Global Strategic initiative of the World Civil Society: NOOSPHERIC ETHICAL - ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND (Responsible persons

are Gordina L.S.(Russia), Jose Arguelles (Australia), Alek Brook-Krasny (USA), Nikitenko P.G. (Belorus), Petrovic B. (Serbia), ), Francisco Azuela Espinoza (Bolivia) PROGRAM OF THE SCIENTIFIC DISCUSSION OF THE SECTION № 5 The Noosphere Spiritual Ecological World Assembly (World Assembly, NSEWA) proposes to the World Forum of Spiritual Culture in the section № 5 to discuss and adopt as a basis the “ Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind” also to organize a scientific debate about the modern worldview concept of the World Order. The principal participants of the section suggests to be the scientists- members of NSEWA from different countries as well as representatives of the UN, the Council of Europe, UNESCO and others who had read the concept of Noo-Constitution. The program of scientific discussion is the themes developed by the Conceptual World Assembly which lay as a basis of law document: The Noo-Constitution. These themes were discussed at the following events organized by NSEWA or by participation of members of the organization: - International Conference “Preservation and Development of the Single Civilization of the Planet. Culture. Ecology. Cosmos” May 2002, Moscow. The concept of the conference is supported by the State Duma of the RF: the Committee on Labor and Social Policy, Committee on the Environment, Committee on Education and Science, Committee on Culture and Tourism, Committee for Public Associations and Religious Organizations, the Commission on Ethics and etc.. - Global Civil Forum Earth Summit on Sustainable Development at Rio +10, September 2002, Johannesburg. - Conferences held by NSEWA branches and representative offices in USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Belarus, Brazil, Switzerland, Israel, Japan, etc. (2003-2009). - Conference "Noosphere Innovations in the Culture, Education, Science, Technology, Health Care, April 2005," Sedov " aboard sailboat , St. Petersburg; - Conference NSEWA with the Planetary Academic Federation (PAF), July 2005, Nagoya/Japan; - Presentations at the World Exhibition EXPO-2005, August 2005, Nagoya, Japan; - Second Planetary Congress of Biosphere Rights, October 2006, Brazil; - The fifteenth Forum of "Mevlana’s" Foundation, "Call to the World Peace", November 2009, Istanbul, Turkey; - Parliamentary hearings in the State Duma 1995-2005 (Committee on Environment, Committee on Culture, the Commission on Parliamentary Ethics) and other meetings and congresses. At the present Forum proposed to cover these themes, with new realities and developments in the field of natural science. A preliminary list of them is the following: Worldview Paradigm of the ХХI century laid in the concept of Noo-Constitution and reflects the following:

1. Noosphere Present and Future of Mankind. 2. Prediction of geocritical situation on the Planet: space monitoring and environmental well-being of Mankind. 3. Versions of optimizing the economic models and political regimes to improve the quality of Human life and life of society. 4. New ecological clean technologies and energy. 5. Homeostatic principles of balanced development and integration of Planetary Culture, Civilization and Nature. 6. Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind: the forms, institutions, instruments of promotion and implementation into the regions of the Earth. Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution (its structure), is to be proposed for a discussion at the Forum section № 5 CONTENTS Conceptual comment Preamble Part 1. BASIC PROVISIONS Chapter 1. Field of application for the Noo-Constitution’s application. Noospheric Ethical/Ecological legislation. Article 1. Basic provisions Article 2. Basic legal acts and provisions Article 3. Universal, noospheric, Ethical/Ecological legislation. Unity of legislation Article 4. “Primary Law” as a basic Ethical /Ecological norm Article 5. Terms applied in the Noo-Constitution Article 6. Right, correctness, and justice Article 7. Regulations—legal, social, and technical Article 8. Link of the Noo-legislation with other legislative fields Article 9. Character of the effect of the legal norms introduced by Noo-Constitution Article 10. Property as a legal category Article 11. Information Article 12. Measurability and measurements Article 13. Calculation of time. Calendars Article 14. Legal status of personality, of unions and gatherings Article 15. Subjects and objects of noospheric Ethical /Ecological legislation Article 16. Ethic and etiquette of intercourse as norms of legal relations Article 17. Indemnification and compensation for damage and loss Article 18. Encouragement of abidance and development of noospheric Ethical /Ecological legislation Chapter 2. The Universe, Planet Earth, the individual person, Mankind Article 19. The Universe and its conscious life Article 20. Mankind Article 21. Planet Earth Article 22. Human life activity in the planetary media Article 23. Life activity of Mankind in the cosmic Space and on the cosmic objects

