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Transforming high standards into leading solutions

Sharing Siemens knowledge & experience of more than 100 years
TRANSTECH Transformers LLC TECHNOLOGY & LICENSE necessary power for systems and
is a state of the art of modern Transtech Transformers LLC is buildings. Accordingly, their opera-
manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi. the licensee of Siemens AG know- tion must be reliable, efficient and, at
We are specialized in the design how and technology to manufac- the same time, silent.
and manufacturing of high quality ture oil immersed and cast resin  
oil immersed & Dry type distribution transformers upto 36kV class. Sie-
Transformers and Package mens experts provide support to
Substations. Our services arm is Transtech to ensure technology &
capable of your service needs in all processes are maintained accord-
areas of transformers installations ing to Siemens quality standards.
testing, commissioning, operation
and maintenance. In TRANSTECH, we believe in our
people because our people deter-
Manufacturing location mine our success. Each employee
ICAD II Mussafah, Abu Dhabi participates in continuous training
United Arab Emirates
sessions to enhance his or her skills
and knowledge base. The result is a
knowledgeable, capable, and com-
AED. 30,000,000
mitted team of professionals with a
common goal of providing complete
Annual production capacity
5000MVA customer satisfaction.

Product Range On the last transformation step from

Rating: 50kVA to 6300kVA the power station to the consumer,
Voltage Class: 36kV distribution transformers provide the

Product Portfolio
ü Distribution Transformers ing Transformers, Auto Transform-
ü Cast Resin Transformers ers, Motor Starting Transformers
ü Package Substation ü Services
ü Special Transformers like
converter Transformer, Arc
furnace Transformers, Earth-

2 Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany

Oil Type Transformer
Three Phase Oil Immersed Transformer
GENERAL by automatic Georg machine. The TAPPINGS
magnetic core and its framework
are carefully sized to minimize
the magnetostriction effects which
constitute the main sources of sound
in distribution transformers. Based
on the specification or requirement
the quality of the magnetic steel are
carefully chosen to reduce the no load
losses and / or the no load current of
the transformer.



Tap changers allow voltage adjustment
Oil immersed transformers (OIT) are for a variation of the supply network
suitable for installation both indoor voltages on the primary side of the
& outdoor and designed for sustain transformer or for increasing and
operation at an ambient temperature decreasing the secondary voltage.
of upto 55°C. Tappings are provided on the primary
We design transformers in accordance winding and connected to an Off-
to IEC 60076, however they can be circuit tap changer. The operating
designed to meet national regulation handle of the hand-operated offcircuit
or customer specific needs. tap changer is mounted on top cover
or tank side wall. The standard tapping
Transformer Design range is ±2x2.5%.Tapping range can
Hermetically sealed type or also be provided as per customer
conservator type for nominal rating The low voltage winding material is requirement. The transformer needs
from 50kVA to 6300kVA. copper foil. Cooling ducts are added to be deenergized to operate the off
Hermetic design transformers are to control the temperature gradient. circuit tap changer.
suitable for location like sub floor The low voltage winding is built
substation or compact substations. around the magnetic core, and an TANK CONSTRUCTION
insulating barrier is wound around the
MAGNETIC CORE low voltage coil in order to provide an
electrical separation between the LV
and HV coil


The high voltage winding material is
copper. The shape of the conductor is
either round or rectangular. To obtain
a controlled temperature gradient,
cooling ducts are added in the coil.
High voltage coils are multilayer
helical. The winding are elliptical
shape which helps reduce the overall
length of the transformer. The corrugated tank is the most
The magnetic core of the transformers common type used for distribution
is manufactured from a high grade, transformers. For hermetically sealed
cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel. transformers, the cooling fins are
The stacking of the laminations is designed to compensate for excessive
multi step lap type. The magnetic overpressure and to limit the effects
core is elliptical cross section and of liquid dilation. The corrugated
slitting and cutting of the core is done panels are welded onto the tank

Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany 3

sides. Cooling radiators can also be porcelain bushing, plug-in bushing can is to provide high-quality surface
provided on request. The under base be provided on request. Air insulated protection. The coating (painting)
is generally skid type and bidirectional or fully insulated cable box can be type C3/C4/C5 is chosen in
rollers are provided on request. Tank provided on request with min Ingress accordance with the environmental
cover is generally bolted, welded cover protection IP54. conditions, considering the degree
can also be provided on request. Cast resin bushing is used for LV of pollution, humidity, etc as per ISO
Oil leakage test is conducted on every termiantion, porcelain bushing can be 2944. Zinc Spray / Hot dip galvanized
transformers to ensure oil tightness provided on request. Additional tank or epoxy base painting.
after assembly. Neutral Bushing can be provided
separately on request for installing
TERMINATION protection current transformers. Air or
fully insulated cable box or bus duct
can be provided on request.

The insulating liquid used is mineral
oil according to IEC 60296 - inhibited
/Uninhibited based on customer
request. We offer also synthetic ester
oil or Silicon oil based on application
or customer requirement.

The HV termination is generally One of our major quality commitments

Tolerance According to IEC 60076

Total Losses ± 10% of the losses
No load and load loss ±15% of no-load and load losses
Rates Voltage Ratio (principal ± 0.5% of rated value or of measured ± rated impedance voltage in %
tapping) the smaller of the two values applies
Voltage Ratio for other tappings ± 0.5 % of ratio stated in the order
Rated impedance voltage (principal
± 10% of rated value (when the impedance value <10%)
No-load current (mean value of the
± 30% of rated value
three terminal currents)
A-sound power level without tolerance

4 Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany

Product Specifications (typical)
Oil Immersed Distribution Hermetically sealed with or without gas cushion
Transformers Breathing type with or without conservator
Corrugated fin wall tank
Tank Construction Plain wall tank with radiator
Bolted or welded cover
Material Copper / Copper, Aluminum / Aluminum (on request)
Manufacturing Standards IEC 60076
Rated power Up to 6.3MVA
Voltage Class Upto 36kV
Insulation level Upto 200kV BIL
Phases 3-phase
Tappings ±2 x 2.5 % (or different range on request)
Voltage regulations With off-circuit tap changer
OverLoading As per IEC
Short circuit impedance As per IEC 60076 or on request
Rated frequency 50 Hz or 60Hz
Vector groups Dyn11 (any vector group according to IEC Standards)
Material thermal class insulation According to IEC 60085 class A
Temperature rise As per IEC 60076 or on request
Type of cooling ONAN or other type of cooling like ONAF, KNAN
Dielectric liquid Mineral oil according to IEC Standard, on request silicon oil , synthetic ester
The transformers are designed to withstand the thermal and the dynamic
Short circuit withstand ability
effects resulting from a secondary short-circuit in accordance with IEC 60076-5.
Sound Level IEC 60076-10 or NEMA - TR1 or on request
Installations Indoor and/or outdoor
HV terminals: plug-in or porcelain bushings with or without cable box (canopy
on request).
LV terminals: cast resin, bar type or porcelain bushings with or without cable
HV & LV terminals
box (canopy on request).
Cable box if required can be Air insulated or fully insulated as per BS EN
503366 (IP55 class or on request)
Standard Fitting: ’ Rating and Diagram Plate, Lifting lugs, “ earthing
terminal, ‘ off circuit tap changer, HV & LV Bushings, ” Haulage Lug, •
Lashing Lug,  valves,Œ Oil level Indicator, Skid type underbase,
Ž Thermometer Pocket
Optional Fittings: Oil Temperature Indicator, Winding Temperature Indicator,
Accessories Pressure Relief Device, DGPT, Marshalling box / Terminal Box, Bi Directional
Roller, Jacking Pad, CT. Pressure Vaccum Gauge, Differential pressure switch
Fitting (with Conservator):  Buchholz Relay,  Dehydrating Breather,
Magnetic Oil level guage,
Special accessories on request

