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I, Deekshith K (144026013), wish to serve all Post-Graduate students of our institute as General
Secretary of Academic Affairs - Post Graduate studies (GSAA-PG). If elected I will serve you to the
best of my skills and abilities. Herewith I submit to some of the matters, I would like to work on during
my tenure and/or lay the foundation for future GSAA-PG.

1. Work with ISCP to explore the feasibility ofproviding acade mic assistance program to master’s
students of all the departments. This model can then be extended to Ph.D. students.
2. Push to restructure the compulsory courses if they do not lay in the core domain of thestudent.
Such course should be given as an elective or the grading should be done separately.
3. Conduct boot camps related to coding and software at the department level.
4. Propose discontinuation of initial registration into dual degree programs while providing a
chance to convert to the next degree later, if the student is willing and is academically qualified.
5. Continue the current council’s initiative to include student representation in DPGC in all the
6. Follow up on the developments made by current Executive Member (MSc) regarding offering of
M.Sc. Honors.
7. Continue the effort of PGAC 2016-17 to reduce the tuition fee incurred by the Ph.D. students.
8. Propose for an opportunity to do change of specialization in the early stages of the program if
the vacancies exist and to conduct bridge classes in the first week to facilitate this.
9. Propose to properly define the role of a RA student and push for strict adherence to these roles
such as not assigning non-research duties towards the end of their tenure.
10. Push for restructuring of communication classes and support this with buddy program.

Research and Industry:

1. Push for providing conference grant for top conferences to master’s students and support
demands of increase in the conference funding for Research Scholars.
2. Assist present council regarding career cells at every department which will focus on research
and job/internship opportunities in industry and academia.
3. Conduct place ment oriented workshops in coordination with placement cell which are specific
to PG students.
4. Push for at least one industrial visit at the department levels every semester.
5. Improve upon theIDFR (Informal Discussion and Formal Research) to facilitate informal
discussion between researchers across departments.
6. Conduct informative sessions about research opportunities inside and outside the country to
encourage and inform master’s students who are exploring to pursue Ph.D.
7. Work with Hostel Affairs Council to provide a canteen in the academic area which will remain
operational late into nights and on weekends.
8. Conducting talks regarding the Ph.D. students to educate them on ‘what is expected of them’ and
‘what they should expect’.
9. Propose to increase the capacity of centralized compute r facility.
10. Push measures to increase the awareness regarding contingency grants to Research Scholars.
Going Online:
1. Push for an online procedure for granting confe rence funds.
2. Start a centralized acade mic grievance portal; grievances will then be delegated to the
respective PGAC wing or to an allied student body.
3. A central database of grievances will be maintained along with the procedures to follow, so
that the future council has a roadmap. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout.
4. Continue detailed update of course content and prerequisites on ASC.
5. Propose to establish an online leave application portal.
6. A quarterly calendar of PGAC events (in place of current yearly calendar) will be maintained
and followed.
7. Propose to GSHA to publish the official email ID of the point of contact in HCU responsible
to allocate accommodation for married research scholar for swift information dissemination.
8. Maintain a database of lab facilities and summary of publis hed research work done by
Research scholars which can be searched online.

1. Push for the strengthening of companion programsby exploring the possibility of providing
professional training to the DCs of ISCP and IRSCP with the help of their OCs.
2. Push for the increase invisibility and approachabilityof PGAC, IRSCP, ISCP and RSF.
3. Push for greater coordination between PGAC (IRSCP, ISCP) and RSF while maintaining
their independence from each other.
4. Continue the process of bringing SOM and IDC into the folds of PGAC, ISCP and IRSCP
while respecting their distinctions.
5. PromoteAURAAs for M.Sc.fromdepartments wherever possible.

o Work with ISMP, ISCP and IRSCP to start Hindi, English and other language learning
programs that extends to all the students instead of compartmentalized programs.
o Facilitate the outreach programs of IITB by exploring the possibility of organizing an open day
where other institutes can visit our facilities, and can interact with our fac ulties and students.


 Overall Coordinator - IRSCP (2016-2017)

 Departmental Companion - Institute Research Scholar Companion Program of IITB (IRSCP)
 Co-editor of yearly newsletter of Kannada Cultural Club of IITB (2015-2017)