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How can a state practice justice freely if under the rule of authoritarianism and liberal

individualism? In Plato’s Republic, he states that

Plato’s Republic, Plato creates a utopia, an ideal community possessing perfect harmony socially
and politically, using justice as the core that binds the nature of men together.

There are different definitions to the word utopia.

What is justice? What is peace? What is good? These are the fundamental questions Plato
shadowed in Socrates’ teachings as he wrote and created his own utopia. A state possessing
perfect harmony

How can justice be served if there are no choices laid out to choose from? Are we merely left to
following blindly what has been set out in front of us? These are a few of the many questions
arising from Plato’s Republic, a state envisioned perfect by being founded on specialization and
justice. According to Ebenstein and Ebenstein’s narrative on Plato’s Republic, injustice and hurt
can be ruled out by creating an organized state that upholds the proper conduct of man through
nature and education. There are three classes, the ruling class known as the guardians or the
philosopher-kings, the auxiliary, and the artisans and laborers. It is said that none should
encompass the other. Ergo laborers cannot be rulers. To be able to uphold peace, one must stay
on the ground set to him.

created a world he envisioned to have perfect harmony based on a shrewd concept of justice.

Plato has created a utopia. A perfect state wherein man

What with posing a balance between the nature of men by assigning practices definitive to a particular man. he controls . an ideal community or society possessing a perfect socio-politico-legal system .