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J u l y 2 0 1 8 | I s s u e n o . 8

NOFAA’s “Academic Excellence” award from Aanchal awarded by FONRWA
Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Union Minister of State
Award given by Mr. Pankaj Singh, MLA
for Culture to Shilpi & Aanchal

Inside this issue
Shining Stars of Sunshine Society
Board Result 1

New hope for Sun- 2 Board Result—2017-18
shine children
Sunshine Society students brought laurels to the NGO by their fabulous perfor-
College Admissions 2
mance in their class 10th & 12th board examination conducted by CBSE and UP
Board. Total 12 students had appeared this year for their exams (6 in UP Board & 6
A summer to re- 3 in CBSE Board). All the students cleared their exams. Aanchal and Shikha topped
member their schools in their respective streams. Aanchal was awarded by FONRWA for her
Quarter highlights 4 remarkable performance in academics.
Infratech– An ideal 4 Class 12th Result Class 10th Result
Aanchal 85% PCM Mohit 84%
Insta-Photo Contest 5
Shilpi 81% PCB Manish 69.2%
Results Shikha 71.6% Commerce Govind 64%
Gulshan 69% Commerce Mahima Pal 64%
मैंने उनकी झोंपड़ियों को... 5
Vipin 68% Commerce Prince Raj 59.6%
Teaching is my pas- 6 Shagun 57.2%
Dolly 54.6%
Silence Speaks 7

English workshop 7 Shilpi and Aanchal were awarded “Academic Excellence” award by NOFAA. The re-
2018 sults have proved that hardwork with a will to win can do wonders. All this becomes
Rise in juvenile/ 8 easy when there is proper and regular guidance . Sunshine Society with it’s After
teenager crime... school support programme has been constantly providing academic help to the stu-
dents through our volunteer teachers & mentors at these centres, who have now be-
Member Sunshiners 9 come our backbone. We feel proud of our children and wish them a bright future
Note from editor 10

P a g e 1 | Cover story
Page 2 | Special Feature

New hope for Sunshine Students
Cadence higher education scholarship 2018-19

5 Sunshine children who appeared for Cadence
Higher Education Scholarship 2018-19, have
cleared their final round. These children are now
eligible for scholarship once they secure admission
in any Government college/univer sity.

Volunteer Pooja Bhateja who works in Cadence De-
sign Systems India Pvt. Ltd. made efforts to send the
forms and presented them to Cadence for Scholar-
ship approval. Sunshine children- Aanchal, Shikha,
Shilpi, Vipin and Gulshan cleared all the three
rounds and came out with flying colours. In this
photo all the five children with their teachers &

College Admissions 2018 – 19
This year Sunshine Society had 5 children appearing for class 12th examination from UP Board. The
results brought delight & pride to the entire Sunshine fraternity with all the children performing best
to their abilities. Now was the time for their admission in colleges in their area of interest.

The children were counselled by Sunshine Society under their Career Education Programme (CEP).
Soon the CEP was in a position to prepare a career road map for them. Vaishali Mehta took the respon-
sibility and was like rock-solid support to these children during this crucial time of their career. She
helped the children in filling applications for the colleges keeping the interest of the children in mind,
documents were kept handy and finally our students managed to secure admission in prestigious col-
leges of Delhi & Noida. We wish the children a successful career ahead. This year’s admissions are as

Shilpi Kalindi College Delhi University B.Sc Life Sciences

Aanchal Shaheed Rajguru Delhi University B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics
College of Applied
Sciences for Women
Vipin Rajkiya Govt. Col- Chaudhary B.Com
lege, Noida Charan Singh

Gulshan Rajkiya Govt. Col- Chaudhary B.Com
lege, Noida Charan Singh

Shikha Rajkiya Govt. Col- Chaudhary B.Com
lege, Noida Charan Singh

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Page 3 | Quarter highlights

A Summer to remember
Quarter highlights
Sunshine IP Team

Once more summer vacation and the advent of opportunities to do something
different, giving a much deserved break to the teachers who are all volunteers &
students an opportunity to learn something new.

The learnings
We had our young Sunshine volunteers – IP children, all but one from ATS Ad-
vantage, Indirapuram who took the charge of conducting English classes during
their own school vacations. The classes comprised of sessions on English gram-
mar, sentence making, story reading etc. imparting learning’s that will shape up
the future of our children and get them better prepared to converse in English
which is a key requirement to do well in school & career.

