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Campus This Semester gives you a round-up of activities undertaken this semester and is published by the Public Relations Department. Available on the internet at www.usiu.ac.ke/mag. Forward information and feedback to pr@usiu. ac.ke or Ext. 562/237

Kiai opens BHM U.S. Ambassador closes BHM USIU eyes Gates partnership Find USIU on-line USIU hosts Management Workshop Pressman tours journalism facilities Namibian educationists visit campus Dr. PLO Lumumba on campus Club hosts Paraplegic Association USIU remembers students JCI reach out to abandoned kids Diplomat speaks to IR students Harvard prof drops in HR director speaks to students New student government elected SAC WEEK on Campus USIU student wins KTN show Tourism students host conference Star speakers at Amka Dada forum SIFE holds enterprise conference Career journalists share insights Regional Peers review IST Program Students form industry partnerships Faculty win research grants New staff & faculty Norah is top employee IR students at Harvard University 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 9 9 10


Drama club heads to Meru KCB bring along career advisors Current class schedule supported

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spoke to students about her post-campus experiences. presidency. During his speech. Maina spoke on “Celebrating Black Leadership in Africa and the Diaspora”. Kiai opens BHM celebrations ABOVE: Mr. Maina Kiai. Songstress Cecilia Wairimu also known as Amani (Class of 2003). at the conclusion of Black History Month celebrations. as well as the determination necessary to bring about lasting change. a media advisor with the UN. a media consultant with the Nation Media Group. Ambassador Ranneburger urged students to shun violence. Dr. Top US diplomat closes with a clarion call Black History Poetry Slam LEFT: USIU students recite prose at the Black History Month Poetry Slam on Thursday at the cafeteria’s terrace. ABOVE: Ugandan artist Mr. Mr. Constitutional lawyer and Senior Counsel. ABOVE: Students and staff pose with the U. Ranneberger (center). Wamala Nuwa-Nyanzi. Ms. Ambassador. also shared her post . he noted the voting power held by young people. To his immediate right is Head of PR Ms. Angelina Mwashumbe and on the extreme right (back row) is Prof.Speakers galore at BHM celebrations Rachel Jones. Pheroze Nowrejee spoke to students during the Inter-University Panel on Wednesday February 4 in the auditorium. Amani is most recently the winner of two 2008 Channel O Music Video Awards. Kang’ethe Iraki. Ranneberger was the keynote speaker at the closing ceremony of the Black History Month celebrations 2009. H.S. Juliett Achieng (Class of 2006). a well known presenter with Kiss100 FM radio. speaks to students soon after opening the Black History Month celebration of Tuesday February 3 in the auditorium. this year. DVC . while participating actively in the political and economic destiny of Kenya. Kalekye Mumo (Class of 2000). Mr.college experience.E. was on campus to share her experiences with students too. former Chair of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights.S. shared her experiences on growing up in the then segregated United States. speaks to students about his contribution to art in the library’s bookshop where some of his artwork was displayed. Mathew Buyu.Academic Affairs.S. Associate Professor of Languages spoke at the Black History celebrations. . His Excellency Ambassador Michael E. President Barack Obama’s successful campaign for the U. Drawing lessons from U. Michael E.

