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Creative and Critical Skill Enhancement

3D Animation Principles and Techniques - 3D Studio Max

Certificate Description:
The 3D Animation certificate program is designed to show how to create 3D generated models, texture and animate them, render
them to various output formats, digitally composite, and finally edit them into a finished piece. Though this particular certificate
program is based around the use of Discreet’s 3D Studio Max 4.0®, Combustion 2.0® and Adobe Premiere 6.0®, each individual will be
given a broader understanding of the basic concepts of 3D animation and how they can be applied to various 3D applications.

Modules and Module Objectives:

1. Introduction to 3D Studio Max 4.0®
a. Explore the user interface
b. Create simple models and animate them
c. Learn how to create and apply textures using Material Editor
d. Learn how lights and cameras work and how to use them in a scene
e. Create finished animations using the render engine

2. Intermediate 3D Studio Max 4.0®

a. Learn advanced modeling techniques using polygons, splines, and NURBS
b. Create complex textures using various shaders and map them using UVW modifiers
c. Learn the basic use of controllers
d. Explore Video Post
e. Learn how particles systems function and what they can be used for

3. Advanced 3D Studio Max 4.0®

a. Learn to create forward and inverse kinematics for animation
b. Create advanced animations with the help of controllers, manipulators and constraints
c. Create advanced environmental effects
d. Learn advanced lighting and cinematic techniques
e. Introduction to basic Maxscripting

4. Digital Compositing
a. Explore the 3D compositing workflow in Combustion 2.0®
b. Learn to render using multiple passes
c. Learn how combustion uses RPF and RLA formats to manipulate 3D elements
d. Learn the paint and particle modules
e. Create a multi-layered composite using 3D elements from Max

5. Final Production Length of Program:

a. Create a complex, multi-layered scene in 3D Studio Max® 11 weeks / 88 contact hours
b. Learn to shoot live Green/Blue Screen footage and how to Admissions Requirements:
create matted elements for compositing
This certificate program is for the adult learner
c. Learn to combine rendered sequences with live footage
who meets these entrance requirements:
d. Create finishing touches in the compositing process
e. Edit completed footage together with audio in Adobe Premiere®
• Solid understanding of the Windows platform including
file management and interface navigation
• Previous experience using image manipulation packages
such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

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