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Internship Report on

The Bank of MEEZAN

Training Report to the Faculty of Commerce department in partial

fulfillment of the requirements for obtaining a bachelor's degree in




Roll# 13024854-110

Bachelor of Commerce

Session: 2013-2017

Date of Submission


Name of Program Coordinator: SIR AHSAN

Signature of Program Coordinator:


I dedicate my internship report to my respected parents, friends and

the staff of the Bank of Punjab.

In the name of God the most kind and merciful.

First and Foremost, I am grateful to God Almighty, Who has blessed me with health and
abilities and guidance to complete the project in a successful manner, and without his
help. I was not able to perform this task.

Earnest and devoted appreciation devoted to Shahbaz Ahmad, head of Meezan Bank
Limited Branch(Daska Branch). Special thanks to all the employees in this section.

Finally, and most important thanks to my sweet kind and loving brother (Haider Ali and
Akbar Ali) and my Ammi jaan (Night Afzal ) Who has been a model of human values
for me? There are no words to express my commitment to my father in the modest
appreciation of grateful they pray, help, kindness, understanding and moral support.
That I need to.

God bless all of them happy with a long and peaceful life (Ameen).

Table Of Contents
 Introduction to meezan bank.
 Objectives.
 Overview of the organization.

 History
 Name of the organization
 Business Volume
 Main Offices
 Total staff strength
 Products
 Competitors

 Organizational Structure.
 organizational chart
 Department name

 Structure of Finance department.

 Department Hierarchy
 No of employees in the department

 Function of the finance department.

 Accounting system of company
 Use of E-data
 Source and Allocation of fund

 Your Internship program

 Introduction of the branch where you worked
 Department names
 Mention the project which mere assigned to you during your internship.

 Critical Analysis
 Financial Analysis
 Trend analysis

 SWOT Analysis
 Strength
 Weakness
 Opportunity
 Threats of the organization

 Conclusion
 Recommendation
 Reference
 Annexes

Introduction of Meezan;
Meezan bank limited and incorporated propaganda on that 27, 1997 and company
operations as an investment bank in venerable year. In January 2002 in a historic
initiative, was awarded the bank of the balance of the first full commercial banking
license in the country an Islamic bank specialist, by the Central Bank of Pakistan.With
more than 350 branches in 103 cities acrosed limited Meezan Bank is the largest bank
in Pakistan, the largest bank in Pakistan, 8th terms of branch network.

Meezan bank limited beings as an Islamic bank offers its product's to ts customers
strictly according to the law compliance. It is doing business in the corporate banking
and banking and commercial banking services individuals, banking retail, keeping
investment banking business from the standpoint of all the rules and standards of the
restrictions in Islam.During my training in the balance of the bank are limited. He
worked in financial transfers, clearing and open an account, and the quality of service
and consumer finance departments and monetary operations and successfully all the

In the department of remittances like other Meezan Bank have also tools for the
transfer of funds, such as the wage order, the application and transfer of the project
and move online. In the reviews section of both deposits and withdrawals go hand in
This circuit operates under the charge of the department of Monetary and dealing with
cash deposits and payments. This circuit keeps the following paper, books, and Leger
accounts for cash received paper coupon, paid in cash and paper coupons, and
payment of At-slip, checkbook, book cash balance. It is clearing in Karachi in the
bank balance or limited other banks through NIFT ( National Institute of Technology

Meezan Bank limited with foreign currency account through its head office to open
the customers account has to meet general banking services manager with the
definition. Objects produced with the punching of the Account Opening Form maim
file in the customer file any client.Before closing any bank account transmission letter
to the owner of the account to obtain information about the account will be closed.
There need to be approved by a higher authority to close any account.

Current deposits are those that are paid to the bank whenever demanded by the
customer. The bank does not pay any dividends to the current deposits.

Training period saves me a great opportunity to gain experience in the finance

industry in the real word of high risk. The main objective of this project is to predict
or determine the actual financial status and performance of the organization.
The following are important for the study of the organization goals:

 To learn more about the assets capital adequacy and asset quality management
responsibility liquidity busted bank's profitability.
 To monitor the adequacy and effectiveness of the system of internal controls
and financial reporting framework.
 Evaluation of the financial state of the company through the financial
 Analysis of savings and investment trends in the banking sector.
 To describe the impact of financial decisions on the health and performance of
the organization in general.
 To examine the innovations in the field of banking customer service.

Overview of the organization

History of Islamic bank

It encourages commercial Islamic banks and facilitates transactions backed assets- As a
result encourages economic activity. The traditional banking system depends largely on
the lending of money (i.e they use items) and charging interest on the loan while the
Islamic strictly forbidden interest. Therefore the traditional banking system does not
worry with the underlying economic activity behind the financing and weighted in
favor of the lender dramatically.

Contracts have now resulted from the efforts of bankers and scholars of the Islamic
religion all over the world in the development of the banking system. Which follows the
guidelines of Islamic law and where they are supporting each transaction by the asset or
service both of which can be priced and can be profit included in the price?

Islamic banking now has the ability and flexibility to provide custom and meet modern
banking needs of all types of customer solutions, whether it's to invest their savings,
access to assets for personal use or to meet the banking needs of large commercial
History of Meezan Bank

The balance of the investment company founded with the mandate to do Islamic banks.
Set Mr.Irfan Siddiqui first base director executive.

Sharia appellate bench of Pakistan's Supreme Court rejects appeals and directs all laws
on banking charges stop. The government sets a committee at a high level and task
forces and committees to establish and promote Islamic banking services in parallel
with the traditional system basis.

Is established Sharia Supervisory Board in the investment of each balance of justice
Bank led (retired) Muhammad Taqi Usmani bank State President of Pakistan defines
the criteria for the establishment of Islamic commercial banks in the private and
corporate subsidiaries and branches sector alone by the existing commercial banks to
conduct Islamic banking in the country.