Rob Farlow. Freida Brown (second left) receives a sponsorship cheque of Kshs 350. 000 from the Group CEO of Fina Bank Mr. Global Development. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). together with the Dean . (Columbia Business School). Namibian educationists visit campus Some members of the Namibian National Council for Higher Education paid a courtesy call on the DVC Academic Affairs. Dr. Mercy Karanja (Senior Program Officer. Fostina Mani (Head of Fundraising). Its stories are distributed to thousands of news outlets. Looking on from right are Dr. user friendly and efficient web mapping application from Google. UPI is a global news agency founded in 1907 with offices on four continents. Dr. USIU and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are looking at establishing an Agricultural Leadership Institute at USIU. School of Business). James Kahindi (second left) and Journalism Programme Co-ordinator Mr. Mr. Joan Wairimu (Lecturer). accompanied the VC Prof. VC Prof. Visitors can now use the USIU web site to get directions to our campus. Marshall (center) and Mr. Freida Brown (left) on a tour of the remodeled Lilian K . . Joseph Kimura (immediate former Dean. Khalid Bomba (Senior Program Officer. Mathew Buyu (DVC . Freida Brown (second left) receives from Rob Warlow Group CEO of Fina Bank (left). a cheque for Kshs 350 000 towards the hosting of the first management workshop. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). Mr. Marshall (second right). to provide management and leadership training for the Foundation’s partners. on-line sites. Cherutich (left) visited the broadcasting studio at the Student Center. Pressman tours journalism facilities Left : United Press International (UPI) Editor-in-Chief Mr. George K’Aol (School of Business Dean). Angelina Mwashumbe (third right). academic institutions and policy-making bodies. This will provide our on-line users with an interactive. Mathew Buyu (right) on Wednesday March 18. Prof. Below: Mr. at his office. Michael J.Academic Affairs) and Ms. USIU eyes Gates partnership Also present was the University Librarian. Joseph Kimote (Institutional Planning Director). George K’Aol (Acting Dean. Prof. Beam ICT Center.Find USIU on-line USIU’s web site now features an integrated Google Map (left) displaying the directions to and from our campus. Prof. Isaiah Cherutich (right). Charles Mayaka (CEED Director) and Prof.School of Arts & Sciences Prof. School of Business). Sophia Kaane (second left) )and the Head of Public Relations Ms. Also present was Faculty Chair. The workshop’s theme was “Managing a Growing Company” and was organized by USIU’s Center for Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Development (CEED). Dr. USIU hosts Management Workshop Prof. Ms. Frederick Iraki (left). Agricultural Development Program. From left: Angelina Mwashumbe (Head of PR) . at the conclusion of the first Management Workshop held at the School of Business from 14-16 January.

He exhorted young people to make a clean break from the bad examples set by inept and short-sighted African leaders. The ceremony also marked the end of the Drug Awareness Week hosted by the Counseling Center and funded by ICL Africa.some as young as three months .Dr. Lumumba elaborated upon the key requirements of any leader . USIU’s JCI Club raised Kshs 10. 2008. The event was also attended by the patron. Below: Mohammed Varvany remembers the late Sur Sen (Mr. Dr. at a memorial dubbed “Celebration of Life” on February 5 in the auditorium. Mike and Lucy with some of the graduates of the ICL-trained Peer Educators. staff and alumni who have lost their lives recently. JCI reach out to abandoned kids Dr. Francis Wambalaba ( Academic Research Director ). delivered a guest lecture on Leadership on March 26 in the auditorium as part of activities to mark the Counseling Centre’s Drug Awareness Week. addressing himself specifically to what he called the leadership crisis in Africa. Shazma Mukri (Counseling Assistant). last fall. Patrick Lumumba (front centre )a well-known advocate and orator. at the home. USIU 2004). Josephine Arasa. James Kahindi flanked by members of USIU’s Junior Chambers International (JCI ) donates mosquito nets to Rosemary Kamau. Prof. From fourth right: Angelina Mwashumbe (Head of PR). Mr.currently has thirty-four residents. The home. who also a Nairobi City Councillor and advocate. delivered the keynote speech. USAID and other partners. a Psychology lecturer and club patron . Rest in peace USIU remembered students. Nairobi as part of their community service initiative. Nigeria on December 26. Tim Wanyonyi. PLO Lumumba speaks on leadership skills Club hosts Paraplegic Association USIU’s Thinkaholics Club hosted the Kenya Paraplegic Organisation (KPO)’s Board of Directors for the Psychology Awareness Week on March 11. Dr. Joseph Njoroge. sharing his experiences in living with disability. ABOVE Foreground: I Choose Life AFRICA Director Mike Mutungi and Head of Counseling Lucy Kungu together with students sing Kathy Troccoli’s ‘Go Light Your World’ during the graduation ceremony for peer educators in the auditorium on March 27. Right: Members of KPO’s board of directors together with Mr. Dr. Joseph Njoroge. and Psychology Coordinator. adding that there’s still hope for our country. RIGHT: Cecelia. which caters for abandoned babies . who died in a road crash in Lagos. Director of Happy Life Children’s Home on Friday March 27. Lucy Kungu (Head of Counseling).000 for the children’s home located in Roysambu. . KPO’s CEO Mr.