Article 24. Remote and Near Space. Principles of exploration Article 25. Exploration of Near Space Article 26. Cosmic objects and transportation Article 27. Study and exploration of Remote Space and other celestial bodies. Interaction with them and their use by people Article 28. Information artifacts of the contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations Article 29. Rights of persons detached from the terrestrial life for a long time Article 30. Planet Earth is a living object. Material and immaterial bodies of Earth Article 31. Globalistics. Ecology of the biosphere and its monitoring Article 32. Planetary climate Article 33. Geological catastrophes and cataclysms Article 34. Protection of Earth and of its Noosphere from dangerous and unfavorable cosmic impacts Article 35. Societies, communities, Mankind. Spiritual values of Mankind Article 36. The individual person his/her life, and life activity Article 37. Mankind as a biological species. Human genome Article 38. Spirit, soul, organism Article 39. Human consciousness of personality Article 40. Gender (sex) and age specifics of a person Article 41. Birth of a person. Real and surrogate maternity and paternity. Article 42. Artificial, irreversible transformation of Mankind as a representative of biological species Part 2. GENERAL RIGHTS, FREEDOMS, AND DUTIES OF MANKIND, OF MAN AND OF A CITIZEN OF THE WORLD Chapter 3. General rights, freedoms, and duties of Mankind Article 43. General provisions Article 44. Human life and the life activity of Mankind Article 45. Equality of the social communities of Mankind Article 46. Dignity and honor of Mankind Article 47. Right for health Article 48. Right for shelter as a well arranged environment for life activity Article 49. Freedom of development and inviolability Article 50. Biological rights for health and life resources of human kind Article 51. Social guarantees of life activity. Dignified conditions for life and life activity. Fighting against the condition of poverty Article 52. Spiritual and mental health of Mankind Article 53. World vision of Mankind. Freedom of thought, expression, and action Article 54. Change of generations and continuation of kind. Family/tribal organization of Mankind Article 55. Communication and interaction of Mankind Article 56. Culture. Science. Art. Education. Information, energy/information, and intellectual values of Mankind Article 57. Universal cooperation and mutual assistance Article 58. Powerful opposition

Article 59. Banner and flag of peace Article 60. Common civilization ethics of Mankind Chapter 4. General rights, freedoms, and duties of a person and citizen of the world Article 61. General provisions Article 62. Name. Identification of a person by name Article 63. Life and health of an individual person. Personality Article 64. Biological functions and rights of a person Article 65. Consciousness and the perceptional sphere of personality Article 66. Wedlock Article 67. Right for love Article 68. Family Article 69. Communication and interaction. Relations Article 70. Resources and environment of life activity Article 71. Labor, creativity, and rest (recreation) Article 72. Right for education Article 73. Freedom of thought, expression, and action of a person Article 74. Personal secrets and communal secrets Article 75. Mankind and other, including biological communities Article 76. Property rights Article 77. Death and burial. Memory of passed generations Article 78. Relation to citizenship. Withdrawal of citizenship Chapter 5. Protection of Spiritual/Ecological rights and freedoms of person and society Article 79. Spiritual/Ecological rights and freedoms of person Article 80. Systems of world cognition. Information and the means of its transmission Article 81. Spiritual and mental health Article 82. The spiritual wealth of population Chapter 6. Emergence and exercise of Spiritual/Ecological rights and duties Article 83. Foundations of emergence of the Spiritual/Ecological rights and duties Article 84. Exercise and protection of the rights of persons participating in Spiritual/Ecological activity Article 85. Professional Spiritual/Ecological norms and demands Article 86. Moral-ethical oath Chapter 7. Provision of citizens’ rights for favorable spiritual/ecological properties of life activity environment Article 87. Human life activity environment Chapter 8. Actions of citizens and organizations in active energy/information situations Article 88. Active energy/information situations Article 89. Beneficial phenomena and impacts Article 90. Pathogenous phenomena and impacts Article 91. Spiritual/Ecological monitoring Article 92. Energy/information forecasting of risk situations