Meezan Bank acquires Pakistan operations of the general community and
simultaneously balance the investment bank transforms itself into an Islamic
commercial bank completely. Issued the first Islamic banking license of the bank and
called the bank balance. President General Pervez Musharraf Islamic bank opens a new
business in a formal ceremony in Karachi.

Meezan Bank defines itself as a leader in the field of Islamic banking in Pakistan and
quickly establishes branches in all major cities in the country. The development of a
wide range of products and launched its repositioning as an Islamic bank leading the
country's Al-Investment Limited Balance Management (Amim) the asset management
arm of the bank balance, offering Islamic fund balance (the MIF) and opened the
country's first -end Islamic investment funds.

State Bank has established a dedicated Islamic banking department (IDB) through the
integration of the research department of Islamic economics department with the
Islamic Banking Division in banking policy department. It has been appointed Sharia
Council to organize and adopt guidelines for Islamic banking industry emerging.

The government of Pakistan the state awards for the first time of international
instruments (bonds). which provides for 500 million US dollars. Which displays the
success and sets the standard for Pakistan? Meezan Bank is working as a consultant
legitimate restructuring of this historic deal.

Meezan Bank becomes the first Islamic insurance takaful customers through the
signing of a memorandum of understanding, the first memorandum of understanding
with Pak-Kuwait Takaful Company Limited (PKTCL). Signing of a Memorandum of
Understanding Pakistan has ushered into a new era of Islamic insurance (takaful).


There is a number of Islamic banks new customs which Islamic Bank, Dubai Islamic
Bank, and commercial operations in Pakistan. The balance continues its leadership
position in the industry through more than double its branch network to a total of 62
branches in 21 cities, is clearly establishing itself as the largest Islamic bank in the
country. Meezan Bank becomes the first Islamic bank to enter from 8:00 am to 8:00
banking in selected branches in Karachi.

Meezan Bank's branch network and the number and reached the milestone of 100
branches including branches of the South in 31 cities of the country. The leasing
portfolio amounted to Rs car. 4.1 billion and a portfolio of key easy amounted to Rs. 3.1
billion. Istisna'a offered financing to meet the working capital needs of the Bank's
clients. Meezan Bank earned "Best Islamic Bank in Pakistan" by Islamic Finance News
of RED Capital Group, Malaysia. The deposit base of the bank grew to more than Rs.
54 billion and the bank made a profit after tax of Rs. 963 million. Trade finance
amounted to Rs. 70 billion.

It presented the balance of funding Tijarah bank to allow customers to raise funds to
finance the inventory of finished goods. Won Best Islamic Bank in Pakistan, Meezan
Bank Islamic Finance News of RED Capital Group and Malaysia's Best Islamic
Financial Institution in Pakistan by the World Finance Magazine New York.Grown its
branch network is166 branches including the south branches in 40 cities of the country.
Rupee deposit base grew. 70 billion and the total financing portfolio amounted to Rs.
39 billion

The water catchment 2009 year bank balance. Reaching branch network of 201
branches including sub-branches in 54 cities and the national deposit base crossed Rs
100 billion. profit and return earned on financing activities and investing Rs 10 billion
and the bank exceeded dealing with more than Rup 100 billion import and export work.

And put the balance of bank deposits in a number of new products to meet the unique
needs of different market segments. Among the products launched during this year and
the balance of the business in addition to the existing account on speculation that offer a
range of free services for company balance of euro savings account and the balance of
the pound savings account.

Leasing a car ended bank balance year of 9TH amounted to Rs. 4.2 billion with more
than 8000 active vehicle.Meezan Bank was among the top three suppliers to the
automotive industry in the financial in the country.

Meezan Bank Limited is 9TH largest bank in Pakistan in terms of branch network.
Total assets of the bank over Rs. 200 billion. This year is available at all branches of the
trade union of Western home remittance service.

Meezan Bank is launching Musharakah run for the working capital requirements for
corporate clients. Meezan Bank launches easy laptop balance. House was opened in
2011. The balance of the bank becomes an adviser and leads arranger for the first
short-term instruments than ever before.

Total rupees through deposits 230 billion. This year the balance has been limited
release Bank of kids balance and the calculation of the club teens club account bank
balance of high-quality banking centers of excellence balance Visa Platinum debit and
branches fake in Karachi and Lahore branches training 310 staff card operates in 90
cities across Pakistan.

Meezan Bank Limited 8TH is the largest bank in Pakistan in terms of branch network
and the 11 largest banks in terms of deposits. Total deposits up Rs. 289000000000.
Bank balance given to the best Islamic financial institution in Pakistan. The global
financial award.
Meezan Bank was launched SMS Banking Service.

Business volume

The establishment of Islamic banking as banking of first choice to facilitate the
implementation of a just economic system, and provide a strong foundation to build a
just and equitable society for mankind.


To be the leading Islamic bank, it offers a shop and a one-stop value-added products
and innovative services to our customers within the limits of the provisions of the
Islamic Sharia, with the value of stakeholders through an organizational culture based
on learning, fairness, and respect for the individual performance of the institutions.

Main offices

Information about Branch

I performed the internal balance of the bank branch limited (3801) Daska. And some
important information about the branch that I noticed the following information.

Management Branch

Branch Manager Mr. Shahbaz Ahmed

Director of Operations Mr. Mohammed Yasin

Cash Management In-charge Mr. Rizwan Goraya

In remittances Mr. Amjad Mahmood

At home remittances Miss Ambreem

ATM senior Mr.Zafar Munir

Treasurer Mr. Faisal

Executive Business Development (BDO) Mr. Ali Reza and Mr. Bilal

Product and services

The primary goal of the bank is to provide a wide range of financial products and
services to individuals and various other entities in the country.They are constantly
formulating new products and services to the growing and diverse customer base,
which is constantly expanding their needs.Launched a limited balance of the bank,
ATM cards, and plans to expand its facilities on the Internet.

The following are the main products of the balance of Bank Limited.Which is one of
the best examples of innovation and quality providing banking opportunities in a timely
manner to its customers.

