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MOTHER DARK by Francesca Yetunde Pereira Wailed loud in pain

Is there no hope
Mother land My children perish!
Long lain asleep But her voice is not heard
Her people loved For her children now
They lived Oppress her children.
and killed to live
By Nature’s Law. What is an educated Filipino? By Francisco Benitez

Souls to save What is an educated Filipino and what qualities should
The strangers sought, distinguish him today? The conception of education and
Riches some knowledge,
of what an educated man is varied in response to
They named her “Dark”
Yes, dark was she fundamental changes in the details and aims of society. In
In every sense was dark. our country and during this transition stage in our
national life, what are the qualities which an educated
They brought “The Light” man should possess?
And with the light
She saw her children Great changes have taken place in the nature of our
Led in chains social life during the last forty years. The contact with
Their worried steps Americans and their civilization has modified many of our
Quickened by
own social customs, traditions, and practices, some for
The lash of Cain
the worse and many for the better. The means of
The light-bearers communication have improved and therefore better
Hooded with repentance understanding exists among the different sections of our
Philanthropy country. Religious freedom has developed religious
With glib tongue tolerance in our people. The growth of public schools and
Took the gland the establishment of democratic institutions have
Claimed rulers
developed our national consciousness both in strength
With gifts of tinsil
Paltry gifts and in solidarity.
With crumbs they fed
With this growth in national consciousness and national
The children of the dark.
The bearers of the light spirit among our people, we witness the corresponding
Ate successful steak. rise of a new conception of education – the training of
the individual for the duties and privileges of citizenship,
Mother dark not only for his own happiness and efficiency but also for
She was dark, very dark national service and welfare. In the old days, education
Cried out
was a matter of private concern; now it is a public
And her voice: shoot all the world
Free my people function, and the state not only has the duty but it has
Set my sons and daughters the right as well to educate every member of the
Free! community – the old as well as the young, women as well
as men – not only for the good of the individual but also
The bearers of light for the self-preservation and protection of the State
Made bold retreat itself. Our modern public school system has been
Silent dignified
established as a safeguard against the shortcomings and
Pomp and splendor
The spoilt child dangers of a democratic government and democratic
Amidst a thousand shells institutions.
In the light of social changes, we come again to the
Mother dark question: What qualities should distinguish the educated
Her wounded heart Filipino of today? I venture to suggest that the educated

no Filipino has the right to be considered educated unless he is prepared and ready to take an active and useful part But why? Why does sinigang find its way to bare dulang. at least the only ones who could Manapla variety. and asked a number of foreign friends to give me their allowing more than one crop a year. lacking in self- reliance. We like ampalaya. puto in cakes or wedges. imitative but less so than the Japanese. or pork). includes fish (or shrimp or meat) vegetables and broth. which. Rice can be American thought we were not American enough. bagoong) because the blandness of rice A Spaniard thought we were very like the Spaniards. A ground into flour and thus the proliferation of puto. The Occidental is the doer. A Chinese thought we were improvident. Rice to us is more than basic cereal. life. and to answer are cooling in hot weather. our fellow Asian had a uniform THE GREENERY by Doreen G. which we are best all year round. the bounty of fruits (not the lightly boiled. talong and ampalaya. a people’s taste shaped? What Are Filipinos Like? By Leon Ma. the Frenchman remarked we were the only people in Asia mildly sweet Putong Polo. cultivation of fields. “Back home. others. for as constant and. less hardworking than the Chinese. Rather than the overworked adobo (so identified as the the delicacy and flavor of leaves (pechay. to all classes and budgets. I background of rice? Easy to plant and harvest. kintsay. to gleaming ilustrado table? Why does one like anything at all? How is the progress of the world.” WHY SINIGANG? By Doreen G. fields. was ube. and of tastes. Fernandez intelligent than the Malays. then philosopher. With no particular pattern in mind. carrots. forest deplored our tendency to accept western standards at and tress from which comes the galaxy of gulay with their face value. kamote). (even things. to seasons and availability (walang talong. dahong Philippine stew in foreign cookbooks).Filipino should first be distinguished by the power to do. I thought it best to the dish is meant to be eaten against the mild start by asking it. Fernandez The dietarily uninhibited Filipino. classes") unwilling to accept responsibility. in general. By way of contrast. men and affairs. cabbage. an suggests the desirability of sharp contrast. he manages bangus. but also . malunggay) and tendrils (talbos ng me the dish most representative of Filipino taste. We not only sour. loyal. sinigang seems to bawang. sentimental. ube. with rice as one of the first steady idealistic. pako. An Indonesian. kalabasa. socially gracious ("even the lower crops. salt (daing. A Siamese said we were pretentious. white or brown eaten with probably the prettiest compliment of all. but also Orient. mahal that we are coming more and more to the conviction that ang gabi? kangkong na lang!). more RICE by Doreen G. puto filled with meat or flavored with laugh at themselves. One can picture our ancestors settling down beside their rivers and finally tuning to the I was told that we were friendly. a are peas. could it be perhaps because the question in the title of this article. tuyo.” All we use from day to day life was held by a people that could kill a few centavos. in the work. potatoes. find their way into the of his power to translate reflection into action. The landscape also offers the vines. and progress of our country as well as in to formica-topped restaurant booth. recognizes the succulence of roots (gabi. he is a is adaptable to all tastes ( if you don’t like shrimp. the slightly soured. the most adaptable of all the races in the background. The Filipino of today needs more ayungin. sayote). steady accompaniment. Fernandez tendency to laugh at us. religious but not so mystical as the Indians. I believe pot). the banana leaf-encased with a sense of humor. and very few political argument. the landscape. why soured? Aside from the fact that sour broths Nothing is so difficult as self-appraisal. dinuguan or salabat. it is also the shaper of other food.” an An Indian was shocked by the cheapness in which human American friend commented. or a girl's ruffled feelings. the dish that only upo and kalabasa. rice is ubiquitous on impression of the Filipino. in humble little piles. Guerrero But still. It The Oriental excels in reflective thinking. on the other hand. when one thinks of it. shrubs. good-natured. in much the same vein.

which double as vegetables. and the excitement of flowers like katuray and kalabasa.desserts like langka and banana. .