PART 3. ORGANIZATION OF HUMAN SOCIETY AND MANAGEMENT OF SOCIAL LIFE ACTIVITY Chapter 9. The socioeconomic organization of human society Article 93. The global organization of business and household activity Article 94. The transition from state-governed to interstate governed, and further to a generally civilian social structure Article 95. Establishment of functional boundaries for human settlement and use of natural resources Article 96. Territorial authority and borders. Transition from state borders to functional boundaries Article 97. Planetary, civilian organs of management and coordination of human life activity Article 98. Principles of adoption of the common planetary decisions Article 99. Continental and territorial organs of management and coordination of the life activity Article 100. The general voting right. Right to elect and be elected Article 101. Stimulation of and provision for favorable forms and conditions of life activity 61 Article 102. Protection of life activity of Mankind. Protective organizations Article 103. Principles of settlement for Mankind, peoples, and nationalities Article 104. Nature protecting activity Article 105. Industrial and agricultural activity Article 106. Social sphere of human society’s life activity Article 107. Communication and systems of communication Article 108. Education and upbringing. Forming world vision and world comprehension. Global education system Article 109. Recreation and leisure. Physical and spiritual culture Article 110. Health care and development of a healthy way of life Article 111. Planetary and territorial transportation Article 112. Participation in public life activity. Dedication and its public recognition Article 113. General financial system and financial institutions Chapter 10. NOOSPHERIC SPIRITUAL/ECOLOGICAL WORLD ASSEMBLY Article 114. Status of NOOSPHERIC SPIRITUAL/ECOLOGICAL WORLD ASSEMBLY Article 115. Functions, aims, and tasks of NSEWA Article 116. Membership of NSEWA Article 117. Management of the World Assembly. Its functions and powers Article 118. Elections Article 119. Regime of activity of the World Assembly Article 120. Budget and its performance Article 121. Controlling bodies of the World Assembly Article 122. Affiliated and Representative Offices Article 123. Executive Committee of the World Assembly Article 124. Amendment of NSEWA status

Chapter 11 Resolution of disputes and conflicts Article 125. Resolution of disputes and conflicts Chapter 12. International cooperation for the noospheric Spiritual/Ecological well being of the population Article 126. International cooperation for the noospheric Spiritual/Ecological well being of the population Article 127. Effectuation of the NOOSPHERIC ETHICAL/ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND Chapter 13. Responsibility for misdeeds and crimes Article 128. Prevention and preclusion of misdeeds and crimes Article 129. Administrative responsibility for violation of personal and corporate rights Article 130. Criminal liability CONCLUSION Chapter 14. Closing provisions Article 131. Implementation of the principal provisions of the Noo-Constitution Article 132. Proposals to the UN and heads of states More detailed information on goals and tasks of the World Assembly and the NooConstitution is submitted on the web site:; - In A Monographic work “From Biosphere to Noo-sphere” (Gordina L.S.., MoscowToropets, 2005.), - In a collection-book of scientific-popular articles’of NSEWA scientists “Being at the orbit of Learning” under L.S. Gordina’s general editing (Published House “Phoenix” , Rostov-na-Donu , 2006.) - NOOSPHERIC ETHICAL-ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION OF MANKIND (Moscow-Toropets, 2007.) -”Global Strategic Initiative of a World Civil Co-society: NOOSPHERIC ETHICALECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION OF MANKIND’ An international collection-book of the articles with the Noo-Constitution discussion in 2 parts (part 1 – in Russian, part 2 – in English), Moscow-New-York, 2010. Functioning Activity of Section № 5 Speeches of scientists and public figures from Russia, USA, Belarus, Lithuania, Brazil, Costa-Rica, Canada, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, France, Australia, Mexico, Serbia, Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Hungary, Italy, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Chilli, Great Britain, Chekhia, Argentina, Ireland, Japan, Salvador and other countries are planned to be made at Section 5. The main reports will be presented by: - L.S. Gordina (Russia) - NSEWA President, Doctor of Philosophy, Candidate of Technical Science, ”A Life-preserving Concept of Civilization Development in a Law