Our children were mesmerized with the discussions and conduct of the young
children with them, further motivating and aspiring them to learn well and do
better in studies. Ananya, Aditya, Ankur, Nimit & Sara came forward to conduct
various classes and won the hearts of our Lakshya kids while gaining hands on
experience and taking baby steps towards contributing to the society !

Classes were conducted during summer break to teach how to make paper bags
and quilling by Manisha ji, Neha ji, Savita ji & Urmila ji. Children were rewarded
with ice cream for the hard work and dedication. The craft material were all do-
nated by Ms. Pooja Bhateja, ATS Advantage, Indirapuram.

Contributions & Donations
We saw the spirit of donation and contribution continue through the ‘Healthy
Snacks’ distribution by Bhavna & family, and donation of a study table & chair
set by Roshni Sara Jones – both from ATS Advantage, Indirapuram.

The routine of monthly awards to challenge and encourage the Lakshya students
to be hygienic & regular to classes continued through the distribution of hygiene
pack & grocery items, being contributed by ATS Advantage, Indirapuram Samari-

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Page 4 | Quarter highlights

Quarter highlights continued….
 New session books distributed to children in schools in Noida. Chil-
dren excited and geared up for their new class

 New toilet made & RO installed in Vishwa International School, sector
51, Noida. Beginning of a happy & healthy new session

 8 girls (previously studying in non-recognized schools) admitted in
Rajkiya Balika Inter College, sector 51, Noida

 District hospital, Noida organized a blood group & haemoglobin test-
ing camp at Rajkiya Balika Inter College. Thanks to CMO Dr. Anurag
Bhargav for his continuous support

 Inter school debate competition organized by “Empowerment through
debate” theatre club at Vishwa International School, sector 51, Noida
under the mentorship of Mr. Shailesh

 Aanchal, a student of class 10th received a brand new cycle from Mrs.
Somlata, Alok Vihar 1, sector 50, Noida for her excellent performance
in board exams

 Sunshine Society distributed dry ratio, buckets, thalis, clothes, foot-
wears to the Barola Fire tragedy victims in Noida. The massive fire that
engulfed more than 100 jhuggis on 29th May night left the families

 Sunshine children participated in “paint your shopping bag” event on
World Environment Day sponsored by Camlin India

 A book & toys exchange camp organized at Gulshan Vivante, sector
137, Noida

Infratech — An ideal mentor

Himani Sharma, a student of B.Tech ( IT ), now in 3rd year has been do-
ing internship with Infratech has been offered Rs.5000/- as stipend.
Deepak Uniyal from ATS One Hamlet, sector 104, Noida has been the
person behind this break for Himani. Deepak has been mentoring Hima-
ni. This practical exposure will definitely add on to Himani’s knowledge
and will give her confidence & strength to join & win the corporate grand
prix soon.

Sunshine Society remains thankful to Infratech for joining hands in this
noble cause.

The Sunshiner
Page 5 | Creative Contributions

Insta – Photo Contest
Sunshine Society organized Insta-Photo Contest to celebrate United Nations Global Day of Parents
which is celebrated on June 01. The contest which was a week long celebration was organized as a
mark of appreciation and respect towards our parents & grandparents.

The idea is to bring generations close to each other so that they can connect well. Sunshine Society be-
lieves in this philosophy and is hopeful to bring positivity around everywhere.

'I wish every parents could enjoy like this,
the happiness peace and joy surrounded
by loving children son in laws daughter in
-laws and grandchildren'

photo taken on 50th wedding anniversary
celebration of my parents in Kerala

Molly Aleykutty Varghese, Noida
1st Winner


Sumit Thukral, Noida
2nd Winner

मैंने उनकी झोंपड़ियों को बनते उज़िते दे खा है
श्री वी पी गुप्ता, सदस्य, सनशाइन सोसाइटी

मैंने उनकी झोंपड़ियों को बनते उज़िते दे खा है ।
कक्षा शुरू कर, कॉपी पें सिल बााँट ददए थे मैंने,मैंने उनकी झोंपड़ियों को बनते उज़िते दे खा है ।
ू रे ददन पूछा मैंने, क्यों नहीीं सलख रही िवाल तुम पूजा?
उत्तर समला, िर ले गया आज कॉपी मेरी चूहा।
पूछा रजनी िे मैंने, क्यों नहीीं हुआ तुम्हारा कक्षा में आना?
उत्तर समला, िर मााँ का का बच्चा हुआ, मैं बनाती थी खाना।
आज महे श क्यों नहीीं आया बच्चों िे मैंने पछ
ू ा?
उत्तर समला, दे हाडी कहीीं और करने लगे उिके माता पपता। अब महे श, अपनी छोटी बहन को खखलाता।
यह दृश्य ककिी कपव की कल्पना का नहीीं है । मैंने यह दृश्य अपनी आाँखों िे दे खा है ।
मैंने उनकी झोपड़ियों को बनते उज़िते दे खा है ।