executive selection. reward management. for the World Bank. Harvard University and consultant with the World Bank spoke at International Political Economy class taught by Amb.” He also spoke about the Israeli experiences in utilisation of alternative energy sources.dealers in Human Resource Information Systems . and business partnering. Dr. succession planning. a director of the Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM) and National Vice Chair of the IHRM Council. His Excellency Mr. INSET: Amb. the Kenya Airways Group Human Resources Director. Patrick Kamau (front right) who organised the event. a manager with PwC Kenya. Dr. Mentors Afrique’s George Pita (left) took the team through practical lessons focusing on how to handle change in an organizational context. Moses Onyango (back centre). talent development. Assistant Professor of Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Government. Mr. Mbithe Anzaya. in conjunction with IR Co-ordinator. Israeli Ambassador speaks to IR students Being his first visit. Guest speaks on HR systems Dorcas Muthoni. Right:Mr. Recruiters meet students Mr. February 3. change management. Mr. in the Democratic Republic of Congo. spoke on strategy development and implementation. addresses students during his company’s recruitment exercise at the library on February 19. employee relations. Jacob Keidar. Dr. Associate Professor of International Relations. David Kikaya. Mrs. . Prof.and a recognised expert in her field.HR director speaks to students Mr. Joshua Ndungu. project management. Dr. a partner with Deloitte explains HR practices at his firm to assembled students on Tuesday March 10. performance development. the Ambassador (centre) is taken round the campus by the Dean School of Arts and Sciences. moderated the question and answer session. spoke to students of the BUS6030 (Leadership and Management of Change) class on Tuesday. made a presentation on Human Resource Management Information Systems on February 4. Harvard prof speaks on African public polices Matt Andrews. Kasimu. General Manager of OPENWORLD Systems . dwelt on his recent work. Paul Kasimu. Teresia Linge (Inset). The EMOD Strategic Mangement graduate class led by Management lecturer. Mbithe Anzaya. Fred Aloo. job profiling and evaluation. was familiarising itself with integration of technology in Human Resource Management. Kasimu’s visit was organised by Dr. the Israeli Ambassador to Kenya gave a speech on “IsraeliKenya relations and what Kenya can learn about food security from Israel. James Kahindi (extreme left) and IR Senior. Assistant Professor of Management (right) organized a team-building outing for her BUS6030 (Leadership and Management of Change) graduate class on Sunday March 8 at Maasai Lodge. Andrews. Philip Mwanzia.

Kimani. 2. 7. The Presenter. organised by the Student Affairs Council’s Graduate Representative Faith Mwende (second row -left). 9. 8. an International Relations major. have a year to implement what promises to be a packed agenda. m n o s Presenting. The new officials (above & right).Chair: Aliza Nazir SeCretary: Fatma Fernandez treaSurer: Catherine Chege ViCe SeCretary: Chelimo Keter SChool of artS repreSentatiVe: Bianca Waiganjo SChool of BuSineSS repreSentatiVe: Shadrack Mahindra welfare one: Nderaisho Kubo welfare two: Daisy Muthoni Graduate repreSentatiVe: Varvany Mohammed SAC WEEK on Campus 1. 845 USIU students exercised their democratic right when they elected ten new officials to the Student Affairs Council Senate 2009. was well-attended. on the evening of Sunday March 15. together with seventeen other contestants at the KTN Television Academy. is the winner of Kenya Television Network (KTN)’s newest reality show.the winner! p q r Edith Kimani(right). . 10. Steve (left) and Irene (inset) were right at home as members of the cast clearly enjoying themselves. j k l Students clearly had a good time reliving their high school days (above and left).New student government elected 1. presentation and editorial concepts by KTN editors. The trip. Congratulations to Edith on her new position! Cameras roll on campus Cameras rolled and characters played out their lines as Tottenham Ltd. Edith was exposed and introduced to TV production. A weekly elimination ceremony. During the sixteen weeks of gruelling competition.. 5. where voters picked Ms. Two USIU students. 4. elections. anchors and reporters.. a local production company shot a television soap opera on campus. 6. over two other finalists. The grand finale aired live from the Grand Laico Hotel. Graduates relax in Naivasha ABOVE: Masters students were clearly enjoying themselves at the Fish Eagle’s Inn in Naivasha last December. whittled down the number to three finalists. wChairman: Moses Wanjiru ViCe . 3. Students were campaigning for their Record numbers of students voted electronically in the just-concluded SAC preferred candidates in one of the tightest SAC electoral races in years. beginning with the new student orientation on May 4 next semester.

