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Vivaan Edition

MarkMantra, the flagship marketing magazine of IIFT, was created with a vision to encompass various
dimensions of marketing and explore the horizons of this integral business function.
Covering the most integral topics in the marketing world from the trivial to the bizarre that really
matter, we have taken the onus of enlightening budding, aspiring marketers. With a legacy of
producing one of the best marketing magazines across all B-Schools. Spotting the trends and keeping
students across B-Schools about innovations in this field are the two focus areas of the magazine.
Since, customer value is of paramount importance to every marketer and we as IIFTians strive to
maximize this value proposition to our customers, that is, you.


Elementary, My Dear Flyers to Feed
Back to Basics Time-travelling with Marketing

Selling Comb to ‘Bald’ies Straighten the Dog’s Tail
Inaccurate Targeting ?? Attempt the unthinkable….And… again!

Niche and Selective
Cut the
Find a Needle in the Haystack Hedges
Between the devil and the deep blue sea Think less before you
Awkwardly positioned act

If you can’t forward, go backwards
History teaches, or rather repeats itself

leav ing the competitor to think of a counter-action to stay in race’. in case they felt they should. in these v erses. Reinforcing the fact. that w e came up w ith. w e hav e added a new column under the banner. The fundamental idea behind the concept is to see if any relevance can be made to marketing. w herein you can contribute a para-long article on anything that you w ish to v oice regarding Marketing. I t’s open for anything that you w ish to say.WHAT DO THEY MEAN? Enclosed is the list of topics.of India. I t can be the rescheduling of Condomn Ads by the Gov t. Advertising . Notions on the Shelf. through the w ay they perceive. after hours of brainstorming… They are basically. -A Service Marketing Expert ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ . ‘Ball is in your court’ can mean an initiativ e by a brand.Branding and Selling. I t is to be noted that there can be more than one perception to any of these topics and the w riters are giv en the complete freedom to explore new ideas. Notions on the Shelf! MarkMantra has alw ays refrained from an Ed-Desk Centric Writing and is know n to include all its readers in co-creating the magazines. They are also free to choose their own idioms. The articles can be about 100 w ords long and it should be strictly relevant to brands ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “ Everything is Marketing and Marketing is Everything”. Disney acquiring 21st Century Fox or postponement of the launch of I KEA store in I ndia. For instance. tw eaked idioms and nov el dialogues. no matter how the society feels about it.

Last date for submitting the articles is 23:59:59 on 2nd August. 2. 2018 5. Size: 12 and line spacing: 1. write to us before the last date. Maximum of tw o authors per Contact Us or Vignesh 99520 54087 | Amulya 94713 58552 | Husanpreet 9888887931 . 6. Naming conv ention is: MM_Article Name_Author Name We strictly condemn plagiarism of any kind. CASH PRIZES: Think Idio(ma)tically (First Place) ₹3003/- Think Idio(ma)tically (Second PLace) ₹2002/- Think Idio(ma)tically (Third Place) ₹1001/- RULES: 1. 3. Articles shouldn't exceed 2000 w ords and should be typed in: Font: Times New Roman. We recommend you to check out the prev ious editions of MarkMantra Magazine at: WINNING TIP – Support your content with as many examples as you can 😉 For any details. Please av oid direct copy-paste without acknow ledging the sources. The selection of the best article is in the discretion of MarkMantra Team and it reserves the right to make its choice of the best article. The articles need to be in doc/docx format only and should be mailed to markmantra@iift. Both the students should be from the same institute. inter-batch teams are permitted.15 4.