Conservator Type Distribution Transformers

Hermetically Sealed Distribution Transformers

Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany 5

Cast-resin transformers

Cast Resin Distribution Transformer

The Perfect Technology

Transtech, manufacture Cast Resin Transformers based thermal stresses due to load changes are kept to a
on Siemens GEAFOL® technology. minimum.
No gas inclusions: The epoxy resin casting process.
GEAFOL cast-resin transformers are the ideal solution where The high voltage windings are potted with epoxy resin
distribution transformers has to assure the utmost safety. under vacuum at a high temperature. This procedure
With GEAFOL, the limitations of liquid-filled transformers are prevents undesirable gas inclusions. The quality of the
avoided, but the proven characteristics such as operating potting combined with the electrical advantages of the foil
safety and service life are retained. GEAFOL cast-resin winding plays a decisive role in providing freedom from
transformers comply with IEC 60076-11. partial discharges (up to twice the rated voltage). The low-
voltage strip winding is also of aluminum. The width of
There are good reasons why GEAFOL cast-resin the aluminum strip is equal to the length of the coil. This
transformers are used wherever absolute safety is required. considerably reduces axial short-circuit forces in
They can be found in high-rise buildings, hospitals, wind the transformer. The conductor strip and the insulation
turbines, road and underground railway shafts, offshore material are bonded together by heating and thus form
installations, mines and many other similar safety critical a compact unit with sufficient strength to withstand radial
environments. forces reliably.

The GEAFOL principle has succeeded in producing Universal: The application areas
transformers with excellent electrical, mechanical and Dry-type transformers must be marked with proven
thermal characteristics, which have also proved to be environmental, climate and fire resistance ratings. Our
particularly compatible with the environment. Maintenance- GEAFOL cast-resin transformers are suitable for universal
free– environmentally friendly –rugged: The insulation use and satisfy the requirements of the highest defined
GEAFOL transformers are insulated with an epoxy resin/ classes, as proven in comprehensive testing:
quartz powder mixture. This is an environment tally n Environmental class E2
acceptable material that makes the windings maintenance n Climate category C2
free, moisture-resistant, tropicalized, flame-retardant and n Fire resistance class F1
self-extinguishing. Even when the insulation is exposed  
to arcing, no toxic gases are generated. The windings are
clamped between resilient spacers that provide effective
vibration insulation both from the iron core and mutually
between windings. The result: GEAFOL transformers are
as quiet as oil- immersed types.
Electrically safe: The aluminum foil winding
The coils of the high-voltage windings are made of
aluminum foil. Why foil windings? Because foil windings
combine a simple winding technique with a high degree
of electrical safety. The insulation is subjected to less
electrical stress than in other types of windings. In a
conventional roundwire winding, the interturn voltages
can add up to twice the interlayer voltage, while in a foil
winding it never exceeds
the plain voltage per turn because each layer consists of
only one winding turn. The result: High power frequency
and impulse voltage withstand capability. Why aluminum?
The thermal expansion coefficients
of aluminum and the used cast resin are so similar that

6 Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany

GEAFOL Transformer technology at a glance:
Three-limb core Insulation: Mixture of epoxy resin and quartz
Made of grain-oriented, low-loss electro- lamina- powder makes the transformer nearly mainte-
tions insulated on both sides nance-free, moisture-proof, tropicalized, flame- re-
sistant and self-extinguishing
LV winding
Made of aluminum strip; turns firmly glued together Connection tubes
by means of insulating sheet wrapper material
Temperature monitoring
HV winding by PTC thermistor sensors in the LV winding (on
Consisting of vacuum-potted single foil-type alumi- request PT 100)
num coils; see also page 4
Paint finish on steel parts
LV connection Thick-layer coating, RAL 5009, on request: Two-
HV connection component varnish or galvanizing (for particularly
Variable arrangement, for optimal station design aggressive environments)

HV tappings on high-voltage connection side; Modular design

for adjustment to system conditions, reconnect- E.g., windings can be individually mounted and re-
able in deenergized state placed on site

Coil support system Ambient class E2

To insulate core and windings from mechanical Climatic category C2 (if the transformer is installed
vibrations, resulting in low noise emissions outdoors, degree of protection IP 23 must be as-
Clamping frame and truck
Rollers can be turned around for lengthwise or side- Fire class F1
wise travel

630 kVA GEAFOL cast-resin transformer, Ur = 20 kV

Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany 7
Product Specifications (typical)