 The current account of Meezan bank

 The savings account of saving account
 Meezan bachat account
 Karobari munafa account
 Dollar saving account
 Euro saving account/ pound saving account


Islamic Investment Certificate

Investment product designed to meet the needs of long-term or short. With a minimum
investment of only 50000 Rup. Provides an investment of 3 months to 5 years option
with an option for monthly returns.

Moreover these certificates can be cashed at any time without any charge or penalty. It
will only be adjusted profit rates according to the time you are finished.

Monthly Mudarabah certificate

Flexible investment products that are designed to give you a monthly return that
Muslim MMC.The minimum investment required is only Rs 100,000 and receive a
profit for each full month of the investment with the bank.
Facility also provides having to withdraw from the investment at any time option.

Meezan Providence
Long-term investment product specifically designed to meet the needs of the concerns
of companies and businessmen for the purpose of saving investment pension and bonus

Dollar mudarabah certificate

Speculative dollar certificate free of usury (DMC) operates in accordance with the
principles of speculation and strictly according to the rules of Islamic law.With a
minimum investment of the United States only $ 10,000 they offer investment options
of 3 months to 3 years with the option to return profits six months.

Meezan aamdan certificate

Balance Certified aamdan free from usury (MAC) is a long-term deposit.
Certification is very high monthly profits are specially designed for those individuals
and institutions. Who are in need of a regular stream of monthly income, So MAC is the
monthly income (Muhanna aamdan) certificate with a variety of benefits packaged free
with a minimum investment of only PKR 100,000 / -.Particularly attractive for widows
and older with a minimum investment of Rs 50,000 / -

Competitors to Meezan Bank Limited

 Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited.

 The Islamic Bank of Albarka.
 AL-Falah Bank Limited.
 AL-Habib Bank Limited.
 Askari Bank Limited.
 United Bank Limite
 Allied Bank Limited.
 Soneri Bank Limited.
 Faisal Bank Limited.

Department Name
There are following departments in this branch of meezan bank limited;
1) Accounts Opening department
2) Remittance department
3) Clearing department
4) Cash department
5) Operations & home remittances department
6) Customer finance department
7) Service quality department

1)Account opening section

During my stay in this section and I learned how to open a new account?
How to give the new customer information?
What that must be filled before opening an account and how to issue checkbooks
By opening an account in a bank, the person becomes a customer of the bank.

There are two different types of accounts.

 checking accounts
 Non-Checking accounts

Checking accounts
 Current account
 Saving account
 Meezan bachat account
 Karobari munafa account
 Meezan business plus account

Non checking accounts

 Kafalah account
 Certificate of Islamic investment
 Dollar mudarabah certificate
 Meezan aamdan certificate
Types of customers

 Individual Account
 A Joint account
 Minor Account
 The sole proprietorship
 Partnership Account
 Private limited company
 Trust NGOs

Account opening requirements

The requirements of these accounts are as follows;
Individual Account is a one person can only operate the account. A one person handles
this account, with a lot of privacy.
 A copy of the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
 National Identity Card beyond seas Pakistani (NICOP)
 Pakistan Origin Card (POC) and Passport (foreign citizen).

Job and proof of source of income

A. person paid

 A copy of the service

 A copy of the slide card recently in wages (not older than 3 months)
 A copy of the latest form of 29 (if the director of the company).

B. Self-employed person and business

 A letter from a sole proprietorship on paper or NTN work certificate or a letter

from the partnership company.

C. Housewives and Student and Retired

 Valid proof of the source of spouse and parents and pension income or son
and daughter (as in the businessman paid).

Special consideration:
A) Customers illiterate

Two passport-size photograph

B ) contain any image CNIC

It contains any other document image, such as a driver's license or passport.

If not then after additional documents are required.

(1) First copy of the certified copy of the duly by an officer in the Official
Gazette and Nazim.

(2) A copy of CNIC without a certified copy by the same person who witnessed the
above-mentioned image.

(3) Written confirmation that the individual have no other document that contains

 : Letterfrom power.
 Copies of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) of all partners.
 Account opening application on paper.
 A certified copy of the partnership contract signed by all partners.
 A certified copy of the certificate of registration with the Registrar of

 A copy of the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
 A copy of the certificate National Tax Number (NTN).
 A request to open the account and the message of ownership on
stationary paper.

Limited company
 A copy of the certificate of incorporation.
 List management.
 Memorandum of Article (USDA) and Articles of Association (AOA).
 Council resolution.
 Certificate of start-up businesses (public limited company).
 Copies of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) image of all
managers and signatories.
 The latest version of the certificate of 29 model (of the Commission on
exchange security of Pakistan (SECP).

Club, Society, Association And trust accounts

 A copy of the rules and laws.
 A copy of the certificate of registration.
 List of members, Executive Board Management Committee and Management
 Council resolution.
 Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) of all the members of the
governing body.
 Pledge to immediately inform the bank in writing of all changes in the
commission of persons / authorized management.

Non-resident Pakistanis (NRP)

 National Identity Card for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan (NICOP) and ,
Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
 A copy Visa or Passport.
 Job proof or Business proof or Salary Certificate or slip.

 A copy of a birth certificate (issued by the local authority) B.form.
 Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) of the guardian.
 Favor of evidence of the source of income of the guardian.

Procedures for opening an account

Account opening procedure is as follows

Account Opening Form

First and foremost customers fill the Account Opening Form (AOF).Fill in the account
opening form and include the type of account, currency account, type of entity
(individual, joint, sole proprietorship, the expense of the image).

This model also includes the purpose of opening an account and address of the account.
As for personal information candidate as she is concerned includes personal
information (applicant's name, father's, mother's name, marital status, nationality, date
of birth, sex, number of CNIC, the end of the CNIC's history, housing and e-mail

Also required phone number, occupation and source of income, and the name of the
employer / business, and address of the employer or business, the next of kin all this
information from the applicant. Signature of the account opening form by the applicant.
Also sign a pledge that he will follow the rules and regulations of the bank.