The Sunshiner
Page 6 | Volunteer speaks

Teaching is my passion!
Tanya Bhasin, Student, M.Sc—Food & Nutrition

Volunteer-Sunshine Society

Teaching is my passion! How much I love to teach these children who are always
ready to learn something new everyday. I have been teaching for past three years
now during summer vacations and I have seen them progressing each year!
There is no downfall ! I will continue to teach till the time I’m able to teach.

Every morning children were so excited to learn English. There was so much en-
thusiasm in these children ... from the impressive welcome to the time the class
gets over the children were filled with energy ! I was not only their teacher but
their mentor too. I always used to encourage them that they should study hard
so that they have the potential to live an independent life !

The privilege of being born in a family and a life that allowed me to get all sorts of opportunities, nev-
er made me want for anything, was a stroke of luck, like picking a high scoring card out of a deck.
And then, there are children we see everyday, all as bright with every right to avail the best of oppor-
tunities but unable to do so, simply because they haven’t had the luck, because of financial and so-
cial constraints. So, it is our responsibility and duty to use our privilege to try and make a difference
in the life of such children, push them towards making something of themselves, to break the vicious
cycle of poverty, illiteracy, health and social constraints for a better world.

Sunshine gives me the opportunity to make a difference, and helps me reach an entire community at
once, which I am grateful for. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel; my own latent potential to
make it beyond school and encourage kids in the same way they encouraged me. I feel lucky to teach
them as I realized that these children just need the opportunity to learn and work towards it. They
are not less than us! Surely they will make us feel proud !

Volunteer Tanya
Selfless contributor to education

Rewind four years<<< Sunshine Society started English Workshop for
their children. A shy teenager, just appeared for her class 10th boards,
was keen to teach the children. Year 2015, Tanya Bhasin came on board
as a volunteer English teacher to do something worthwhile during her
vacations. It is year 2018 now and the shy teenager has grown into a con-
fident young girl who has now taken admission in M.Sc. One thing how-
ever, remained the same, she continued her association with the children
and English classes, always teaching the children during the summer
vacations. We are so proud to have Tanya as our student volunteer!

The Sunshiner
Page 7 | Citizen’s Voice

Silence Speaks
Ramita Taneja, Life coach & Counsellor, Executive Member-Sunshine Society

An open letter to the education minister or to the policy makers

Sir / Madam

In last many years schools have introduced various new foreign languages in the aca-
demic syllabus to prepare the students for their future ( obviously from the guidelines
of the board they follow ) During my schooling, Sanskrit was introduced as a third
language which was later made compulsory and there on foreign languages like Rus-
sian, Japanese, French, German etc were also introduced. I believe the idea behind
introduction of these foreign languages was to prepare the child for his future and
rightly so. One needs to know the language first to break any barrier of adjustment.

Apart from this schools also teach languages in computers like java, pascal, C++ etc
Showing we not only need to break the barriers with humans but also with machines.
Now coming to my point. How many of us know how to communicate with those who cannot speak? Nei-
ther are they foreigners nor aliens nor machines, yet we cannot because we have never bothered to learn
their language- The Sign language.

We are comfortable to ignore this most important language that each one of us should know. Haven’t we
restricted the people with hearing disability to a community of their own. They are intelligent, friendly,
willing to learn and seek a job but just because we do not know how to communicate with them we tend to
ignore or avoid being around them. What if sign language is also introduced as a choice of language to be
learnt at school. If not all, if not many, may be a few, just a handful may learn and then more and then
more.. that’s what is the trend with mankind.. ain’t it? It should be compulsory to learn few basic signs
how are you, do you need help, smile please etc... This can be part of personality development of a child
and then if the child wants he can develop his skill further.

I see a future .. everyone communicating with those who cannot speak-but carry the same emotions, no
unemployment for them not because they do not qualify for the job but because we do not qualify to hire
them. The government has already started sensitizing with their problems and has build disable friendly
railway stations, malls etc but what about their adaptability in all respect?

