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Bike Riding in Shanghai

Video link:

Watch the video about bike riding in Shanghai and answer the following questions.

1. The car is described as ‘the_________ ________ _________’.
2. What is the current percentage of people using bicycles for transport? ______
3. The government aims to increase bike usage to 23% by when? ___________ [year]
4. The two aims of increasing bike usage are ‘ease ________ and reduce ________’.
5. From Beijing to Shanghai, how far did the chairman of Giant Bikes ride? Over
___________ kms.
6. At present, how many cars are there in China? _____________
7. What is the price per square metre of the most expensive apartment in Shanghai
(Chinese RMB/ US dollars)? _________
8. What food is ‘a must try’ when visiting Shanghai? [Chinese name or English description]
9. Riding a bike for a short distance is described as ‘fast,________, ________’.
10.Bike riding in China is becoming ‘________ again’.

Discussion Topic

There are nearly 200 million cars on the road in China and the number is growing every day.
Traffic and parking are becoming serious problems.

 Why are cars so becoming so popular?
 Should everyone in China have the right to own a car?
 What can the government do to reduce traffic problems?

Job- Bike Tour Guide

Would you like to be a bike tour guide? Why/ why not?

What are 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of being a bike tour guide?

What personal qualities would you need to have to be a bike tour guide?

RMB100 000/ USD $16 000 8. 2015 4. xiao long bao/ delicious meat and soup filled dumplings/ soup filled dumplings/ 9. ‘cool again’ . ‘ease congestion and reduce pollution’ 5. fast. 20% 3.Answer Key 1. approximately 192 million 7. 1500 kms 6. ‘ultimate status symbol’ 2. healthy and convenient 10.