Introducer of account
It is obtained on the signing of the definition, the relationship with the applicant, and
the account number of the account holder to enter the account to a new person on the
account opening form.

Know Your Customers form

If a student has a definition that may have a relative, or a friend, but the condition is
that you must have an account at a bank balance even in this case there is no need KYC.
But in another case, if it is the lack of any definition so that the account holder fills this
form the primary purpose of this model is to get some information about the client.

Specimen signature (S.S) card

It is obtained customer signature on the specimen signature card (S.S Card).
This card contains the title of account, the account number the applicant, type of
account, Branch code, currency and two signatures of the applicant's account.
Every time you receive a check for payment from the customer, the verification of the
signature on the check by comparing it with the card S.S.

Customer pledged in the form of prescription bank if

 The address differs from the CNIC and AOF.
 The signature differs from the CNIC and AOF
 It is taking the customer sign the teams signing a form if different
signature from the CNIC.

The completion of the model

After filling in the account opening form in every respect and checked by bank
employees signed correctly by the customer, which is verified by the process manager.

Computerized screening
After filling out the form connecting officer via the Internet to a rare site of social life
record achieved his clients. If the record of the person is (OK) then an officer of the
Bank approves record under his signature and seal.

Stamping on the account opening form

AOF is then stamped. Affixed stamps such as checking them tick, and tick admitted
stamping and sent to the branch manager for the license.

Account number
Allocated after the completion of all procedures, it is taking final approval from the
director of a branch to open an account and the account number of the customer and are
recording all the information in the computer. This account number written on the SS
card and AOF. Then checkbook application by an officer on the same day.It is written
the account number on the check book request.
Deposit the amount in the account
Customer deposits and cash in the account. For this purpose in cash wages slip is used.
And it determines the minimum initial deposit for each account according to the nature
of the account.
For example, the current account of the rupee and the provision of a minimum of Rs
requirements. 1000 / -.
For the balance of the required patches from the deposit account is a minimum of Rs.
25000 /.

A letter of thanks
And it is preparing a letter of thanks. One letter to the customer and one of the
introducer and sends it to the client on a postal address for him to pay his gratitude to
customers and definition. And it is retained one copy of a letter of thanks in a registry
along with other documents.

Issuance of Checkbook
After opening an account at the bank the account holder can not immediately begin to
operate his or her account. The checkbook version when a customer and provide a
signed speech by him in the case of new account. But later version of checkbook him or
her to apply again in the name of the bank to issue a check book.

It is known as such a request slip asked. This process takes a day to check the books
come from Karachi head office. Bank issues check the balance of a book on 25 sheets
and 50 sheets and 100 sheets. And there is no check book issuance fee.

Entry of checkbook
Before issuing a checkbook each sheet of checkbook intervention in the checkbook and
computer log and issue a checkbook to the customer after signing his name on the
corresponding record.

Adjustments in the accounts

Meezan Bank Limited provides the facility of adjustments in the accounts as required
by the customers.
The account holder gives the application with the necessary documents to the bank.
Then adjustments are made in the deposit account. These modifications can be done by
filling out some forms.

Closing account
Close account measures are as follows.
1. First of all, the customer gives a request to close the account.
2. The verification of signatures for him.
3. All his money from his account withdrew.
4. Permission is granted by the authorized person (branch manager).
5. Closing an account in the computer system. And Director of Operation or
Close the account in the system branch and witnessing his request to sign
6. Full sample of his signing with the Account Opening Form and put a closed
sign card.

Dormant Account
If there are any transactions in the bank account to your savings for 1 year excluding
dividends payments credited by the bank the bank rating Your account is not
enforceable as or asleep.
You will not be able to use your ATM card, checks or issue operations in the account
without activating it.
Bank makes your account is inactive for protecting your money from any risk of
fraudulent transactions. You can reactivate your account at any time to be turned on or
To activate dormant account is required CNIC copy of the site by the client. Reference
is required to activate the dormant account and apply the activation of dormant account
and signed by the customer.
The application includes activating dormant account title of account, account number,
and the reason for not using the account and residential address. After this, the case
officer changes represent to active status. The Director is authorized process it then an
active account again.

Locker Facility
Locker facility is available at all branches of the bank balance too. As for what regards
to privacy located in tanks specially designed area protected strong room doors and
grills under the control of two of the officers and running by using the master key
customers and key clients to provide at the time of dressing and leasing.

Three types: small, medium and large reservoirs and tanks.The balance of the bank's
security fee of the closet Rs 3000 which is refundable. And a fee for a small closet is Rs
1000 for Rs medium closet. 1500 rupees and a large wardrobe. 2000 annually.
Property dressing served in a separate application form which includes
 The account number
 Key number
 The number of dressing
 The type of the closet (small, medium, large) and signed by the applicant
along with the specimen signature card.
A copy of CNIC and two passports size, an image of the applicant with the application
form. After the completion of all procedures are allocated locker to the applicant and is
given to him the key with the identity card dressing.

Stop payment procedures

To stop payment we take the mark of the customer's request to stop payment. which
includes the account type (current, savings) account number and the date and check
number. Stop payment acknowledgment, signed by the client, and we celebrate this
choice also stopped payment confirmation and authorized the Branch Manager or
Director of Operations there in. The bank does not make the payment of these checks.
To stop payment of the balance of the bank is Rs accusation 580 which Rs 80 is one of
the FED (federal excise tax) charges and the remaining 500 are from the bank.

Procedure of issuance of Bank Statement

For issuance of bank statement a requisition slip is taken from the customer duly
signed and the period from which the customer wants to take the statement. After
verification of signature Bank Statement is issue to the customer and Rs. 25 are
deducted from account of customer.

ATM and PIN issuance procedures

Meezan Bank Limited provides ATM facility to its customers and the amount can be
withdrawn at any time through the ATM. For the issuance of ATM the customer has to
sign a form of ATM and the Office of the bank make an entry in the system and within
four days the bank has an ATM card from the Office of the President which is given to
the customer.