Document of the XXI century in Noo-Constitution”. - Jose Arguelles (USA, Australia) - world famous scientist, famous researcher of the ancient Mayan civilization, President of the Galactic Research Foundation, Doctor of Philosophy, art, member of Assembly of the World: “Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind is a New Time legislative maintenance” . - Alec Brook-Krasny (USA)– Deputy of the New York State Assembly: “NooConstitution as a Phenomenon of the Global Civil Legislative Initiative.” - P.G. Nikitenko (Belarus) - academician of the National Academy of Science of Belarus, Doctor of Economical Science: “Noospheric Economy is a basis for NooConstitution regulations to be realized”. . - Mishel Billore (France) – Doctor of Pedagogies, NSEWA Branch leader: “Another Facet of the Noo-Constitution: an Inner Path towards the Noosphere”. - Tania Belfort ( Brazil)- NSEWA Branch leader and coordinator of the South America countries: “Noo-Constitution is One and for Everybody”. - E.Stephanovich (Lithuania) – NSEWA Branch leader, member of a Party “Fair Russia”: “Good News for a Noospheric Development of the Society” . - A. Andrushevich, S. Ugrimov (Switzerland, Germany) – NSEWA Representatives: “ On a Spiritual Component of the Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind”. - E. Dudina (Canada) – NSEWA Branch leader: “Noo-Constitution. An Ethical aspect in a Law Document of the Third Millennium”. - B.Petrovic (Serbia): NSEWA Coordinator: The Problem of Human Energy Increase. Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind as a Key to Multidimensional Existence”. - V.N. Lisin (academician of the World Academy of Informatization), E.D. Panov (writer, journalist) (Russia): “A New Paradigm, a World Genome and an Evolutionary Algorithm in the Noo-Constitution”. - Reinhart Ruge (Mexico)- “The History and Development of the Constitution Leading to the Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind”. - Eugene Pakman (USA) – NSEWA Coordinator: “Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind as a systematic approach towards a sustainable development of the mankind”. - Nonna Manusova (Israel) – a NSEWA representative: “On a Methodology of the Introduction of Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind”. - O.I. Eliseyeva (Russia) – General Director of a methodical center, medical science candidate, “Noospheric Nanotechnologies in Modern Medicine” - Issis Resende (Brazil), Rodrigo Mejias Montero (Costa Rica) - "Noospheric spiritually-moral educational programs broadcasting companies UP (Brazil-Costa Rica)" . -V.I. Patrushev (Russia) - Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor, Academician of RANS "Noospheric Doctrine of the Multi-polar World"; - A.I. Osipov (Russia) - NSEWA Moscow Branch leader, leader of an integration movement of Russia: "Ecumenical Aspects in the Noo-Constitution". - N.V. Lapshina (Belarus) – NSEWA Branch leader, “Spiritual culture is a basic principle of the Noo-Constitution for Mankind”. - V.I. Medikov (Russia) - Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of Economics and Management at the Siberian State Industrial University, "The National Idea. Single-

