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Real Life Examples A line is a long thin mark made by a pen, pencil, chalk etc.

v Line and shapes are TYPES OF LINES:
useful in architecture and
carpentry. Lines are of two types:
v We see different shapes
all around us. v Straight lines    
Eg: football, book, pencil

v Curved lines      

Book Everything around us is made of curved lines or straight
lines or a combination of both lines.

All things around us have shapes. There are 2 types of
Football v Flat Shape
v Solid Shape

Square, circle, triangle and rectangle are flat shapes.
Pencil Sphere, cone, cylinder, cube and cuboid are solid shapes.

triangle square circle

rectangle oval

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I am tommy triangle Count my sides There’s 1-2-3.html .dishapublication. drawn on a piece of paper. RECTANGLE: A rectangle has four sides and four corners. 1. My four sides are just the same. and lines can be bend. circles. triangles. I am not straight and I don’t Squares. Buy books : http://www. Eg: Chess board. Squire Square is my name. SQUARE: I am Danny Diamond I am like a kite Square has four sides and four 2. 2 SOLID SHAPES cube cone cylinder A poem on Shape sphere cuboid I am Cera circle Watch me turn round and FLAT SHAPES round. Whose corners are pulled light Ricky rectangle is my name My four sides are not the same Two are short and two are long Count my sides. v The shorter side is called breadth. v The longer side is called length. rectangles. come along. Most of them have sides and corners but circle has neither side nor corner.

Eg: Door. 3 3. 5. TRIANGLE: A triangle has three sides and three corners. Eg: A pizza slice. 4. Eg: A circular plate. CIRCLE: A circle is round and has no side. OVAL: An oval has no sides.html . Buy books :