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1. Assemble your equipment:
 Bottles
 Nipples, caps, and jar
 Bottle brush
 Dish detergent
 Hot water from the tap
 Large pot with cover or a special sterilizing pot for the bay bottles
 Small towel
 Tap water
 Stove or heat source for cooking
 Timer, watch or clock
 Tongs
2. Wash your hands.
3. Scrub bottles and nipples, caps with hot soapy water. Use the bottle brush to clean inside
the bottles. Always squirt hot soapy water through the holes in the nipples to clean out
any dried – on formula.
4. Rinse thoroughly with hot water.
5. Fold the small towel to fit in the bottom of the pot, and lay it there. This will prevent the
bottles from breaking. (this is done when you do not have a bottle rack)
6. Stand the washed bottles on the towel in a circle around the inside of the pot.
7. Place the caps and the nipples into the clean, empty jar. Place into the pot at the center of
the bottles.
8. Pour water into and around the bottles and into the jar with nipples until two – thirds of
each bottle is under water.
9. Cover the pot.
10. Place the pot on the stove burner, and turn on the burner to the high or full setting.
11. When the water comes to a full boil, begin timing. Allow the water to remain at a full boil
caps for 25 minutes.
12. Remove the jar with the nipple and caps 10 to 15 minutes after the full boil begin. With
the nipples still inside the jar, stand the jar on the table to cool.
13. Turn off the burner.
14. Take the cover off the pot, and allow it to cool.
15. Remove the sterile bottles from the pot with sterile tongs.
16. Empty the water out of the pot. The pot is now sterilized, so you can use it for mixing the
17. Wash your hands.