Distribution Transformers Cast Resin Transformer

Enclosure (Optional) IP 21 protection class, other IP class on request

Winding Material Aluminum / Aluminum
Manufacturing Standards IEC 60076-11
Rated power Up to 4MVA
Voltage Class Upto 36 kV
Insulation level Upto 170kV BIL
Phases 3-phase
Tappings ±2 x 2.5 % (or different range on request) with tap links.
Short circuit impedance As per IEC 60076 or on request
Rated frequency 50 Hz or 60Hz
Vector groups Dyn11 (any vector group according to IEC Standards)
Material thermal class insulation According to IEC 60085 class F
Temperature rise As per IEC 60076 or on request
Type of cooling AN, AF on request

The transformers are designed to withstand the thermal and the dynamic effects
Short circuit withstandability
resulting from a secondary short-circuit in accordance with IEC 60076-5.

Sound Level IEC 60076-10 or NEMA - TR1 or on request

Installations Indoor
HV terminals: plug-in or resin bushings with or without cable box

HV & LV terminals LV terminals: cast resin, busbars with or without cable box

Cable box if required can be Air insulated as per BS EN 503366

Temperature Controller, Rating and Diagram plate, Lifting lug, Earthing terminal,
Bushings, skid underbase, rollers on request
Miscellenous To avoid oxidation core is lacque coated

8 Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany

Package Substation
Package Substations are self-contained units available in different
designs and dimensions. Power supply requirements for residential
and industrial consumers.

Each unit comprises of three individual main assemblies, and a

typical substation would include:

1. One hermetically sealed transformer.

2. One SF6 insulated Ring Main Unit.
3. One low voltage Feeder Pillar or distribution panel.
4. Sheet Steel or GRP Housing

Standard Rating
kVA 500 1000 1500
Voltage (kV) 11 11 11
Approximate Weight (kg) 4000 6000 7000
Standard Dimensions(mm) (LxWxH) 3900 x 2250 x 2600 4300 x 2700 x 2600 4300 x 2700 x 2600

Product Specifications (typical)

Package Substation consist of following:

a) Ring Main Unit (RMU) (upto 17kV)
b) Oil Type transformer (upto 2000kVA)
c) Feeder Pillar (FP) or LV Distribution Board (LVDB)
d) Common Base
e) Enclosure (Optional on request)
Enclosure (Optional) Sheet Steel, GRP, Aluzinc
Applicable Standard IEC 62271-202, IEC 60076
Rated power Up to 2MVA
Voltage Class Upto 11kV
Layout RMU and FP can be on opposite side or on same side or on request
HV Ring Main Unit Oil Type / SF6 with Fuses / SF6 with circuit Breaker
LV Feeder Pillar On request or specification
Transformer Refer the details available in the oil type transformer product specification

Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany 9

Manufacturing Facility

State of the art Production Facility

Core Section
GEORG core cutting machine with Automatic
Stacking Table (estacker)

Heinrich Georg GMBH

Core Cutting with estacker

It is complete CNC control core cutting machine with
automatic estacking table. The benefit of estacker
arrangement over conventional core machine:
n Conventional operation the step lapping is done
by the operator, which might result in mishandling
of the core which is a thin sheet of less than
0.35mm thick resulting waviness on the edges
and air gap which can increase no load losses
n With estacking arrangement the machine prepare
the step lap based on the design criteria fed by
the engineering thus eliminating mishandling and
ensuring smooth step lap operation.

Core Stacking Table

The benefit of core stacking table are as follows:
n Easy to assembly - can fix the pre stacked legs
instead of stacking the sheets layer by layer.
n Can be rotated at 360 degrees and inclined at 90
degrees for bottom yoke stacking.
n Improve productivity - Assembly process faster
and easier

According to the weight and size of the core, stacking

table can be changed on the same base frames

10 Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany

Winding section:
Foil Winding Machine Manufacturer :
Tuboly AG
LV foil winding machine suitable for Copper & Aluminum

Wire Winding Machine Manufacturer:

Tuboly AG

n HV winding machine with single decoiler

n HV winding machine with double decoiler

n Drying oven PLC Control make: Meier

HV/LV windings:
The winding technology based on Siemens know-how
is elliptical as compared to the rectangular or
circular windings which are most common in distribution
The benefits of elliptical windings over rectangular and
circular windings are :
n In rectangular windings, the sharp corner bends
causes mechanical and thermal stress concentration
points which results in weakening the coil. This also
tends to distort the convolutions of wire and causes
an increase of stress concentration at the corners of
the coil, tending to cut into the wire. This problem is
eliminated in the elliptical and circular winding.
n Circular winding construction increases the mean
length of the magnetic loop and increase core
weight against the elliptical and rectangular winding
for the same rating. Reduced size of core in
elliptical construction results in reduced transformer
dimension and thus smaller foot print.

Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany 11

Low Frequency Heating (LFH) Technology: is not exceeded above the values the drying phase is
Solid insulation inside the transformer must be thoroughly finished and the oil-filling process is started automatically.
dried before oil filling. The insulating material is mostly
cellulose, consisting of a long chain of glucose rings. If
Oil-filling is started automatically / alternatively by
these is not dried, the insulation performance deteriorates,
pressing a button after the drying parameters have been
thus reducing the electrical and mechanical strength of
reached successfully. The already programmed electro
the transformer.
pneumatically powered filling valves are opened for the
In LFH process, HV & LV windings are uniformly heated filling process. During the oil-filling process, a defined
from the inside by applying a low frequency current vacuum level between 0,5 mbar and 2 mbar will be
at low voltage levels from the HV side, keeping the LV maintained. The average oil filling speed is controlled by
windings is shorted. At low frequency (0.4 – 2 Hz) and low the control system of the oil purification equipment. The oil
impedance, the HV and LV windings can heat up to typical filling process will stop automatically at every transformer
drying temperatures of 110 – 120 °C. by means of level switches. The vacuum level will be kept
constant for about 15 minutes after the oil filling process
The process itself consists of 3 main phases:
is finished. Once filling process is completed the aeration
1 Principle setup of LFH equipment. valve will open automatically. When reaching atmospheric
pressure the bell-shaped vacuum chamber may be
Main control
P opened for unloading.
system with
control cabinet
P and computer The benefit of LFH process over conventional heating
Vacuum pump gr oup process:
Transformers with L L L L L
n The quality of transformer insulation is vastly improved
LF-conver ters
shorted LV windings by using LF heating as a drying method compared to
HF HF the more conventional hot air vacuum system.
3x400 (50HZ)
n This means processing time is considerably shorter
Vacuum chamber compare to conventional drying techniques.
Power supply n LF heating is the state of the art process of drying
transformer insulation.
n It is almost twice as efficient when compared with
conventional drying systems.
Evacuation and LF-Heating can start simultaneously.
n This system is faster and better than conventional hot
Target is to achieve the temperature homogenization
oil and vacuum drying methods and its cuts energy
of all windings during this phase; additional time might
costs by half and speeds up the production process.
be allowed for further homogenization with LF-heating
system still activated. Condensation of moisture at non
heated parts of the transformers will be prevented by the
use of pre-heated / dried air during the process.
LF-Heating is disconnected automatically and the vacuum
pressure in the autoclave will be reduced to a level below
2mbar. The temperatures of the windings are maintained
within a defined tolerance at the set values during the
process. If during a defined time a defined pressure drop

12 Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany

Testing & Services
Testing Capabilities
For confirming the specifications and performances of an
electrical transformer it has to go through the testing pro-
cedures and international standards. Mainly three types of
transformer testing are done at manufacturer premises -
routine test, type test & Special test of transformer. Routine
tests of transformer are mainly for confirming operational
performance of individual unit in a production lot. Routine
tests are carried out on every unit manufactured. To prove
that the transformer meets customer’s specifications and
design expectations, the transformer has to go through
different testing procedures in manufacturer premises.
Some transformer tests are carried out for confirming the
basic design expectation of that transformer. These tests
are done mainly in a prototype unit not in all manufactured
units in a lot. Type test of transformer confirms main and
basic design criteria of a production lot.
Test Field Capabilities
n Most adavce and fully equipped testing laboratory hav-
ing facility for all routine,type and special tests of oil
type and dry type distrubution transformer as per Inter-
national standards
n Routine test and type test facility for pre-fabricated
pacakge substation consist of transformer, MV switch
gear and LV panel
n All test instruments and equipments are connected to
PLC base operated system via central server as a mas-
ter controller.