To issue a PIN and activation of ATM customers have to call the helpline
(111-331-331). After verification of customers and PIN is the cause of his card is

2)Remittance Department
In remittances I learned a lot from Mr. Amjad. The need for financial transfers usually
in the business of life especially in the daily life in general.
The main task of any banking system is transfers. Transfers are transfer money from
one place to another. This section deals with the transfers in the local currency of any
transfers from one city to another without actually afford currency. The Bank uses the
balance following a limited tool for this purpose.
 For payment
 Demand project
 Transfer and transfer online
 Receiving deposits appeal

Pay Order
This kind of transfers account must be defended at the issuing bank. Payment orders are
the most liquid compared checks because checks may be humiliated while the regime in
wages can not be.
Payment order is a written document issued by the bank in exchange for a certain
amount of money paid on demand for a male beneficiary within the city, where wages
slip is used for internal use bank.

Issuing payment system

The client makes a request to a bank for the issuance of the wage system. Banker gives
him to fill an application form and ask him to deposit the amount it needs to pay for.
Customer deposits amount in cash with the bank.

If the account holder of the Bank itself he can give the selection on the basis of the
amount is transferred from his account. After the release of the payment to the client is
to meet the full requirements banker. You must be crossed payment orders by the
beneficiary only account.

Bank takes wages, which vary from one bank to another system version fees. But in
Meezan Bank Limited facility (MBL) in order to pay for free.

Cancelation of pay order

In this case the customer wants to cancel the order paid him to submit an application
along with the reason for the cancellation in the form of bank and signed this
application.Signature bank checks, the client to re-pay the bank arrangement. The
amount for payment is returned to the client after deducting cancellation charges. These
charges are the abolition of Rs 20.

Issuance of duplicate pay order

If a customer wants to pay for the loss of a repeat order to pay. It notifies the customer
to the bank and gives the request to the bank. First of all bank checks, payment order is
paid or not. If payment is not a bank, then to the other branches and stop payment on
this system pay. Then all the information sent to the main office. After obtaining the
approval of the issue of the Banks head office arranging duplicate wages.
In the case of loss of wages for the customer wants to cancel pay it. It notifies the
customer to the bank and gives the cancellation request to the bank.
Bank checks to pay for the disbursement or not, If they are not disbursed to pay by
anyone and then stopped paying the bank for the benefit of this system of wages and to
inform the other branches and that all documents sent to the head office and after final
approval from the bank's head office issuing duplicate payment order.
Credited amount for payment to the customer's account after deducting cancellation

Demand Draft:
Project application is a written document drawn by one branch of a bank in another
branch of the same bank or another branch of the different branches of the bank in
exchange for a certain amount of money. Payable on demand to the order of the
beneficiary in which he stated the project.

Transport and transfer of online

Payment slip
It is used for two purposes:
Whenever we wanted to deposit cash into our account after it is used by typing the
amount and deposited them to the cashier along with the money payment slip.
Whenever we check for any party to be collected in our account we fill in the payment
slip. Full one part with a check and give another part of the check holder receipt.

When the instrument is collected and paid by the same branch called the transfer.

Transfer Online
When the collection of tools and push and by two different is branches of the same
bank and received and called the move online. Treatment officer on the computer and
the deployment of stamps put on the check participated. Internet transfer with the date
stamp also put.

3)Clearing Department
In clearing department worked with Mr. Amjad Mahmood.
The basic function of the clearing department to facilitate the customers.
They provide them with services in the collection of cheque in other banks.
Clearing a word derived from the word "clear" and is defined as
"A system that choice of exchange banks and other negotiable instruments drawing on
each other in a certain area and thus secure payment to its customers through the
clearing house on time-effective manner."
Clearing actually means the transfer of funds from one bank to another bank, which
directs the instrument, without the involvement of cash through state banks to exchange

Clearing House:
This is the place where the checks are presented, which have been collected from the
bank branch. The implementation of the clearing house function through institutional
national facilitate Technologies Pvt. (NIFT) in Pakistan.

Stands for "national institutional techniques easing." Clearing House was transformed
from State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) boring part of its work in a private institution called
NIFT. NIFT collects checks, demand draft, payment orders and travelers checks etc.
from all branches of different banks in the city through the exhibit and sent to branches
that are drawn to these clearing.

After branches instruments drawn by consensus, a paper prepared for each branch
shows the number and amount of the instrument in its favor and drawn and sent to each
branch of NIFT. Is sent similar paper for each bank is also to exchange information than
the average systolic blood pressure where the bank accounts settled in the same way.

Clearing the inside:

Clearing the inside means checks by the bank received from other banks.
This - inward clearing - Checks checks by the bank / branch drawn customers on their
accounts for the benefit of third parties. On receipt of clearance inside, and publish
checks to various accounts that have been chosen - this means that the accounts of the
issuer of the check or drawer with the bank discount on the account and the payment is
made to the bank to provide the check.

Clearing outside
Clearing abroad means checks sent for collection. When the branch has a certain
amount of instruments drawn on another bank within the region clearing and sends
those instruments to collect through the clearing arrangements is clearing out for that
particular branch. This section is known as the collection branch.
The collection of documents from the client. It is checked following things.
 The date of the check (in favor of a check for six months, and it should not be
another historian).
 Title
 Amount in figures and words must be the same.
 There should be no cutting and writing the check.
 Instrument should not bear any unauthorized change.
Procedure concluded:
Seal in the procedure, payment counter in the sliding foils used these stamps.
If you receive a check from another bank account and the drawer is not in the bank, and
then verify the use of character received. This represents a choice in the exchange of
information. Also mentions the stamp of history.

After obtaining checks and issuing foil anti payment slip to the client, the process
begins with the seal on the checks, the use of these stamps. Bank seal on the front side
of the check is to use the name and branch name. These stamps are used to every kind of
controls. These are known as stamp seal the crossing.

The second character is the character of the user clearing on the back of checks. Also it
refers to the date of submission of the checks. If disgraced the check and deposited
again to a clearing, and the abolition of all previous stamps and uses clearing seal again
with a new deadline for the submission. Thus clearing the seal is necessary whenever
feet clearing checks.