Storey World"; - E. Radzhabova (Russia) – “Noo-Constitution is a Guarantor of the Principle of Masculine and Feminine Essence Equivalence”. - A.V. Mikheyev (Russia) - Associate Professor of State University Higher School of Economics, "Problem of the Soul and Consciousness in the context of Noospheric Ethical - Ecological Constitution for Mankind". - Ammar Banni (Algeria) – Professor of Ahmad Arbia College, co-author of “Science about a Human Being” projects: “Ethno-Culture of Mankind as a Resource for a Noospheric Civilization” - V. Tuslukov (Russia) – “Gemma-Center”Ltd. Director. “On a Practical Application of the Noo-Constitution”. - A.I. Muratov (Ukraine) – “Harmony” Integral Medicine Centre. “Humanity Consciousness Imperfect State (Article 35.7 of the Noo-Constitution) as a basic threat for its existence and development”. - John Fordge (Cameroon) – author of monographic works on political and economical reforms in Africa: “Practical Application of the Noo-Constitution on African Continent. - V.N. Vasilenko (Russia) – politics commentator, Ph.D., professor of the Volzhskiy Humanitarian Institute of the Volgograd State University, NSEWA Conceptual council member, member of philosophical-economical scientific meeting of the Moscow State University named after M.Lomonosov “Noo-Constitution: Establishments and Mechanisms of a State Security Civil Monitoring during Globalization Epoch”. - M. M.Guzev (Russia) – Director of the Volzhskiy Humanitarian Institute of the Volgograd University, Doctor of Economic Science. “Noospheric Foundation of Economics and State Policy Modernization during Globalization Epoch: a Regional Aspect” - G.M. Imanov (Russia) – Rector of the Smolny Institute of the Russian Education Academy, Candidate of Technical Science, Doctor of acme logy . “Noo-Constitution and Science and System modernization Noospheric Paradigm in the XXI century”. - P.Kh. Zaydfudim (Russia) – scientific activity pro-rector of the Moscow State Culture and Art University, professor, Doctor of Biological Science, Candidate of Technical Science, RANS academician. “Noospheric Settlements as the first step for a Global Noospheric Consciousness to be set up”. - Kamran Mofid (the United Kingdom of Great Britain)- Director,Founder, the Globalization for the Common Good Initiative (UK), PhD (Economics), "Economics, Spirituality and the Common Good: A Path to Peace, Justice and Prosperity for all" - L.A. Pokhmelnykh (Mexico) - Doctor of Technical Science, "On the question of an artificial climate change. ( to be added to article 32 of the Noo-Constitution)" - M.K. Ushakova (Russia) - psychologist, culturologist, yoga instructor. "NooConstituion. Spirit (the quality of information) and nation's energetic capacity." - A.A. Chaplinska (Latvia) - Daugavpils University doctorate Mag.oec., "Noo-Constitution on how to overcome economic crises". - A.P. Repin (Russia) - General Director of the Noospheric Technologies Centre "Yedineninye" . Noospheric conceptual-analytical system of an organized development and control of the Mankind - (CA-SODAC). Design project "CA-SODAC - EARTH" - Abdallah Hasan (Palestine) - Doctor of Psychological Science, Director of the CARE

Center for Applied Research in Education. "Trying to be Tolerant while being occupied: Personal experiences and suggested vision" - Stamen Stamenov (Bulgaria) - a TV-journalist, leader of NSEWA Branch in Bulgaria, "A New Matrix Model of the World-Construction as a Basis of the Conception of the NOOSPHERIC ETHICAL-ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND" - Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli(Switzerland) - World Spiritual Forum President. "The importance of noospheric knowledge for the change of consciousness in the world. Noo-Constitution as instrument of the global project of the transformation society" - Kudryashova A.A. (Russia, USA) - doctor of technical and biological Science, Acting member of RANS, MAI, Acting member of the New York Academy of Science, BioNatural International Academy, professor, a UN consultant on provision of food and ecological security, president of an academician A.A.Kudryashova scientific practical center. "Ecological, Provision of Food and Medical Security for Mankind as a Practical Manifestation of the Regulations of the Noo-Constitution ". - Roger Nelson (USA, the Princeton University) - Doctor of Science, Director of "The Global Consciousness Project" Center. "Scientific Evidence for the Existence of a True Noosphere: Foundation for a Noo-Constitution" The Global Consciousness Project uses experimental research technology to identify and learn about a still-very-young consciousness for the earth. This global consciousness is formed by the interconnection and interaction of human beings all over the world, just as the mind is formed by the interaction of neurons in the brain. In the brain, cooperation is the rule, but in the world it is the exception. The global consciousness coalesces only when great events bring us together, make us focus and temporarily share understanding and emotion. The Noo-Constitution is a framework within which we can come together. The scientific evidence provided by GCP is part of the educational and political picture: humanity must recognize its responsibility to refocus its creativity - Vystrelkov B.I. (Russia), a writer, publicist, philosopher, bibliographer, psychologist, religion expert, a leader of a Spiritual-Analytical Association "Galatea". "Genetic Ecology of a Human Being and Consciousness Revolution. Transition from an Egoistical Mentality towards Planetary Self-Consciousness as a Practical Realization of the NooConstitution". - Suryanath Prasad (India) - Professor Emeritus, M.A., M. Ed., M. Phil, Ph. D. (Education), Founder and Editor, and Executive Vice President Respectively, Peace Education: An International Journal and International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP). "Innovative Noo-Constitution of integrated manifestation of self culture through Peace Education for human survival" . - A.A. Gorbunov (Russia) - Doctor of Economic Science, an honored constructor of the Russian Federation, professor, First pro-rector of the Smolny Institute of the Russian Academy of Education. "The Foundations and Preconditions of the Noospheric Economy in the 21st Century". - A.I. Subetto (Russia) - Ph. D., Doctor of Economic Science, Technical Science candidate, professor, an honored statesman of the Russian Federation Science, pro-rector on the education quality. "Noospherism as an Ideology and a Form of Humankind Salvation from a Possible Ecological Death in the 21st Century". - G.V. Kapitanova (Russia) - Leader of artistic groups of Scientists' Central House of RAS. " Spiritual Wealth of Peoples ( Article 58 of the Noo-Constitution)"