n Fully automatic PLC based software operated testing

laboratory without any human intervention in test result
measuring, recording and analysis for acceptance
n Lightening Impulse test with chopped wave facility to
BIL 300KV peak.
n Sheilded PD cabin constructed for Partial Discharge
n Seperate AC generators to generates constant power
frequency supply whlie measurement
n Facility to excute final testing with two seperate testing
bays i.e. RT Area and ST Area.
Tests to be performed (As per International standards i.e.
IEC60076 or ANSI)
n Measurement of the winding resistance

Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany 13

n Temperature rise test (to be performed at highest cur-
rent rating tap)
n Determination of sound levels
n Zero Sequence Impedance measurement
n Measurement of Harmonics of the no load current
n Induced over voltage withstand test with partial dis-
charge measurement
n Oil Breakdown Voltage (BDV) test
High Range of testing Equipment and Instruments
n Haefely
n Tettex
n Megger
n Norma/Fluke
n Dignostics
n Measurement of voltage ratio and Checking of phase n Leroy Somer
displacement n Hipotronics
n Measurement of insulation resistance n Siemens Hu
n Measurement of short-circuit Impedance and Load loss Test witness by third party
n The measurement of no-load loss and no-load current n CESI, Italy
n Separate source AC voltage withstand test n KEMA, Netherland
n Induced AC voltage test n ATSA,UK
n CT Ratio and Polarity Tests n BVQI,UAE
n Lightning impulse tests (full- and chopped-wave) on n TUV
MV windings n AECOM

Transformer service

Aging assets, rising energy demand and the critical need

to avoid unplanned outages, are challenging utilities and
industries. Transtech service portfolio allows utilities and
industrials to maximize the return on transformer assets
by ensuring a high reliability, reducing life cycle costs and
ensuring optimized performance, while lowering environ-
mental impact.

Transtech provides services throughout the transformer

life cycle, from commissioning to recycling, for all brands
of transformers.

Service includes the following

n Supervision on Installation and Commissioning
n Oil analysis and filtration
n Maintenance or Refurbishment.
n Repairs
n Spares and consumable.
n Training

14 Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany

Major Customer
Utilties Industries Oil & Gas EPC
Abu Dhabi Distribution Abu Dhabi Company for
Aluminum Samsung
Company (ADDC) Onshore Oil Operation (ADCO)
Al Ain Distribution
Super Cements Esnaad Larsen & Toubro (L&T)
Company (AADC)
Dubai Electric and water
JK Cements Qatar Gas Punj Lloyd (PLL)
Authority (DEWA)
Federal Electric and
Al Jaber FERTIL Engineering Solution (ENGSOL)
Water Authority (FEWA)
Ministry of Electricity Bahrain Petroleum Company
Bin Hafeez TRISTAR
(MOE), Iraq (BAPCO)
Kahramaa GARMCO Saif Bin Darwish
Space Age
National Contracting Company (NCC)
National Project and Construction (NPC)
Siemens LLC

Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany 15


16 Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany

Type Test Certificates
Power Rating Voltage
S. No. Certificate No. Certification Agency Tank Construction
(kVA) (kV)
Oil Type Transformers  
1 1000kVA 18940 ASTA
2 500kVA 18726 ASTA
2 2000kVA A9030609 CESI
3 1500kVA B0033628 CESI Corrugated Tank
4 1500kVA 33kV 18941 ASTA
5 1000kVA 18475 ASTA
6 1600kVA 18474 ASTA
7 1000kVA 18656 ASTA
8 1600kVA 18657 ASTA Radiator Type
9 1250kVA 11kV TIC 2060-12 KEMA
10 1500kVA B0001743 CESI
11 1000kVA A9036863 CESI
Corrugated Tank
12 500kVA A9007545 CESI
13 200kVA (PMT) B0001838 CESI
Dry Type Transformers  
1 500 KVA 18693A ASTA
2 1000kVA 11kV B0024416 CESI
3 1500kVA B0024415 CESI  
3 1500 KVA 18694A ASTA
4 2000kVA B0031101 CESI

