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Hurt-Bot Technology

A.I. Feats
These feats aren't technically “feats”, but they do provide a system for judging the nature of a
Hurt-bot's A.I. Some feats may seem to belong to other classes of feats, but this is because of the
difficulty in classing some feats. For A.I. Levels, there is a MIN cap, like the Evolution feats for non-
artificial beings. Combat A.I. Can purchase ACC points at any level due to the constantly evolving
nature of their combat systems.
Feat Prerequisites Benefits Cost
Can follow simple orders, pre-
Starting A.I. for
Basic A.I. programmed responses to most $100.00
non-combat situations; MIN 24
Can follow complex orders,
programmed with military SOP,
Combat A.I.
Basic A.I. cannot be upgraded without $200.00
Level 1
losing efficiency in combat;
MIN 26, ACC 34
Combat A.I. Combat A.I. More deadly combat A.I.; MIN
Level 2 Level 1 26; ACC 66
Combat A.I. Combat A.I. More deadly combat A.I.; MIN
Level 3 Level 2 26, ACC 99
Can follow complex orders,
A.I. Level 1 Basic A.I. communication software; MIN $200.00
Basic problem solving &
A.I. Level 2 A.I. Level 1 communication software; MIN $400.00
Basic problem solving,
A.I. Level 3 A.I. Level 2 communication, and learning $800.00
software; MIN 32
Ability to comprehend advanced
A.I. Level 4 A.I. Level 3 concepts, problem solving; MIN $1,600.00
Software complex enough to
produce coding bugs and ghosts
A.I. Level 5 A.I. Level 4 that could be thought of as the $3,200.00
precursor to self-awareness;
MIN 75
Fully developed personality,
self-aware, capable of reasoning
A.I. Level 6 A.I. Level 5 $6,400.00
and abstract thought, though
child-like at first; MIN 99
Doesn't need an OS to function
as though the hurt-bot were a
living being, no more software Pass from one universe into a
Special limitations, can never be new universe when the previous
outdated/outmoded because it universe ends
has become a fully realized and
sentient being; no MIN limit
Arms & Armor
Hurt-bot armaments are powered by Power Packs, batteries designed for use with Hurt-bot
technology. Different sizes of Power Packs will add more/less to the overall number of discharges, or
shots, before a Power Pack is depleted. Different types of Power Packs will add different effects to
discharges. A single weapon may hold only 1 Power Pack at a time. Weapon capacity is equal to the
number of discharges before 1 Standard Power Pack needs to be replaced.

Weapon Cost Atk Crit ACC Range Capacity Weight Notes

Laser $2,000 1d6 x2 -6 100 ft. 200 50 lb.
Laser $4,000 1d6 x2 -6 200 ft. 100 100 lb. Only for use with
Rifle Model 3 and 4 Hurt-
Photon $8,000 1d8 x3 -4 150 ft. 50 50 lb.
Photon $16,000 1d12 x3 -4 150 ft. 25 200 lb. Only for use with
Cannon Model 3 and 4 Hurt-
Stun $500 1d4 x2 -2 10 ft. 100 10 lb. Must manually
Beam N/L readjust power settings
Wave- $25,000 2d12 x5 0 5 ft. 1 450 lb. 30 min. recharge time
motion between uses, will
Nuclear fragment any solid
Frag- object within
launchers extremely close
Standard $250 - - - - 5 lb.
Advanced $500 - - - - 5 lb.

Additional Hurt-bot Tech:

-Any item for any kind of weapon/system/tech/mechanical
-Price of item x2 = cost to purchase parts & system integration (NOT PROFICIENCY)
-Example: Radar = $200-$450 x2 = $400-$900 to install radar in a hurt-bot

Stat Boosts
Type LVL.1=$500.00 LVL.2=$2,000.00 LVL.3=$10,000.00
Aerodynamics +2 SPD +4 SPD +6 SPD
Pneumatics +5 SPD +10 SPD +15 SPD
Hydraulics +5 SPD +10 SPD +15 SPD
Motion Software +5 SPD +10 SPD +15 SPD
Machine Efficiency +2 SPD +4 SPD +6 SPD
Electrical Component +2 SPD +4 SPD +6 SPD
Sensor Package +7 ACC +14 ACC +21 ACC
Sensor Array +7 ACC +14 ACC +21 ACC
Sensor Suite +7 ACC +14 ACC +21 ACC