Participants. Their strategy. Ms. A screenshot of the kazi. also spoke on the role of youth in marketing domestic tourism. Rebecca Nabutola . USIU’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE USIU) hosted their annual entrepreneurship conference dubbed “Young Capital Big Money” where they launched Kazi. This trip was conducted in two aspects.Net. 2008 MTV Africa Best Female Artist award winner. Sonali Shah from the Toast Masters Club gave a brief rundown on essential public speaking skills needed by the modern entrepreneur. Senior Warden with the Kenya Wildlife Service. BELOW : Guest speakers spoke on SIFE KENYA Assistant Program Manager. Launched on March 5. Fostina Mani. Ministry of Tourism. more that half of whom were from other local universities were trained on making presentations and writing business plans. Permanent Secretary. The keynote address was delivered by Mr. BELOW: SIFE Members celebrate winning the Drug Awareness Week Strategy competition. Soliton Telmec. which was well attended by alumni. . Executive Director of the Kenya Breast Health Programme. Mr. seeks to draw students to counseling sessions at Counseling Center. sharing their experiences as career women.net is expected to augment USIU’s Career Office in availing job opportunities to USIU students. Ms. challenging her audience to promote domestic tourism. an alumnus and adjunct lecturer at the School of Business and director of telecommunications firm. First. ABOVE: USIU’s women’s advocacy group Amka Dada. SIFE USIU engaged the students in thinking about their careers while still in school. The women’s group continues to benefit from ICT skills and business training taught by the SIFE team. held a public forum on March 20 at the Library book shop. adding that the On the 28th of February Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) reviewed government actively supported local entrepreneurs in domestic tourism. staff and students. Left: Wahu Kagwe. The team also visited the Angalia Mbele Women’s Group. John Awuor and the “Today’s Woman Exploiting her Full Potential”. Middle: Muthoni Ndonga (left). USIU alumnus and current graduate student shared his experiences with students at the conference. Rachel Gichinga (right) and Right: Mary Onyango.Tourism students host conference SIFE holds youth enterprise conference Local tour operator. Sober Thursday. BELOW: Club President James Rakuom. an on-line job-hunting project. Michael Waweru. which taps seasonal river waters and stocks it in reservoirs for irrigation purposes. some of its field projects in Ukambani. Amka Dada patron and University Counsel. Donald Manyala (foreground). INSET: Rosemary Ngure. SIFE USIU team was led by its Faculty co-advisor. Kazi. Nabutola spoke on public sector involvement in the tourism industry. Ms. Mr. Hassan Bashir. They provided the students with success skills for their study and exam preparations as well as an insight into the many opportunities available to them after school. addresses Hotel and Restaurant majors during the CHATS club conference held on March 20 at the auditorium. Looking on are fellow team members. Mr.net homepage. SIFE members tour club projects Star speakers at Amka Dada forum A SIFE member speaks to assembled Muindi Mbingu High School students about post-secondary opportunities during the SIFE visit to the school on Saturday 28 February. part of SIFE’s Women In Free Enterprise (WIFE) Project in Machakos.