My earnest appeal to make Sign language a part of the school curriculum.

English Workshop 2018
Sunshine Society conducted it’s 4th English Workshop from 28th
May to 22nd June 2018 for the underprivileged children at
Alok Vihar 1, Sector 50, Noida. A 1 & a half hours class was held 5
days a week from 10 in the morning. 55 children were part of this
workshop. The classes mainly focused on improving the language
skills of the children, concentrating on their vocabulary, pronuncia-
tion skills, reading & speaking skills. The entire syllabus and mod-
ules were designed by member Ritika and the overall coordination of
the workshop was supervised by member Keka. Like previous years,
this year too, the workshop was led by member Ritika with regular
volunteers Tanya and Sangeeta. They were assisted by young volun-
teers Isha from Mahagun Maple, Agrima, Sarahna, Pooja, Jagriti, Pri-
yamvada, Sugandha from Alok Vihar 1, Diya Mundra & Meghna
Chopra from Mahagun Maestro.

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Page 8 | Citizen’s Voice

Rise in juvenile/teenager crime
Modern day most disturbing development
B.K Das Chaudhry, Social Activist, Writer, Poet

Of late there has been rise in instances of juvenile / teenagers committing heinous
crimes in schools and even in homes. The murder of a boy in Ryan school by a school
boy, was in news for a long time. Recently a 16 years old teenager killed his mother
and sister with a cricket bat and disfigured their faces with scissor/ cutter in Greater
Noida. The boy was stated to be hooked to violent video games on the very day and was
scolded by his mother. In another case a student killed his junior to get an exam post-
poned. The other day a boy was killed by his classmates to death for a wristwatch. In
one case a teenager killed his mother and sister as he was frequently compared with his
sibling. All these cases reflect a most alarming pattern in our modern-day life. The study
of these cases and many other cases concludes that teenagers/juveniles are now grap-
pling with anxiety, depression, peer pressure, lust for more pocket money problem, desire to lead a pomp-
ous life, exam stress among other factors such as, stressful expectations, bullying etc.
All these factors singly or collectively add to this situation in many cases. Children in the age group of 12-
15 years specially need proper counselling by elders, parents, teachers. Children who have extreme anger
issues or have suicidal thoughts need more attention. Anger management is need of the hour. In fact, in
most cases the child and parents both need counselling. Hence there is a need for opening of child and ado-
lescent clinics in every state / district. City based volunteers can also play a big role in these cases. Fur-
ther, as a child grows up, there are many issues which even parents fail to deal with. Students spend most
of the time in school and teachers are in better know of their habits, likeness and distastes etc.
Likewise, parent’s effective interaction with children can help to shape them at home. Working couples now-
adays have no time for their children, as children are now mostly handled by maids/nanny. The teachers if
they care, can observe the students in interactive groups. Teacher should take interest in individual student
and engage with them personally. Happiness classes in schools, as started in DELHI can beat psychological
UNESCO in its 22-point criteria for building happy schools, rated; friendships, relationships in school com-
munity as most decisive factor. A significant correlation between happiness and better grades during early
years in school has been noticed.
Happiness class initiative when taken up in UP STATE would prove a win win prescription for this most dis-
turbing ill of modern society. Let the parents, education dep’t, social activists and teachers rise to the occa-
sion immediately before it is too late.

The Sunshiner
Page 9 | Members

Member Sunshiners — Pillars of strength

Ritika Kakar
She takes on a responsibility, gives it time and implements it, all
because she believes in the usefulness of the responsibility. This
is Ritika Kakar, our member Sunshiner.

Masters in English & Education, a teacher by profession, has
been running the English workshop for Sunshine children for
the past four years at Alok Vihar 1 community center, sector 50,

The benefit of her teaching and planning is reflected in the im-
proved children’s scores. English class is not the only thing she
does. She also manages “raddi” collection from her society Ma-
hagun Maple along with her job and all without a fuss.

Always smiling, a member, volunteer and sponsor all rolled into

Shalini Chauhan

Kind heart, soft approach and willingness to help are the quali-
ties that define Shalini Chauhan.

One of the early members of Sunshine Society, she quietly sup-
ports Sunshine in all the projects and offers advice that comes
straight from her heart.

Eager to be a part of educating the children, she looks for chil-
dren who need education and makes sure they start schooling
and ensures to track their progress too.

Sunshine Society is proud to have Shalini Chauhan as a mem-

The Sunshiner
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