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Ashley’s Golden Eagles Rules

After the Martian Offensive in 1914, soldiers from the decimated 278th Armored Cavalry were spread thin amongst the
lines that kept the alien threat contained to western Tennessee. Sgt. Ashley and his squad were scattered from their com-
mand and retreated towards Jackson. They eventually caught up to wounded civilians and soldiers under the care of a
Lieutenant in the Medical Corp. The sergeant and his men were tasked with transporting and guarding the wounded.

During a particularly stormy night, mud-soaked and weary, the troops spotted doom in the crack of a lightning strike. A
squat tripod was ahead of them, its baleful eye locked in their direction. The weary sergeant yelled for his men to provide
covering fire for their charges. It was then that they noticed smaller shapes approaching from the Martian’s direction.
Lightning flashed again and they saw human shapes lumbering towards them, some wearing familiar uniforms. Thunder
cracked and the Lieutenant and his nurses slumped over a patient. The realization that these shuffling troops were now
firing into the group hit Sgt. Ashley. He yelled for his men to open fire as he emptied both barrels of his shotgun into an
approaching blaster.

As his troops cut down the enemy infantry, the tripod advanced. Sgt. Ashley quickly grabbed the new steam osteotome
that the Lieutenant had been working on and charged the tripod, severing a leg with a feral cry. As the Slaver crashed into
the ground, Sgt. Ashley advanced, unable to tear his gaze from the monster’s eye. He plunged his new weapon into it,
fixated on making the red light emanating from the Tripod’s eye go dark forever.

After that night, Sgt. Ashley and his Golden Eagles became a rallying point. Ashley always takes to the field armed with his
boomstick and saw, providing his troops much needed courage in the face of the advancing threat.

Type Speed Defense Armor

Infantry 6 5 4

Rifle, Grenades
Sgt. Ash
Steam Powered Osteotine (+4 Power in Assault)

Special Points
Stealth, Field Commander, 75
Rally, This is my Boomstick

This is my Boomstick - Sgt. Ashley allows all 3

elements in his unit to re-roll shooting attacks