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Daily household tasks can be accomplished by personifying the use
of the mobile phone. Home Automation System (HAS) has been
designed for mobile phones having Android Platform to automate an
8-bit Bluetooth interfaced micro-controller which controls a number
of home appliances. The HAS system towards the ease of the tasks
by controlling one to twenty four different appliances in any home
environment. Existing system has the following disadvantages:

1. High cost
2. Complicated operation
3. High power loss

Proposed System
It has the following advantages over the existing system:

1. Combination of Android mobile and embedded system.
2. It can be easily handled and controlled.
3. Low energy consumption.
4. Highly secure.
5. No need of remote controls.

It consists of a Bluetooth receiver ,which is
connected to the circuit which has a decoder .
This decoder sends code for respective command
sent by user. Then the respective device connected

. bluetoot microcon power decoder troller relay device h device supply Application: 1.  All appliances and lights can be programmed . to the circuit will be turned on or off depending on the command given. Energy consumption and generation  concave shaped solar panels are sensed by LDR. 2.  By upgrading mechanized stop valve and placing flood sensors. Security system  By scanning the iris of an individual one can easily enter their house and thus there is no need to carry keys.

Water irrigation  Software turns the local forecast. 3.  One can keep an eye on watering through gadgets. .