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achievements and realities of the contemporary world; - it becomes possible to create a civilian society comprising all peoples, safeguarding its own planet as the sacred cradle and shelter of the Human and of Mankind; - as a civilian initiative an international legal document is drafted to create a world community - the legal status of the Earth is being established as a living being and as cosmically conditioned habitat for life activity of Humanity; - the possibility was created to transit from state borders to more functional-regional borders. Final documents of Section № 5 Final documents of the section should be included as a compound part of the General Forum Resolution which is to be dispatched by all means to the United Nations Organization, to the Council of Europe, to UNESKO, to presidents’ administrations of different countries, to NSEWA Branches, to leaders of NG organizations. Materials will be submitted on NSEWA and WFSC websites:, and others with a recommendation for institutions that are to take a decision for the ideas being put forward by the Forum for life survival on Earth to start a realization. Peace and evolution by Ammar Banni. Let's make of this century a symbol of evolution Let's protect our globe from any pollution Let's forget the war and his substitution Let's accept the others and their traditions Let's respect the thoughts, but not by obligation Let's propagate tolerance among generations Let's love our children it 's our application Let's live together in peace with all nations Let's envisage the future by safeguarding civilizations Let's discover the World and its contradictions Let's classify science and language in first Position Let's guarantee technology and its promotion Let's favor information and its comprehension Let's Opt for a dialogue among religions Let's discuss our ideas, our thoughts and decisions. Let's think to the others and their opinions Let's Teach the culture of peace and its definition Conceptual Notice of World Forum of Spiritual Culture (Astana, Kazakhstan, October 18-20, 2010)

“We are going through not just a crisis but a colossal turning-point of human thought that happens only once in a millennium” V.I. Vernadsky The world is standing on the threshold of the Great changes. An inevitability of these changes is dictated by common crisis in all fields of Life and first of all in moral values. Today the egoism rules over the entire nations and governments. Each structure tries to live at a cost of stability of their neighbor which inevitably results in wars and armored conflicts. The unfair and unequal spread of material resources is causing terrorism, crime, theft and other malformations of society. “We will not be able to provide the planetary security in a socially unjust world,” declared the president of Brazil and the chairman of UN Conference F. Collo De Mello. The massive despoliation of world’s natural resources, ecological problems, hostility between nations, earthliness, associated with capitalizations of relationships, in which the profit always rules, all of that leads the humanity to a major crisis. The degradation of society has turned to terrifying scales. Many public and religious advocates believe that the civilization is approaching its end predicted by Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago. The old culture of brutality had entirely worked itself out. For the first time ever the Noospheric Civilization Development Project with the scheme of scientifically controlled world order and the Noospheric Ethical - Ecological Constitution for Mankind as its legal groundwork was presented at the Global Civil Forum of Earth Summit in Johannesburg in 2002. As the eminent Citizen of the Planet Mr. Jose Argüelles PHD, the founder of Planet Art Network and the Foundation for the Law of Time declared at the press conference in Moscow this document defines the vector of civilization’s development and may become a major document in the third millennium. In his book “The thoughts of the future, the manuscripts from the desk” that has already became a bibliographic rarity the famous Russian academician Vlail Kaznacheev had noted that the NOOSPHERIC ETHICAL - ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND is a legal document that declares the union between the spiritual and moral volume of the entire world community. It gives a chance to nations, parliaments, governments, and confessions to rejoin in its common goals and participate in the creative development process of constitution’s main clauses. I would like to draw your attention to the very meaning of the term NOOSPHERE which is not always being applied correctly at present and it is being understood in a different way by various social circles. Thus, on learning Russian cosmists’ scriptures and analyzing the outstanding scientist of the modern world Vlail Petrovich Kaznacheyev’ works we come to the conclusion that the term NOOSPHERE as in an accepted interpretation has got considerable drawbacks and it is even wrong in its essence For instance, academician Kaznacheyev V.P. is writing in his works: “If so many facts are to be considered and N.K. Kozyrev’s Hypothesis is to be accepted, N.I.Kobozev’s ideas are to be integrated, one can think that Cosmos Intellect is present constantly and we are its private manifestation. It is independent of the mankind civilization. On the contrary our civilization is dependent on this Intellect. I would like to remind you about V.V.Nalimov’s works who was writing that there was a semantic vacuum… and its