The third essential character of which is the support refers to the paying bank to
"account will be credited to the beneficiary." Confirmation is clearing out.
About 2 full days of cleansing process that requires, after being Ramp account two days
the customer and the customer can conduct transactions.

Various reasons for the selection of returns:

In cleansing the inside sometimes does not pass the checks due to some reasons then
sent checks to NIFT along with a check back note. Some of these reasons are:
They back to NIFT along with a check back note. Some of these reasons are:
 checks incomplete
 seal clearing required
 Post dated check
 drawer incomplete sign / vary
 money is not enough
 amount in figures and words differ Payment drawer stops and other

(4) Monetary Department:

Monetary section is the most important department in the bank. And receives cash from
customers and then deposits in customer accounts and maintain their assets. In the
reviews section of both deposits and withdrawals go hand in hand.
He called the officers in the cashier section and there are two voices in the counter.
These include the circuit in two activities:

 deposit cash in the client's account

 providing payments from a customer's account
Cash deposit in the customer's account:

When a customer wants to deposit the amount in the account at the opening of an
account or after that he has to fill out the deposit slip showing the amount and account
for the deposit of cash. Then the cashier will receive the amount attributed to the
customer's account shows an increase in the customer's account.

Make payments from the customer's account:

When customers check went to the bank to pay a certain amount and then the cashier
will restrict the customer's account to show a decline in the balance of his account.The
only tool that can be used to withdraw the amount of the account is the checkbook.
Nor it is made payments by another instrument. There are two main types of checks
that are:
 Open Checks
 crossed check

Checks first open:

Open checks are those checks, paid through the prescription of the bank. Checks may
be open;
 bearer checks
 Order checks

Selection holder:
If the drawer orders the bank to pay the undisclosed money to the bearer amount,
called the choice of the holder. Any person may lawfully possess a check holder to
receive payment of that choice.

System Selection:
The amount of this choice pays to the person who is written on the face of the check the
name. The amount will be paid over the counter yet revealed the identity of this person.
You are not paid the amount of the check-in counter. The transfer of the amount of this
choice to calculate a person who was appointed on the name choice. Are drawn two
parallel lines cross across the face of the check.

Types of crossing:
Legally, there are two types of crossing.
 public crossing
 Special Crossing

Crossing the year:

In the case of transit in can only be filed with the amount in the account of the

Special crossing:
In the case of a special crossing can only be paid the amount to the bank named a
To perform a drag checks:
It is to perform a drag imminent in four steps, namely

Receipt of the check

1 signature verification
2. Computer Peripheral process
3. Cash Payment

Receipt of choice

And pay cash for a check from the client. Treasurer inspected manually check for the

1) Comprehensive

Amount in words and numbers are the same. Checks are not deferred. Must be a
choice holder until the word should not be by passed.

2) verify the signature:

After receiving officer selection signature verification of the account holder and the
signature on the check. If the choice is not the same as it is returned to the back but
forward to calculate the station.

3) A process computer terminal:

Cashier's checks for the balance of the account holder and also see the stop payment
received instructions from the account holder or not. After consideration of these
points teller publication of choice in the holder of the account ledger.
4) Cash payment:

After the publication of choice teller put their stamp on the character of the
deployment choice and paid cash a check and paid cash for his choice after taking two
of the signatures on the back of the check. If you have the amount of the check is Rs.
10,000 / - or more character security screening also put a check.

(5) Operations and the Department of remittances home


This section deals with the daily operation of the branch. Here process officer to file a
day working in different records, i.e. via e-mail to the home recording and send e-mail
record as a file from the daily publication of which includes

 a letter of thanks
 ATM intimation card
 ATM card capture etc.

When it gets ATM cards officer head office and then recorded in the ATM log and
reported to the client who received ATM card please collect and if the client is not
collected within the specified time period of 30 days and then destroy that card will be
an officer.

Home Conversions

During a training officer to deal with the transfer of funds through different companies
 financial RIA Services
 The Canadian Union
 The exchange of Hamdan
 Western Union Pac exchange is limited
 The United Kingdom, and foreign currency nobleman, Canada, etc.
Western Union transfer money easily and in real-time or from Pakistan in a matter of
minutes via the Western Union money transfer services are available in all branches of
Meezan Bank in Pakistan. Money can be converted by any of Western Union services
deployed in more than 200 countries worldwide providers.
Available to all customers and the service do not need a bank account balance to take
advantage of these service. The fully automated end-to-end solution and the state of the
art and transfers known as the balance of services express to facilitate remittances sent
home to Pakistan by expatriate Pakistanis and non-resident Pakistanis (NRPs).
And officer transfers the house fills payment transfers which includes:

 PIN voucher
 The amount in the PKR
 The beneficiary's name, his and her address, his and her CNIC number,
his and her phone number, and the name of the sender and the addressee
of the country.
 The officer also original CNIC checks to the beneficiary and the CNIC
must not be expired. After filling the officer takes the signature slip

(6) Consumer Finance Department

Consumer Finance division provides services to build a house, buy a car and laptop

Easy Home and Finance

Easy home is a facility compatible with Islamic law.
One that is comprehensive affordable and hassle-free completely. Meezan Bank is
committed to meet the needs of customers really in a manner compliant with Islamic
law as well as excellence in customized service. Balance easy home business bank on
the basis of diminishing Musharakah.

Home with Ease involved with a bank balance in the joint ownership of your property
where the bank will provide a certain amount of funding. You agree to pay a monthly
payment to the bank from any one component is for use in the home, and the other to
get your equity stake. In fact, the monthly payment is reduced regularly as the total
value of your share in the property to grow. When you have made a full investment,
which has been agreed upon, you become the sole owner with a free and clear title to
the property.

Quality Management Service

In this section and I learned a lot about time management and word Affairs Quality
Assurance Branch.

