunday, Feb. 17 – PBA Players Championship, Columbus, Ohio (FS1, 1 p.m.,
marks the most PBA action on network broadcast TV since 1999. live).
Kicking off the new PBA on FOX partnership will be a bonus Sunday, Feb. 24 – PBA Indianapolis Open, Indianapolis, Ind. (FS1, 3 p.m., live).
event, PBA Clash, Sunday, Dec. 23, on FOX. The 90-minute special Sunday, March 3 – PBA Jonesboro Open, Jonesboro, Ark. (FS1, 5 p.m., live).
will feature top PBA stars in a unique competition, plus a look at the Sunday, March 10 – World Bowling Tour Finals presented by PBA, Arlington,
new year and upcoming events on FOX and FS1. Texas (FS1, 10 p.m.).
The new PBA Playoffs is a 10-telecast event that will seed the top Monday, March 18 – PBA World Series of Bowling X Cheetah Championship,
24 players after the first 13 PBA on FOX events of the 2019 season
into an elimination bracket. All PBA Playoffs matches will be tele-
Allen Park, Mich. (FS1, 8 p.m., live).
vised from Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine, from the live first Tuesday, March 19 - PBA World Series of Bowling X Chameleon Championship,
Round of 24 matches on Monday night, April 8, on FS1, through to Allen Park, Mich. (FS1, 8 p.m., live).
the live semifinals and finals on FOX, Saturday and Sunday, June 1- Wednesday, March 20 - PBA World Series of Bowling X Scorpion Championship,
2. The PBA Playoffs champion will win a $100,000 first prize. Allen Park, Mich. (FS1, 8 p.m., live).
Other highlights of the 2019 PBA on FOX Sports schedule Thursday, March 21 - PBA World Series of Bowling PBA World Championship,
Allen Park, Mich. (FS1, 8 p.m., live).
● Live coverage of four PBA major championships: the PBA Friday, March 22 - PBA World Series of Bowling X USA vs The World, Allen
Tournament of Champions on Sunday, Feb. 10, from suburban Akron, Park, Mich. (FS1, 8 p.m.).
Ohio; the PBA Players Championship on Sunday, Feb. 17, from Monday, April 1 – USBC Masters, Las Vegas (FS1, 9 p.m., live)
Columbus, Ohio; the PBA World Championship on Thursday, March 21, Monday, April 8 – PBA Playoffs Round of 24, Portland, Maine (FS1, 7 p.m., live).
from Allen Park, Mich., and the United States Bowling Congress Monday, April 15 - PBA Playoffs Round of 24, Portland, Maine (FS1, 8 p.m.).
Masters on Monday, April 1, from Las Vegas. Monday, April 22 - PBA Playoffs Round of 24, Portland, Maine (FS1, 9 p.m.).
Monday, April 29 - PBA Playoffs Round of 24, Portland, Maine (FS1, 9 p.m.).
● Revolutionary coverage of professional bowling’s biggest event,
PBA World Series of Bowling X. Five consecutive nights of prime-time Monday, May 6 - PBA Playoffs Round of 16, Portland, Maine (FS1, 9 p.m.).
WSOB coverage, including live finals of four PBA title events, will air Monday, May 13 - PBA Playoffs Round of 16, Portland, Maine (FS1, 9 p.m.).
from Allen Park, Mich., March 18-22. Monday, May 20 - PBA Playoffs Quarterfinals, Portland, Maine (FS1, 9 p.m.).
Monday, May 27 - PBA Playoffs Quarterfinals, Portland, Maine (FS1, 9 p.m.).
● The PBA League team competition returns, for the first time all live Saturday, June 1 - PBA Playoffs Final Four, Portland, Maine (FOX, noon, live).
on TV. Back in Portland, Maine, the PBA League will conclude the 2019 Sunday, June 2 - PBA Playoffs Championship Round, Portland, Maine (FOX,
PBA-FOX Sports schedule with four live prime time telecasts on FS1
for three consecutive nights, July 16-18.
noon, live).
Tuesday, July 16 – PBA League Quarterfinals, Portland, Maine (FS1, 7 p.m.,
● The CP3 PBA Celebrity Invitational returns and moves for the first live).
time to network TV as FOX airs the event on Super Bowl Sunday at 2 Tuesday, July 16 – PBA League Quarterfinals, Portland, Maine (FS1, 9 p.m.,
p.m. ET. live).
Wednesday, July 17 – PBA League Semifinals, Portland, Maine (FS1, 9 p.m.,
In addition to the 60 hours of broadcast television, FOX Sports digi-
tal also will play a key role in expanding the PBA’s visibility.
Additional details concerning tournament formats, host bowling cen-
Thursday, July 18 – PBA League Elias Cup Finals, Portland, Maine (FS1, 9 p.m.,
ters and more, will be announced by the PBA soon. live).