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ISO 14001 : 2015
ISO 9001 : 2015
EMS ISO 50001:2011
OHSAS 18001: 2007 |
BOTTLED WATER FACTS Green Solu�on. Responsible Choice.
PET leaches endocrine
disruptors into water when
stored over 20⁰C with �me, • Meets BIS 10500 standards applicable to • 65% reduced carbon footprints
raising health concerns about bo�led water • Low energy consump�on
storage and transporta�on of • 99.99% pure water with zero contaminants • Huge amount of water saved
the bo�les – WHO and microbes

Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical
used to stabilize epoxy resins
and polycarbonate plas�cs
leaches into the water and
leads to bad estrogen - A
precursor of many cancers

It takes 7-8 liters of water to
produce 1 liter of bo�led water
–Business Connect

Bo�ling plants take out millions
of gallons of water from ground
water leaving the water table WAE Dual Wall Mount WAE Bottle Filling &
depleted leading to water Drinking Water Fountain Single ADA Cooler
scarcity and impact on
ecological balance 70% Cost
-Climate Action Network Saving*
Annual produc�on of bo�led
water consumes more than 17
million barrels of oil. This
releases over 3 million tons
of CO 2, a major global warming
–The Environmental Magazine

Bo�led water costs around 2.5 WAE Stainless Steel
Cold Drinking Fountain
WAE Architectural
Water Cooler
INR per liter, 7 �mes the POU
purified water which is only 0.35 *When integrated with WAE purifica�on system
INR per liter
–Independent study

Administra�ve cost of
maintaining, stocking, ordering Simple to...
and tracking of bo�led water
leads to huge overheads Choose Install
• 100 % lead free tubing • Wall Mount/ free standing installa�on
• Green specifica�ons cer�fied • Moun�ng frame to make installa�on
• An�-bacterial protec�on simple and quick
• Sturdy and vandal-resistant - long life • Can be easily integrated with backend
• Lowered water wastage
• WAE Drinking Water Fountains can be
• ADA compliant paired with WAE remote chillers within
10-15 � of unit
WAE Bo�le Filling Sta�on

Visual Filter Green Ticker

Sensor Ac�vated

Water Dispenser

Flexible Fill Mat

Features and Benefits
Visual Filter Monitor
• Green, yellow, red LED lights are located in the front to
visually indicate when filter needs maintenance

Water Dispenser
• Quick fill rate” - 1.1-1.5 gpm
• Laminar flow provides a clean fill with minimal splash and
easy installa�on
• Plas�c surrouding dispensing area is integrated with Silver
Ion An�-microbial to inhibit growth of mold and mildew

Sensor Activated
• Electronic sensor provides touchless, sanitory opera�on
• No need to hold bo�le, just place in front of sensor,
fill and remove
• Sensor is equipped with an automa�c 30-second shut-off �mer
Ins�tu�ons | Schools | Corporates | Cafeterias | Hospitals
• User interface design makes touchless opera�on intui�ve
2008 - 2018

Se�ng new standards in Hydra�on...Since 2008
WAE Corp is an emergent environmental services for instant pure water treatment – and provide
group - an OEM offering innova�ve products and a viable Green alterna�ve to expensive Bo�led
solu�ons in the domain of water and wastewater - Water to Corporate, Industries, Ins�tu�ons etc.,
defining and developing its ac�vi�es based on based on advanced purifica�on technologies
responsible growth to take up today’s major which includes 3rd genera�on extra low energy
environmental challenges. -Reverse Osmosis process along with advance
suppor�ng filtra�on and point of use sani�za�on
WAE manufactures most cost-effec�ve solu�ons

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