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A model report

To: Timothy Taylor , Dean

From: Tonia Washington
Subject: Suggested improvements to classrooms
Date: 8th May 20..

The purpose (scopul) of this report is to comment (sa analizeze) on conditions in the college
and to make recommendations for possible improvements.

Although (desi) conditions are generally good, there are one or two problems. Firstly, in
large classes, there is not much desk space. Secondly, the classrooms tend to be dark,
especially in the winter months. Finally, during video lessons, some of us find it difficult to
see the screen properly.

There are a number of changes that could be made in order to improve the situation. To begin
with, I would strongly suggest that the number of students per class be kept to (sa fie tinut)
below ten. In this way, we would avoid the overcrowding (supraaglomerarea) that sometimes
exists. Also, special care needs to be taken as far as lighting is concerned. Last, if the college
invested in a larger television, it would mean that all of the students would be able to get
the maximum benefit out of the video lessons.

To sum up (In concluzie), while most of us are satisfied with the conditions, I feel that the above
improvements would make things even better. If these suggestions were carried out, both
teachers and students would have a more comfortable environment for studying and teaching.

Linking words that we can use in a report

To list points: (pentru a enumera idei) To make suggestions/ recommendations:
-Firstly/ In the first place/ To begin with…. - I would suggest (As sugera)/
- Secondly/ Then (Apoi)/ Furthermore (In recommend
plus)… - If we did this/ were to do this
- Finally/ Last…etc - One solution/ suggestion would be to
To make concessions (concesii): - It would be a good idea to…etc
-Although (Desi)/ While (In timp ce)/ Despite To express cause and effect:
the fact that (In ciuda faptului ca)…etc - By doing this we could/would
To add emphasis: -Doing this would solve the problem
-Especially/ In particular/ Particularly… etc -In this way, we could (In acest fel am putea…)
To express your opinion: -In order to (Pentru a)/ So that (Astfel incat)
- I feel (Simt ca)/ I believe/ I am - This would mean that (Acest lucru ar insemna
convinced (Sunt convins ca)/ I am ca)
confident - As a result…etc
Report A

Dear Mr. Howell,

I’m writing you this report to tell you all about what I think is a brilliant (genial) idea for the brochure that you want to
write. First of all, let me say what a nice idea it is. It is a really good school and I have been very happy there. In fact, I’ll be sorry
to leave.

Other schools in the area

There’s no school like Riverbank School. It’s the best in the area and all the kids are really happy. Some of the other schools in
the town are just rubbish.

Detailed history of the school

The school started in 1987, I think. It has just got better and better since then, with nice lessons, nice classrooms and the nicest

Well, I’d better go now. Thanks for your time and good luck with the brochure.

Yours sincerely,

Jesse McCoy

Report B

To: John Howell

From: Freddie Fay

Subject: School Brochure

Date: 1st August 20


The purpose (scopul) of this report is to make recommendations regarding which aspects of life at school should be
represented in the proposed brochure.


Firstly, one suggestion would be to include some information about the classrooms. It would be a good idea to include some
photographs taken during (in timpul) a lesson. This would give a good impression of the conditions in the school.

School activities

Secondly, I think it would be useful to mention something about the different activities and projects that we take part in
(participam). We could, for example, include an article about the Internet Project and feature(=display) photographs of the
video room. In this way, we could show the public that there is more to learning English than classroom work.

Exam Successes

Finally, we could include a section about the results from recent examinations in order to show how successful the school has
been. We could illustrate this with photographs taken at last year’s prize-giving ceremony.


To sum up (in concluzie), I believe that if we include some of the suggestions above, we will be able to create a very attractive
and informative brochure. As a result, the public will have a very clear idea of the work that we do here.
Letter of application – Put the following paragraphs in the correct order

Dear Sirs,

I am putting in (atasez) copies of my paper, language certificates and a word from the Director
of Bradbury College. I am ready for an interview at any time you like. I can’t wait to hear from you soon.

I graduated (am absolvit) from Bristol University last year with a degree (diploma) in Computer
Sciences and have been working at Bradbury College since last October. As I will be free during the
holidays from the end of June until the beginning of October, a job working with teenagers at your
camp, teaching basic computer skills, would be the perfect opportunity for me to gain further
experience (mai multa experienta).

Having read your advertisement in the Birkenhead Tribune, June 30th, for temporary jobs in your
summer camp in Italy, I am writing to apply for one of the three teaching posts available.

I’m a friendly, happy-go-lucky type who works well under pressure alone and in a team. I think I
am hardworking, highly motivated and also enjoy working with kids a lot.

I also have certificates in French and Greek, which would be useful in communicating with
different children from all over the world in your international camp. Furthermore (In plus), I have an
up-to-date driving license as well as a lifesaving certificate for swimming.

Yours faithfully,

Nancy Francis

A model letter of application

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing in response to your advertisement in yesterday's Student News. I would be
grateful if you would consider my application for the vacancy in your London office.
I am a sixteen-year-old high school student and am very interested in this position. When
I leave school, I plan to study business administration and this would be a perfect opportunity for
me to gain some experience.
Although I have no formal work experience, I have often helped out in the family
business, where I have been responsible for duties such as filing (indosariere) and taking
telephone messages.
As far as my personality is concerned, I would describe myself as industrious and
motivated. I am a sociable person and I enjoy working with others as part of a team. I also
believe that I am capable of working alone and able to use my own initiative.
If you wish me to attend an interview, I am available at any time. Thank you for
considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
Penny Grant