Hilton House, Corporation Street

Rugby, Warwickshire
CV21 2DN, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1788 578435

Facsimile: +44 1788 573605

To, 20 December 2011

Siemens Transformer LLC, P.O.Box.128488
ICAD II Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE Page 1 of 1
To whom it may concern Your ref.
Our ref. 72110586.Q.1
Laboratory Ref: 45666/1 ISSUE 3
Tel. +31 26 356 2670

Fax +31 26 351 1468


MANUFACTURER: Siemens Transformer LLC, P.O.Box.128488, ICAD II Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

TESTED FOR: Kahramaa, Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation, Qatar
Arnhem, June 25, 2012
APPARATUS: Three phase, 1000kVA, 11/0.433kV, Mineral oil immersed, hermetically sealed,
transformer, Category 1, %Z - 5.45% , Vector Group: Dyn11, ±5% tappings, LI/AC:
75/28, Temp rise (oil / wdg): 45 / 50, Outline drawing: 711100156 Subject: Declaration
DESIGNATION: 6100000054
We herewith declare that we have tested in June 2012, a three-phase, oil-immersed type
TESTED BY: Electrical Research & Development Association
ERDA Road, Makarpura Industrial Estate, Vadodara-390 010, Gujarat, INDIA distribution transformer, with serial no. S03572.

th th
DATES OF TESTS: 6 to 12 December 2011
The transformer was rated: 1250 kVA, 11 ± 2 x 2,5% kV / 0,433 kV, 50 Hz, connection
SPECIFICATIONS: IEC 60076-1: 2011-04 Edition 3.0, IEC 60076-2: 2011-02 Edition 3.0, IEC 60076-3:
symbol Dyn11, impedance voltage 6,32%, type of cooling ONAN.
2000 with corrigendum 1, IEC 60076-5: 2006 & IEC 60076-10: 2005


The transformer was manufactured by Siemens Transformers LLC., Abu Dhabi, United Arab

Routine Tests IEC 60076-1: 2011-04 Edition 3.0 Clause 11.1.2 Emirates.
Rated Power (Temperature Rise Test) : 1000kVA IEC 60076-2: 2011-02 Edition 3.0 Clause 7
Rated Insulation level : LI75 / AC 28 / AC 3 IEC 60076-3: 2000 Clause 11, 12, 13 and 14 The transformer has passed:
Ability to Withstand Short-circuit IEC 60076-5: 2006 − Routine tests before and after short-circuit tests
Sound Pressure Level : 33.3 dB IEC 60076-10: 2005 Clause 11 − Dielectric Performance test
Determination of capacitances windings-to-earth &
between windings. IEC 60076-1: 2011-04 Edition 3.0 − Temperature rise test

Measurement of dissipation factor (tan δ) of the − 9 asymmetrical short-circuit tests with a current duration of 0,5 s
insulation system capacitances. IEC 60076-1: 2011-04 Edition 3.0
− 3 symmetrical short-circuit test with a current duration of 3,0 s at tap no 3.
Performance: − Determination of sound levels

The Test Results & the performance of the Transformer was considered satisfactory & subject to final
analysis of the tests & scrutiny by Intertek Testing & Certification Ltd., an ASTA CERTIFICATE will be The out-of-tank inspection with respect to displacements, deformations of core and
issued in respect to these tests. windings, connections or traces of discharges did not reveal any apparent defects.

Mrs. Rajani Menon


Type Test Project Manager- ASTA Certification

Phone: 0044 1788 820161

Intertek Testing & Certification Ltd,

Registered office: 25 Savile Row, London, W1S 2ES, United Kingdom KEMA Nederland B.V. Utrechtseweg 310, 6812 AR Arnhem P.O. Box 9035, 6800 ET Arnhem The Netherlands
Registered No: 3272281 (England), VAT No: GB 672-7639-96-011.
T +31 26 3 56 91 11 F +31 26 3 89 24 77 Registered Arnhem 09080262

Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany 17


18 Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany


Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany 19

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Publication Date Jan. 2014

20 Under the Technical license of Siemens AG, Germany