Time management Floor

Meezan Bank Limited creates a sense of ownership of the quality of service as well as
the evolution of the service mindset and a culture of high-quality services to end up in
the bank balance. It also performed the duty of earth time management and also on the
main floor manager. Here was able to sell and service the scope of the section to
provide maximum opportunities for customers, as well as provide a sense of comfort
and personal attention.

Time management responsibilities Floor

Bank keeps paper work and daily time management and word file complaints
customer record in the customer relationship management (CRM). Bank watching the
daily log sheet TAT put on the branch manager. Handling complaints are followed up
on a daily basis. The proposed amendments and improvements in the system and the
process. In an effort to make coordination between branches and head office about the
quality of service. It is assigned the leading role of the Director of duty before

Lead director responsibilities floor manager and floor

The leading role of director welcomes all customers and introduces himself with a
smiling face and a branch checks cleanliness and pleasant atmosphere in the branch. It
also checks to customers constant availability in the right places as well as
maintaining the notification and assistance in the SQ. And it offers to individual
customers comprehensive services. It moves around the banking hall and cash
counters field to ensure that every customer and looked after properly.

Ease Mobile
Bank provides a balance of Sharia finance laptop compatible to the individual as well
as corporate groups. Ease of mobile laptop is compatible with Islamic Sharia
financing facility. One that is comprehensive, affordable and hassle-free completely.
Meezan Bank is committed to meet customer needs in a manner consistent with the
provisions of Islamic Sharia really Besides dedicated excellence.

Based laptop financing concept musawamah which is a general and regular kind of
sale. Full warranty and peace of mind that was purchased laptop is a real brand. The
performances vary laptop model from time to time in consistency with the latest and
the many features and demand in the market. Low monthly payment up to Rs. 2723 /
Special features
Here are some of the special features of this program convergence:
 Easy installment options for the period of funding for 3 to 24 months.
 1 year warranty for Dell and Hewlett-Packard and Apple products offered
by the seller
 Free carrying case for laptops Dell and HP offered by the seller.
 Dedicated to addressing the issues the call center after the sale provided by
the seller
 Free Takaful (Islamic insurance) cover up 100% in the case of damage, and
up 50% in the case of the theft of a laptop computer.

List of required documents

 Application Form
 Copy of CNIC demand
 Signature Verification Form
 Announcement of funding (a summary of the financing facilities that benefited

capita wage
 Passport color photo of the applicant Size,
 original certified copy of the bank statement (last 06 months)
 original certified copy of the slide in wages
 employment certificate including content, Label, Payroll
business, self-employed professional (September).
 2 Colored passport of the applicant and images Size
original, certified copy of the bank statement (last 12 months)
 2 years evidence of the business (e.g. tax, banking certificate, NTN
certificate, any other document)

Processing fees
 rupees processing fees. 1000.
 minimum down payment according to the plan given by installments.
 checks deferred repayment status no prepayment penalty.
 Selling price once will not allow the group to change.
 Last security checks dated for a full term of the financing.
Leasing a car
Car Leasing Bank is financing the balance of cars on the basis of facilities (lease)
lease agreement under which the car is granted to the customer on a lease for a period
of time agreed upon at the time of the contract.
Key Features Leasing cars
 Low monthly rents.
 Rent paid after the delivery, not in advance.
 faster processing and delivery.
 Tracker option available.
 The minimum amount of insurance as low as 10%.
can fund all, used, domestic and imported new luxury car.

Conditions apply
Everyone can enjoy the benefits of car leasing if:
 And salaried individual, freelance professional and entrepreneur.
 Net income take home more than three times the monthly rent.
 Do you have two years of work, professional experience and business.
 Work with their current employer for at least six months (for salaried

Required documents
If there are those who meet the requirements and are interested in applying for a lease
car simply fill out the application form and submit the following documents to the
nearest branch of the bank balance.
 Duly filled application form signed by the applicant.
 Copy of CNIC.
 Last one passport-sized photograph.
 Any unpaid utility bills (electricity / gas / water) received in the housing
 Original or a certified copy of the latest pay slips (for individuals paid only)
 1 last year, the bank statement.
 sample signature signed and sealed by the bank card.
copy of the lease (if any).
My internship program

1st week:
the main week I just started to work
day 1st and learned how to make the corridors
and coupons.

I spent a few days from now on, which

2nd day makes it all the objectives and
purposes vouchers.

I figured out how to fill the frame via

3rd day the Internet.

The next day I spend

the frame over the Internet to

Learn about the different types of

5th day records for the current example, a
spare, PLS accounts.

Second week:
Learn how to open a record and the need
1st day to record the opening of the structure.

Practically open records.

2nd day

Concentration obtained from the

3rd day commander to open 10 accounts that
have been completed effectively.

My job was next to the corridors

4th day presented on a computer. It was not quite
exactly the same as manual save money.
Bank using the framework B.T.

I learned how to check the tuning B.T.

5th day

3rd week
Learn how to get on the interpretation of
1st day the bank.
Making practically Declaration and
printed for clients

The next day I spent the day in clearing

3rd day offices and watch the exercises.

Learn how to make parts of the watches

4th day that are sent from the bank to exchange

Learn how to make portions of the hours

5th day that you get more than a clearing house
to the bank.

4th week
1st day Spend the day in the knowledge of
organizations that are doing departments
settlement Settlement Office

2nd day Installment payments made from bank.

3rd day Learning and batch made from Aftab

Currency and Samba.

5th day Learn and benefited framework grams

5th week:
1st day Mam toss on vacation, I worked as an
officer settlement.

2nd day Learn how to issue checkbooks and

enter in the register.

