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We write on behalf of our client, Filipino, of legal age, married and a

resident of Real Street, , who is the owner of the parcel of land located which you
are currently occupying.

You have been operating a carinderia and occupying this property under an
agreement you have entered into with, this usufruct has since then expired along
with your right to occupy the property subject thereof, pursuant to Articles 572
and 603 of the Civil Code, which provides:

As of June 2018, s purchased this property and has since then become the
real owner thereof.

In view of the foregoing, we are giving you FIFTEEN (15) DAYS from
receipt of this notice to vacate, to REMOVE whatever improvements you have
introduced unto the said property and to VACATE the same. Should you fail to
do so, we will be compelled to file the necessary civil/criminal case(s) against you.

Consider this our final demand and please give this matter a preferential
attention to avoid the stress of litigation in Court.

Respectfully yours,