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Lesson Plan

Day Date Time
Book ABC FB1 Unit 4 Who’s absent

friends, lonely, Mr. Owl, Scarecrow


Do you have any friends? Yes, I have many friends.

Props Flashcards,
Homework Quiz
Time Teaching Procedures

1.Role play about those 3 books

2.Parts of the house. A/ Key words; bathroom,kitchen,living room,dinning
room, basement.
4th class
B/sentences; Where do you watch news or cartoons?
Where do you cook your breakfast? In…..

3.word decoding and phonics: ex: how to read: p I g,………

5th class

1. POEM; winter poem

2. from FB4
how”s the weather? It’s a sunny/cloudy/rainy/snowy day

4 . encode some words from FB1.Word encoding and phonics.2.3.3.