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Summer Newsletter

Welcome summer

Winter is long in Canada so when summer comes, we all are
eager to head outdoors, spend time sitting on patios, enjoy BBQs
and the company of good friends! We like driving on roads that
are not icy and slippery; we like to hike our glorious mountains,
boat on nearby lakes and travel to discover other parts of the
world. Art can often take a backseat during these times. After all,
winter will be back and we will return to the indoors, our studios
and homes.
Thankfully, art is one of those “portable” things, one can see it,
feel it, experience it without actually doing it. An artist’s mind is
always working no matter where he/she happens to be. We can
always study the beauty of what surrounds us, marvel at how
exquisite nature is and absorb the world around us, later to be
incorporated into our next piece of art! Some of us also do
photography and paint en plein air, sitting somewhere and making
a sketch of what we find interesting or set up an easel in the
countryside and record what we feel right then and there. This is
also a season where travel can be combined with a more formal
learning experience such as workshops, classes and retreats in
locations other than our hometown. Not being at home gives the
artist an opportunity to immerse himself/herself into the creative
process without being disturbed by everyday mundane activities.
The first trip of the season was a painting holiday to Tuscany/Italy,
specifically La Foce, the place I call home in Italy. Many have
experienced this lovely spot over the years and it does not lose its
lustre even after many visits. A new group enjoyed the gorgeous
surroundings, the quaint towns and the fabulous food and wine!

Enchanting countryside
Etruscan Culture Leather shopping

Cheese and Grapes and pretty settings

Enchanting gardens
and Florentine opulence without match

The Palazzo Pitti

Back to reality, on Canadian soil, more adventures awaited.

Aurora, ON

I travelled to Aurora, ON in early June to be part of the
instructional lineup at the ICAN Pastel Convention, a week-long
experience for artists wanting to learn from different teachers. It
was a great week and so inspiring to be among like-minded
individuals. Aside from classes in assorted techniques, there were
also informational and just fun activities such as the paint-around.
Four artists, painting in different styles, each started a painting
from their own reference material. Every 10 minutes the bell went
off and artists moved to the right to continue working on what
another artist had started. He/she was now confronted with an
unfamiliar subject matter, style and materials. It was interesting to
watch how a painting evolved and to see the reaction of the artist
once he returned to his own painting to finish it. Being
professionals in their field, these artists tolerated hecklers and
snide remarks from their peers, all in good fun and all in the name
of raising funds for their society (Pastel Artists Canada) in a silent
auction at the end of it.

A few weeks later, I had the opportunity to again be in Ontario to
teach at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, a place I had not been
to in over 40 years when I lived in Eastern Canada. Meeting new
and familiar people in a lovely location such as this is why I do
what I do: mixing work with pleasure!
Days were spent working on our craft,
evenings were meant to explore the neighbourhood, waterfront
and historical landmarks.

Waterfront (In)Famous Kingston Penitentiary
now a museum

Summer is by now in full swing and garden work awaits, mixed in
with a little patio time and painting to prepare for the upcoming
exhibition season.

Karin’s Garden Studio
I am excited to be part of a booth Art Calgary will have at the
Saskatchewan Fine Art Fair in Saskatoon September 20-23,2018.

Art fairs are now happening in Canada: in Toronto, Vancouver
and Saskatoon and are a lot of fun to attend and so inspiring!
If you are using some of your patio time to plan ahead, I have
several workshops I would like you to be aware of: two of them
are held in Calgary at Parkdale Nifty Fifties, one at the Leighton
Art Centre and one in Medicine Hat, Alberta:

• All-media Master Class September 22, Parkdale Art Club
• Pastel Workshop November 10, Parkdale Art Club
• Pastel Workshop October 20, Leighton Art Centre
• Watercolour Flower & Landscape Workshop September 19
& 20, Strathcona Art Studios, Medicine Hat, AB
Meanwhile, happening this Saturday, 12-5pm, is an Author’s Date
Indigo/Chapters Sunridge has scheduled for me. My pastel book
has been out for a while but this is an opportunity to interact with
the public and promote the art of pastel. Maybe I’ll see some of
you there!

Plans for my next Painting Holiday to Morocco are also
underway and we are starting to sign up interested travellers!

Don’t miss out on experiencing this enchanting place! We will fly
into Casablanca and travel along the coastal cities of Rabat and
Essaouira before turning inland to Marrakech, topped off with a
trip to the desert. Anyone who has been to this country, will tell
you it is a magical place! Contact me for all the details.

Waiting for Customers. Pastel 11”x14”
I wish you all a great summer with many wonderful memories. I
will be off on my next adventure soon: my Art-at-Sea trip onboard
the historic tugboat MV Swell to Alaska. Wild place await!

Keep in touch!
All the best in life and in art!
Karin (403)272-1471

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