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of the CSIS Indicators of Mobilization to Violence (IMV) project continues

behavioural analysis that identified an extremist's potential path towards engaging in or

supporting violence (including travel for extremist purposes, plotting violent activity or
facilitating these activities). This IA examines the issue of criminality within the IMV data set
and compares the finding to open source study findings that indicate that criminality is becoming
a more significant global fac~ aIOOtMLterrorist mobilizers.
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Key Assessments lrSv1, • c~Ss '{ 'if..f Pcs,s u.
8(Jly Sf2' P-<I O IA;f:'. '!rt I/. 'IvD
• Twenty-seven perf ~ t 'Ir, 4@:8: . an 01y,
terrorist mobilizers revie~ l P. ser§J
engaged in ci:iminal activity tfi '1212'11; v.
around low-level crimes and a~ 'F'.~ ~ S lr12,
severity of criminal activity did not imp~ l
individuals ' future mobilization pathways. 'i/011;

• The proportion and overall number of annual

mobilization events by individuals with criminal
histories is low and has not grown significantly
over the past five years.

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IMV 2016-17/08
2017 02 22


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IMV 2016-17/08
2017 02 22

IMV mobilizers with criminal histories

engaged in both severe and low-level
illicit activities

4. IMV data shows that mobilizers with

criminal histories have engaged in a
wide spectrum of illicit activities; the
most frequently occurring types of
criminality involve low level crimes
and assaults. The adjacent chart
categorizes criminal activities
Sexual assault


Theft under $5000

Property offences


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IMV 2016-17/08
2017 02 22

Reasons for this may include the following:

5 Speed of mobilizatio1iUk1~ife · If which exists between the first observed indicator of activity
and the date the individual m € IV7:
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IMV 2016-17/08
2017 02 22

10. IMV criminal mobilizers generally did not make a direct leap from crime to terrorist

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IMV 2016-17/08
2017 02 22

14. Furthermore, among IMV mobilizers, the proportion and overall number of criminal
mobilizers is not increasing, despite the growing criminal nature of extremist groups abroad and
trend lines in European homegrown extremists.

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IMV 2016-17/08
2017 02 22


This information is provided to your agency for intelligence purposes only. Notwithstanding other
caveats on this information, if your agency' s use or disclosure of the information results in the
detention of a person or the taking of any action against a person, such action must be in accordance
with international law, including the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel,
Inhumo/!,, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

~1 i f'Ao~
® l , _provided to your agency for intelligence purposes only. It is loaned to your
agenc ~ ~dence for internal use . No lethal action may be taken on the basis of this
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'121-s ~CJ-1011/ s ~II/ v.
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