holographic nature… Most probably the meaning of the NOOSPHERE is being expanded into the meaning of Infinite Cosmos…” It is the analysis of the scientistsnoospherologists’ works that leads us to a modern revised meaning of the term NOOSPHERE preserving its former scientific quality characteristics and attributes. Thus, NOOSPHERE is a Universal Semantic /Cognitive/ Consciousness Field. For us the most significant development in this context has been the report of President Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann at the 63rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly in July 2009, which was full of semantic use of terminologies such as "NOOSPHERE" and "living planet earth", which had been until then legally and officially unrecognized. A large number of international organizations expressed their appreciation stating that they had realized "the ice had started melting" and that now also those who hold the power at a global level had become aware of the importance of the spiritual and ethical development of society. This view is fairly interrelated with the use of scientific and esoteric knowledge regarding the planet and the process of globalization being directed towards the field of noosphere. In the third millennium the spiritual culture must become a major vector of further human progressive ascendance. Only the Spiritual Culture is able to lighten the way into the future and give adequate responses to the rampant demands of times. Only the culture at the base of politics is able to make this politics into an active evolutionary power that will be both just and efficient. The way to the resolution of future human problems lies in the synthesis of these two spheres. This future appears not as a technical or a scientific problem but as the ethical one. Nevertheless, today’s Spiritual Culture hasn’t yet gained a foothold in the state of a highest value of human civilization. The World Forum of Spiritual Culture is summoned for making drastic changes in the situation, as well as laying a foundation for a cultural ascendance to the pedestal of its highest value. The concept of Forum conduction was developed at the international scientific and practical conferences that took place in Astan in October of 2006 and October 2007. At that time the Forum’s idea was completely formulated and had gained its concrete realistic content. The Conference’s participants had addressed their colleagues all over the world with a call that came from the heart: let us rise above everything that separates us, let us confront the dictatorship of military arms, the brutality and intolerance, the assertion of egotistic interests and goals with the powers of Beauty and Knowledge, Trust and Goodwill, Tolerance and Love. The president of Kazakhstan, N.A. Nazarbayev had supported the idea of Forum. He agreed to conduct the Forum in October of 2010 in Astana. The capital of Kazakhstan had already given the world many significant spiritual foundations and initiatives. Today the world communities had proposed to make Astana the Spiritual capital of the world. At the conference an Organizational Committee for the preparation and holding of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture was formed. All those who share our views, intentions and feelings that guided us in the development of a concept for the Forum are invited to become participants in a collective brainstorming on the hottest problems of modern world. We invite you to make your own contribution into a Great Synthesis of spiritual steams and help us in forming a New

Knowledge that would open new horizons of human evolutionary development. The conduction of a World Forum of Spiritual Culture may become the beginning of a real inclination in today’s civilization toward the Common Good and tolerant humanity. The World Forum of Spiritual Culture with the participation of mass media from different countries is called for a wide illumination of scientific, social and religious proposals to promote the exiting of the civilization from the global crisis. Gordina L.S. - President of the Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly.

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