Fulgence Matimbo (Tanzania Commission for Universities) and Prof. from 23rd parts of the world. Kizito Namulanda (Deputy Managing Editor . Dr Alfred Mwambela (University of Dar es Salaam). Josephine Arasa. one of the largest and most famous indigenous law firms in Kenya. A Case Study for M-Banking in Kenya”. Francis Wambalaba. Lecturer African Peace & Conflict Studies. Coordinator of Quality Assurance at USIU. in Pretoria. From left: Philip Machoka (Lecturer of Information Systems & Technology). Mr. Baryamureeba(Makerere University). There. Joseph Njoroge presented at the Education Internationalization Conference at York St. The graduate BUS6150 students led by Dr.810 by the same institution. Thomas Ottmann (University of Freiburg. will be placed in the library for reference. Dr. has also been awarded a research grant of $18. which. discussions on the firm was produced by the students. Akosa Wambalaba (Lecturer of French) and Francis Wambalaba (Academic Research Director) Professor Macharia Munene presented a paper entitled. “E-money for Enhancing MDG’s at Bottom of the Pyramid.Career journalists share insights with students Renowned journalists offered guidance to Journalism Seniors about to enter the media industry. Faculty win research grants Dr. The Inter. the opportunities and externalities of the very relatively unknown fetish divinity credit institutions in Africa. Waweru Mwangi (JKUAT). Dominic Korsen. 2008. Not Pictured: Mr. conducted SWOT analysis and held Germany). Isaiah Cherutich (Journalism Co-ordinator) were at the School of Arts on a career counselling and talent search mission. Dr. comprising Prof. the management team led by Mr. KTN) Mr. South Africa on December 4-5. Nairobi. met with IT faculty and students in discussions with senior management to give their order to get a picture of what the program is recommendations on what should be included offering and delivering.KTN). Philip Machoka and Akosa Wambalaba have been awarded a research grant of $15. The team. in the firm’s strategic plan. The proposal. courtesy of the Journalism program. Beatrice Marshall (Associate Editor/ News Anchor. were engaged practically in the development of a strategic plan for Muthoga Gaturu and Company Advocates.” during the Conference on Multilateralism and International Law with Western Sahara as a Case Prof. His paper was on “Distance Covered”. Peter Lewa. the Psychology program. Their research proposal is titled. once edited.University Council of Eastern Africa (IUCEA) sent a faculty team to USIU to assess the quality of our Information Systems and Technology programs from 22-24 February. who also heads Kabarak and USIU. Technology & Financial Inclusion (IMTFI) at the University of California. Peter Lewa also had his EMOD 6020: Strategic Management in Profit and Non-profit organisations Spring 2009 class hold their last sitting at the Kula Korner Restaurant in Hurlingham. “History of Western Sahara and Spanish Colonisation. John University in the United Kingdom. Moi. will use the experiences Regional Peers review IST Program LEFT: Students of Information Systems and Technology meet the review team (background) from the Inter University Council of Eastern Africa (IUCEA) at the School of Business on February 18. Dr. He represented the four universities trained under Post USIU’s now has its own Quality Assurance Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PCAP) namely. Faculty member presents at educational conference . INSET: Dr. discussed the strategies to apply during current turbulent times in business and specifically in the hospitality/tourism industry. Josephine Arasa. Munene presents at Pretoria conference Study.000 by the Institute for Money. A CD containing The review is part of a drive by the regional academic body to align quality standards for East African universities with best practices from other Mr. Dr. sponsored by Government of South Africa’s Department of Foreign Affairs and the University of Pretoria. Egerton. Kenneth Omeje (right). KTN) and Mr. Irvine. titled “Borrowing from the gods: Oracular Deities as Traditional Sources of Credit among the Igbo of Nigeria”. The students carried out an organizational audit. to 27th March. Coordinator. He is conducting empirical research on the role of oracular deities as traditional sources of credit. Associate Professor of Management. operation. Students form industry partnerships of three ethnic Igbo communities to enhance the understanding of the history. Katua Nzile (Managing Editor. The discussion revolved around strategic thinking in today's turbulent business environment and assisted students link theory with industry practice. V.

