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Shallow Water Flow, Level and Velocity

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Lets you play back and manipulate Argonaut data. Level and Velocity Built to Last. man-made channels.a user-friendly software program for setting up your system and analyzing data. Every Argonaut-SW comes with ViewArgonaut . Process. Made to Perform.Extracts data from or erases the Argonaut's internal recorder. the Argonaut-SW is the superior choice for accurate flow measurements in natural streams. . Analyze.Deployment site survey and diagnostics tool. making your data reporting process a whole lot friendlier and faster! FlowPack provides a simple method to store flow. • Realtime . • Deployment . Velocity-Indexing is a Snap with FlowPack Software! One of the main benefits to the Argonaut-SW is its ability to calculate flow using uniquely derived flow equations for individual channels via the velocity-index method.Sets up the Argonaut for an Autonomous or SDI-12 deployment. Nothing in this Typically mounted on the bottom of a channel or pipe. • Processing . the SW area combines velocity and water level data with user-supplied channel geometry to compute total flow in real time. helping you make better and more informed decisions. Using SonTek's proven pulsed acoustic Doppler technology. and stage measurements and convert this information into comprehensive reports. Because it is a "fast sampling" velocity profiler. Display. SonTek’s optional FlowPack software facilitates velocity-index rating development. and pipes. Argonaut-SW ® Shallow Water Flow. the SW accounts for variations in the velocity field to make the most accurate flow measurements possible.Sets up the Argonaut to collect and display real-time data. Its unique “all-in-one” transducer and electronics design features an internal recorder and requires no top- side processing. A flow configuration utility makes flow measurement simple! ViewArgonaut consists of five modules: • Diagnostics . velocity. • Recorder .

and the other two point up/down stream at a 45-degree angle. The upward-looking beam measures Pipes and Culverts water level. and then revert to This level and velocity information 2-beam solution when the blockage clears or is cleared. enabling use under of a shallow irrigation canal.7 to 16 ft) and automatically adjusts its velocity cell with changing water level while also reporting a velocity profile Example of an for subsequent analysis. SDI-12. Level Measurement Sound Principles. Device Velocity Continuous Flow Monitoring Under Complex Conditions Reversing flow? Rapid changes? Tidal influence? Pumping? Backwater? Under ice? Small. is then used (together with the geometry of the channel) to compute flow. The two slanted beams measure the water velocity in two dimensions via the acoustic Doppler method. Flow Wading Discharge Sound Principles. if either of the velocity beams are blocked.0 meters (0.2 to 5. portable and easy to use. with water flowing in either direction. Just provide power. the Argonaut-SW is your friend for all these challenging shallow-water conditions. analog) Natural Streams • External flow display Example of an • Total volume output Argonaut-SW installed in an • Measures under ice irrigation canal. and area. Good Advice. How it Works The Argonaut-SW has three acoustic beams. or record data internally for periodic downloads. volume. The SW has the ability to switch to a one beam solution conditions where stratification exists. The SW operates in depths from 0. Features Include: • Unique “all-in-one” design • Provides 10 cells of velocity profiling • Internal data recorder • Real time output (RS 232/422. mean velocity. Good Advice. Modbus. When properly bottom- mounted (usually in a channel). Irrigation Canals . Profiling water velocity provides a more accurate depiction of flow This illustration depicts an Argonaut-SW mounted on the bottom characteristics. Argonaut-SW installed in an and the SW can either output data in real time industrial pipe. one of these beams points straight up.

2kg (2. possible variables are X velocity. CA 92121. Acting as an RTU slave device. SonTek/YSI is an employee-owned • Flow Display (at left) company. • RS-422 for cable runs longer than 100m Yellow Springs. The Argonaut-SW is SonTek/YSI made in the USA.In water: 0. • Minimum Depth: . stage.1 cm/s (0.3cm (0. ±0.000 samples) Power Requirements • Temperature sensor Real-time Flow Display: Provides an easy-to-use • Input power: 5-15 VDC interface for monitoring both output data and the . and post processing.1% of measured level. volume and flow. • Custom mounting shoe (at left) manufactures affordable.5 into any Modbus-enabled system using Modbus RS-232 protocol. Optional Features • FlowPack velocity indexing software • 4-20 mA and 0-5VDC output modules.15kg (0. hard plastic casing helps deflect sediment in canals. • PDA software (SonUtils and deployment module) • Multi-cell current profiling • Mounting plate Velocity Profiling Range • Maximum Depth: 5. and laboratories. data performance limitations. rivers. June Sliding Mount: Rail system for easy instrument 2009. reliable acoustic Doppler instruments for water velocity measurement • Deployment sliding mount (at left) in oceans.01º C • Power consumption: 500 mW nominal system status.2m ( . ±0. sontek. for multiple length and depth configurations.7ft) with software for instrument setup.015 ft/s) the MIM stores data in a series of registers so it can be reported to the master unit in real-time.3cm (2.3ft) .0m (16ft) • Minimum Depth: 0.7 in) long by the Argonaut-SW a complete.6ft) [cm]/in • Maximum depth: 5.0m (16ft) • Accuracy: ±0.Above transducer: 0. Contact SonTek for details.10m (0. USA notice. • Durable plastic shipping case SonTek and Argonaut are trademarks of YSI Inc.003 ft/s) Modbus Interface Module (MIM): Integrate • Accuracy: ±1% of measured velocity.Resolution: ±0. Tel: +1 (858) 546-8327 Fax: +1 (858) 546-8150 Email: inquiry@sontek. Y velocity. code S06-03-0509.Argonaut-SW Specifications Standard Features Physical Parameters Useful options and accessories make • 2-D velocity measurement (using 2 acoustic • Dimensions: 24.In air: 1. Lit. Specifications are subject to change without 9940 Summers Ridge Road deployment and retrieval. Also has slots for pipe-ring Water Level Measurement mounting.Total water depth: 0. temperature. cm/s (0. collection.5 in) high solution! components • Weight: • Water level measurement using vertical .3 lb) 9 • Pressure rating: 25m (80 ft) location to measure the maximum possible • Operating temperature: -5ºC to 60ºC portion of the water column (23ºF to 140ºF) • RS-232/SDI-12 communication protocol • Storage temperature: 10ºC to 70º (14º • Real-time flow calculations using user- to 158ºF supplied channel geometry • 4 MB recorder capacity (over 50. OH. SNR. founded in 1992 and advancing environmental science in over 100 countries.5º C • ViewArgonaut Windows 2000/XP/Vista *Can operate in shallower depths down to 0. velocity magnitude. lakes. A modular design allows San Diego.. turn-key beams) along channel and vertical velocity 10cm (4 in) wide by 6.3m (1ft)* SW Mounting Shoe: This streamlined.5cm (9. SonTek/YSI.6 lb) acoustic beam • Automatically adjusts sampling volume 5 . . USA. channels and pipes.Accuracy: ±0.01ft) Water Velocity • Range: ±5 m/s (16 ft/s) • Resolution: 0.20m (0. harbors.