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Mr. Jason Rogers , the new IT UK CEO addressing MRC staff and children. Sited on
the right is Mr. Anthony Jones ,IT USA Vice president.

Ann Nyokabi
Centre Director
Adam Gardener once said that it’s great not only talking about community service in theory but actually doing it. Mr. Jason Rogers
came all the way to MRC to see and understand what we are engaged in and challenges that we face in trying to actualize the dreams
and aspirations of the children we cater for. He was received by the Centre Director Miss Ann Nyoki and the Centre Administrator Mr.
Peter Langat and Rev. David Sagwa; MRC Board member. He was accompanied by Anthony Jones; former MRC Director.

Centre Director welcoming Mr. Jason Rogers and Mr. Being shown around Zero Grazing department
Anthony Jones to her office at MRC

Centre children showing clothes donated to them courtesy of Anthony
Mr. Jason addressing MRC children and staff
Cont. of Mr Jason Anthony Visit to MRC

Anthony Jones addressing staff and children
Centre Director introduces guests to the children and staff

Mr. Anthony Jones ,IT USA Vice president (right) ,Mr. Jason
Rogers , the new IT UK CEO(left), with Rev. Florence Habwe ,
MRC children following the proceedings keenly immediate former PEFA MRC Director(centre) in Nairobi
Cheshire Disability Services Kenya(CDSK) CEO Cicilia Mutava came to MRC with other two CDSK staffS; Fred and Godffrey on an annual
monitoring exercise. After the meeting ,One home for MRC children is visited to ascertain the effectiveness of Community Based
Rehabilitation (CBR). Child Collins Kiprop home was to be visited.

Monitoring Meeting underway on strengthening the
Community Based Rehabilitation.
Centre Director and Social worker at Kiprop’s home

Miss Diana Opicho has been volunteering for one
month at the Centre as a Resident Physiotherapist.
MRC is so grateful for her services
Group picture after the monitoring exercise
15th June was parents day at MRC. The physiotherapist had a session of educating the parents on how parents can conduct the
physiotherapy sessions back at their homes. Parents were encouraged to attend scheduled therapy sessions at the Centre to learn

Mr. Karanja , the Government physiotherapist Centre children presenting a song to the parents
explaining to parents the importance and how to do

Mr. Karanja (Physiotherapist), having time with Centre
Parents following the teachings of the Government children after a session with parents
physiotherapist keenly
Centre children enjoying lunch together with their parents and guardians. Those with no parents nor guardians were not left out

Children Mary Bosibori and Lydia Castleman having lunch Child Muchea and Mokua having mashed potatoes
together prepared by Bosibori’s aunt

Children Kibet, Rose and and Warimu were having lunch
together Children Kanini, Wallace, and Kiprop having lunch together
Elburgon District Education Board(DEB) school children came to MRC to give a helping hand. They assisted in digging, washing
the dairy ,mowing, fetching firewood and cooking for the children. They were of great help to overstretched MRC staff

Digging in the shamba Washing the dairy

Digging the centre plot almost complete Mowing the Centre compound
DEB visit continuation

Splitting firewood Washing the dormitories and office block

Cleaning and arranging centre computer room Group photo after all was done for the day
The Association For The Physically Disabled Of Kenya (APDK) visited MRC. They assessed the newly admitted children .

They also visited the special unit class at Tumaini
Medics assessing the MRC youngest child by the name
Integrated primary

Liz Nightingale dropped Michael at MRC to give a
much needed help at the farm. The Director and
Group picture before leaving MRC Administrator thanking her for that
Alumni Visit
Imagine a place you called home as a child. The food, friends , rules, or the place that made you feel safest.
Almni from MRC and their families did just that. They were welcomed back to their former home by non other than their former
colleague( Now the Centre Director)

Peter Waweru(second left at the back) and David
Alumni Irene Kerubo, in wheel chair peeling potatoes Mugo(1st at the back from right)also were present
and Simon Rotich, in black suit

Group photo with Centre children
Reminding each other those days at MRC
New admissions at MRC
The Centre promote education for children with disabilities, orphans and those who are destitute . Admissions are through
referrals from placement centre, identification of the child by Centre staff or any community member . I

Lucky Blessing pictured above is 4yrs old. He is physically disabled and of poor vision. Blessing was picked at Njoro having
been abandoned. He was brought to the Centre by County children officer. He is court mandated to be at the Centre .At the
moment he has got no home, Matumaini is the only home that he has.
He needs a minimum of $97 sponsorship per month to be able to pay for his very basic needs i.e. accommodation, medical
expenses, food and other needs. He also urgently requires full assessment to ascertain his mental and visual status.
David Waweru and Wilson Gitau are Brothers. Waweru on a
wheelchair is physically and mentally challenged. He was
placed at Tumaini Integrated primary school special unit class.
They have a single mother who neglected them and now in
Police custody. They need to be in school and their medical
care taken care of. The elder brother requires $ 110
sponsorship per month to be able to pay for his very basic
needs i.e. accommodation, medical expenses, food and other

Wilson the younger brother need to be in school. He is
medically fit.
He will require $ 110 for his upkeep

Elisabeth Washuka is a 3rd born in a family of three . She is
autistic and currently in special unit class at Tumaini
Integrated Primary School. Elisabeth need to be in School
and her medication taken care of. She needs $ 110 per
month to achieve this goal.
Centre children in special unit class in Tumaini Itegrated Primary Mr Makale at MRC to meet the children. He brought food
staffs for them. He is being taken round by the Centre
Administrator Mr. Langat.

Centre Director with Chris Sounders and two Centre
PEFA Molo Pastors visited children at the Centre children; Mwaneki and Mbugua . Mbugua is not in good
health but he is under medication
Prayer Points
Please pray for the safety and health of the
children and for God’s miraculous intervention in
their lives.
Pray for the New Director
Thanks Giving Pray for quick healing of child Bidan Rimui who
 Good Health: To God for the good health and safe underwent surgery at Kijabe hospital
keeping of the children Pray for sponsors for our new children and for
 Safety & Security: To God for favor, safety and security in enough sponsorship for the old ones.
Keep praying for provision of food and food
the Centre production in our farm plots.
Thank God for our staff Keep praying for our staff the current ones and
For Mr. & Mrs. Makale’s donations towards diapers for the ones that we still need to hire. That the Lord
Thank God for Chris Saunders donation of porridge flour may sent committed staff and their salaries.
and diapers  Please pray for the continued provision of
Thank God for the assistance in kind from DEB school
 We need volunteers in all fields. Pray that the
Thank God for all our sponsors and donors. Lord will touch you to become a volunteer.
 Solar panel: To God that we have so far received  There is an acute shortage of firewood in the
530pounds. Still striving to reach the ultimate end. We will community even if one has money, one cannot find
get there. firewood. There is a logging ban for the next three
Thank God for the rains. months
For a perimeter stone wall fence for security.
 Provision of solar panels as alternative source of
energy to electricity.
Provision of a 32 seater vehicle. The current
Centre’s double cabin cannot move for long
distances. God is able!

PEFA Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre
P.O. Box 1086, Molo, 20106 Kenya
Mob: +254 723201779 (Office hours only)

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