Members of the immediate former Staff Council and Student Affairs Council welcome the VC Prof. Professor of Sociology & Criminal Justice Ryan Sila Records Assistant Associate Professor of Management Dr. Left: Members of USIU’s Volleyball team admire the Blue Triangle Trophy they won on March 15. Norah Kiereri at the hand-over Parliamentarian. Professor of Sociology & Criminal Justice Vice Chancellor Prof.Jennifer Hartwell Dr. Freida Brown. Kakumu rises from the position of Training & Development Coordinator in the Human Resources Department. Council hand-over ceremony on February 20. Kenneth Omeje Lecturer. making them arguably the most successful sports team in USIU history. African Peace & Conflict Studies John Riungu Records Clerk Prof. Julius Kyuli. Eustace Nyaga and Paul Maku. So far the team has bagged nine trophies for the current season. receives instruments of Brian Ogalle. immediate former Staff Council office from the immediate former chair. PURcHaSING OffIcER Mr. Mr. Pictured on the right are members Front row (left): Peter Mutua and Michael Macharia. . Back row (left) : Wilson Okee. Mr. REcORDS aSSISTaNT RUTH KIGUTA has been promoted to the position of Records assistant. Kiriri was previously Stores Clerk in the Finance and Administration Division. Finance and Administration Division. The VC is back! The new Staff Council Chairman Dan Muchai. in a thrilling final. an Admissions Counselor in the Division of Student Affairs emerged top employee in the Summer of 2008. Margaret Munyae Asst. embraces Corporate Planning & Development Director Joseph Kimote at the Staff ceremony on February 20. by beating Machakos Technical Institute 4 sets to 1. Patrick Kiriri has been promoted to the position of Purchasing Officer. Kiguta was previously Records Clerk in the Registrar’s Department of the Student Affairs Division. Joseph Kyalo. Freida Brown back to the university after a two-month medical leave. Congratulations! Alex Kinyanjui Network Administrator Promotions Evans Kicwen Nurse Fostina Mani Head of Fundraising/ Grant Writer Dr. Nicholas Musembi.Masai Munyae HEaD Of HUMaN RESOURcES PIUS KAKUMU is the new Head of Human Resources.New Staff & Faculty Keith Huma Network Administrator Employee of the Semester Norah Kiereri. Ms.

April 8. shared his career experiences with students as part of KCB’s drive to have successful managers coach students in Kenyan universities. this semester participated in a slew of activities. . Current class schedule finds support WHICH SCHEDULE DO YOU PREFER * TYPE OF RESPONDENT 1. 600 current proposed undecided 975 400 520 200 28 0 18 46 1 Students type of respodent Faculty ABOVE: A chart showing preferences by students and faculty for both current and proposed class schedules for Fall 2009.15. while seventy-one percent of faculty supported a single session of 180 minutes. Consequently. Below: The new block team were winners of the Inter-Block Competition on March 15. International Relations students were invited by the Harvard International Relations Council. Right: Students sit down to a meal at Kibo Camp. Count Residents have some fun! Residents at the USIU hostels. Amboseli National Park on March 6. Lutta.IR students at Harvard University Left: USIU Students at various venues during the four-day conference. Sixty-four percent of students preffered two sessions of ninety minutes each. Drama club heads to Meru Michezo Afrika prepare for the Kenya National Drama Festival finals to be held at Meru School and Kaaga Girls High School in Meru from March 20 . The University has anticipated class disruptions during the planned expansion of Thika Road to a superhighway. to participate in the 55th Session of the Harvard Model United Nations from February 12 . 2009. a director at ScanGroup group of companies. a narrative and a solo verse by Maureen Njeri. The USIU Delegation represented the Republic of Somalia in six United Nations General Assembly (GA) Committees. the class survey was meant to find out how faculty and undergraduate students would respond to measures aimed at minimising the disruption. Below right: Resident pick up archery skills at the Kitengela Adventure Resort on January 25. at the Boston Park Plaza and to establish an Academic and Student Affairs links with the Harvard International Relations Council. The report is currently before the Management Council. tentatively set for September 2009. Ernest Wakhusama and (below) Mohammed Ayub in the play “ Gold”. Last year. touching especially on the local job market.000 800 Do you prefer the current or proposed schedule? Left: Georgina Sande. One Regional Committee (AU) and a special Historical General Assembly (HGA) Committee. KCB brings along career advisors George Lutta (above centre) speaks to students soon after taking part in the KCB University Circuit event on campus on January 22 in the auditorium. the club bagged a record nine trophies at the same event. The drama club will present two plays. Mr.

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