Financial analysis

vertical analysis of balance sheet

2016 2015 2014


bank balance 1.00 10.16

0.1 1.15

219.1 110.83
receivable against sale of


1127.7 2387.2
dividend receivable
26.8 152.5
profit receivable
15265.46 973196

110.38 973196
change of manager fund

0.12 1.01
net assets

4.5 0

pension fund manager

113007.7 2.91

21202.02 11059.0
payable to auditor

412.41 145253.31

13.73 4094.7
payable against purchase

271.69 4094.7
payable against

15.15 277.52
Accrued expense and other

1.02 187.03
total liability

Vertical analysis of income statement

2016 2015 2014


0.17 0.01
profit from sukuk certificate

0.02 0.07
profit on saving account

0.01 0.07
profit on term deposits

0.12 0.10
dividend income

0.60 0.45
net profit or loss

0.04 0.14
loss on sale of investment

2.33 2.9

0.97 0.62
total income
0.07 0.06
pension fund manager

0.02 0.02
management fee

5.83 5.59

1.70 1.51

5.26 7.66
Auditors remuneration

5.26 1.40
Amortization of premium

5.73 4.89

4.40 2.42
bank charges

1.81 1.83
charity expense

0.02 0.02
provision of work

0.13 7.29
total expense
0 0.79
net income

0 0

0 0
net income for the year

1.20 2.61
available for sale

0.99 1.002
total comprehensive

Horizontal analysis of balance sheet

2016 2015 2014


1.32 2.5182
pension fund manager

0.53 0.4193
0.07 0.0864
payable to auditor

0.63 0.8096

45.7 193.83
payable against purchase of


0.60 35.401
payable against with-drawl

0.94 1.7110
accrued expand other


0.55 0.4896
total liability

0.61 0.3721
bank with balance

0.55 0.6775

-0.20 -0.9829
receivable against sale of

2.32 1.6301
dividend receivable

-0.06 -0.09737
Profit receivable

0 0

137.28 0.6479
total assets

Horizontal analysis of income statement

2016 2015 2014

0.75 0.2910
profit form sukuk certificate

-0.47 0.8966
profit on saving account

0.68 0.7152
dividend income

-0.80 0.2905
net profit or loss
-0.54 1.0815
loss on sale of investment

-1.00 -0.9353

-0.55 0.4455
total income

0.63 0.8123
pension fund manager

0.60 2.5875
management fee

0.51 0.5692

0.63 0.8142

0 0.1803
auditor remuneration

4.45 -0.7836
Amortization of premium

0.59 1.2383

1.64 0.3571
bank charges
0.43 0.6156
charity expense

0.45 0.9246
provision for worker welfare


total expense

net income
net income for the year


net income for the year


available for sale

total comprehensive
Swot Analysis
strength point:
 largest Islamic bank in Pakistan.
 the largest market share of the Islamic banking sector in Pakistan.
 dedicated Sharia Supervisory Board is composed of world-renowned Shariah scholars.
 comprehensive list really compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia product and
 strong financial indicators.
 dedicated Ministry of Development-compliant products and services lawn
 research and checking with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.
 in Pakistan's largest bank in terms of branch network and the 11 largest bank in Pakistan
in terms of deposits
new application core banking application TEMENOS T24 which is an international program since

 lack of proper marketing strategy.
 delayed performance of departments.
 employee turnover is high.
 low salaries, low employee motivation in the workplace
 excess liquidity.
 worst wisdom behind technologically in comparison with other banks.

 increase Islamic banking sector growth rate.
 growing in the domestic and international Islamic banking market.
 great potential for market penetration.
 appreciation from the audience.
 the development of products compliant with Islamic law.
 bank balance can avail limited first-mover advantage.

 economic downfall of the country.
 fear of losing money and confidence in the government's plans.
 capital requirements minimal.
 misconceptions and misunderstandings among the general public about Islamic
 conventional banks entering the Islamic banking market.
 If the growth of Islamic banking is the opposition to it is at risk and at the same
time as well.

Conclusions and Recommendations:

If I have to express my coaching experience at Bank Limited balance, I would say in
short:Limited bank balance is a good organization in a way that anyone can join it to
him / her career in the long term. Overall comfortable work environment. Branch
management is interested in a lot of their employees and consider them to be the bank's
assets. Senior executives of the Bank of behavior is very polite and they care about the
individual and job growth.

And it is granted is that the administration is very demanding on the objectives, but a
good reward to the achievement of the objectives assigned to them.
Employee at Meezan Bank Limited are perfectly efficient. One of its employees have to
bring their bank accounts in the list of the good banks. Therefore, they are working
more hours of work, and it is everything according to their will. It also shows their
loyalty, and commitment to the organization.

Workers are granted benefits such as bonus, bonus money and bonuses, and medical.
And Entertaining clients individually. And given the same kind of behavior and
attention to all the customers. Get ideas for improving the customer side is a new idea
and that very well work in Meezan Bank Limited and asks all customers to fill out a
proposal and improve the bank's standards which form. Meezan Bank Limited offers
many products compliant with Islamic law, which is increasing the sidelines of the
bank. Bank Limited and take the balance of the management of strategic steps to enable
the bank to emerge strong and progressive institution.

It was interested to do the training experience at Bank Limited Balance. The staff
worked very, due to the help I've learned a great deal about Islamic banking services. I
suggest that such a program is very complementary training for students of Commerce
of the Islamic banking and education that should be inquired students with the
knowledge of the world practice. I did not summarize it would be a great help to me
in choosing a job working in the field of the future.
Here I am putting some proposals that would enable the bank to compete with other
banks to more effectively and efficiently.
It must be limited to the balance of the bank properly advertisement and
communication with the public about the services it provides, so it is attracting more

Audit should be held internally. Instead, there should be an audit department in the
branch to make checks on a daily basis. This can become useful, such as various
banks are facing this department of its own.
You must be controlling expenses, which are high.
Bank Limited in the balance, there is poor distribution of work; some people are more
burdened with work. I therefore propose that there should be a fair distribution of
work in all departments.

It should adopt the concept of participatory management, which must also be taken
ideas from employees, not only for product development but also on service,
efficiency, and employee Morales, etc. in order to improve it.
Bank management should give more incentives and payments must revise and
improve the scope and members of the Bureau.
Must be signed on the work of the employee for a specified period and then be
transferred to another district so that the acquisition of knowledge of other functions.