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A short description of the

Wind-Diesel System
fo r the

Island of Bonaire
Netherlands Antilles

Prepared by
ing. Raymond (Roy) Silberie

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1 Introduction

The government of the Island of Bonaire focuses on economic development of the Island based on
sustainability. In this framework it has been determined that for the year 2015 at least 50% of the
generation of electric energy should be achieved by means of sustainable energy systems1.
Developments in that direction have recently accelerated because of:
a. a fire in the main power plant of the Water- and Electricity Company Bonaire N.V. (WEB)
beginning of February 2005
b. strong increase of price of light diesel mid April 2005 resulting in an increase in the price of
electricity of over 35%
Therefore WEB has planned to completely restructure its production of electricity. To realize this in a
consistent and acceptable way the Bonaire Energy Plan 2015 (SEA05001/270505/GGo) was made
together with KEMA and ECOFYS. This plan incorporates the following improvements:
1. modernization of the generation system of WEB Bonaire N.V. in order to produce electricity in a
more efficient way
2. introduction of sustainable energy production in the power system of Bonaire
3. alternative locations for electricity generation.

Based on the Bonaire Energy Plan 2015, WEB Bonaire N.V. chose for a future electricity supply with
wind turbines and new diesel generators possibly supplemented with Sea Water Air Conditioning
(SWAC) and – in time – a waste to energy installation. For various reasons WEB Bonaire N.V. decided
not to invest in new generation equipment but rather ask interested companies to build, own, operate and
transfer at the end of an agreed period these installations (BOOT) and to sell power to WEB Bonaire N.V.

This document gives an short description of the projected wind-diesel system for the Island of Bonaire.

2 Generation

Ecopower Bonaire B.V., a consortium of Evelop, MAN and ENERCON has sign a contract with WEB
Bonaire to build, own and operate a wind-diesel power plant for electricity supply of the Island of Bonaire.
It has been agreed that the power plant will be designed in such a way that 44% of electricity production
on yearly base will come from wind energy.
The new diesel power plant will consist of 5 MAN 9L27/38 diesel engines, fueled by Heavy Fuel Oil
(HFO), and later on bio diesel. Biodiesel from algae is being investigated and commercially developed by
Cargill (Salt Company) in cooperation with the University of Wageningen (the Netherlands). The engines
will drive generators of 2.85 MW/el each (14.25 MW in total) and will be located at Bopec (see Figure 1).
For backup purposes, there will be two additional 1 MW/el containerized diesel generators installed at
Bopec fueled by Light Fuel Oil (LFO)

Sustainable energy however is not subsidized by the Government of Bonaire
Kaya Carlos A. Nicolaas # 3 - P.O. Box 381 - Kralendijk, Bonaire, Ned. Antillen - Tel. : 599 717 8244 - Fax: 599 717 8756 – email:
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Bopec 30/12 kV
30 kV 30/12kV Substation

Distribution Station
Den Laman

12 kV

Geographical Layout Wind-Diesel System Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

The wind farm, located at the North Shore of Rincon at Morotin, will be built consisting of 12 ENERCON
E48 wind turbines, having a rated output of 800 kW each, resulting in a totally installed wind generation
capacity of 9600 kW.
The existing diesel power plant at Trans World Radio (TWR) will not continue operating and will be
For being able to comply with the frequency requirements of WEB/Bonaire, a battery with a rated
electrical output of 2.5 MW and a capacity of % MWmin (83 kWh) will be installed at Bopec. It will be
used for frequency control purposes and for backing up the start -up of one diesel generator. For avoiding
fast frequency increases, a dump load having a short -term rating of 2 MW is proposed to be installed in
parallel to the battery.
The wind farm will be connected to a 30 kV bus bar at Bopec by two parallel 30 kV cables. The wind farm
internal cabling as well as the wind farm connection to Bopec is the responsibility of Ecopower Bonaire

3 Transmission

The diesel power station at Bopec will be connected to the WEB distribution network by two 30 kV
cables with the connection points at a new Substation located at Amboina. It has been determined thet
the interconnection point will be at the two 30 kV feeders located at the Bopec power plant. The
installation and stable operation of the 30 kV transmission lines between Bopec and the WEB
distribution system is WEB’s responsibility.

Kaya Carlos A. Nicolaas # 3 - P.O. Box 381 - Kralendijk, Bonaire, Ned. Antillen - Tel. : 599 717 8244 - Fax: 599 717 8756 – email:
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4 Distribution

The 12 kV distribution grid will be fed from the 30 kV sub-station located at Amboina. Two distribution
stations, Distribution Station Industrieterrein and Distribution Station Den Laman will both be energized
through two 12 kV 240 mm2 AL cables from the 30 kV Substation Amboina. From the two distribution
stations 12 kV feeders will supply energy to the load areas. Although the gridstructure is meshed, the
grid will be radial operated. Criteria such as redundancy (n-1) and voltage stability have been considered
when determining the optimal 12 kV grid configuration.

5 Dispatch and Control

A dispatch and control center will be built in the vicinity of the 30 kV substation located at Amboina. In
the dispatch center dispatching operations will be aided by a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
System (SCADA). SCADA continuously monitors production of the wind diesel system together with
load conditions on WEB Bonaire’s grid and keeps track of any status changes. The dispatch center
communicates any change in status with the power producer and takes decisions regarding the optimal
power system status. When outages or other service problems occur, the dispatch center will be
responsible for taking customer calls, pinpointing the source of the problem and dispatching the
appropriate personal and equipment to fix the problem.

6 Project planning

The Power Purchase Agreement between Ecopower and WEB Bonaire N.V. has been signed on
November the 27th, 2007. From this date on each party has 3 months to finalized contract details and
hereafter the Effective Date of Contract will be effective, being February 27 th, 2008. Both parties have than
20 months to realize their part of the agreement in order to complete the wind-diesel system. Another 4
months will follow being defined as a grace-period to filter out possible start-up problems. The
Commencement Date of the Contract will be in January 2010.

Kaya Carlos A. Nicolaas # 3 - P.O. Box 381 - Kralendijk, Bonaire, Ned. Antillen - Tel. : 599 717 8244 - Fax: 599 717 8756 – email:
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