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Expression of reasoning Syllogism – 2 or more relevant proposition Ex.Logic – “Logike” or treatise .” Judgment – Affirm/Denies Proposition (Sentence) – Categorical (no condition) and Hypothetical (if…then) Q + Sv + V + Predicate (Quantifier + Subject + Verb + Predicate) Reasoning – drawing conclusion from a given premise. Each. Much. Every. Deductive – proceeds from general idea to a specific one. Apprehension – Abstaction 2. Few. Consist of inferential reasoning/thinking 3 mental operations/Acts of the Mind 1. Judgment 3. Inductive – from specific to a general idea. Quantity Universal (Singular/Specific or Proper names) All. Reasoning IDEA – intellectual image or representation of a thought “the basic element of a fruit why is it called a fruit because there is a seed. Little. Mere. A is B B is C Therefore. Categorically expressed. Many. A is C Fallacy – error/mistakes in an argument/inference. adjectives Some X is Y Big X is Y . Particular Some.

it. none. dis Symbols Quantity Quality A Universal Affirmative All X is Y. . mis. in.Quality Affirmative Negative – No. I Particular Affirmative Some X is Y. E Universal Negative No X is Y. O Particular Negative Some X is not Y. not. never Prefixes (Negative) – un.